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  1. @brooksmom, I think that's what they implied. Hyun Ji was in another "village" - which could be an explanation for the reason why she was unfound, but not in the village. After she goes under the bridge, the girl tells the other kids that she saw Hyun Ji's dad. I don't understand why they were able to see the girl, but their "ability" to see the village disappeared. I tell myself that it is a drama and not everything has to make sense - and I am not super smart. By the way, @Blizzardistkaputt, I remember that in one of last week's episodes Thomas mentioned his real name, and it w
  2. All the others are the actors' real names, so I suppose it's the same for Kang Seung Ho, the actor playing Jang Myung Gyu. He is one of the three kids from the old orphanage (along with Yeo Na and Nam Gook).
  3. I thought @joccureferred to the fact that she is not in the village. If her body has not been found, she should be in the village. As she is not there, it means that she is not dead (as you assume) or that her dead body has been found (as I gather form @joccu's post.
  4. I have the same dilemma. Did men dye their hair in those times? I think there weren't even many women who did it.
  5. @tulip06 & @brooksmom I think Thomas died during the Japanese occupation, as he had a photo with other independence fighters and he "addressed" them as comrades.
  6. I thought he remembered a phone number, as it was a 7 digits number (without the area code). For a ***-**** combination, the car should be a passenger vehicle. I was actually wondering if he could be the chairwoman's grandchild, as they have once mentioned that her daughter was crazy (we do not know what they meant by that, but I do not remember regular ajummas/ ajeossis being very specific when it comes to mental health).
  7. I think they performed DNA tests for the three of them, and none of them was the chairwoman''s grandson/ granddaughter. I remember finding it weird how they killed them before having the DNA test results. (I think it was in one of last week's episodes.)
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