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  1. Remember Mary Poppin's bag, with lamps and furniture? They have the Korean version, which only holds outerwear.
  2. I'm shipping a new couple - TR and JW. I'd love to see the reaction from the crazy [mod edit] when TR brings JW home, and introduces him as his new significant person, instead of SA.
  3. One has to give YR credit for gall, and guts. Her character is so brazen that it is fun to watch. Loved how she strutted into the office building, as if she owned it. You've got to admire her moxie. After being tossed out of the apartment, she had no place to go. So, without batting one of her long eyelashes, she simply walks right back into her ex-husband's house, and takes over the master bedroom. She must have skin as thick as an elephant's.
  4. I've always opined that the true purpose of daily dramas was to teach actors how to act, one set of emotions or character traits, at a time. For instance, JB's first assignment was to learn how to act like a selfish brat. Once, she had achieved that, her next assignment was to learn how to beg and cry. Perhaps, this also explains the lousy writing. The daily dramas are training ground for wannabe actors, writers, directors, etc.
  5. There may have been a clue as to how this writer will resolve the 'barf' couple issue. Standing at the altar, JB said she will love CJ until she dies. I wonder if tht will e the writer 's solution.
  6. Unlike this drama, the recent weekend drama, Never Twice, did a really good job of showing the extent of each member's downfall and subsequent atonement of a nasty/evil family. The rate and the way of change for JJ, father and CJ is not creditable. And, I think the love story line between CJ and JB is totally from left field. There's been nothing that has made JB worthy of anyone's love, let alone one of the three tormentors that made life hell for CJ's sister. Don't see it, don't get it.
  7. Man, the thought keeps popping up in my head that the world would be a better place if all the parents in this show disappeared. They are the creator of all the misery in this drama. And, the first character that needs to disappear is the girl' father. He's worse than useless. Useless, but doing no harm would be better than him. He's delusional with grandeur and lives on past glories. a braggart, for no reason. Discriminates against the poor and powerless. Incompetent and inept. A liar and a cheat, which is why it makes no sense for the family to coddle and respect him. They are enabling his worse faults.
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