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  1. I was planning to watch it, but then I heard that it was split into 2 parts so i'm waiting for the 2nd part to drop so i can binge the whole thing. Has it dropped yet? Wait, it has! Okay then brb!
  2. I've just seen this now and I am BAFFLED by how little vote A Journey to Love has gotten. This drama got me hooked on Liu Yuning and Liu Shi Shi slays; in fact, everyone slays, period. I'm in a bit of a kdrama slump this year so i did not watch too many shows, probably just some of the popular ones. So, i'm giving my vote to the only drama that i've managed to finish on the list because of rowoon. I watched my lovely liar too but can't even finished it. It was meh. he's probably the only case of 'second lead syndrome'-ing himself. So tragic that the future version of himself out-compete him XD
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