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  1. Son Seok Koo - yah, he's hot. I'm glad he's playing hot and funny guys. The first role I saw him in was "Mother," and he was so good at playing such an indelibly terrible person that I genuinely felt sorry for the actor, and hoped that he will go on to play more fun roles. "Mother" is really good, but man, it is a very tough show to watch. Anyway, he was very good in it. Jae Hoon and Ha Yoon. That monologue in 11 about the hedgehogs, so good. Such melancholy. And how he bandaged her feet while she was passed out drunk in his bed, it was lovely. That's what this show feels like - a melancholic goodbye to the love you had in your 20s and onward to your 30s. With just about every character, I love how they're achieving closure. The relationship wasn't meant to last, and it's over now, but it's possible to move on and also honor the love that you once had. I feel like that is the best thing about this show. It honors the characters. They all have flaws and problems, but you really don't hate any of them. You have someone like Writer Jeong, but she is not the villain. She can be awful, but she is someone you can feel empathy for. Same with the station chief. He was just... there at first. But now he's a hilarious member of the gang. And I love how completely savage Beom Soo is towards Dong Gi. And how completely whipped he is on Dami. Haha, this poor guy. I love how sweet Han Joo's relationship with Jae Hoon is. It seems almost cliche that these two would end up with each other, but there is something so sweet and gentle about their interactions together, and you can see how much they care for each other. They've both had bad relationships in the past, so you can really see how they've both grown from that, too. I loved that scene with Somin and Eun Jeong, how Somin was mad at all of the women, and how she ended up forgiving them - how her needs are so simple-minded, and yet, it's really how everyone feels, if you think about it. She just says her shallow (and funny) thoughts out loud while most people act like they're above it. There are only 4 episodes left, so there's no way they will ever get to actually shooting the show, unless they do some crazy time jump. Whatever happens, I'm just going to enjoy whatever comes. Here's to hoping that even with low ratings, it becomes a cult classic by word-of-mouth or something. -- A few notes about the BGM. I usually watch the show raw and then watch it again on Viki some time later in the week, and I noticed that they replace some of the songs, probably due to copyright fees or such, and it's kind of a bummer. For example, in that scene where Beom Soo takes those "bullets" for Jin Joo, the music was "I Will Always Love You." It really makes that (awesome) scene much funnier, but they removed that on Viki. Also, in the high school flashback when Somin first meets Min Joon, they play "Paradise" from "Boys Over Flowers" but Viki replaced that, too. Another one that I noticed was in the "pasta farewell" scene between Ha Yoon and Jae Hoon. They played "Don't Say My Love is Not Love" by Lee Sora, and the lyrics are really beautiful. It really added more emotion to the scene, making it clear that they really loved each other, while also making it more clear that it's their last meal together. None of this takes away from how awesome the show is, but it's a little bit of a bummer. So I was surprised that Viki didn't replace the songs from "Secret Garden" and "My Name is Kim Sam Soon." But I'm glad they didn't!
  2. I know that this is off-topic but I want to recommend Melo Is My Nature. https://www.viki.com/tv/36634c-melo-is-my-nature It's really well-written and lot of fun. So far, it's aired 10 out of 16, and I'm obsessed with it. It takes a little while to get going, but if anyone's looking for a drama to get into, I highly recommend giving it a chance for 2 episodes. -- Ha ha, I posted the above in the Hotel Del Luna thread, but I meant to put it here. I got my IU shows mixed up.
  3. Yeah, I loved that. This show really properly pays tribute to the Reply series as the major cultural moment that it was. In Ep. 1, Jin Joo blames all the crying she did over her break up with Hwan Dong on the Reply series. In fact, this show gives loves to a lot of other dramas, including tributes to "My Name is Kim Sam Soon," "Secret Garden," and many others. That scene where Dami gave Dong Gi a fried egg is from a famous scene in some old drama, where the kitchen worker gives one of the customers a fried egg every day to show that she loves him. They showed a similar scene in "Oh My Ghostess," but it's also in some really old drama that my parents watched back in the day. Ah, I can't wait until this weekend, so I can curl up and enjoy some more Melo.
  4. I know that this is off-topic but I want to recommend Melo Is My Nature. It's really well-written and lot of fun. So far, it's aired 10 out of 16, and I'm obsessed with it. It takes a little while to get going, but if anyone's looking for a drama to get into, I highly recommend giving it a chance for 2 episodes.
