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Ji Sung

Real name: Kwak Tae Geun
Birthday: February 27, 1977
Horoscope: Pisces
Education: University of Suwon - Theater and Film
Hanyang University - Theater and Film

Years active: 1999 - present
Trivia:- Producers of the 2003 gambling drama "All In" were having difficulty casting the second male lead because most actors were afraid to be compared to lead actor Lee Byung-hun. Ji Sung approached director Yoo Chul-yong, saying he wanted the role; Yoo looked hard at him, then to the production crew's surprise, said, "Okay, it's yours." "All In" was a big hit, and Ji Sung's popularity rose, not only in Korea but in other Asian countries.
- Ji Sung previously dated All In co-star Park Sol-mi from 2003 to 2006.
Ji Sung enlisted on June 7, 2005 for his mandatory military service. Though he initially enlisted as an ordinary soldier, the Military Manpower Administration transferred him to the military promotion ("entertainers") unit in February 2006, for which he served as "public ambassador of military affairs." He was discharged on June 6, 2007.
- "Swallow the Sun" (2009) was his second collaboration with "All In" creators, writer Choi Wan-kyu and director Yoo Chul-yong. The revenge drama was adapted from the novel by Kang Chul-hwa, and shot on location in Jeju Island, Las Vegas and South Africa. Ji Sung trained hard to play the tough, strong-willed protagonist who goes to prison for his boss and later becomes involved in the city development of Jeju.
- Ji Sung stayed in New York for one month in 2010.

- He met actress Lee Bo-young on the set of 2004 TV series "Save Last Dance for Me", and they confirmed their relationship in 2007. On August 2, 2013, the couple announced their engagement by uploading handwritten letters on their respective official fan sites. They married at Aston House, W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel on September 27, 2013.Their first child is expected to be due in June 22, 2015.
- The baby is a girl, they named her Kwak Ji Yoo.

Social Networks
- His instagram - www.instagram.com/justin_jisung
- His weibo - www.weibo.com/actorjisung
- Fansclub Weibo - www.weibo.com/jisungbar
- dcinside (forum) - http://gall.dcinside.com/board/lists/?id=jisung
- his assistant instagram - 

1999 - KAIST as Kang Dae-wook (SBS)
- March - guest (SBS)

2000 - Popcorn (SBS)
I Want to Keep Seeing You as Lee Ji-soo (SBS)

2001 - Delicious Proposal as Oh Joon-soo (MBC)
Open Drama Man & Woman"A Couple of Hours Before Breaking Up with Her" as Lee Soo-hyun (SBS)
The Rules of Marriage as Hwang Won-soo (MBC)
Wonderful Days as Jang Seok-jin (SBS)

2002 Let's Go - guest (episode: "Monkey") (SBS)
Sunshine Hunting as Lee Seung-joon (KBS2)

2003 - All In as Choi Jung-won (SBS)
The King's Woman as Prince Gwanghae (SBS)

2004 - Terms of Endearment as Noh Yoon-taek (KBS1)
- Save the Last Dance for Me as Kang Hyun-woo (SBS)

2005 - Beating Heart as Kim Woo-jin/Kim Seok-jin (Guest, episodes 9-10: "Outing") (MBC)

2007 - New Heart as Lee Eun-sung (MBC)

2009 - Swallow the Sun as Kim Jung-woo (SBS)

2010 - Kim Su-ro, The Iron King as Kim Su-ro (MBC)

2011 - Royal Family as Han Ji-hoon (MBC)- Protect the Boss as Cha Ji-heon (SBS)

2012 - The Great Seer as Mok Ji-sang (SBS)

2013 - Secret Love as Jo Min-hyuk (KBS2)

2015 Kill Me, Heal Me as Cha Do-hyun, Shin Se Gi, Perry Park, Ahn Yo Na, Ahn Yo Sub, Nana, Mr. X (MBC)

2016 - Entertainer as Shin Suk-Ho (SBS)

