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  1. Based on pure guess, Ji-Won (Chani) is a family member of one of the wealthier families that Jae-Seok's mom hangs out with, and that's how he learns about Jae-Seok's relationship with Da-Hee (that they are in-laws). I hope he doesn't interfere too much with our favorite couple!
  2. Okay. So she's such an awful mom who needs court intervention to legally prescribe what she can do with her children. Otherwise, these kids are at risk of harm. Their father must pursue this course of action. Okay.
  3. Thank you. I'm looking forward to this. I really like Yoo Joon-Sang and the other actors are great, too. I also love it when the story centers around older characters instead of only making it all about the young and the hot. Not that I have a problem with that, but variety is good.
  4. Everything you are talking about would escalate this situation FAR beyond what is warranted and would make things SO much worse for this family. And I think it's really puzzling that you are accusing the mom of using the kids to get revenge but you are simultaneous suggesting that is exactly what he should to do her "if he had half a brain." How is that a solution here? I'm glad that these state agencies/programs exist to protect children who really are being neglected/abused but there is no indication that any of that has anything to do with this family.
  5. Yeah, it's *very* unsettling the more I think about it. He communicated with Eun-Hee pretending to be a woman and so she told him all about her personal life. She probably told him that she hadn't dated anyone in 5 years, had a bad breakup after 9 years of dating, and probably other stuff about her personal emotions and feelings ... this knowledge gave him a phenomenal advantage when he approached her. And he didn't tell her the truth until they slept together and he knew that she was attracted to him and wouldn't immediately kick him to the curb. He deceived her and deliberately created a situation in which she was vulnerable, and used that to seduce her. It's a huge violation. I don't think Chan-Hyeok knows about them e-mailing each other for a year, during which GJ faked being a young woman. -- Ep. 13 Preview translation: http://program.tving.com/tvn/myfamily/9/Board/List Ji-Woo asks Eun-Hee why Chan-Hyeok does not have a driver's license, and it turns out Eun-Hee actually does not know much about Chan-Hyeok. Geon-Joo asks Chan-Hyeok for a "fresh and new" favor and Chan-Hyeok happily accepts. Chan-Hyeok speaks to Eun-Hee about his family with difficulty... Eun-Joo begins a new job and meets an old classmate/colleague...
  6. That's a really terrible idea. There is no way he will get more custody when Seo-Jin was recently seriously injured while in his care. He's more likely to lose whatever custody rights he has. In order to readjust custody, he would need to prove that she is an unfit parent and that he is better able to care for the kids, and that is just not true. The court would look at whether he has his own place and how much money he makes. He currently lives in his parent's house sharing a room with three other men. Legally, there's just no way. Aside from that, is she really such a bad mom to her kids? She is not. He loves his kids, but he's more of a "fun dad" who lets them get away with stuff, and she's the one doing the actual no fun work of being a responsible parent. And the reason she left the kids home alone is because she needed to make money to support them and he didn't pay any child support until very recently. It's not like she left them alone so she could go out to have fun. And it's not like she habitually neglects them. In fact, the principle cause of their divorce is because he was irresponsible and a poor provider. So legally, there is no way things will work out in his favor if he pursues custody readjustment. And aside from that, a bitter custody fight will be very hurtful to the children, and *that* would be using the kids for revenge. Not to mention, it would also make sure that she will never consider getting back together with him, which is what he wants. Anyway, Joon-Seon himself is becoming finally fully aware of how he failed as a father and husband, which is the reason that he is sad - not because she's such a mean person who is taking the kids away from him for no reason. He is finally realizing that his happy-go-lucky approach to life has hurt his wife and kids, so he's going to change his ways. It would make no sense at all for him to go to court to try and take the kids away from his ex-wife.
  7. That's such a lovely way to say it. Just want to point out once again how flippin' immature and awful Geon-Joo is. He is OUT. Love the parents finding their way towards each other again. It's heartbreaking that they've had 30-some years of misery together over really trivial misunderstandings but it makes sense: they were very young, didn't know each other that well, had to work fingers to the bone to survive, and they are just both very repressed people who grew up in a very repressed society. So, it is what it is. The lost years are tragic, but they have the rest of their lives to make up for it... however long that's going to be. I will be really sad if Dad ends up with a terminal disease. My only hope hangs on the fact that this show has faked us out many times before. If Mom and Dad had problems due to lack of communication, the younger generation sure communicate A LOT. Eun-Hee and Chan-Hyeok have basically been talking themselves out of a potential relationship for years. You two, just jump into bed. Stop overanalyzing everything. I love the conversations they have, though! Well they can talk after they get together. Eun-Joo is... well, I genuinely don't understand some of the things she does - I think she's way too harsh with her father and Eun-Hee - but I appreciate that she is a thoughtful person in her own way. She's finally becoming a fleshed-out person to me, I'm finally seeing the nuances to her character.
