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  1. @tulip06 Thankyou for clarifying about the status of the doctors apartment. While I did recall the scene that you mentioned about how Tae Woo was hiding at his place after getting deported. But apart from that my recollection was that his mother invited the uncle to live with her after her kids decided to leave (him for the mandatory military service and Vixen to study abroad) as each of them (uncle and mother) would be alone so it would be good to have some company at home and the uncle agreed to move in with her at that point. But as it has been sometime since I watched the early episodes it is easy to get confused and be reminded by others. Now onto other parts of the drama itself. Anyway have to go for the time being. will add a few more points later on so till then take care and keep posting. PS @brooksmom I just recalled reading a few posts back how you lost your post that you were writing some time back. I feel bad for you and have gone through the same thing. So I was just wondering how exactly do you end up typing your posts. Are they through your phone or do you directly post them from your computer. If it is the former I can’t give you any suggestions but if it is the latter, I would suggest you first typing your post somewhere else such as in windows notepad or Microsoft Word. Frankly I would recommend using Word as you have slightly more options. Such as you can highlight words or sentences in bold or write a few things in different colours without affecting the rest of your post but in the notepad you can only use one font, size and colour for your entire post. I have been using this method for quite a long time and am satisfied with it. don’t lose anything while writing all this and all. The only issue that you will have with this method is using the quote system and if you do it might be a bit more of hard work. Since I seldom use that function myself this isn’t really an issue for me. Regardless I am really going now and checking out if the latest episode has been subbed or not. So till then take care all of you.
  2. @Lmangla First of all I want to thankyou for the invite. Also glad that I could finally participate in one of these events. Secondly I want to thank you for the rewards. Thirdly I want to congratulate all the winners over here. Pretty sure most of the winners were expected for me apart for the winner of the first place. Though to be fair I have only watched the first episode of it so I couldn't be a better judge for it. the reason might be that it only aired one episode per week so that might have made me lose my interest and watch a few other dramas in its place. Though thanks to this poll it is making me reconsider my choice and give it a shot especially now that it is finally complete.
  3. Yes finally a poll that i could actually take part in and wasn't late to the party. thanks for the invite @Lmangla Do you want to have another father added into the mix who probably would get the award for not being consistent. The female leads father in Heaven's Promise could probably take this spot. Drama : Heaven's Promise Characters Lee Jong Won he is the biological father of the female lead and supposed stepfather of the second female lead. why does he qualify. simply read the following with spoilers of the end. To be honest I have no idea who to add into this poll as a candidate since most fathers slip my mind and those that were pointed out by others are good enough atleast for those that I have watched. Still all of you have fun over here and Good Luck to the winners.
  4. First of all, I want to apologize to @brooksmom about the number of examples I gave in regards to when Pill Jung lied about stuff. I tend to get a bit distracted easily at times and then start rambling on stuff that isn’t necessary. I should have stopped after one or two examples instead of going for such a long list. Though I do believe that I didn’t give a bazillion examples that would have made Pill Jung a pathological liar and a character nobody likes. Probably a first for a main lead character. Now on to other things in the drama itself or the points that have been brought up, Anyway that will be all from my end for the time being. take care all of you and keep posting. Will be back later on to check your posts.
  5. Okay I noticed that some of you over here mentioned the slow pacing of this drama. I have to agree with this assessment for the time being. some of the reasons for this could be as follows. Anyway that will be all from my end for the time being. need to check out a few things till then. Might be back later on for another post so till then take care all of you and keep posting. Also glad to see that we had a bit more activity in this thread recently and I hope to see it continue.
  6. This post is more about things that happened in this episode and their breakdown. So let’s get on with it. Anyway that covers most of my points for the time being so take care all of you. I do get the feeling that I am missing something but hopefully I will remember it by my next post. So continue to keep posting as I am looking forward to reading them.
  7. Sorry for the misunderstanding here I was clearly joking over here. I thought that I made that clear. For extra effort I even put a Laughing emoji to express my point. I do understand and respect the rules. Sorry if it appeared that I was bashing or deliberately targeting someone. If I was inclined to do so I wouldn't have intentionally targeted the moderator @Jillia in person where they could read it as clear as day. If it was intentional I could have simply omitted that part and either just mentioned her by name without tagging them or saying that a moderator was on the warpath. Hopefully this clears up the misunderstanding here. Also I want to apologize if my sense of humor wasn't taken in that way. I also did point out that since I have never linked or even embedded any Instagram link that part of the rule doesn't apply to me. (i also probably don't ever intend to do that either) Still it is good to see the moderators are so active here that they read every post.
