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  1. OMG... dont even start about ruler plot...dont start. We might start a war talking about how derailed the plot was from start to end. Honestly, I kept watching it for the love of both the lead. *small site note: I a shyshyshipper too That is why I am rooting so hard for this drama. KSY always give everything for her character. I think almost everyone can acknowledge her acting ability. She just need a quality drama that also popular to solidi-zed her status. (not that she's not popular or unrecognized, just need a bit more....)
  2. I think during Ruler time, KSH is still on border line of being consider as an adult women. Even thought YSH is a known 'good kisser actor' I think he held back a little. Back to this drama, now KSH is old enough to know the Technic / or the know how angle to make the kissing scene believable as a passionate kiss. I m a fan of KSH but I m still waiting for her to really 'grow up'. She is very mature and calm for a girl that young. Really hoping the rating for this drama will increase soon. Its such a shame that Korean didnt really love this drama
  3. this is why the rating will suffer. After all the hype and suddenly is was cancelled, viewer get bored of waiting and find something else to watch (after effect of that, find the substituted is also a good drama....)
  4. so far, she doesnt even show any remorse for her every bad action. What's the point of her being nice to joon but not to other people. Joon need someone who can show him there are other story behind what u can see. For me right now he see woman at face value cos he cant accept there might be a good reason for his mom to leave him when he was younger The way Lady Kang is portray right now, doest suite joon at all...
  5. I m sorry but I dont like Joon with Lady Kang. She's mean. Not only to her servant but to GD also. the writer better make her show some change of attitude if she/her/they want us to ship Lady Kang with Joon. At this moment, joon better off alone than with that mean lady
  6. I guess there is no ep for tonight as I saw the live telecast of the baseball game
  7. wah... from the preview of the next episode it look like there are moments for SW&HJ shipper.... Havent had time to watch the sub ep but when JJ slap HJ n SW was watching it. It was intense. Wish I can understand what HJ said after the slap to make J so shaken
  8. the story move swiftly and the romance start slowly but still cant get over the rating drop... Really wish international fans can help to raise the rating for TToND
  9. Did someone want Hyunji to be kidnap or in danger? I think its going to happen in the next episode but dont think our hottie lawyer are going to act like what we want him to do (wink2 to the SunwooXHyunji shipper)
  10. I think Kyung do like Dah-oh but because of his father keep pushing her to him, he act negatively and is very hostile to her. It feel like a childishness children behavior. Normally the boys who tease you a lot when you were children are actually the one who like you.
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