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  1. I think Gae Ddong loves Soo like a brother. Until now, she's had to struggle for survival, so she's probably never had time to really put herself first and think about romance until she met Hoon. Ep. 8 ends with Hoon deciding that the best way to protect Gae Ddong from being killed is for her to become queen. I normally don't care for fusion sageuks, but this one is really adorable, and I love all the actors.
  2. Yeah, go Hong Ja-Young! I knew she was awesome. I LOVED that she had stopped by Camellia to just have a drink. Too bad she didn't get to have that drink with DB. This show is so well-written, and so well-acted. I am enjoying it so much. I really loved how when DB stuck up for herself with her "sexual harassment notebook" and she actually earned the respect of Ja-Young and the other neighborhood ladies, too. They've been treating her poorly all these years, but I think they finally understand that she is not some girl who is flirting with their husbands - they're the ones flirting with (and harassing) her. Women unite! If a serial killer writes on the wall of your business that s/he's been watching you... yes, get out of town. Is there even a question? Of course, I don't think she will actually go. She has more people in her corner than she did at the beginning of this show. She's got Ja-Young (awesome), Jong-Ryeol, and the gang of ahjummas seem more sympathetic to her than they did before. And her mom, too. Not to mention YONG-SHIK. Man, I just love this guy.
  3. Another thing I love about this drama is how they don't drag out the *seeecrets* like other dramas. People talk honestly and find out about things in due time. No dragging stuff out just for suspense. Like when YS found out about DB being PG's mother. Or when DB found out who YS's mother was. In fact, when YS found out who PG's father was, he simply guessed by intuition, and it wasn't some big dramatic shirt-clutching moment. What I love about this, aside from not being manipulated as an audience member to anticipate some "Big Revelation" is that it is reflective of how really UN-scandalous DB's life is, compared to the exaggerated reactions of the townspeople. She's... a single mother! (Yes, so what?) Child's father is... that baseball player! (Wow, not a big deal.) YS does not think any of these things are a stigma, and I love how the show itself is letting us know that as well. And I know that the lawyer (NGT's wife) is kind of a villainess so far (giving our DB a hard time!) but I just want to tell you, she is flippin' awesome to me. She is so funny and cool. That scene while she was driving and someone was harassing her? Come on, awesome. And that hair salon scene? Dayum. I hope she teams up with DB soon, now that she realizes DB didn't do anything wrong.
  4. I really loved that part. I loved how they stood in front of each other holding back tears. There's just something so child-like about both of them, and they really looked like two kids just bawling in front of each other, overwhelmed with FEELINGS. I also loved how that was a callback to DB standing in front of Jong-Ryeol, both of them crying, during a flashback. It was genuinely hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.
  5. I just finished watching it. I loved it. I am sure the cast, production, and everyone else involved goes on to doing more great work. It was original. It didn't follow convention. It really was a unique voice. I'm sorry it didn't get better ratings. But it was truly a hidden gem. At the risk of sounding like an arrogant a**, I honestly think this show was just too sophisticated for the general audience. Here's to hoping that the low ratings don't discourage original voices. The best thing about the show is that it really holds up on re-watch. The language is so dense that there are definitely jokes and little moments I missed. -- Random memories in no particular order: - Jin-Joo's sister telling her mom what a crazy B Jin-Joo is (and her mom agreeing) - Jin-Joo's parents savagely insulting her ("What does he see in you, anyway?") - The fart song - "Jesus Christmas!" (Dami) - So-Min's delightful brattiness - When So-Min and Min-Joon kissed, the one genuinely HAWT kiss in this show - That nutty way Station Chief yelled, "Beom-Soo Yah!" after Jin-Joo karate chopped Beom-Soo - The Bap-Noona parody! I die. - Han-Joo cussing at Jae-Hoon while smiling - "Oh, come on, toilet!" Han-Joo's boss while drunk - Shampoo song! The many versions of the shampoo song! - In-Gook's smart mouth - Beom-Soo's drunken dance - The Reply 88 shout outs - Hyo-Bong and Solbi singing (OST 8!) - Jin-Joo running through the streets screaming after sleeping with Beom-Soo - Eun-Jeong's reaction when Sang-Soo (Director Yah) hugged that boy - Eun-Jeong ripping Sang-Soo a new one - Eun-Jeong being infinitely cool, at every moment
  6. I really didn't expect to like this so much, but I just adore it. I'm having some great luck with K-dramas lately, where I tune in without a lot of expectations and end up pleasantly surprised. Of course, I love all the main actors. What a great cast. The writer previously write "Baek-Hee Has Returned" and "Fight My Way." Both are highly recommended if you haven't seen them already. In both shows, the writer does a fantastic job creating a wacky, colorful community, and that's what we get in Ongsan.
