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  1. Yeah it is the one and only medal I want to get currently.... hopefully it will not be sold out by the time I reach 2500 points.... 222
  2. This Korean retro pop group, The Barberettes, is gold!
  3. True. I spend much more on having good food and travelling. The only luxury good that I own is a watch of USD150 that I bought for an exam. Next person likes the Marvel movies.
  4. @Hanyeoun I am suggesting the ordinal number for each post in a thread to be shown, since I found it hard to trace back or to quote from older posts. 222
  5. Hate the drama slumps too so I am still not getting in the Okay drama yet. Actively avoiding spoilers until ep 10.... 194
  6. I watched the whole series of DS9, and the reboot movies from 2009. Not a big trekkie but sci-fi is one of the genres that I like. 246
  7. I heard some good reviews on STP and wanted to have a try. Started TNG a few months ago first, but the first few episodes were so poorly written that I have to put the drama on hold. 264
  8. Which episode are you at? 264
  9. Even without +/-2 this thread is still moving fast. 270
  10. Thanks! Have been very busy lately and have no time to even login this forum. Will check it out. 262
  11. And you can edit your profile -> Member Title now! Your post amount already surpassed me 510 [corrected]
  12. I got it thanks! With another one from @angelangie it's one win one lose. At least I lost nothing but gained some fun. 512
  13. Oopsie! So the Box gift is temporarily sold out, um.... 502
  14. No worries. We can gain back the lost ground next time. 496