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  1. I really dislike Bora....and also Ah Ris dad...part of blame for him towards how Bora is, allways spoiled her.
  2. Hi...sorry..but I can not take this drama any moore. I would skyp from now...and maybe be back for the las 2 or 3 episodes. Have fun...
  3. Oh...season 2 at second half of 2021.... Does this date is official, are we talking about may/june or what...if it so.....why...I thought it would be beginning of 2021 just like the first season was those months of 2020...
  4. Oh. I LOVE IT.... BEST DRAMA This fall season... I would definetly watch it more times... Thanks to all here...
  5. I did not saw yesterday episode. I am going to wait until next week. My mind can not take a sad episode rifht now..see you next week
  6. Yes...no words....what an awfull drama finalle...I have been mad and disapointing from another dramas, but this one, for real...that was it...buuuuuffff
  7. Ok...so I am a little confuse about the number of episodes, I am watching at youtube channel and also at an online page..and its cinfusing...but one thing is clear ..we are not even there...when would we have some kind of resolution. CYM continues to be like this, the CEO girlfriend continue to scam around our top girls...and everything seems not going anywhere...just more caracters and no resolution with our top girls...
  8. So are we having episode #44 only today...so that means #45 would be tomorrow..?? Is that the last episode...according to the description it is a 45 episode drama.
  9. I do not ger CYM...really that desperated...guauh..does he really want to prove himself out like this.. We are just 2 episodes left and the progress with the 3 main caracters not there yet... I just know I want that mean CEO to loooose everything shuch a fake person.
  10. @ylywells1 totally agree with you. It was really hard to watch this last episodes. But hopping to some kind of resolution. Like the 3 women follow new path in life and create a better happy moments.
  11. Oh Boy..so finally next week this crazy story is ovet..thank you...I stopped watching it since Megan arrive...and coming today to read the topics..oh boy just a mess. I just hope at least the final 2 episodes are good...please...
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