2017 - Defendant as Park Jung Woo (SBS)

Attraction places in "Kill Me Heal Me" 



Episode 1 - "Paradise Club" where the 10 o'clock confession happened is actually called "WAV Club"

Episode 5 - Shin Se Gi and Oh Ri Jin's First Kiss was at "Everland"

Episode 7 - 
The Rooftop with the Graffiti of the Suicidal Ahn Yo Seob was at "Hansin Building"

Episode 8
Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin's First Kiss was at "MBC New Building"

"Minami" where Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin went to a Japanese restaurant to have a consultation and drink

"Mango Six" (26 Samsung-ro 85-gil) where Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin attending the book talk

Episode 13
"Green Cloud Cafe" where Yo Na first met her oppa Oh Ri On

"Hongdae" where Oh Ri On was chasing Yo Na on the street

"Hongdae 2" (in a small street in Mapo-gu called Jandari-ro 6-gil) for the tarot card read

Episode 16 - Dating Experience at "Gangwon Province"


1) KoRail Train

2) Jeongseon Auraji

3) Rail Bike

4) Najeon Station
5) Deungmyeong Beach

Episode 17 - Aqua Planet where Cha Do Hyun met with Dr. Seok

credits - addresses by managerhyung, screencaps by dramabeans



BIFF 2015 Color of Asia - Masters

2004 - "Confession" - Track from Terms of Endearment OST
2012 "Sexy Jingle Bells", "Show Me Your Panty" - Tracks from My PS Partner OST
"Show Me Your Panty" - Tracks from My PS Partner OST
2013 - "Wuthering Heights" - Track from Secret Love OST
2015 - "Violet" - Track from Kill Me, Heal Me OST

2002 - Whistling Princess as Joon-ho
2004 - Phantom Master: Dark Hero from the Ruined Empire (animated) - Ending narration
2005 - Blood Rain as Du-ho
2008 - Fate as Park Yeong-hwan
2012 - My PS Partner as Lee Hyun-seung
2014 - Confession as Im Hyun-tae
2015 - 
The Vampire Lives Next Door (short film)

Variety Shows
2002 - Live Music Camp - Host (MBC)
2003 - Hey Hey Hey - Guest (SBS)
2004 - Music Bank - Host (KBS2)
2005 - Ya Shim Man Man: Ten Thousand People Have Been Asked - Guest, episode 107 (SBS)
         - Shin Dong-yup and Kim Yong-man's Favorites - Guest, episode 51 (SBS)
2008 - STAR N the CITY: Ji Sung in Dubai (XTM)
2010 - estarTV interview
2011 - Running Man - Guest, episode 54 (SBS)
         - Taxi - Guest, episode 223 (tvN)
         -  Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy - Guest, episode 3 (SBS)
         - 2011 SBS Drama Awards - Host (SBS)
2012 - Running Man - Guest, episodes 116-117 (SBS)
         - Strong Heart - Guest, episodes 151-152 (SBS)
         - Happy Together - Guest, episode 276 (KBS2)
2013 - Happy Together - Guest, episode 317 (SBS)
         - Tailor-made Tour - Guest, episode 4 (TVB)
2014 - Taxi - Guest, episode 336 (tvN)
         - Running Man - Guest, episodes 202-203 (SBS)
2015 - Three Meals a Day - Season 2 - Guest, episode 4-5 (tvN)

1999 Burger King

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2002- Magic Station Q

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

- Samsung Myjet Printer

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2003 Magic Station Q

 to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

- Chamisul Fresh

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

Making Film

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

- innisfree

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

Making Film

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- Vostro

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2009- Lotte Duty Free

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

Making Film

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

- Vostro

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2010 Vostro

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

Making Film

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2012 Himart

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Making Film

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2013 Austin Reed

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2014 Austin Reed S/S

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Austin Reed Metro Style

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Austin Reed F/W

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2015 Austin Reed S/S

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Delmonte Orange Juice


making of

CJ Lion detergent


making of


[UNICEF #By my side] Which moment must be remembered in 2016?