  7. I do want to point out that I do recognize that Ha-Yoon is ABUSIVE. She physically abuses Jae-Hoon, she trashed his home and workplace, and she manipulates him and interferes in his relationships. I know she cheated on him too, and that is deeply disrespectful and wrong, but it's not abuse. Aside from the cheating, there are MANY reasons he cannot be in this relationship anymore. So if I knew someone like Jae-Hoon in real life, I would be telling him to change his locks and offering him a safe place to stay. But since this is a drama, I do appreciate how they're explaining how soft-hearted and gentle he is by how he has chosen to handle it. Can't wait until finale week! I will miss this show.
  8. Yeah, that scene reminds me of something I saw on "30 Rock" many years ago. They were using a cell phone, saying, "Wow, Verizon phones sounds great, with great service!" and the Tina Fey character looks right into the camera and says, "Can we have our money now?" I love all the meta jokes. When that casting director was listing names of famous actors, he said, "Gong Myeong" and Han-Joo says, "I love him!" HAHA. I too remain in love with this show. Only two eps left. One thing I really love about this show is how they're very clearly saying that the foundation of a good relationship is GOOD conversation and how they each bring the best out in each other. Beom-Soo and Jin-Joo clearly love the time they spend together. I think the same is true for Han-Joo and Jae-Hoon (although in different ways). Also loving Eun-Jeong's relationship with that commercial director. (We don't even know his name yet, do we?) -- ETA: a few more thoughts. I think this show represents the biggest paradox between ratings (low) and quality (high) among any K-drama I have seen. Just a cursory search of viewer's comments online show that most people who gave this show a chance really love it. "Best of this year!" and "On my Top 5 list!" I guess I'm just glad that I gave this show a chance and didn't let the low ratings discourage me. I'm especially impressed with Han-Joo's emotional intelligence. Instead of encouraging Jae-Hoon to change his locks and kick Bad Girlfriend to the curb once and for all, she is encouraging him to try and not hate her. It's just so... emotionally generous and kind towards another human being, and not just Ha-Yoon, but Jae-Hoon as well. She knows Jae-Hoon is incapable of being cruel. This relationship is beyond painful to watch, and I hate how Ha-Yoon has practically become a horror-movie-cliche at this point - the mere sight of her name on his phone is enough to make me groan out loud, not to mention how she sits in the dark waiting for him every night - seriously, she's become Kathy Bates in the movie "Misery!" And yet, it's lovely when he embraces her. At this point, he's not her boyfriend, it's just one human being reaching out to another. And I'm also excited that we're finally dealing with Seung-Hyo, In-Gook's father. If there is any unsympathetic, irredeemable person on this show, it's got to be him.
  9. I'm very bummed to hear that Viki is doing that to French subbers. Subbers work hard and their work should be appreciated. As I mentioned before, I also don't like how Viki is cheaping out on shows and replacing original music. Yes, they basically are making the very show that we are watching! During the scene where the action choreographers are showing off complicated movies, Beom Soo said, "these two characters are drama directors, they would not know how to fight like that!" So basically, the characters are himself and Hwan Dong.
