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  1. However, if they have preserved their secret romance, then, those photos must be from someone who knows their secret. I.e., his team members or CEO of the company. That guy seems slippery to me.
  2. Right now, I am dying to read through the user's manual. I think a lot of our questions could be answered by the manual. I hope Min didn't throw it away. (I have a big plastic folder, in which I keep any instruction manuaI that came with the item. Drove me crazy when I was asked for the manual(s) by the people who should have, but, hadn't, read them in the first place. And, the folder is always in plain sight, next to their cache of sports memorabilia.)
  3. Hee,hee ... You all know that the inner wrist is one of the erogenous zones, right? Poor Eun Ki, the boy can't get a break. Not only does no one around him catch onto his feelings for DM and help him, they even trip him up at every turn. . The boy should just give up and call it 'kismet'.
  4. KJW really caught my eye in Coffee Prince, which was a rom-com. Then, I was impressed with his performance in "Bad Guy", along with Kim Nam Gil. (Sad, and so unfair, melodrama.) I actually prefer his performances in the more serious dramas. If I had to rank PSM's kiss in Healer, WWWSK and this drama, I think WWWSK still comes out on top. That was super hot. Of course, there are many episodes and many more opportunities, in this drama, for them to ratchet up the heat. Fan-girling has no age limit. Look at all those white and gray hair people celebrating Elvis Presley 's birthday, visiting his Graceland mansion, collecting Elvis souvenirs, etc. And, Elvis has been dead for decades!
  5. Ahhh, same engine, just a different chassis. Got it. Thanks!
  6. Actually, the multitude of body changes/switches have me totally confused now. Also, where is Min's dead body? Still lying in the field? Where's Prosecutor's body since the coffin was empty? If the bodies have been resurrected, what are the chances that old and new bodies might bump into each other on the streets? (Hey, you! What are you doing in my body?! Give it back! ) If they haven't been resurrected, then, who has the bodies and why? Don't tell me that he is a great surgeon because he has lots of practice on his stash of bodies. Ewww
  7. @raziela: ohhhh, you are absolutely right. It was the rude woman whose papers were scattered. I had forgotten about her. Thank you for correcting me!
  8. They showed the scene of her being killed in her car by a scruffy bearded person. Most likely, the revived serial killer. Another point I just realized is that when the avenging father killed the serial killer doctor, he was headed for the prosecutor's house. And, this is how Min, who was on the way to the prosecutor's house, happen to find him on the ground. So, Min really did enable the serial killer doctor to murder the prosecutor by reviving him. Min didn't read the manual on the abyss per SG's instructions. Tsk, tsk. The serial killer doctor's body change may be like what happened in "The Picture of Dorian Gray".
  9. Somehow or in someway, Min's mother must be involved. She has money, which equals power and influence. And, she demands that her every wish is fufilled. She seems to be one nasty b*/ch. Gee, they should have made her the serial killer. She's scarier than the doctor. The how and why for the body changes are still unclear. - Nice Min, died by accident, and got a new body that personifies his soul. - A bit arrogant prosecutor died a violent death, and got the body of another person who had also died. - Evil serial killer either kept his old body because he didn't completely die. Or, he died and revived with his own evil body, just older. So ... Good people qualifies for a new, and beautiful, body. Not good, not bad people gets a used body. Evil people get back their own ugly body. Works for me. There is justice in the universe.
  10. Ah, we're dealing with two separate killers; serial killer doctor and avenging father killer. The serial killer murdered the prosecutor and the lawyer. The avenging father attacked the serial killer. But, CM revived the serial killer. So, the abyss revive dead people into their soul. But, it revives almost dead people into their current bodies, which is why the doctor still looks the same, except for the gray hair and beard.
  11. Based on the character description, the mother of bestie was secretary to DMI's father. Hmm, wonder if they could be brothers or half-brothers. I wonder why his mother is so cold to him. Perhaps, she's not his birth mother. Perhaps, they can't diagnose him with anything physical because his vision affliction is psychological. A result of trauma, as in PTSD.
  12. I will bet that the director and cameraman yelled at him, "Did you have to grow so tall?!" Even though Secretary Jang is also tall, the scene where he had to put his head on her shoulder really showed their height difference. There is much mystery about the cause of his surgery 20 years ago, his secretary that lasted 3 years and his friendship with the other director. Perhaps, his vision abilities are a reflection of his trust or distrust in people. After all, everyone has a changing face, depending on the immediate situation. Before the kniving, he was able to discern a person's true face, in a given situation. However, due to the trauma, he, now, sees all of the changing faces of a person, at once. And, he doesn't know which face to trust or distrust.
  13. Ep. 1 certainly caught my interest. Really good first episode to intrigue and rouse our curiosities. Loved the cameos, which were funny, cute, and unexpected by me. This must be the advanced version 2.0 of body-switching where two people don't merely exchange bodies. They actually get new bodies, without going the plastic surgery route. It is a definite advantage to have a different physical appearance, if one is chasing a serial killer. It's the ultimate undercover. (Better than rubber dog masks or furry full-bodied costumes. ) Unfortunately, the Netflix subs aren't complete. There were several instances where we can clearly see the actors speaking, but whatever they said was not subbed.
  14. Eun Ki needed to watch some Kdramas, where he would have learned dialogue, such as: "With love, it is about timing." "It is a miracle when the person you love, loves you back." EK = brawn and not enough brains. Addendum: @zenya22- Yes! It might be Parkinson, which would tie in with Ryan no longer painting.
  15. Ryan : "I need to stop pretending to date" ... So, I can start dating for real. That silly girl knew full well what Ryan meant. Yet, she plàyed dirty, just as she accused EK of doing. However, she seems to feel guilty. So, maybe, there's hope for her yet. As for the producer husband, I think he's doing an expose on the subject of fangirls. When she finds out, he's going to be trounced by his wife, and judo-flipped by the son. In DM's mom's reminiscing, there were several kids playing, along with DM and EK. I wonder if DM had a brother who died. So, the mom really thinks of EK as her son.
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