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  1. I don't understand what Gwang-Sik is doing. I don't understand how breaking up with Ye-Seul accomplishes anything. Yes, Gong-Chae is probably Ttu-Gi's father. Good guess, you guys! (Everyone is connected on this show, after all.) Enjoyed watching Gwang-Tae promote herself as the ideal wife for Gi-Jin to Mr. Loan Shark. She's probably capable of accomplishing a lot more in life.
  2. 30s couple - It was *hilarious* how the 30s husband's father changed his tune *fast* once he met Song Won. 40s couple - Speaking of controlling, the most controlling guy is the 40s husband. This was from Ep. 1 or 2, but his wife was a bit mad at him, and he *forced* her to smile. He was cajoling and coaxing on the surface, "Come on, smile for me, my day isn't complete without your smile, blah blah... " No, that was forcing her to do something that she didn't want to do. Aside from being a cheater and a maybe-incestuous creep, he's a major control freak. Like when he tol
  3. Hahaha. Hahahaha! I can't believe I'm watching this show again! I was one of those who was like, "You can't pay me to watch Season 2!" HAHAHAHAHA! What is wrong with me? My mind still boggles at the weird way everyone is speaking. It's just so... performative, like every dialogue is some mannered speech they memorized. I did LOL when the three mistresses were hanging out in Jeju together and they were like, "Hey, I slept with a married man." And, "Hey, me too!" "Oh, me too!"
  4. Maria is dead. Wow. I suppose I'm glad she's gone because she was unpleasant to watch. She was a very sad person who was manipulating people around her to try and get what she wants and it was hard to find anything to like or respect about her. But wow, I can't believe that the writer did that. Because it's such a cop-out. The writer wrote herself into a corner, and instead of coming up with something that makes sense, she just killed off the obstacle. Unceremoniously. They pull a white sheet over her head, and then show Byeon-Ho and his mom walking out of t
  5. This is such a beautiful show. If you want to see something beautiful and moving, make room for this in your life. Get your tissues ready. But it's not all just heaps of sadness. It's very uplifting and positive. You will feel good when it's over. And it's actually really funny at times.
  6. Yes, if you're going to kill yourself, maybe not send every single family member "goodbye forever" texts knowing they will freak out. Selfish drama queen. I admit that I was LOL-ing while Gwang-Tae gave Gwang-Nam a heads-up about her selfishness. Sing it, sister! I hate the "Maria will maybe die" storyline. (1) If she dies, that's a major cop-out after the writer wrote herself in a corner with this entire storyline which never made sense in the first place. (2) If Maria doesn't die, that's just more jerking around of the viewers. Really hate Byeon-Ho's mother. That's gr
  7. I enjoyed this a lot. It's too bad there was no romance but he has to remain a virgin in order to be a medium. At least they have that emotional bond and they're also bonded by their supernatural powers and sense of mission... In any case, a K-drama without romance. So rare. But it was a lot of fun.
  8. As always, I have thoughts. It's one thing to get scammed, it's quite another level of stupid when you realize you are being scammed, and still show up to your wedding to marry your scammer because it would be humiliating to cancel the wedding. How is that more humiliating than what actually ended up happening? You get arrested in front of your guests. I mean, what did she expect? What rational person thinks this way? Byeon-Ho's mom is also next-level crazy. She doesn't care that her 2nd daughter-in-law left, she only just wants the baby. That's mentally ill behavior. G
  9. Kind of mad at BaWu's mother and sister for being judgy towards Su-Gyeong because they think she's a commoner. (Ha, if they only knew.) Weren't they on the verge of death trapped in the house of the man who murdered their father/husband just about 24 hours ago? They don't have better things to think about? The nasty Korean mother-in-law knows no bounds.
  10. So sad. I loved it, though. It was beautiful. I'm crying right now, just remembering how sad it was. I'll probably be crying every time I think of this show for a long time. It broke my heart into pieces. Just read a Korean news article about this show, and the real survivors of the GwangJu Uprising (May 18, 1980 – May 27, 1980) said it was much worse than what was shown in the drama. I don't think anyone can fully realize how truly terrible it is when a government turns on its citizens until it happens.
  11. Just when I'm beginning to root for the Gwang sisters and their new perspectives on life, I'm irritated by *every* character's backwards, ignorant attitudes. That's two sets of three sisters who think marrying a rich man is their goal: The Gwang Sisters, and the three from the generation before: Maeng-Ja, Bong-Ja, and Taeng-Ja. All their lives are in their crapper because they don't understand how to live as decent people, and it's so painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain. That's the kind of mindset that makes you a mark for such a flimsy con-artist. It's just incredible ho
  12. Myeong-Su's dad did not leave him and fail to protect him. He sacrificed himself to save his son's life. He surrendered himself so that they would stop looking for Myeong-Su. It's also what Hye-Geon did by telling Gi-Nam that Hee-Tae was his best friend. He knew Gi-Nam would become enraged and kill him, and he did it on purpose to save his family, because Gi-Nam threatened to kill his family. I think Su-Chan is finally changing his mind about his sister's activism. It's true that one person may not make much difference, but people must speak out against what is wrong fo
  13. Goodness, this show is so good. I think Su-Ryeon's story is great. She began as a spoiled princess with romantic ideas about social justice, but I think she really woke up when she saw the policeman die. I think she felt, for the first time, what it means to be selfish and do whatever she feels like, and how that can unwittingly hurt the people who care about her. I can't even begin to talk about Hee-Tae and Myeong-Hee. Wow, just... their love for each other is so palpable. Their world is falling apart around them. I am crying so much. So let's see - Gi-Nam
  14. I don't understand Aunt's objection to Ye-Seul. Honestly, look at Gwang-Sik's ex-husband. They somehow allowed Gwang-Sik to marry into that trash family before, and those people are the worst. Not to mention, it's not like Gwang-Sik's family is so posh and high-status. Everyone is just getting by working part-time jobs. I also thought Gwang-Nam would end up pregnant, but I'm glad she's not. So when she gets back together with her husband, it will be because they love each other, not because of the baby. And I used to feel some sympathy for the husband's mom, but she is getting real
  15. I enjoyed this. It was fun. It was weird. GOOD: I *LOVE* Jeon Yeo-Been as Hong Cha-Yeong. (She is great in one of my favorites, "Melo is My Nature.") She was awesome here. She sparkles. Taecyeon was great. I think he's too clench-jawed and serious in a lot of his roles. But I feel like he really let his freak flag fly. Kwak Dong-Yeon! I love this guy. Always great! Song Joong-Ki was great. I complained so much about "Descendants of the Sun." The bonkers plot. The cheesiness. My friends were falling in love with him and squeeeing to th
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