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  1. Great insight. If JA discovered DH's worth by episode 6, he also discovered her worth by episode 5 when he saw her take care of her grandmother. Haha, so boring. And she started out thinking he was so pitiful, but her respect for him grew when she heard him react to people who had crossed "red lines" with him - i.e. the condo owner in episode 4, his brothers when they were making fun of her in the street, Kwang Il in episode 9, etc. And perhaps when he finally stood up for himself and confronted YH about the affair.
  2. Never been, though we have friends there! Let us know how it is if you go. Haven't been on the forum in a few days due to being swamped at work. I guess Team Add won a few days ago and Team Subtract is on the move? 450
  3. Oh my, that all sounds nasty and like such a long journey. And you also had a flare-up? Man. To think that typhoid used to be even more common. Those poor communities who had it go through them. My husband's great-grandfather was the only surviving child when Spanish flu raged through his family farm. He lost several siblings. So sad . I can't even imagine what his parents went through. 990
  4. It was a chicken and mushroom stew and the chicken looked pink as it was being served, but since it was a restaurant I thought they would've had it come up to standard temperature. Nope I didn't realize he died in Vincenzo and Big Mouth. At least he had a happy ending in Gaus Electronics. 992
  5. During the whirlwind travel a couple weeks ago I came down with food poisoning our first stop and had it all through our relative's wedding. It was not good!! Nothing like dressing up all pretty and wearing makeup for the first time in ages, and having a churning tummy and NOT being able to eat the good wedding food. All good now, though. Omo! Sounds terrible! 984
  6. Silly headline that feeds into what all of ARMY was protesting. If the USA is ever allowed on Eurovision, I've found a likely contender: 968
  7. He was such a happy nerd in that scene. Ufff big earthquake in Taiwan. Hoping and praying rescuers can get to all those trapped in car tunnels and in buildings. Thankfully the damage and loss of life haven't been as bad as they could have been, when you think it was a 7.4+ magnitutde quake (but still heartbreaking). https://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-asia-68720022?src_origin=BBCS_BBC 962
  8. I'm not crazy about it either. It's giving me traumatic Sound of Magic vibes. 960
  9. @agenth @partyon and anyone else who speaks even a bit of German: https://www.instagram.com/p/C0rf_b2MMEH/?igsh=MWtjbjhpdWowZWZsOA%3D%3D I was laughing so hard last night at this I was crying. 936
  10. Haha seriously. I really REALLY didn't like her act and couldn't believe she won. She drove me crazy that year. Ufff, he went from country boy to scary goth rocker. I like the MV better. Too true. Gosh I'm so behind on all the Eurovision entries this year. Need to catch up! 908
  11. Romania really couldn't afford to send someone? Oh that's sad! Oh my goodness YES!!! That song is amazing!! After that MV I'll be curious to see what his stage set up is like. We haven't had cows and chickens on stage yet - maybe he can be the first. +2
  12. Maybe everyone here gave it up for Lent anyway. Some of my friends only drank wine yesterday, for the first time in weeks. Have a good lunch! At least strawberries are now finally coming down in price. 1,79€ today for 500g. Going to freeze some for summer smoothies. 892
  13. There's a growing selection now, and they even had a small table of Easter candy featured in the middle of Carrefour this year! But yeah, it hadn't really been a thing in years past. Of course, everyone comes out for the Holy Week processionals - but my country has been lagging behind in the candy. I miss Cadbury, though. Wish they had more Milk Tray and Cadbury eggs/ bars in general here. I need to watch more of his shows. He just looks like such a versatile actor. Looking good! Wonder how many kpop stars come out of the army feeling like makeup is less necessary? I always prefer people au naturel anyway. 884
  14. Chingu-a, You posted this pic: But are they in the poll? I would totally vote for Choi Jin Hyuk here. He was way nicer than Jang Hyuk .
  15. Yeah, I had to FF through those a lot. Just watch the last 15 minutes of Episode 16 and you'll find out everything. 862
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