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  1. I am normally not a makjang-ish drama fan but this drama's execution, cameography and pacing captures my heart.... Not unlike Ji Sung & Hwang Jung-eum's Secret. And it is nice to see how much the leads' acting has improved since Cunning Single Lady.
  2. While I am happy with Dae-rok & Do-ran married, and hope Mi-ran & Go-rae couple the very best, I did get disturbed by the homophobic attitude present generally in K dramas. I understand many Asian countries are not so accepting in LGBTQ, but I do hope the media does not help to spread the phobia but try to potray the community in more accurate way.
  3. I am new to this thread, though I have read this thread for a while. The script is formulaic, but the pace is so far quite okay. (There were too many K drama with draggy plots!!!) I like the twist that there's more to the fire incident where child Woo-hyun was injured. The filming, editing, makeup, costumes and drama scene setups are not as satisfactory, though. Have watched quite a few of Yoon Eun-hye's past dramas, eg. Princess Hour, My Fair Lady, The Vineyard Man. I am hoping her career can bounce back after the plagarism scandal, but I find her acting a bit stuck in the past in this drama. She doesn't act like a 30s actress; I feel she's repeating her acting routine in Princess Hour. I think she needs to pick some more challenging script next time or she will continue having a hard time in Korean entertainment industry. I knew Chun Jung-myung since Cinderella's Sister, though it is the first time I actually watch his drama (I am not so interested in the drama genres of him in the past). He is doing a decent acting job this time. And I quite like Han Go-eun's character in this drama. It would be nice if more background story can be written regarding to Yoo-jung's friendship with Chae-kyung unnie. I would be happy to see her having a love line, too! (Perhaps with that surgeon friend of Woo-hyun?) I am not sure P.O and that journalist's love line works well into the story (it feels a bit sidetracked), but P.O is doing quite well considering he has not been debut as an actor long. I have not scrolled all the post to check, but anyone guessing the stalker is Yoo-jung's ex, Hwang Jae-min? I believe he might blame Yoo-jung for his engagement with that Chaebol girl was called off. And being able to hide his relationship with Yoo-jung for quite some time, I think he would be good at avoiding CCT,V especially to Yoo-jung's surroundings. Though again, I am not sure how this plot puzzle can fit well into Yoo-jung's later struggle with Woo-hyun against Choego group & Kanghan group.
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