  5. I'm definitely still in love. This is a really great drama. It's always bittersweet to love a low-rated show like this. I tell myself that I'm kind of happy to have found a hidden gem. But honestly, I'm bummed that more people are not experiencing the joy that is this show. My biggest heartache is for Eun Jeong, who deserves all the hugs. I love her wry humor, how whip-smart she is, and how she kicks a$$ on a daily basis, and how through it all, she is suffering deep grief. It's just such a wonderful character and her story is so well-told. They just lean into all of that fully, and they don't hold back. It is so good. Why aren't more people watching? I also love everything about Jin Joo and Beom Soo. I just love them together. They're both just really flippin' weird, and they get each other. And I just loved that entire scene with Jin Joo hanging out with her fellow assistant writers. And how Beom Soo slowly touched the pizza box to see if it was still warm. Just little ridiculous details like that... ah... I just... THIS SHOW GETS ME. So Min and Min Joon. Cuteness! I die! I love how they really take time to fully get into each character's story. I really want to see how Han Joo's story is resolved and if she ever gets closure with her ex-husband. I really want to see what happens with Jae Hoon and Ha Yoon, too. I want to see what happens with Dami and Dong Gi. I want to see what happens with Hye Jeong and the Station Chief. I want... this show to never end. I just really love everything about this show. Here's to hoping that the show within a show is a daebak hit, because it might make me feel better about the fact that this actual show is not a hit in reality. That at least we can fantasize that a smartly written show without idol actors can be a big hit.
  6. This drama remains absolutely amazing at the 1/2-way point. Hwan Dong One thing I love is how they portray that he is actually good at his job. In fact, how *everyone* is good at their jobs. This show is doing such a great job of SHOWING instead of just TELLING. We can see that he is smart, talented, and observant, and knows what he is doing, even though we haven't actually seen him at work for very long at all. Another thing is that he is a well-rounded character. I don't know if we're meant to like him or not. But without feeling a strong emotion either way, he is interesting. He is complex, and not just a jerk ex-boyfriend. I love how they took the time to flesh him out. Ha Yoon Another character who could have been a stock villain. Although we didn't understand why Jae Hoon stays with this woman who cheated on him and is a jerk in other ways, flashbacks and other scenes show that they did love each other very much, at one point, and why he can't bring himself to walk away yet. This, just like any other relationship they portray on this show, does a great job of showing you - love is not always simple. I do feel sure that they will eventually separate, but I also feel sure that this story will be told with sensitivity and fully realized. I'm not sure "slice of life" really describes this show anymore. I love how they are really in-depth and detailed about Korean show business, and aside from all the great character work, this show has some really great insights about the entertainment industry in Korea. In fact, because every episode is so hilarious and enjoyable, you might not even notice how ... well-designed, shall I say? ... the plot is. It's just all so... well thought-out. Basically, there is a fun, very spunky, "Let's make a drama together!" vibe to it. You get the writer (Jin Joo), the director (Beom Soo), the actress (So Min), and the commerce (Han Joo). And of course, you get the idealistic artiste (Eun Jeong). Each character is so strong and indelible, and very well-developed. I feel like I know these people. I'm bummed that it's not getting more love. But based on the comments I read on Viki, those who gave it a chance are loving it.
  7. I love the concept of the "reward vacation." It's so funny, and there is something so Korean about the whole thing. In a way, I feel sort of bad for the actors, because it's like, work is over, but do they ever get a chance to truly relax? The whole thing feels like a publicity stunt. So I'm going to imagine that they're having an amazing time together. And Koreans really know how to party. "Work hard, play hard!"
  8. Hey, everyone. Still miss you all. I guess I'll never stop missing this show. So who's watching Hotel Del Luna? I'm passively watching it, and passively enjoying it. I love the bursts of cuteness from I.U., and her wacky humor, and I'm happy that she's in a big, buzzy hit show. And I love her outfits. How flippin' gorgeous does she look? That's about it, for now. Everyone, be well.
