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  1. First impression, legally blonde... hmmm so good to be watching our favourite people again i can’t stop lolling politely. The supporting actors and actresses also the best
  2. i feel bad for the lead actor. nice storyline but confusing at the end. the actor sank alone not like goblin both lead actor n actress sank together.
  3. interesting n not heavy storyline... but please PDnim fix YEH wardrobe n makeup. CJM is perfect
  4. seriously i can’t watch eps 11. too sad what happened to grandpa n HP’s dad. poor HP’s family. Eps 12 on the way... Mateo is too handsome n his wordrobe is boringggg but still everytime i watched i had to say “why is he so handsome?” “why is he in this drama? That detective i don’t remember her name at all n she’s annoying
  5. This year my favourite song is Happier by Ed Sheeran...
  6. Poor HP family. I hope his grandpa still safe. Sad Just finished eps 10.
  7. me too waiting for daylight to watch and i’ll make sure there are people around me when i watch it. but the drama not really scared after eps 2. the scariest is eps 1. KJW too handsome i can’t handle it. melting when watching his talking
  8. WOW it is a scary drama i can't really watch all the scary scenes. I keep fast forward the remote. But for KJW i'll continue watching just finished 2 eps.
  9. Why is that red ajuma so evillll!!! Hate her so much !!!! Interesting story but made my blood boiled.
  10. Finally, after the long wait KJW is back on the screen Not yet watching the drama but hope it worth watching. So many interesting drama these days. Well done k-drama land keep entertaining us. Thank you
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