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  1. Yes, once while they were fighting, he said that he wouldn't have married her if not for their son. Hurray for the Koala-Moongi couple, possibly the least angsty couple I've seen recently. The situation around them is plenty angsty, but those two are pretty chill. Yes, I cannot wait for Seo-A to find out. She is doing no favors for herself by acting this way. Stop trying to ruin other people's happiness and just live your life, girl! People are going to be happy anyway, you're just making yourself miserable. That grandma is a piece of work. I can't wait unti
  2. That scene where Seo-Jin melts down in her office after talking to Dr. Ha - the trembling lips, the barely suppressed screaming, the tears - that was pretty great. Yes, this show is about trash people acting trashy, but that was an amazing scene, right up there with her losing it after letting her father die. Also, high-fives to the actress playing Eun-Byeol. She began the series as the blandest one, with no previous credits to her name compared to the other "kid" actors. Her turning into Evil Little Seo-Jin Clone was genuinely chilling. So Seo-Jin commits patricide and her child w
  3. I very much enjoyed seeing Seo-Jin and Dan-Te getting dragged away by law enforcement. It was incredibly satisfying to see smart people doing things the right way and getting the job done. (I realize that realistically, Seo-Jin and Dan-Te won't stay in jail for long, if at all, because Season 2 and 3 awaits.) That is what Yun-Hui is completely incapable of. It's true that she is a victim of unfairness, and she has the right to fight back. But she's so ineffective and dumb about it, it's hard to support her. For example, in Ep. 1, Je-Ni falsely accused Ro-Na of poisoning
  4. I personally do not feel bad for Hyeon-Chae or Do-Gyun. Hyeon-Chae with her cold-blooded way of wanting to kill her husband on multiple occasions, it's really hard to feel any sympathy for her, even if she had a terrible dad who abused her. And let's see, Do-Gyun was willing to buy a dead child and cut off its finger so he can pretend that Da-Bin is dead. He was willing to put Kim Seo-Jin through emotional torture, enough that Seo-Jin almost killed himself. All so he can... be with Hyeon-Chae? I have no idea why he never said, "Wait, is all this necessary?"
  5. I'm not against YH turning evil, but if it involves getting romantic with JUDANTE! - that's a whole lot of yuck we have to see, and I object to that. JUDANTE! needs to burn. Seo-Jin is already in a hell of her own making, and she's bringing her daughter along with her. The rest are pretty terrible, but they're mostly just sheep with no minds of their own, so once JUDANTE! is gone, they won't know what to do with themselves. Oh, I also LOVE Teacher Ma Du-Gi. (His name is DU-GI? Seriously?) He is so funny. (Oh, and he's also a SNU grad with vocal m
  6. I think Jeong Wu-Seong and Lee Jeong-Jae own a talent agency together and Bae Seong-Wu is one of their clients. So I think this is an attempt by them to try and protect one of their own and try to save the project and the other actors and staff members. I have no objection to this, by the way. DUI is not okay and I hope he gets treatment and learns a lesson. But I hope this is not the end of his career.
  7. Haha, what is even happening? (my face while watching this show) Yun-Hui's new attitude, "I'm a murderer anyway, so I might as well just be evil now by sleeping with the devil and wearing more eyeliner." Aside from the general disappointment that she is now just another piece of trash, it just makes her character paper-thin. Kind of enjoyed the look on Seok-Hun's face while watching the video feed of the parents being mildly tortured while Logan threatened to kill them. The other kids are screaming and crying, "Mommy!" But he kind of seemed like, "Hmmm, I don't know if
  8. Yes, she got pregnant, so he had to marry her. Doesn't justify the way he treated her throughout the marriage, but I'm glad he's finally feeling bad about it. And it is so hilarious to me how he has to wear that sweatshirt and continue to work at the jokbal restaurant in order to keep in touch with the James-side of his personality. And how Hwak-Sae calls him "Ims Hyeong" because "James" is too hard to say? I'm glad the secret of how Bit-Chae-Woon ended up being raised by Soon-Jeong is revealed. What a relief. It was just the craziest secret, and I can't bel
  9. Just a few random thoughts about the latest episodes: Yun-Hui, oh, girl, you are your own worst enemy. Even though her antics have been bugging me for about 75% of the time she is onscreen, I had to cheer when she finally landed a blow on Seo-Jin. That was effective! And I felt bad for her when she was crying after Seo-Jin's father cut her down - that incident in high school is still a huge trauma for her. But she finally hit Seo-Jin where it hurts. And she did it without Su-Ryeon's help. No idea how she got Seo-Jin's father to that restaurant, but it worked. Seo-Jin's
  10. I adored this show. It was sooooooo cute, all the way through. It's the very definition of a feel-good show. Tragedy and hard-knocks were a part of it, but everyone made it through and were better for it. I am a cynic and this could have been eye-rolling cornball stuff, but it worked 100% to move and thrill me, and I watched most of it hugging myself and squeeing. Can't ask for more than that from a drama.
  11. Few random impressions so far: I am still hate-watching this show. It's so over-the-top ridiculous but occasionally funny, and I really do need to see the bad guys get their comeuppance. This darned makjang formula. But I need to see the evil guys be ostracized and cuffed and locked up. I will enjoy seeing Ju Dante get down on his knees and scream to the heavens, "NOOOO!!!!!" (you know that will happen) Okay... Logan Lee. HILARIOUS. He's hiding in the ladies' room of a fancy boutique shop? Seriously? Of all the ridiculous things that happened in this show, that is the o
  12. I'm genuinely thrilled to see the Samsan Tech team together. The entire "getting the gang back together" vibe was awesome to watch. I even like Stephanie Lee now finally! Looks like the Injae Company programmers sold out the company in some way to Morning Group, right? Like, they violated some intellectual property laws, maybe, and Do-San has figured it out already? The Morning Group Won Du-Jeong is so funny. This actor is playing the exact same character (a sleazebag dad) in another show at the same time (Samgwang Villa). He used to play nice guys (Shopping King Louis)
  13. Just happened to check some information about Lee Byeong-Hun's upcoming movie Dream: https://asianwiki.com/Dream_(2020) Cast Park Seo-Joon - Yoon Hong-Dae IU - Lee So-Min Lee Hyun-Woo - Kim In-Sun Kim Jong-Soo - Kim Hwan-Dong Ko Chang-Seok - Jeon Hyo-Bong Jung Seung-Gil - Son Beom-Soo Yang Hyun-Min - Jeon Moon-Soo Hong Ahn-Pyo - Young-Jin Heo Joon-Seok - Hwang In-Kook Lee Ha-Nee - Byeong-Sam It's so cool how he's using so many of the character names from "Melo" in this movie! Also, how great is this cast? I'm loo
  14. Note: the woman Tae-Yong is living with is his younger sister Seon-Min who is a widow with two young children. Her husband died in an accident. Just wanted to point out, regarding the Samjeong City case and Sang-Hyeon: 1. The police officer testified that Sang-Hyeon wrote the confession himself, with no intervention. So allegedly, Sang-Hyeon could read and write. 2. Prosecutor Jang Yun-Seok testified that he couldn't coach Sang-Hyeon to say that he killed that woman because Sang-Hyeon could not read or write. Cheol-Gyu's testimony was a slam dunk
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