  10. Son Seok Koo - yah, he's hot. I'm glad he's playing hot and funny guys. The first role I saw him in was "Mother," and he was so good at playing such an indelibly terrible person that I genuinely felt sorry for the actor, and hoped that he will go on to play more fun roles. "Mother" is really good, but man, it is a very tough show to watch. Anyway, he was very good in it. Jae Hoon and Ha Yoon. That monologue in 11 about the hedgehogs, so good. Such melancholy. And how he bandaged her feet while she was passed out drunk in his bed, it was lovely. That's what this show feels like - a melancholic goodbye to the love you had in your 20s and onward to your 30s. With just about every character, I love how they're achieving closure. The relationship wasn't meant to last, and it's over now, but it's possible to move on and also honor the love that you once had. I feel like that is the best thing about this show. It honors the characters. They all have flaws and problems, but you really don't hate any of them. You have someone like Writer Jeong, but she is not the villain. She can be awful, but she is someone you can feel empathy for. Same with the station chief. He was just... there at first. But now he's a hilarious member of the gang. And I love how completely savage Beom Soo is towards Dong Gi. And how completely whipped he is on Dami. Haha, this poor guy. I love how sweet Han Joo's relationship with Jae Hoon is. It seems almost cliche that these two would end up with each other, but there is something so sweet and gentle about their interactions together, and you can see how much they care for each other. They've both had bad relationships in the past, so you can really see how they've both grown from that, too. I loved that scene with Somin and Eun Jeong, how Somin was mad at all of the women, and how she ended up forgiving them - how her needs are so simple-minded, and yet, it's really how everyone feels, if you think about it. She just says her shallow (and funny) thoughts out loud while most people act like they're above it. There are only 4 episodes left, so there's no way they will ever get to actually shooting the show, unless they do some crazy time jump. Whatever happens, I'm just going to enjoy whatever comes. Here's to hoping that even with low ratings, it becomes a cult classic by word-of-mouth or something. -- A few notes about the BGM. I usually watch the show raw and then watch it again on Viki some time later in the week, and I noticed that they replace some of the songs, probably due to copyright fees or such, and it's kind of a bummer. For example, in that scene where Beom Soo takes those "bullets" for Jin Joo, the music was "I Will Always Love You." It really makes that (awesome) scene much funnier, but they removed that on Viki. Also, in the high school flashback when Somin first meets Min Joon, they play "Paradise" from "Boys Over Flowers" but Viki replaced that, too. Another one that I noticed was in the "pasta farewell" scene between Ha Yoon and Jae Hoon. They played "Don't Say My Love is Not Love" by Lee Sora, and the lyrics are really beautiful. It really added more emotion to the scene, making it clear that they really loved each other, while also making it more clear that it's their last meal together. None of this takes away from how awesome the show is, but it's a little bit of a bummer. So I was surprised that Viki didn't replace the songs from "Secret Garden" and "My Name is Kim Sam Soon." But I'm glad they didn't!
  11. I know that this is off-topic but I want to recommend Melo Is My Nature. https://www.viki.com/tv/36634c-melo-is-my-nature It's really well-written and lot of fun. So far, it's aired 10 out of 16, and I'm obsessed with it. It takes a little while to get going, but if anyone's looking for a drama to get into, I highly recommend giving it a chance for 2 episodes. -- Ha ha, I posted the above in the Hotel Del Luna thread, but I meant to put it here. I got my IU shows mixed up.
  12. Yeah, I loved that. This show really properly pays tribute to the Reply series as the major cultural moment that it was. In Ep. 1, Jin Joo blames all the crying she did over her break up with Hwan Dong on the Reply series. In fact, this show gives loves to a lot of other dramas, including tributes to "My Name is Kim Sam Soon," "Secret Garden," and many others. That scene where Dami gave Dong Gi a fried egg is from a famous scene in some old drama, where the kitchen worker gives one of the customers a fried egg every day to show that she loves him. They showed a similar scene in "Oh My Ghostess," but it's also in some really old drama that my parents watched back in the day. Ah, I can't wait until this weekend, so I can curl up and enjoy some more Melo.
  13. I know that this is off-topic but I want to recommend Melo Is My Nature. It's really well-written and lot of fun. So far, it's aired 10 out of 16, and I'm obsessed with it. It takes a little while to get going, but if anyone's looking for a drama to get into, I highly recommend giving it a chance for 2 episodes.
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