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  1. Interesting drama , less scary than HAND. I can watch it alone. First time to watch LDW scary side. Flawless skin remind me of the twilight so cute. Hope the police women safe til the end. Poor IS had to live with the psychos. All the scene inside the tiny studio make me claustrophobic
  2. Just wanted to share my thought today I wish for SHK happiness and hope she'll find what shes looking for in life. Always SHK n shipped O2 couple
  3. First impression, legally blonde... hmmm so good to be watching our favourite people again i can’t stop lolling politely. The supporting actors and actresses also the best
  4. i feel bad for the lead actor. nice storyline but confusing at the end. the actor sank alone not like goblin both lead actor n actress sank together.
  5. interesting n not heavy storyline... but please PDnim fix YEH wardrobe n makeup. CJM is perfect
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