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  1. I’ve been watching episodes of 5 Enough over the last several weeks. It’s a long 54-episode ride but I want to see as many of Shin Hye Sun’s performances as I can. But another female character in this show caught my attention – Im Soo Hyang in the role of Jang Jin Joo. I love her character in this drama and she’s very beautiful. So, I thought I’d see what she’s been up to lately and I found a 2018 drama called My ID is Gangnam Beauty in which she plays the main role. The reason I’m bringing it up here is because at about the 1:50 point in the first episode people are walking past giant pictures of beautiful women’s faces in a subway and one of them looks to me like it's an image of Shin Hye Sun. This drama seems to be about what it means to be physically beautiful in Korea and the extent women will go to attain beauty ie: plastic surgery. While people are walking past this giant picture, the voice over is talking about being satisfied with an average face while viewers are looking at the beautiful face of who I think is SHS. I could be wrong but if I’m right this is just an interesting piece of trivia for your entertainment pleasure. I don't know how to upload screen shots so if you feel like it check it out.
  2. I just watched the ALML finale. I don’t think I’ve ever been moved so much by a love story. Shin Hye Sun’s acting comes straight from the heart and the depth of her being. Every tear she sheds on screen become rivers of tears in the living rooms of the world. As she re-awakens our emotions, we re-discover what it is to be human and what it is to be divine. Thank you Shin Hye Sun for taking us with you on your illustrious journeys.
  3. I've only watched One Spring Night, which I liked a lot, from the listed shows so I can't judge the other actors, but while I think every actor is very good, SHS's acting in ALML, especially in certain scenes, was a ground breaking tour de force. Of course I would put her at number one on the list anyway because I'm so smitten by her talent. I sometimes wonder what is it that I see that others don't but I must remember that everyone's different and have various perspectives. In any case, all the actors in all shows work very hard and deserve credit for bringing our emotions to life.
  4. ALML is one of the most intense love stories ever and Shin Hye Sun is beyond superb. Nothing else matters. Differences of opinion are ultimately trivial. The production speaks for itself. EVERYONE here loves Shin Hye Sun. As this production comes to an end the celebration of Shin Hye Sun begins. She deserves every acting award in the world and all the praise that can possibly be uttered. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
  5. I'm not sure what the relationship is between Kim Hyun Joo and Shin Hye Sun, but a quick glance at KHJ's wikipedia reveals that she did a documentary in Canada once on environmental issues. She seems to be a socially conscious person and I respect her immediately for that without having ever seen her in a show (that I know of). Popular public figures can help bring awareness to important global issues if they believe in them enough to get involved. I admire that. Regarding ALML, when I first heard about it I was really hoping it wouldn't be a veiled promo for religion. Thankfully it was not but I wasn't sure as Koreans seem have an obsession for dieties, demons and the supernatural judging from several dramas I've seen. I agree that ALML is a rather weak story, although the parallels with the real Giselle story is interesting. I concluded that it was more a vehicle for SHS to display her incredible acting talents, although some episodes were better than others in that respect. I think SHS wanted to challenge herself with doing ballet and she loves doing love stories. Why shouldn't she, she's very good at them and they are a big part of Kdramaland. Who knows - maybe the "shipping" rumors will come to pass and we'll be seeing more of her and L for decades to come. I can only imagine the pictures of her when she's pregnant. If she wants kids she can't wait too many more years since she's almost 31. I hope that the final episodes of ALML will feature her supreme acting talents as effectively as the first few episodes did and I hope she gets nominated for best actress for her role when the time comes even though the series will surely not be nominated for best drama. Who would be her competition for best actress I wonder? I look forward to her next two film projects which sound like they will have more depth to them storywise. But I hope she also continues with more romantic dramas along the lines of My Golden Life and 30 but 17 because I really liked them. So much depends on the writing also. Excellent acting can only do so much to save stories that are mediocre. I hope she will do more fantasy romances too, even filled to the brim with magic and silliness, but with depth and interesting character development, and of course liberal doses of melodrama.
