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  1. I liked the reference to Eum Moon Sik's previous drama, Tell Me What You Saw, where he played a serial killer cop, which is why Dae Hyun told Yeon Joo that he is a dangerous criminal. No matter what we think about Dal Sik, EMS is cast for memorable characters. I also found it funny how his name is Moon Sik, his name in TMWYS was Dong Sik, and in this one he is Dal Sik. On the other hand, I understand that everyone is a little on the edge with the latest developments in US (Sorry, I know it's not the best way to put it, but I just couldn't find a better way to express it. Put it on my limited vocabulary.), but in this drama Dal Sik is just... not your average Korean, and in different circumstances most of us would just find him unusual, peculiar, original, funny or however you want to put it. Even though I have to admit that his introduction was not my kind of humor, I might have found it easier to accept as I was glad to see the actor and the disturbing part passes less noticed. Maybe when watching K-dramas we should also accept the fact that no matter how much dramas we have watched, they come from a different culture, and they have different jokes, and that their sensitive topics are not the same as our sensitive topics. Last year I was taking an English class in a Portuguese university and I used the word "gipsy" when talking about the Romani leaving in Romania. The teacher did not tell me that I should not had used "gipsy" but he made sure to use "Romani". Actually I would have liked it better if he actually told me directly not to use it, because I would have had the opportunity to explain myself. I have friends who told me that they prefer being called "gipsies", as "Romani" is just a fancy name given to them and that it doesn't define them, they do not identify themselves with the name. I think the same is true for Korean entertainment and jokes. We judge them from our culture and we do not find them appropriate, while we are not part of their culture.
  2. I was watching tonight's episode when I heard Mong's voice. Why haven't I heard it before? Where was I when @0ly40 posted the link for the 2nd OST?! I think this is his first OST ever. I'm so proud of him for not giving up!
  3. I am the only one wondering if I Sang suffers from some disease? My feeling does not come from him rejecting Ha Ri, but from his social media account. It looks like some sort of a bucket list. I hope I am wrong, as I turned in for a comedy, not a melo.
  4. You haven't watched Gentleman's Dignity? I remember him in that one, in Cyrano Dating Agency (I think it was actually called DA: Cyrano), in Bubblegum and in He is Psychometric. You probably did not see He Is Psychometric, but what about Gentleman's Dignity and Bubblegum? Are there people who haven't watched Gentleman's Dignity?! I am joking, but I think its average ratings were over 20%, so it was well-known and well-received. Its OST was also well-known, so maybe you saw him in the MVs even if you didn't watch the drama?
  5. This is indeed a first. I have "read" you around for a long time, but I don't remember a similar reaction. I was quite confused as I saw the picture without reading anything about the context, so I first wondered if it was from the drama (because of the closeness). It turns out it wasn't... Actually, I didn't want to watch the drama as I am not a melo fan and this is one of the premises I hate the most, but I started watching it because of Kim Dong Wook. I don't regret it (not because of Kim Dong Wook, but because of the drama itself).
  6. Memorist, but I like Nobody Knows better. I am also watching Rugal, but I am not crazy about it, and Hyena was better but I think it is only "bordering" the genres you have mentioned. Children of Nobody (2018) was as good as Nobody Knows. I am waiting for Team Bulldog (May 23rd) and Good Casting (April 27th) and looking forward to Model Detective (June/July).
  7. In episode 12 Lee Seon Woong was "punished" by being sent to court replacing Oh Yoon Jin. They also mentioned that they play different roles in a previous episode, when Jo Min Ho reprimanded Oh Yoon Jin for having the lowest performance (she said that it was not fair, as she also had to attend trials) and when Cha Myeong Ju questioned her abilities, as she didn't like how the trial turned out for one of those indicted by her (I think it was in the same episode).
  8. Actually, when translating written text, we always convert miles into km, pounds into kg, but for money we only do it once, when we first encounter the amount in the foreign currency. Nevertheless, we never convert it in audio video translations. Honestly, converting it into USD is US-centered, especially when the translation is not limited to the US public. If you add to that the fact that the conversion is not accurate and that the official English title of the drama is 'Woman of 9.9 Billion' one gets more than one reason not to convert it, but maybe it's the company's policy (I don't know who is in charge of this drama, so...). I remember that back in 2000+ most subtitles used USD.
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