  8. I do agree that she's overreacting. It's not like he's a real danger to their kids. But the older daughter does use the dad as an excuse to ditch her "hagwon" (after school classes), and he lets her. That's not helpful. So I think HK feels like she needs to put some distance between herself and his family because she feels disrespected by how everyone seems to regard this divorce as something she just needs to get over. She never said he can't see their children, she's just setting boundaries, which she has the right to do. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/onceagain/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0420-01-170861,read,,31,804211 Preview for 61-62: 규진이에게 닥친 의료사고. 아이 엄마는 규진을 고소하겠다 난리가 나고, 나희는 그런 규진의 억울함을 풀어주고자 발벗고 나선다. 연홍 때문에 시장에 한바탕 대소동이 일어나고, 초연은 본의 아니게 시장의 민폐로 전략한다. 준선과 현경 사이에서 반항하는 서영. 가희는 그런 서영을 위로하는데... 다희를 가운데 둔 지원과 재석의 신경전이 시작된다. 서로에 향한 마음에 대해 고민하는 나희와 규진. 더 이상 망설일 수 없다. 과연 두 사람의 선택은? Gyu-Jin is accused of medical malpractice. The mother says she wants to sue him. Na-Hee thinks it's unfair, so she fights vigorously for him. The market is in chaos because of Yeon-Hong. Cho-Yeon acts to harm the market against her will. Seo-Yeong rebels against Joon-Seon and Hyeon-Gyeong. Ga-Hee comforts Seo-Yeong. Jae-Seok and Ji-Won begin psychological warfare over Da-Hee. Na-Hee and Gyu-Jin agonize over their feelings towards each other. They can no longer hesitate. What is their final decision?
  9. While I completely agree that Joon-Seon is a good dad and loves his ex-wife a lot, still - I think we should be respectful of the fact that they are divorced. She didn't make this decision lightly - she obviously thought it through and decided that it was the best thing for herself and her kids. As far as divorces go, they were really a very amicable couple. The kids go to the grandparents' house every day and hang out with their aunts, etc. just like their parents never divorced at all. It was really more like a temporary separation, especially when the rest of the family is pushing for them to get back together all the time - with Joon-Seon himself interpreting every gesture (her eating with him or asking him to spend the night) as an indication that she wants him back. And obviously, she did seriously consider getting back together with him until their daughter got hurt. But we should still be respectful of the fact that she was so unhappy that she DIVORCED him, and they really need to work through those issues before just getting back together over a few happy meals and nice moments. I'm not saying they should never get back together. I think they will and should, but they should also really both look at what caused her to despair so much that she would divorce him - and he really hasn't done that. He's treated this like it's something they can just get over after a period of good behavior. Speaking of not dealing - yeah, I'm very disappointed that Na-Hee and Gyu-Jin mostly just sit around moping all the time. Hyo-Shin and Ga-Hee. Get it girl.
  10. This week's episodes: Eun-Joo: Can't blame her for not knowing what she wants after all her life-quaking bombshells. Wants to continue to live with her husband. Changes her mind and decides to divorce, wants to fight her mother-in-law. Husband doesn't have much to say except to just keep telling her to not do this, not do that. Acts all distant towards her siblings. Okay, so they don't have the same biological father, but don't they have the same mother? Aren't they the same siblings you grew up with? I realize she has walls around her, but they didn't do anything wrong so she should not push them away. Geon-Joo: Okay, very unhappy with him. Tells the other employees what he thinks of Eun-Hee, talks about how generous and caring she is to a fault, then says, "it's not a compliment, that behavior can be tiresome." Was he embarrassed about what he said? Or just being a petulant brat because she dumped him? AWWW, GROW UP. Chan-Hyeok: Of course we are rooting for him but why did he push Eun-Hee out of his life again? I'm confused. What we do know is that Seo-Yeong blabbered a bunch of personal "advice" to Eun-Hee which made her upset that Chan-Hyeok is talking about her with Seo-Yeong. However, this was a misunderstanding because Seo-Yeong is just being nosy. And then he calls and texts, but she ignores him. So he goes to speak to her and tells her she is "out." Very puzzling. I guess we'll find out more tomorrow. -- Ep. 12 Preview: http://program.tving.com/tvn/myfamily/9/Board/List Eun-Hee asks angry Chan-Hyeok the reason, and they tell each other things that they couldn't say before. Sang-Shik wants to recompense Eun-Joo for what she's suffered, but that makes Eun-Joo sad. Eun-Hee spends a night at Eun-Joo's place, and they comfort each other's difficulties. Hyo-Seok comes to see Eun-Joo before he leaves. Eun-Hee tells Chan-Hyeok that she cannot have a romantic relationship...
