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  1. After today episode...I have too say I am liking more the older sister. Yes she is cold and to direct most of the time. But she is no mean, she has work so hard on life, and probably would continue too. But the middle sister I really can not understand her actions, after been true a cheating herself she really should have value her own persona more and ask for more time to even think or beging a relationship with the boss. She has been on the other side and of things are not correct or even from the star must probably would end badly.
  2. Guauh...what an episode. It was a roller coster full of emotions. Well ..we finally had the confrotation of EH and her husband. At first I was really angry about the lies and fir him to just runaway...but after the confrotation scene like she said ...he really is nothing, and is good that she finally knows everything so she can move on from him. At the same time she said she have not started just yet so who knows what would happen. But she would be facing a lot by the scenes of the preview she is going to confront her mother and maybe more words , pain would come out from it, everyone has been keeping their feelings secret for too long so..this is just the begining of all.
  3. OmG....this is just ep 4 and we already have all this situations. I also had the idea maybe the dentist was gay..but to actually confirm it today...was a totall chock. And also angry...I believe that if you are not sure about your sexuality why do you even get married to buy time, decided why..?? This would definetly be a death game for the big sister. Would she divorce, would she go totall crazy and mad..???...next week the real rollecoster stars.
  4. OmG....are we going to have another drama were thr husband cheats the wife or has a big secret. What is going on between the big sister and the dentist husband.... And the parents it also seems like they do also have big secrets. But still...what ever is he hiding would definetly hurt her more deeply. Yes she seems like a control freal and cold. But under all of that she must be hurt and in pain.
  5. I just found this article about season 2... https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/netflix-k-drama-hospital-playlist-renewed-for-season-2/amp/
  6. All I have to say is;; I freak it love it....all the season was magic. I would definetly go back and see all the episodes again. It is going to be a loooong time waiting for next season...but I have tjmjis season to watch while I wait foe it. Thank you everyone this time here reading all your post has been amazing.
  7. OMG...I am so nervious...Just wake up ...I am going to have my breakfast and enjoy the final episode. Would be back in a few hours with my thougths..see you
  8. Already saw todays episode I am just full of more queations.
  9. I just have to say...I am afraid of next week episode. I cry so much yesterday watching it. And also...what would I see now..this is my only drama right now.. But I enjoyed everything of this week episode. I felt the mom sadness of the though of his son going to be a preast to.
  10. Well...we though it was going to end but...not there is one more week aparently....I am mooore than tired with the story...
  11. Just one question..does this writter has previous experience...what other work...???
  12. Correction....we would definetly wont have a descent final week....the oposite....what a waist of drama....
  13. Can I say I really dislike the father. I know he feels mad about his children. But he is at fault by how he let them bee all this years. And to the only son that works and is responsable he hates the must. For real...
  14. Can we have at least a descent final week. This drama for real. Could just have been the half of episodes would have been better option than the 124 episodes full with incoherent scenes and reactions.
  15. O no....I have the bad feeling we would have an ending like in Goblin....no please writter-director....nooo
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