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  1. The missing element in this so-called 'family' is compassion. It is extraordinary that they can turn on or off their emotional links just because of a blood test. Day 1, I love you because we were blood related. Day 2, we are not blood related, I don't love you. This situation isn't a parking meter, where there is time expiration based on how many coins you feed the meter. And, you don't get an overtime parking citation even if you continue to love and treat him as before. Sheesh. Such is the case with KL. How can one say, so easily, to the person, whom you have treated and cared about for thirty years, to GET OUT. Regardless of the sins of KL's father, KL was the infant/child/man that was raised and nurtured in this family. I wonder if there is a salary dispute between the Goof Troop members and the production company. Perhaps, the goof troop haven't gotten paid, so they are 'taking their pound of flesh' by stealing the show with their comedy. They are wonderful; the only lively ones in the whole drama.
  2. I don't know if it is brains or just dumb luck. They make me think of bumper cars that keeps bumping into things, but, eventually and blindly, bumps into the right thing.
  3. The one salvation for watching: Goof Troop scenes. Another family meeting, with unbelievable dialog.
  4. Why restrict it to one or the other? It would be fair retribution for CTJ and MR to live the rest of their sorry lives, without any offspring. And, especially no chief mourner at their funerals. I suspect that if the evidence is too weak to establish a case against CTJ, Chairman will step up and admit to everything he and CTJ did. He will bear witness to CTJ's crimes, which will also implicate himself.
  5. I know that we wondered from whom KI got his stupid genes. But, the more interesting question is where did the youngest generation get their smart genes. JM, SB and Hakuna Matada are so much more intelligent than the adults.
  6. Bingo! Recall that we got a glimpse of CTJ's mother and sisters in one of the beginning episodes. The mother and sisters didn't seem like Einsteins.
  7. Just wait. CTJ, MR and KI will finally have their family union ... in the same prison. Maybe, they can even have adjoining cells.
  8. It would be awesome if Mr Hwang left MR as caretaker of his money, for a modest monthly allowance. But, only under the condition that she lives where the money is stored, i.e., the temple. However, she still can use/spend the money. But, only with TY's approval.
  9. Ahhh, andI don't think a divorce can be invalidated by changing ones name. Otherwise, there would be no need for divorce lawyers. Goof Troop =!
  10. Thanks to jayankris' comment, I went and watched today's episode. OMG! I think the production only have enough money for one writer, so s/he only has time to write for the main characters. The Goof Troop actors must be ad-libbing their own dialog. Maybe, they're even writing their own scenes. I'm a genius, but my father is even smarter. "Father, you have my respect. " "I will get sample fromJH. " "I will get sample from KI." "I will get the ziplock bags!" The Goof Troop must have increased the ratings for this drama. They are truly priceless. With the amount of their brain power, I'm surprised they haven't bankrupt any business they touch.
  11. Rhetorical questions: Would a truly good person want to exact revenge? As for DNA determining a person's goodness, from where did TY get his goodness? Not from his mother or grandfather because they are not squeaky clean in their actions. Perhaps, his father or the orphanage? Instead of being a whistleblower about the account books, which led almost to his death, he could have turned a blind eye. But he didn't because TY has always been righteous by choice. @Jayakris: I'm still with you on KI. Perhaps, he is greedy. Or, perhaps, in desperation, he is just trying to salvage as much as he has been led to believe was his. As I previously said, he feels no love or assurance from anyone around him.
  12. Lesson from drama? At the moment of death, SJ will be surrounded by family. At the same time, nasty chairman is also dying, but all alone. So, who is the rich one?
  13. I don't remember who, first, used the name, Goof Troop. I just picked up the name from that comment and started using it. Thank you to the person who, so aptly, named them. It's refreshing to see villains that don't succeed, and don't even know they are failures. Gee, into what category do we place villains who fail at being villains? Villain wannabes? I hope the actors, with their antics, are having as much fun as we. Thank you to whoever did the gif of the mother threatening the son, with her fist. Although it may be priceless, it still doesn't beat out my favorite, "What's that?" scene. That one is truly priceless !
  14. Goof Troop puts this drama in a world of its own! The scene of the four sitting and talking about KI not being of their blood was hilarious. When instructed not to reveal the secret yet, the DIL asked when they will tell the secret. FIL said they needed to, first, have a meeting to make plans. Did he not think the four of them sitting around talking constituted a meeting?! However, you do have to give them credit for their family unity. How many Goof Troops does it take to change a lightbulb? Ans: Four. One to call for a meeting on how to change the lightbulb. One to prance/spar around saying that he's going to take down that worthless lightbulb. One to scream, "I'm a daughter, too." to the dead lightbulb. And, one to change the lightbulb.
  15. I couldn't stop laughing during that scene! When they both said, at different times, "What's that?". I yelled out , "A USB, STUPID!" At least, there is no question about paternity. Like father, like son. The goof troop is really funny. Although, I can't stand the mother's voice screaming and yelling. It really sounds like a tin drum.
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