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  1. Okay, now, I have to apologize to Manager/Secretary for not having faith that he is a semi-good guy. Only semi because he did participate in torturing YJ. Although I, originally, liked the speed in which they resolved situations, the drama seems to be rushing through the revelations a bit too quickly. Revealing the paternity issues, grandfather's kidnapping and rescue, discovery and sharing the news of pregnancy all within one episode is fast. I wonder if there is something going on with the production. Also, grandmother didn't have any scenes in the last couple of episodes. I think whoever extended their lives would not be so cruel as to let them die if they were parents. So, they had better get busy in the bedroom to produce a child.
  2. Bad news for Grandpa. His lawyer sold him out for the bribe from stepmom. So, he pushed through the conservatorship, which prevented chairman from transferring his shares in the company to YJ. I rescind my statements about the secretary. I forgot that he has responsibility in the death of 2023 YJ. Took him forever to replug her life support machines. I agree with the rest of you about the speed of the bad being resolved quickly. I think it keeps the show 'alive'.
  3. I am having so much fun with this drama. I love how the writer has created the Seo family. With the exception of the eldest son, all the other members have a perspective that is contrary to the usual kdrama families. How they view the world, situations and people is slightly off-center, but so refreshing and, yet, so on target. They really do think out of the box. They are are wacky, but good. The cooking teacher's burn scars confirmed my suspicion that she is Yi Joo's mother. So, there will be lots to be revealed soon. I also think that there's nothing wrong with Grandpa. I think he is actually hiding out in the nursing home for his own safety; away from the stepmother. I think he knows about the attempted poisoning and much more. But, he can't do anything about her because she know his dirty secrets and dealings. As for the secretary, now, being in Yi Joo's camp, he probably wants to be in her 'tent'. The guy has had feelings for her for a long time. It's even possible that he has been, surreptitiously, protecting her through the years. However, she is either ignoring or so naive that she didn't get his innuendo when he said he didn't want money to join her camp. His reaction to finding out that she knew things about him is so cute. And, her demonstration of how he looked at favorite painting was hilarious. We know what is her mission for the one year she's been given. But, we don't know about his mission, except that it must involve YJ.
  4. This drama should have been titled: "7 Escapes, War For Survival ... and Cast With 9 Lives" Dead? Don't worry. Be back in a few episodes. I'm waiting for Dae Mi and Grandpa to show up; with an iced beverage in hand. And, chatting about which Disneyland ride they liked better. The best scene was when Dae Mi's mother was fighting with K/Matthew. She was so good when she kicked him in the balls and throwing a tantrum on the sofa. I think the cast must be having a lot of fun with the ridiculous over the top acting.
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