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  1. he look delicious. But honestly I miss KSH in a drama. Feel like its been forever since her last drama.
  2. I like Hr character. Meanwhile, I remember her from W. Her character also got rejected by LJS character in W. How sad is that....huhuhu. I actually found her characteristic interesting as a person more than Dan-i herself. For me Dan-i is still in the dark about her feeling and what is actually need in her life. While HR already knows what she want. I like that she accept rejection in a good way. I also like how the writer portray her family reaction to the rejection. Its cute...
  3. Hi guys.... Still searching for a stable live streaming for TLE... Hope somebody would dm me link for alternative live straming...
  4. Does anyone know whether KSH have any other project beside Love Alarm (which have not announce its airing date...) Hoping she would appear in a full length drama instead of just an 8 episode short drama. Sad to say her Under19 variety show rating are not that high also...
  5. Just want to check how or what are the knet reaction to KSJ kissing scene. I seem to remember knet have a big problem of how young actress role change to adult role. Some production even have a very strict no 'hot" kissing scene for these "child" actress when they transit to adult role.
  6. Wow... seeing CWAP recent episode, I must say I impressed with KYJ. She's ahead of the other 2 Kim in acting of romantic (kissing) scene in a drama.
  7. Hi everyone... I would love to live stream MoA. Can someone dm me the live steaming link? Thank you in advance
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