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  1. Well folks it is official something big happened in the show that finally brings me out of my self-imposed exile and makes me post now. Been real busy till now since thanks to Corvid am stuck in my country and the country where I initially worked cut of my residency. So my current job has been hogging up all of my spare time. I even haven’t caught up to all the previous posts because of that. Sorry for that. Am still stuck on page 20 so am just going with the recent pages and all. My apologizes once again in regards to this. Anyway enough of that and let’s get on with the actual po
  2. LoL so while watching episode 22 I fell asleep in the middle only to catch the ending. Thus the next day I thought that I had already watched it and started the next episode only to realize my mistake. Though I have finally managed to catch up with all the episode’s even those that I was watching from the middle and whatnot. Thus I want to thank @UnniSarah or bringing up the credit card scene that I had missed back then. Am sure that I might still tend to forget other things and all so a quick recall would always be great. Anyway now let’s get back to the main post itself.
  3. Not sure how I missed two whole pages of comments before I posted my post. Pretty embarrassing when you think about that and that is why I couldn’t answer all the questions out there. still haven’t watched the latest episode so no comment on that yet. Am writing this post to answer some of @Lmangla’s questions to the best of my ability and also to ask a question of my own that probably can’t be answered. Anyway this covers my post for the time being. Now will download the latest episode and watch it. Take care all of you and keep posting. PS @Jillia
  4. Watching this show in batches due to time constraints and all but this did help me come up with nicknames for some of the characters here. What are your thoughts on them let me know? Also noticed that I missed out on a poll for this show as well feel slightly bad about that so will let people know what I thought about that and what my choices would have been. Anyway here are the nicknames for the following characters and why I came up with them. Anyway have to go for now. Will complete my post at a later point. So all of you take care and keep posting. Looking
  5. @maribella glad to know that my recap helped in your decision and a shame that you won’t be sticking around. Then again I am in no position to complain since I also haven’t made up my own mind about doing that. Generally, I give dailes 10 episodes at most before committing myself these days. Even then there is no guarantee that I will finish one these days. Anyway now on to the main reason for why I am posting this post. Anyway that will be all from my end. Once again I want to apologize for my recap mistake. Hopefully it won’t affect the rest of the viewers ov
  6. Okay so while waiting for the last and latest episode of Mom Is Having An Affair to get subbed I decided to check out this show as well. Will say that the first episode was a bit confusing and it certainly didn’t help that we were introduced to a bunch of characters that we have to remember and all Infact one family that was introduced seemed to have no connection to the main characters so far so have to see how they are related and whatnot. Anyway while I suspect that everyone that wants to watch this show is already here so this won’t be very helpful at all I still decided to rec
  7. Okay was initially planning on doing a recap of episode 85. Unfortunately got side tracked for some weird reason or the other so here we are 5 episodes later minus a recap. Anyway here are some of my thoughts regarding the show. While it may have a few flaws of its own and is far from perfect the one good thing that I generally like about it is the fact that once certain secrets are discovered they get exposed really fast. Give us about a week or 5 episodes at most and almost everyone knows or is brought up to date with the secret in some manner or the other. Though the resolution
  8. Well I guess that I am lucky today since the episode actually got subbed early unlike yesterday’s episode which took quite some time to do so. Regardless of all that watching it reminded me some of the things that I forgot to mention in my last post though it also answered some of my questions as well. Anyway let’s get on with some of those points. Hopefully I won’t forget anything else in this post. Anyway this covers most of my points for the time being. Till then take care all of you and keep posting. Am actually looking forward to this next arc and waiting
  9. Okay finally glasses have been repaired so I could finally catch up with the drama (minus todays episode since it is still RAW) and all of your comments as well. So a few interesting things are happening as well as me wanting to go back to my earlier verdict about Shark. Let’s start off with that for starters. I know that I seem to have missed something for the time being. But can’t seem to recall what it was. So will be ending my post over here for the time being. till then take care all of you and keep posting.
  10. Glasses broke and need to be sent for repairs. so am slowing down my drama watching so as to not strain my eyes. But what is this Cruella attempts to kill Shark. WoW her track record just seems to get better everytime. Frankly they really can't kill him of at this point because he is one of the few people that actually knows the truth and was helping Suk Joon and company from the shadows. Since I still haven't watched the episode yet I can't make a proper guess. (so far have gone with the majority that he will be back). At best I get the feeling that he will end up surviving but
  11. Okay folks still recovering from my last bout of feeling under the weather. Therefore, I haven’t been able to watch any of the episodes since my last post. Yes, I was that out of it for the time being. Did manage to catch up thanks to all of your comments though. So please forgive me if some of my comments here seem a bit more haphazard than normal or if some things don’t exactly make sense. Since I myself didn’t watch said episodes I might have mistaken what some of you said in the wrong way. If so, please don’t hesitate to correct me. Anyway enough of that and let’s get on with t
  12. Unfortunately since I have been feeling under the weather since yesterday night I just don’t seem to have the energy to watch the latest episode. My apologies for that. Still I might be able to sit down and respond to some of the questions that some of you have brought up. So here goes nothing. Anyway while I know that I have more to add over here. I simply don’t have the energy to type it at the moment. My Bad and thus let me apologize for that. Take care all of you and keep posting.
  13. Okay folks hope that all of you had a great weekend and all. The last two episodes were actually good for a change because we finally ended the Suk Joon Birth Secret Arc. Everyone now knows the truth including the fact that the Chairman never had an affair. Not that it has done much difference in the long run. Will be covering all that in a bit. I know that I wanted to start of this post by answering a question/point that someone had. Unfortunately, that seems to have slipped my mind at the moment. Will get to it eventually I guess. The only real thing that concerns me at this point is the end
  14. WoW the reveals are coming really fast in this show aren’t they. Kind of reminds me of the Show My Sweet Enemy. Over there the birth secret was revealed just as fast once it started. Now the only person out of the loop seems to be Shark and given what we saw of him in the last episode he was starting to suspect that Kim Book Soon may be the same person that he was searching for. Given the track record of the reveals so far I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up finding out the truth as well before the week is done. Now let’s move on to other things in the drama.
  15. Okay folks what exactly has been going on. I decide to take a little tea break and spend some time on the beach enjoying the peace and quiet, all metaphorically speaking ofcourse and when I return I discover that important secrets have already been revealed. Perhaps I should take a few more breaks to fully enjoy them some more. Now let’s see some of the things that have been revealed so far. Anyway this covers most of my points for the time being. all of you take care and all and keep posting as I am looking forward to reading all of them. On a side
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