[UNICEF #By my side] Actor Ji Sung mentioned ...

[UNICEF #By my side] Most memorable moment in 2015



Music Videos
2000 - "Leave Me Alone" - Lee Kang-shin
2002 - "Cold" - Lee Ki-chan

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2004 - "Black and White Photos" - KCM

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2008 - "The Practical Usage of Sadness" - Kim Bum-soo

to view the video, right click your mouse to open new tab

2009 - "Trickling" - Wheesung

Awards and nominations
2001 - MBC Drama Awards - Best New Actor for The Rules of Marriage (Won)
         - SBS Drama Awards - New Star Award for Wonderful Days (Won)
2003 - SBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Special for All In (Won)
2004 - SBS Drama Awards - Top 10 Stars for Save the Last Dance for Me (Won)
2008 - Han Il Culture Awards - 민간외교부분 수상 (Won)
         - MBC Drama Awards - Golden Acting Award, Actor in a Miniseries for New Heart (Won)
2009 - SBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Special for Swallow the Sun (Nominated)
2010 - 5th Asia Model Festival Awards - BBF Popular Star Award (Won)
         - 26th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards - Best Dressed, Movie Actor category (Won)
2011 - 4th Style Icon Awards for Style Icon Actor (Bonsang) (Won)
         - SBS Drama Awards for Protect the Boss  - Best Couple Award with Choi Kang-hee (Won) 
                                                                             - Top 10 Stars (Won) 
                                                                             - Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Special (Won)
         - MBC Drama Awards - Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries for Royal Family (Nominated)
2013 - KBS Drama Awards for Secret Love  - Best Couple Award with Hwang Jung-eum (Won) 
         - Popularity Award (Won) 
         - Top Excellence Award, Actor (Won)
2014 - 3rd APAN Star Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries for Secret Love (Nominated)
2015 - 51st Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Actor (TV) for Kill Me, Heal Me (Nominated)
         - 10th Seoul International Drama Awards - Best Actor for Kill Me, Heal Me (Nominated)
8th Korea Drama Awards - Grand Prize (Daesang) for Kill Me, Heal Me (Nominated)
         - 4th APAN Star Awards - Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries for 
Kill Me, Heal Me (Nominated)
         - MBC Drama Awards for Kill Me, Heal Me - Grand Prize (Daesang) (Won)
                                                                             - Top Excellence Actor, Actor in a Miniseries (Won)
                                                                             - Best Couple with Park Seo-joon (Won)
                                                                             - Best Couple with Hwang Jung-eum (Nominated)
                                                                             - Top 10 Stars (Won)
2016 - 28th Korea PD Awards - Best Performer, TV Actor category for Kill Me, Heal Me (Won)
         - 4th Annual DramaFever Awards - Best Actor for Kill Me, Heal Me (Won)
         - SBS Drama Awards - Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Romantic Comedy Drama for Entertainer (Nominated)
2017 - 

ELLE Korea http://www.elle.co.kr/article/view.asp?MenuCode=en010302&intSno=6065




Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong For New Movie "My P.S Partner"

Ji Sung Holds Fan Meeting in Japan Despite Personal Loss

Ji Sung Surprises Jang Geun Suk with Food Truck on "Love Rain" Filming Set

- Ji Sung to Star in New SBS Drama “Dae Poong Soo”

- A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Wishes Ji Sung to Remember Her Name

- Ji Sung Shows Off Irresistible Abs in Upcoming Film “My PS Partner”

- Girlfriend Questions Make Ji Sung Nervous

- Actor Ji Sung Wants to MC a Talk Show

Ji Sung Looks Dapper in Latest Photo Shoot for Allure

- Ji Sung and Kim Ah Joong Share a Steamy Kiss Scene in Bed




Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung to Tie the Knot in September

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Plan to Go Abroad for Wedding Pictorial

- Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Others Participate in First Script Reading for “Secret”

