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Found 7 results

  1. *under construction NCT 2020 NCT 127 NCT DREAM WayV Latest MV Release NCT 127 X Amoeba Culture 'Save' WayV - Kickback NCT DREAM - Hot Sauce NCT U - From Home (Rearranged Version)
  2. Hiya guys and gals, I've always wondered how people first became interested in Korea and learning Korean. After living here in Seoul for seven years, I met a lot of foreigners and always wondered why they moved to Korea. And after asking a lot of people, I found that the vast majority of people became interested in Korea for one reason. So I created a video called "How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean?" (video link) ----- I'm interested in other people's journey in getting into Korea, so I have two questions: 1. How did you first become int
  3. Hi everyone! This is Lily Merrick the CEO/founder at YNA Entertainment LLC. We're hoping to form a girl group with 7-13 members, we already have 3 potential members this group would practice in the Sacramento, CA area with the goal of going to Korea for debut and promotions. All ages are welcome if over 18 or with parental permission under age 18. Dancers, vocalists, and rappers are all welcome to apply.
  4. List them down and discuss if possible. 1) hyuna never left wonder girls 2) wg never went to US 3) soyeon joined snsd rather than t-ara 3) jay park never had to leave 2pm 4) han geng never left super junior 5) t-ara hwayoung feud never happened 6) lu han, kris wu and zi tao never left EXO 7) jessica never left snsd 8) park bom issue never happened 9) seungri burning sun did not happen If those didnt happen, would the course of outcome been altered?
  5. What a rare style to see in girl groups! (G)I-DLE are dancing in a beautiful traditional Korean dance style, and we gladly learned our gracefulness from them!
  6. This song and choreography are really good for a debut! Can't wait to see what aespa will make a comeback with already!! I really like their fashion too~ all those bling bling, pastel and fantasy-themed clothings
  7. Joining this vlog competition held by the authorities of Korean! All hallyu fans can join and I showed how I spend my day as a Kpop, Kdrama, Kbeauty, Kvariety and Kfood fan!
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