  6. I just watched episodes 27 and 28 of ALML and a fresh new breeze washed over me as I watched Shin Hye Sun's magical presence on my screen. It took about 1/2 second for me to melt back into my chair in total adoration and awe of this incredible woman. I have so much hope for her continued success in acting. So I need to apologise for my to recent criticism of her for selling financial services. It's true that my perception of her and SK culture is limited to say the least but I learn more every day. I still love her and I love all of you for loving her. This is a support forum for Shin Hye Sun so I was out of line spouting off here about something I have stong opinions on. I very much appreciate being able to participate and follow you folks in celebration of this supreme actress. Thank you sincerely.
  7. They wanted a wholesome image presumably to compensate for the social ills the financial industry perpetuates. Why else would they need a so-called wholesome image. Shin Hye Sun has apparently agreed to help with this delusion. No longer wholesome in my eyes. My only hope is that her incompetent corporate handlers tricked her into this without her full knowledge of the negative implications. I'm afraid at this point I've lost respect. It doesn't mean she's any less an amazing actor or one of the most beautiful women on earth but I have a new image of what's below the surface.
  8. SHS has agreed to be a spokesperson for Saemaeul Safe. As far as I can tell this is a wealth management company. I'm afraid I have to register my distaste for this marketing move. All of us probably use a wealth management company to some degree but these companies symbolize inequality and they always support the most repressive right wing governments the world over. I realise these companies exist but why does Shin Hye Sun of all people have to associate with, and shill for corporate elitism. Why can't she stick with promoting high fashion or cosmetics or better yet something socially responsible like addressing climate change or eliminating poverty. Far from enhancing her image, it has tarnished it for me. It hurts me to say it but I'm very disappointed in her over this. It has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.
  9. Shin Hye Sun is #1 in acting skills. There is no doubt of that, all you have to do is observe. Clearly, not enough people are observing acting skills. I watch other Kdramas and no one comes close to SHS's acting abilities. If her brand recognition is low then her management team isn't doing its job well enough.
  10. I also am amazed at how much she works. Perhaps she’s thinking - strike while the iron is hot - but she is already as hot as the sun which will last another 5 billion years.
  11. I also loved 30 but 17. Like you, I’ll watch anything with the irresistible Shin Hye Sun in it. This series didn’t have evil power plays by nasty villains but relied on traditional misunderstandings and miscommunications to build the tension. Of course, SHS pulls everyone’s emotional heart strings like a puppet master. This was ultimately a feel-good show. I don’t blame you for watching it over and over.
  12. I’m watching One Spring Night which is addressing patriarchal nonsense head on and features strong women who refuse to take it. In My Golden Life rich and powerful men were put in their place by SHS’s character. Many K-dramas use instances of injustice and inequality against women for their story arc’s. Hopefully this brings the absurdity of the patriarchy into consciousness and women will start thinking more critically and stop accepting their unfair treatment as normal. Although Shin Hye Sun portrays a strong determined woman in ALML (most of the time), I get little sense of enlightened social commentary in this show so far. Female ambition is portrayed as fatally flawed and an authoritarian deity controls destiny. This is the patriarchy at play but I’ll wait to see how it ends. I have high hopes that SHS’s upcoming movie Innocent, where she plays a lawyer defending her mother in court, will portray a strong female character taking on the patriarchy represented by a male dominated legal system.
  13. I’m pretty focused on SHS that’s for sure but it’s easy for me to brush off questionable plot lines because I’m still absorbing the whole idea of K-drama and Korean culture. It addicted me quickly and thoroughly. For me, questionable plot lines seem to just come with the territory of extreme melodrama in some K-dramas, especially fantasies like ALML. I know I’m biased towards SHS but the story of ALML would be almost impossible without her. The show is a canvas upon which she paints her art. I love the comment about inspiring female characters who fight for justice. I’m finding from watching Korean shows that it is a more patriarchal and conservative country than I thought. Some actresses, and SHS is certainly not the first, are breaking barriers, because they are excellent at what they do and are successful and popular. Hopefully some of her future roles will deliver the power of the feminine. The movie Innocent sounds like potential for that. Not so sure about Tomb Robbery – sounds more like an adventure romp.
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