- Ji Sung Chokes Hwang Jung Eum in Intense Stills for “Secret”

- Ji Sung Had a Difficult Time with Breakup Rumors

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Radiate Happiness in Wedding Photo Shoot for “Grazia”

Ji Sung Reveals That Even He Got Flutters Watching Lee Bo Young’s Kiss Scene

Celebrities Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Reveal Wedding Invitation Card

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Look Forward to a “Normal” Marriage Life

- Photos from Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s Romantic Rooftop Wedding

Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Get into Character to Portray Their “Obsessive Romance”

Actors Ji Sung and Bae Soo Bin Take Twin Selcas

Lee Da Hee Shows Her 3-Combo Revenge Towards Ji Sung

“Secret Love” Star Ji Sung Records OST for the Drama

- The Cast and Crew of “Secret” Have an Ending Party

- Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Finally Leave for Thailand Honeymoon

- Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo Starring in New Noir Movie “Good Friends”








Lee Bo Young Reveals Never-Before-Seen Wedding Photos with Ji Sung

- New Movie “Good Friends” Starring Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Sung, and Lee Kwang Soo to Premiere This July

- Poster and Trailer for “Good Friends” Starring Ji Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, and Joo Ji Hoon Released

- Ji Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, and Lee Kwang Soo Are the Best of “Good Friends” in Movie Stills

- Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Sung to Join Lee Kwang Soo on “Running Man”

- Actor Ji Sung Looks Too Tough For Black and White “Singles” Pictorial

- Actors Ji Sung, Lee Kwang Soo and Joo Ji Hoon Show Off Their Charisma For Vogue

- Actor Ji Sung Is Embarrassed On Having Made a Prejudice Against Joo Ji Hoon

- Ji Sung Is Princely Husband for Lee Bo Young

- Talk Show “Taxi” Reveals Actor Ji Sung Was One Cute Kid

- Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Couple Expecting First Child

- Actor Ji Sung in Talks for New MBC Drama “Kill Me Heal Me”

- “Kill Me Heal Me” Cast Lineup Confirmed, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum to Reunite

- Ji Sung Sports Intense Eyeliner in Latest Stills from “Kill Me Heal Me”

Hyun Bin and Ji Sung Will Be Facing It Off Next Year, Both Depicting Characters with Multiple Personality Disorder

Stills from “Kill Me Heal Me” Show Chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum








Ji Sung Performs Flawlessly in a Complex Torture Scene for New Drama “Kill Me Heal Me”

Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Meet at Han River In “Kill Me Heal Me” Preview Stills

“Kill Me Heal Me” Starring Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Releases First Four Posters

Ji Sung Jokes He Should Be Paid Seven Times More for Playing Seven Characters on “Kill Me Heal Me”

Ji Sung Reveals Adorable Name for His Unborn Baby

Ji Sung Rescues Hwang Jung Eum from Fire in “Kill Me, Heal Me” Stills

Throwback Thursday: Ji Sung’s Multiple Personalities

- Ji Sung: “Lee Bo Young Is Not Jealous of My On-Screen Romance with Hwang Jung Eum”

- Ji Sung Shows Off Multiple Personalities in “Kill Me, Heal Me” Stills

- “Kill Me Heal Me” Reveals Preview Cuts of Ji Sung Wearing a Pink Uniform and Fighting Hwang Jung Eum

- Ji Sung Is Adorable Behind the Scenes of “Kill Me, Heal Me”

- Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Keep Their Positive Attitude on “Kill Me Heal Me” Set despite Busy Schedule

- Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Improvise Epic Rap Battle Scene on “Kill Me, Heal Me”

- Ji Sung Runs Around Hongdae Dressed as a Schoolgirl for “Kill Me, Heal Me”

- New “Kill Me, Heal Me” Teaser Images Show Ji Sung Looking After Hwang Jung Eum

- “Kill Me, Heal Me” Kiss Between Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon Was Unscripted

