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  1. I didn't think I could love and respect Shin Hae Sun more than I already do, but these last few days have rocketed my love for her beyond the outer edge of the universe and into the multiverse. Stronger by the minute. Never ending.
  2. Based on some twitters I've seen I think someone is criticizing Shin Haesun for some reason but I'm not sure what it is. It may have something to do with the chicken ads she did recently or some kind of anti-Korean Chinese tirade but I don't know. Anyway, Haesun seems to me to be one of the most decent human beings on earth so my defences are up. Way up. Very few people on this planet have brought me such joy as Shin Haesun. A magnificent actress, a humble citizen and an example of perseverance and dignity. Whatever this attack is I hope it backfires big time.
  3. Being a Shin Hae Sun fan is such a joy. The dramas she chooses seem to push the envelope of her already incredible acting skills, breaking new ground each time. She is such a hard worker and more than once she has said she will work even harder. Music to the worlds ears. I can't wait to see what new mountain she climbs in her next drama.
  4. I was thrilled to discover that Netflix Canada is now showing Korean variety show Men on a Mission, as I know Shin Hae-Sun, along with Bae Jong-ok, are on one of the episodes. I have not watched it yet, but I had seen bits and pieces of it around the time of Innocence, usually without subtitles. So I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole episode with subtitles. However, I take slight exception with the the Netflix overview of the episode which includes, “Time to take acting lessons from top professional Bae Jong-ok and talented newcomer Shin Hye-Sun.” Newcomer? Seriously? Sh
  5. It seems impossible for some in the main stream media to focus on positives without drowning in negatives. Case in point is a February 4th Korea Times article "Historical comedy series 'Mr. Queen' on roll despite controversy", https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/art/2021/02/688_303581.html . Shin Hye Sun was given accolades and the ratings success is acknowledged, but at least half the article is about the dramas negative associations. First, its old news. Second, the producers are clearly innocent of malicious intent and have apologized and adjusted things accordingly many weeks ago - again
  6. Hello everyone. It's great to see a little burst of activity here these last few days. There certainly is a lot of buzz over Mr. Queen elsewhere online that I suspect is keeping everyone satiated with well deserved accolades for our hero Shin Hae Sun. I guess that happens when you dominate the screen and the ratings every single episode. It almost seems like Mr. Queen was written specifically for SHS. As has been said by many others, it's hard to imagine anyone else pulling off the role. I've always considered her to be acting royalty but she is Queen of the screen in every sense of the word
  7. I am very much enjoying Mr. Queen. Judging by the ratings, so are many others. I just read that there will be some 10 minute mini episodes after the main drama ends. Sounds good to me. Looking forward to hearing more about She's Dead in the coming months. Not sure I like the title though.
  8. I wish the best of the festive season to Shin Hae Sun lovers everywhere, and to Shin Hae Sun herself, whose acting is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Thank you all for sharing and caring. Stay safe and warm.
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