  9. Watched 5-6, and yes, I still adore this. I love how intellectual they are, especially Eun-Jeong. She is analytical and nerdy, and they are expressing that fully without talking down the audience. I love how meta the show is. Jin-Joo is writing about three women who are 30, and their lives and loves. I love how they explore Jin-Joo's relationship with Hwan-Dong with realism and objectivity. They were real people who fell in love but with flaws on both sides. I love how they dig deep into that, without making it into some fantasy, or making one of them out to be the bad guy. I love the loopy humor. I love all the side characters. I love how Han-Joo curses while smiling. I love that she has an edge, even though her face looks like a sweet, droopy puppy. I love how her face looks so perfectly like a sweet, droopy puppy. And of course, I love Jin-Joo. Because she is a crazy B. I love Beom-Soo, too. And Hyo-Bong. Who do I not love? Really, no one. THIS IS LOVE. I can't wait until next weekend.
  10. I love it. I love it so much. It's introspective and has that special something-something, that weird humor you can only find in Korean dramas. It's so FUNNY. The actors are terrific. The story is impactful without feeling too maudlin. It's just "my style," as they say. I've been feeling slumpy, and this reminded me why K-dramas are so darn special. I watch about a dozen K-dramas per year, but I become completely obsessed with one, or maybe two at most. This is my new one. My only complaint is that the actor who plays Eun Jeong's dead bf, Han Joo's ex, and Hyo Bong all look... too similar. The main women are so distinct (looks, manner, voice) but these men are so indistinct, I can't tell them apart. One of them needs to color his hair or something. In Gook's smart mouth is LIFE. I'm afraid to jinx it because if you love a drama too much it might get disappointing later, but I'm confident this will be a delight until the end. Strong writing, well-drawn characters, bomb actors. It is LOVE. I didn't even like "Extreme Job" (movie, same director) that much. It was a monster hit in Korea, but I just didn't get it. Also, I actually began watching this because I thought Honey Lee was in it and was disappointed to find out it was a very brief cameo. And I don't even recognize any of the main three female actors! They're primarily movie actresses, and I DID watch some of their movies before but never noticed them. So, yeah, there is no built-in reason I have to love this, but I do.
  11. Yes, I don't think Saya knows that the person that was killed was supposedly his brother, or even that he was an Igutu. The only thing that does makes sense is how Tagon hasn't noticed how Eunseom and his "son" Saya have the same face. Did he not notice because Eunseom had face paint on? I personally do not think of this as a GoT rip-off at all. Any show with a slightly medieval theme will be compared to GoT forevermore and that's just how it's going to be. Obviously the costumes, the loooong wigs, and the "wall/cliff" with a man-made elevator - yes, sure. Oh, and they fact that yes, everyone is competing for the "throne." Which is what happened in GoT and also in all of human history, so... haha. Anyway, my point was that there are very distinct Korean flavors in the storytelling and it's mostly about the way characters behave. I've seen GoT and the characters just aren't... emotionally resonant. I mean, GoT is a great series and all that, with amazing visuals and an interesting, intricate storyline. But aside from the garden variety "ambition" and "revenge," ultimately, I couldn't identify with any of the characters that closely, because I couldn't understand their motivations beyond the obvious. So I feel like "Arthdal" is more interesting to me. I still don't know where the story is going, but complex emotions are what is driving the characters, and that is beginning to take shape.
  12. Yes, I found that moment genuinely chilling. Until that moment, Saya appeared passive and scared of everyone. That was one of the best twists, so far.
  13. I really enjoyed this one. I felt like it was a hidden gem. The message is pretty simple. Dear Politicians, please stop being greedy jerks and maybe use your power to help people once in a while. Yes, it's naive and silly, but who doesn't love a story like that? Also, I guess K-dramas about the National Assembly is the new trend, huh? It was just a lot of fun. Everyone had great comic timing. It felt like everyone was having fun filming the show and really just brought all their energy. And the OST was awesome. I loved Park Hu Ja. She was hilarious and every second she was on screen, she was so great. I loved her unique line readings, and how delightfully, unapologetically bad she was. I also loved Mi Yeong. She was just so cool and capable. And I really felt the love and affection between her and Jeong Guk, which made everything work. The premise was pretty ridiculous (cop marries con man!) so their love had to make sense. I loved all the side characters. And of course, Si Won. I'd like to think that after he did time in jail, he was reelected to the National Assembly and working along with Kim Ju-Myeong. The last scene shows him walking towards it, it could be possible.
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