- “Kill Me Heal Me” Hints at Love Triangle in Latest Stills

- Ji Sung to Sing OST for “Kill Me, Heal Me”

- Ji Sung Sings Heartbreaking Song “Violet” for “Kill Me, Heal Me” OST

- Lee Bo Young Sends a Food Truck To “Kill Me Heal Me” Filming Set for Husband Ji Sung’s Colleagues

- Ji Sung Revealed to Have Been Acting Even with Vocal Fold Edema

- Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum Wrap Up “Kill Me, Heal Me” in Tears

- Ji Sung Thanks Ahn Yo Na’s Lip Tint for “Turning Him Into a Woman”

- Hwang Jung Eum Wants to Act with Ji Sung Again after She Is Married

- Ji Sung Explains the Story Behind His “Manner Hands” in “Kill Me, Heal Me”

- Ji Sung Is Down to Work with Hwang Jung Eum Again Anytime

- Lee Bo Young Cried Watching Ahn Yo Na Run Down the Stree

- Ji Sung Can’t Wait to Be a Dad, But Doesn’t Want to Appear on “Superman Returns”

- Kill Me, Heal Me - interview with Ji Sung

- “Kill Me, Heal Me” Park Seo Joon Kissed Ji Sung First

- Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Return to Korea after Thailand Vacation

- Ji Sung Experiences Sympathetic Pregnancy Because of Lee Bo Young?

- international bnt - interview with Ji Sung

- Ji Sung Channels His “Kill Me, Heal Me” Personalities for Fashion Photo Shoot

- Ji Sung’s Fanmeeting Tickets Sell Out in 1 Minute

- Ji Sung Shares His Future Acting Goals with Geek Magazine

- ELLE Korea May 2015 interview

- Ji Sung to Make a Guest Appearance on “Three Meals a Day”

- Ji Sung Says “Three Meals a Day” Brings Out One’s True Character

- Ji Sung Has an Amazing Time with His Fans in 2015 Fanmeeting

- Ji Sung Boasts about Lee Bo Young’s Cooking Skills on “Three Meals a Day”

- Ji Sung Reveals the Sex of His Soon-to-Be-Born Child on “Three Meals a Day”

- Lee Seo Jin Admits He Once Told Lee Bo Young to Break Up with Ji Sung

- Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Welcome Their First Baby Into the World

- Ji Sung Tells Manager Not to Come to Hospital After Daughter’s Birth Since It’s the Weekend

- Ji Sung Reveals Daughter’s Name and Lee Bo Young’s Response Towards His “Manner Hands”

- Ji Sung Says Lee Bo Young Takes His Housework for Granted

- Ji Sung Transforms Into a Chic Vampire

- Ji Sung Makes Surprise Appearance at Screening of “The Vampire Lives Next Door”

- Ji Sung Shows His Overflowing Affection for Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum on Set of “She Was Pretty”

- Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ha Neul Chosen As Actors Who Succeeded on Talent Alone

- Ji Sung Wins Special Award at 10th Asian TV Drama Conference

- Ji Sung Explains Why He Shed Tears During Fan Meet Concert

- Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Spotted Enjoying a Date Together

- Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon Win Best Couple Award at 2015 MBC Drama Awards




- "Ji Sung Sends Sweet Message to Daughter After Winning First Daesang"

- "Ji Sung and Park Bo Gum Considering Roles in Same Drama"

- "Watch: Ji Sung Talks About Former Co-Star Hwang Jung Eum’s Impending Marriage"

- 'Ji Sung Reveals What Was Really Going on for Him When He Won the Grand Prize for “Kill Me, Heal Me”'

- "Lee Bo Young Gives a Special Present for Ji Sung’s Birthday"

- 'Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s Home Revealed on “The List 2016”'

- Ji Sung and Hyeri’s Upcoming Drama “Entertainer” Releases Photos From Script Read-Through

- Watch: Hyeri and Ji Sung Rock Out to Taylor Swift in “Entertainer” Teaser

- “Entertainer” Hints at Ji Sung and Kang Min Hyuk’s Hilarious Encounter in Preview Stills

- Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Shares “Entertainer” Co-Star Ji Sung’s Meaningful Advice

- Watch: Ji Sung Yells at a Veteran Singer in Second “Entertainer” Teaser

- Ji Sung and Hyeri Make Your Heart Race With New “Entertainer” Stills

- Ji Sung and Hyeri Gaze into Each Other’s Eyes on the Beach

- Ji Sung Reveals Lee Bo Young’s Feelings About Hyeri

- Why Didn’t Ji Sung’s Cameo in “Descendants of the Sun” Happen?

- “Entertainer” Reveals Ji Sung and Kang Min Hyuk’s Bromance on Set

- Ji Sung and Yoo Ah In Named As Stars Who Don’t Abuse Their Celebrity Status

- Ji Sung Dubbed “The Chemistry God” On Set Of “Entertainer”

- Ji Sung Posts Sweet Message For Wife Lee Bo Young’s Debut Anniversary

- Ji Sung, Uhm Ki Joon, And Uhm Hyun Kyung Confirmed To Join Girls’ Generation’s Yuri In New Drama

- Ji Sung Describes The Physical And Mental Toll That Filming New Drama “Defendant” Took On Him

- “Defendant” Stills Of Ji Sung, Uhm Ki Joon, And Uhm Hyun Kyung Promise Sorrow And Suspense

- “Defendant” Previews Major Tension Between Ji Sung And Yuri In Upcoming Episode

- “Defendant” Staff Praises Ji Sung For Pushing The Limits

- Ji Sung Shares Behind-The-Scenes Pictures From “Defendant” On Social Media

- Ji Sung Promises Frustrations Will Be Relieved In Next Week’s “Defendant”

- Ji Sung And Kim Min Suk’s Chilling Exchange Earns “Defendant” Its Highest Real-Time Ratings

- Ji Sung Plays The Doting Father Even When He’s Off-Camera While Filming “Defendant”

- Lee Bo Young Brightens Up Ji Sung’s Day At Set Of “Defendant”

- Ji Sung Shares His Music Playlist That Helps Him Act

- Ji Sung Can’t Stop Smiling As He Watches Lee Bo Young Act On Set Of SBS’s “Whisper”

- Watch: Ji Sung Impresses Crowd With First Pitch For Doosan Bears

- Watch: Ji Sung Finally Fulfills His Childhood Dream On The Field

- Ji Sung And Cho Seung Woo Considering Roles In Upcoming Film

- Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Share Adorable Moment Of Daughter Jiyu Mesmerized At The Airport

- Yoon Hyun Sook Comments On How Much Ji Sung Loves Preparing Events For Wife Lee Bo Young

- Cho Seung Woo, Ji Sung, And Kim Sung Kyoon To Star In Final Chapter Of Historical Film Trilogy

- Ji Sung Shares Adorable Pictures Of Lee Bo Young And Their Daughter In Matching Outfits