  11. Ahhh, so many thoughts about this week. Geon-Joo and Hara ---> Wow, I didn't think it was possible for them to be more awful. So they go away for a WEEK to break up. A week of screaming, fighting, and sex. Whatever happened there (and I don't want to know) - it is more toxic psychodrama. She took his phone away from him to check who's calling him, and that was how she knew Eun-Hee never called. (ugh) And of course she had to tell Eun-Hee how good the sex was. (uggghhh) These are sick people. Good thing Eun-Hee ran away - never look back, girl. Chan-Hyeok and Eun-Hee ---> The reason they are such a thrilling couple is the great conversations they have, you can just see them connect so well, and how much they clearly care about the people around them. I love that they already know each other so well, appreciate each other, and how honest they are with each other. Yes, when he walked towards her at the end, my heart also skipped a beat. Eun-Joo ---> I am not anti-Eun-Joo, but wow, she is one stone cold B. I did appreciate how she comforted her mom when her mom told her *the secret.* And she was able to appreciate how much her mom suffered. And she did tell Chan-Hyeok how Eun-Hee really felt about him back then, and why she never approached him. She helped Eun-Hee in a way that only she could. She is pretty brilliant at observing others. And her caring moments do count because it's so rare. And yes, she's been through a lot lately - that's putting it mildly. Mom and Dad ---> Wow, talk about lack of communication. While Dad's failure to tell Mom what really happened is certainly a form of betrayal, she also never told him what was really bothering her. Wow, so that's about 30 years worth of festering resentment based on misunderstandings. Well, they're talking now, so I hope they can somehow come to find peace with each other. Not necessarily back together, but at least they can be honest towards each other. The last thing is that it just occurred to me that Mom+Dad are a couple who never said what was really on their minds and that was the source of their problems. But while communication is a good thing for a relationship, Geon-Joo+Hara is the other end of the spectrum. They perhaps communicate *too* much - it took them a WEEK to break up, just thinking about it is exhausting. They are special snowflakes who think every thought in their head is clever enough to speak out loud and ... haha no. A couple of drama queens add up to a very unhealthy couple. These two really need to shut up more. (Or forever. I would really not mind if we never saw them again.)
  12. I don't think they ended up interns at Joonsu. They went to interview to become interns at another company and ended up running into each other. The end is that they are bonded forever. Joonsu calls her "halmasi," which is a rural accent version of saying "Granny." Basically, he talks like a child and this is just emphasizing that. I thought that Taeri and Mansik would join Yeolchan at his new successful company, but it was even funnier that it didn't end that way. It wasn't a fantasy ending, but a hopeful one - you could be totally ruined, but there is always another chance to pick yourself back up - or something like that. No one ever found out who Anastasia was, right? Anyway, it was super fun. I loved that Choi Moo-Seong guested as Koo Ja-Suk's boyfriend. (Reply 88's super couple!)
  13. I think he will. This is a Korean weekend drama. Situations like that are built to be revealed someway, somehow. Having said that - I like that Gyu-Jin firmly rejected Bo-Yeong without knowing about the porridge. I am proud of our Miss Kimbap, too. She's a compassionate and thoughtful person who cares about the people around her. It was also good to see how far honest communication can go towards healing misunderstandings. Unfortunately, that means she's about to taken advantage of. Well, it's okay, she has more people looking out for her now.
  14. The nurse who used to work at the care center said that the person in charge disappeared with all the government subsidies (so they killed him and took the money). Also, the "Fact Trackers" show later said that they locked up all the patients and continued to collect government subsidies in their name. Okay, so a quick recap of what "Team Bulldog" did: 1. The pharmaceutical twins. They caught a serial killer and also stopped a drug company from releasing dangerous drugs to the public and exposed the corrupt drug agency chief for taking bribes. 2. The Butterfly murders. They caught the real culprit and freed the one who was wrongly imprisoned. They also caught another guy for murder. (Teddy's old pal.) And on top of all that, they exposed the corruption and murder of the Mayor of Seoul. 3. Oni. They caught a serial killer who was making runaway kids to murder people for him. Also caught his friend who killed with him but couldn't be arrested because he was only 14 at the time. 4. Then this guy ends up being murdered by the Utility Knife killer. And while searching for the Utility Knife killer, they also catch the Locked Room killer. So how many serial killers did they end up catching that the police failed to catch? 6 serial killers, 2 murderers, and saved the public from corrupt government officials who are causing serious harm to the citizens. And all in about a month, apparently. I'm not complaining that this is unrealistic, but just recapping what they did is... quite interesting. I mean, if they even just solved ONE of those cases on the list, they would deserve glory and kudos for the rest of their lives. And are there really that many serial killers? Quite depressing. We never found out why Tak Won and Lee Ban Seok stopped being the superstar profiler and the superstar autopsy doctor. It's not like Dr. Lee was disgraced and kicked out - he goes to the National Forensic Service all the time and even does autopsies when they need him to. So did he just retire? Why did he become a mortician? And why isn't Tak Won a profiler anymore? Why does he sell soap and vitamins now? Are they saving all the back stories for Season 2? The best part of the show for me was watching the gang hang out together ribbing each other. I hope there is a Season 2, I'll definitely be watching. I think they scored over 3% consistently which is decent for an OCN show that airs really late at night. I would not mind if they just hung out more and solved less murders. Anyway, it's been fun. Thanks everyone!
  15. Can't wait for the finale. I loved the reveal that the interns were really hired because they were talented.