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  1. @AAerin Lee @megumi09 In addition to what Jiuren had responded on weibo (I thought it was intentionally brief and quite ambiguous), my take on this flashback is two-fold: 1. To show Shang's "new" relationship with Xiao Lai, and that he missed his late "wife." In the finale episode (at about 45 minutes toward the end), during that dash to the train station, Shang's flashback included a scene where he bestowed some "gifts" to Xiao Lai for her usage in the Netherworld (a traditional, familial practice). On the note that Shang had attached to the "gifts," Shang addressed Xiao Lai as a member of his Shang Clan (specifically as his wife) as he termed himself as "Husband Shang Xirui." 2. To show viewers' Shang's ultimate decision about whether to leave or to stay. I think the flashback brought back memories of how Xiao Lai was brutally raped and killed by the Japanese. With that stark reminder, I believe Shang's decision would be to leave Beiping eventually, even if not at that time, and not riding the same train with the Chengs. While this is a speculation, it could well be quite true. With whatever had happened to The Guardians, just to name one prominent instance (there were more), it was wise of the production company of Winter Begonia to accede to the authority's request (or demand lol). Either that or wait indefinitely for a broadcast/webcast approval and schedule. Or until the "guidelines" are less stringent (which would be a long wait lol).
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  5. Indeed. It's "OE" and open to everyone's interpretation. However, for any reader and many viewers, the "OE" isn't that open to interpretation because of the many unfolding signs (manifested in dialogue, action, behavior, etc.) in the story (in the novel or the drama). Those points you've listed are some of them. While the drama has maintained an overall sanctity of the (original) story, it has, for various reasons (some are understandable while some are local and bureaucratic), omitted quite a number of details between Cheng and Shang. The omission did not take away the inherent relationship between them, nor the enjoyment of the drama, but I think it has somewhat diluted the intensity of it (as was originally penned). Dare I/we hope for a Season 2 as a form of "make up"? lol. Fingers still crossed. Having said that, if anyone loves the Republican Era and this genre, and/or even the Chinese performing arts like opera (in its various forms), this drama is a MUST-WATCH!
  6. IKR! I feel likewise. But am also puzzled at soompiers' disinterest. Fortunately, the interest is extremely good in C-netz like weibo and douban, just to name a couple. Thanks. It's official now, though the schedule is still unknown. So glad it's going to be available to more viewers. It's good for this drama gem, and especially good for the cast and crew. KUDOS! Btw, WB is also the first BL adaptation that will broadcast on satellite TV. That's a good sign, a good beginning, not just for China but for the world at large. I hope Chinese censorship will cease to be as stringent as it has been thus far. Are you able to access Viki and in a region which is licensed? If you are, you can watch it there with subtitles in English and other languages. I hope Netflix or Hulu or somewhere else would pick it up as well. The more streamers, the merrier. More viewers should get to watch it. I'd totally rewatch it again, too. Well, with the huge interest and awards it has garnered (including renewed interests in Chinese performing arts/opera), at least in the C-world, and with that open ending, I would not rule out the possibility of a season 2 or some form of spin-off. Fingers crossed
  7. That would be good! Can you share the tweet? I tried to look for it but in vain. IKR. A rare gem. One of its kind. Plan to rewatch when it airs on TV. Hope it will. Btw, good news! Winter Begonia fans! It is officially the #2 Top Ten Web Drama for Q1/2020. CR: Weibo @人民日报数字传播 联合 @艺恩数据
  8. iQIYI's Original Drama Series "Winter Begonia" Taps into Technology and Platform Ecosystem to Promote Peking Opera => LINK to article
  9. Hello ELoD fandom The drama may have ended its run online but I am sure the love (for it) and the foxy spirit will live on for, well, Three Lives Three Worlds, perhaps more? The Pillow Book is officially the #1 Top Ten Web Drama for Q1/2020. Congrats to cast, crew and Tang Qi for your concerted artistic creation, presentation and performance that resulted in an entertaining and enjoyable drama and novel! CR: Weibo @人民日报数字传播 联合 @艺恩数据 For added info, below are the #2, #5 and #7 rankings:
  10. Thanks for the wonderful news! I'm jumping with ya... lol. Miss YJH and his superb portrayals. This is a cast not-to-be-missed! I can't wait!
  11. Hello everyone! My gosh! Just two eps in and I'm so freakingly in love with this melo romance drama already! In fact, just the first ep alone was so captivating. Not to mention, the way it ended with that cliffhanger of their reunion (though not quite one, yet). I'm not sure if it's due to Lee Bo Young whom I dearly miss, or Yoo Ji Tae whom I also dearly miss. Or both of them pairing as the main OTP! A dream OTP, indeed! Or perhaps also due to their younger counterparts, GOT7 Jinyoung (who impressed me in My Love Eun Dong back then) and Jeon So Nee. They are also so freakingly cute together! I feel it will be a hell of a melodrama ride. I am willing to go with the flow of what writernim intends. I won't mind if it would not end happily. Life isn't always a basket of roses, anyway. Just be plausible, entertaining, even shocking and provocative at times, that's all I ask. Please don't begin so well only to fall flat like a prata at the end. No yeast? No juice/oil? No way! Don't be another... Rookie writernim Jeon, Fighting! You already fired up your first drama project spectacularly. For now, we can already see and feel the intense rivalry between LBY and PSY (YJT's wife), and upcoming between YJT and KYH (LBY's ex-hubby). And, ohhh, I'm going to feel so bad for LTS' one-sided crush for LBY. It makes me wonder why he didn't pursue LBY when buddy YJT ended up as a chaebol's son-in-law. Was it due to some code of brotherhood? The cast is superb! Kudos to PD Son Jung Hyun for capturing the visuals so well, so poetically, so romantically. It's literally making me fall in love all over again. But, bright and awake I am. All ready to carry on or cry on with this classic, romance drama, and so curious to watch how or "When My Love Blooms", or if it would at all. Already can't wait for eps 3 and 4 to come! Love reading all your thoughts. Thanks for all the updates, too. CR: Images as tagged or from the internet.
  12. Yes, it's a sageuk, though not fully one. It has two parallel universes, and one of it involves some historical aspects (of a Korean emperor and his empire), albeit fictional. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sageuk; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_King:_Eternal_Monarch
  13. So true. I really hope not again. Let's hope NOT! Having said that, even if it will be, just going by what was shown in today's premiere, I believe it will still be a helluva sageuk to watch. I'm sure many like me have been "so starved of sageuks", this is definitely the first of more (hoping...) needed to satiate that hunger.
  14. Hello everyone! Yes! Finally a sageuk to cheer for! This duo of WDH and LMH (and many in the cast) is irresistible, not to mention the intriguing plot and what a beautiful production! My heart "broke" into smithereens when that beautiful stained glass ceiling was smashed It's all good though. Those smithereens are symbolic reps of my crying joy as I watch this long-awaited sageuk! Thank you, production crew, cast and writer for presenting another awesome sageuk to the world! Definitely a K-drama to watch! Hoping for more quality sageuks in the pipeline as well Thanks to all who shared live updates and other info.