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  1. Yejin was the first one who popped into my mind when I saw Little Stone pics yesterday... Hoping manager won't get into too much trouble for posting photos if that is the case. Love the fact that there are two romances bloomed out of CLOY!
  2. The hat was likely a gift from his BFF or SYJ as it is from a fashion line in Japan (where she traveled in 2017) and the quote on the hat is the design of the hat. Nothing more to worry or wonder about.
  3. Hi @BinJinshipperfromindia. I am glad you brought up the removal of the photo of BinJin by Bride and You. The fact they removed it has to do most likely with the fact they used the photo without prior permission and stood to gain from its use. As the owner of the photo is likely SMART, they and both subjects of the photo should have been asked permission in advance of use. Removal has nothing to do with the current state of BinJins relationship with one another. Here in the U.S. we can use another person or entity's photo in a publication only after we gain permission from the owner of the pho
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