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Guest psycho2005

The last dance is with me ost







01. Give My Love (English Version) - Edward Chun

02. Our Love Will Always Last (English Version) - Edward Chun

03. Stay With Me - Lyn

04. See Your Heart - Ji Hye

05. My Dream - Eugene

06. 25 Million - Edward Chun

07. geu nyuh ga ah ni myun ahn dwae neun guh jyo - Ji Hye

08. Waiting For Your Love - Soul System

09. choo uk - Edward Chun

10. Everything (Andrew's Song) - Edward Chun

11. Destiny

12. Give My Love (Korean Version) - Soo Ho Sung

13. Our Love Will Always Last (Korean Version) - Soul System

14. See Your Heart (Instrumental)

15. Give My Love (Instrumental)

16. Our Love Will Always Last (Instrumental)

17. Love and Destiny

18. Give My Love (Main Title Version)


01. Give My Love (English Version) - Edward Chun

02. Our Love Will Always Last (English Version) - Edward Chun

03. Stay With Me - Lyn

04. See Your Heart - Ji Hye

05. My Dream - Eugene

06. 25 Million - Edward Chun

07. geu nyuh ga ah ni myun ahn dwae neun guh jyo - Ji Hye

08. Waiting For Your Love - Soul System

09. choo uk - Edward Chun

10. Everything (Andrew's Song) - Edward Chun

11. Destiny

12. Give My Love (Korean Version) - Soo Ho Sung

13. Our Love Will Always Last (Korean Version) - Soul System

14. See Your Heart (Instrumental)

15. Give My Love (Instrumental)

16. Our Love Will Always Last (Instrumental)

17. Love and Destiny

18. Give My Love (Main Title Version)

ed2k links



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Oh!! He's so sweet in SAVE YOUR LAST DANCE FOR ME!!! My Gosh..... He had a romantic face to me... Only got to know who he was in this show... I didn't watch ALL IN... He's pairing up with Eugene should be much more better than with his girlfriend right?? Anybody here agrees with me?

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Guest similan

anyone have link clubbox for download SBS ACTING AWARD 2004 ^^

I would like to see jisung and Eugene , they lovely in "last dance with me"



and this talk show ^^


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Guest mel_orange88

I loved ji sung in Save the Last dance!!! him + eugene had great chemistry together!!! <33!!

yup does anyone have the SBS ACTING AWARD 2004 clip?? i'd love to watch it to see jisung and eugene together after the show!

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Guest sweet_treats1812

only seen him in save the last dance, but i thought he was really good!!! :lol: definitely had great chemistry with eugene...

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Guest Shmindy

I really enjoyed him in Last Dance With Me. I really loved his role and can't wait to see him acting in something else once he is out of the military.

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i'm in love w/ this guy right now~~ are there any more pictures of him?? i'd love to see some ^_____________________^

sure...always happy to post my collection pics




aahhh muy gwapo!


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Guest Cha Park

How could i not notice Ji Sung when he is in my fave K-drama of LBH at ALL IN? :lol:

i was a tad distracted with Ji Sung at first because he is every bit a deadringer of a Filipino comedian. But i appreciated him off cam with his sincerity and sweetness to Park Sol Mi. Being a forever loveteam shippah that i am! hahaha!

he is actually featured many times in Arirang's Showbiz Extra. One time was even the Star Focus.

He's apparently popular in Taiwan because of SLD. And i love it when he's asked about PSM. He really seemed to be romantic as what was written about him.

Anyways, just wanna share the Showbiz Extra link last night where he was featured. Stars in the Military.

MMS:// <<< ------ cute!

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Guest iheartfood

i saw the series "save the last dance" and i totally loved it! it was so sadd and happy at the same time and omg was he cute in that series.

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How could i not notice Ji Sung when he is in my fave K-drama of LBH at ALL IN? :lol:

i was a tad distracted with Ji Sung at first because he is every bit a deadringer of a Filipino comedian. But i appreciated him off cam with his sincerity and sweetness to Park Sol Mi. Being a forever loveteam shippah that i am! hahaha!

he is actually featured many times in Arirang's Showbiz Extra. One time was even the Star Focus.

He's apparently popular in Taiwan because of SLD. And i love it when he's asked about PSM. He really seemed to be romantic as what was written about him.

Anyways, just wanna share the Showbiz Extra link last night where he was featured. Stars in the Military.

MMS:// <<< ------ cute!

tHnx for the lastest information on Ji Sung, i think he is one "perfect man" , would wish to see his works soon but he is in army, sign haiz, anyway would like to ask, isit all korean man are suppose to go army/NS that old, around 27+ like wonbin too, almost 20+ then go army.....

i haenot seen all in, maybe would save up enough money then going to purchased it.. ^^

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i'm now watching ep 18 of sld....yea ji sung's quite a charmer! loved the way he smile like a boy when with yoo jin! :D except sometimes find his hair a bit............ :huh: :P

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