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  1. Final episode... Happy because we saw Ari and Junsu happy. Mad because we lost so many episodes on really anoying situations. We wanted more scenes between Ari and Junsu. See you in another drama. Take care.
  2. Helo So finallly over. This drama was really bad, and I like the actors, I have see them in other projects and they are really good. But this story was bad...but glad we made it to the end. See you all soon in another drama.
  3. Ok. I AM SORRY. But I am really tired of this drama. I would just ask for BCW to just leave all this people behind, do not accept anyone money and just leave and be free from all this monsters.
  4. I think at this point I really don't have a care or could not connect with this storie. She , Kang Yeo Joo should really just live alone and not see any of this people again, divorce the husband.
  5. I have just a question...does the drama would have only 100 episodes, if so that means we onlly have 9 more episodes to reveal all the lies and resolve situations....
  6. I really dislike Bora....and also Ah Ris dad...part of blame for him towards how Bora is, allways spoiled her.
  7. Hi...sorry..but I can not take this drama any moore. I would skyp from now...and maybe be back for the las 2 or 3 episodes. Have fun...
  8. Oh...season 2 at second half of 2021.... Does this date is official, are we talking about may/june or what...if it so.....why...I thought it would be beginning of 2021 just like the first season was those months of 2020...
  9. I just found this article about season 2... https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/netflix-k-drama-hospital-playlist-renewed-for-season-2/amp/
  10. All I have to say is;; I freak it love it....all the season was magic. I would definetly go back and see all the episodes again. It is going to be a loooong time waiting for next season...but I have tjmjis season to watch while I wait foe it. Thank you everyone this time here reading all your post has been amazing.
  11. OMG...I am so nervious...Just wake up ...I am going to have my breakfast and enjoy the final episode. Would be back in a few hours with my thougths..see you
  12. I just have to say...I am afraid of next week episode. I cry so much yesterday watching it. And also...what would I see now..this is my only drama right now.. But I enjoyed everything of this week episode. I felt the mom sadness of the though of his son going to be a preast to.
  13. OMG...how are going to wait one week for another episode...my mind is going crazy...this is my only drama I am currently watching....no other one....and to think there is only 2 more episodes left.... I am also wishing for the couples to happend...but at the same time this story is so real...so could or could not happend...my favorite is the winter couple...but everything is still in the open...IJ...is my favorite...he really is carismatic, hard working but the most important he observes, look everything, pays atention to detail that is why he knows so much about his friends, the resident
  14. Was this scene before he talked to Ik-J...?? Because maybe it's just the directior playing with uss like a teaser....he is thinking that is for sure but he is also still preparing for the end of the year.
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