  8. @UnniSarah First of all I want to thankyou for reminding me the real reason why Vixen is searching for a competent man to marry. I did remember that her father had issues but I couldn’t recall who mentioned this fact. For some reason I thought that it was her mother who was complaining to her about this fact. Everyone beware @Jillia is on the warpath once again and trying to shut down our voices by not letting us post Instagram links anymore. What am I going to do now that was my favourite part of my posts? (okay I am just joking here incase somebody gets the wrong idea. I have never even posted any Instagram link.) Still a shame for those that used to do it but what can one do. Now on to the drama itself. #Our Voices Shall Be Heard.
  9. Ah I see that a lot of you have brought up a bunch of interesting points. So let’s see if I can respond to them. I still haven’t watched the latest episode so I will probably be assuming stuff based on what I have read over here. So let’s get on with the show. Well that covers most of my points for the time being. So till next time. All of you take care and keep posting. Looking forward to reading them. till then will try and watch the latest episodes so that I can share my thoughts on it.
  10. @brooksmom I am unsure how I missed reading your comment and liking it. So the first thing that I do after finishing posting this is going to do that. LoL your description of Vixen as a vampire and how Suk Joon should do to ward of her approaches to him. Though are we sure that she is a Vampire since she can clearly walk in the daytime. Perhaps she is a Daywalker like Blade so she has all of their strengths but none of their weakness so Garlic probably wouldn’t be as effective as you suggested. Perhaps she is a Werewolf and she likes him for his extremely desirable smell. A good shot of Silver should easily solve this problem since he could afford it. Not sure how many other supernatural creatures could fit her bill though, but let’s add them one by one to make this thread more amusing. Now on to other parts of the drama itself. Anyway I have to go now. Power Failure so better post it now before the net also crashes. Till then take care all of you and let’s see what new plots these characters come up with.
  11. @tulip06 First of all I want to thank you for the clarification of the dogs gender. @Lmangla I am still here for the time being. As you must have noticed I tend to ramble on to long so I prefer to write as few posts as possible so that people don’t get tired of reading them and totally skip them. though the reason why people may have reduced the number of posts maybe because while the show was initially interesting especially when it came to the plotting and scheming of the other party (especially with Joker bumbling all the way) the show is slowing down so that the characters get to know each other. This means we get to see less of the evil plots. Basically the real draw of the show. Not that the show is bad or boring in anyway. Might tell people to even skip a few episodes as they won’t be actually missing anything. Also due to this I feel that watchers might not have much to discuss per episode but on other things such as you mentioned Scrooge in your previous post as a topic for discussion. So let’s start with getting into that. Anyway got to go for the time being. waiting for the next episode all. So keep posting and take care.
  12. So let me start out by first saying that apparently somebody here named Witch Cruella so I shall be going with that name as well to avoid further confusion in the future. Also I feel that name is much more apt than the nickname that I gave so good work whoever came up with the name for her. Now on to the drama itself. Sorry that I have to end my post here for the time being. taking medication at the moment that has me starting to feel drowsy. So will end it here for now. Hope to read all of your posts and thoughts for this drama. So till then take care all of you and keep posting.
  13. Darn it all another poll I ended up missing. Sorry about that hopefully I will end up catching one of them on time. Not so sure if all the options are good. For instance I may enjoy a couple but they might not make me swoon. But still will let you know my thoughts even though they don't count now for the shows that I atleast watched if possible. 1. Gracious Revenge Option 3 thought Option 2 could also work here. 2. Unasked Family - Option 1 (from the available options.) 3. Bad Love - Option 1 Didn't watch any other daily so no comment on the others Wanna Taste gave it one episode before getting sidetracked with other shows so can't make any comment on it since I also didn't get to see any interaction between the main leads at all. Strangely it appears that I have never completed any show where she is the female lead and that is strange since I think that she is an okay actress. Something must be wrong with me. now on to the short dramas that I have watched. 1. Psychopath Diary - Option 1 2.Love With Flaws - Option 2 3. Woman of 9.9 Billion Won - Option 3 4. The King Eternal Monarch - Option 1 5. Romantic Doctor (S2) - Option 1 6. 365 Repeat Year - Option 1 7. Find Me In Your Memory - Option 1 as for a few others Black Dog, Touch. Memorist, Nobody Knows, The cursed, Tell me what you saw, and Rugal was there even any romance between the Main Leads because if there was I must have missed it. In The Cursed the the leads were already married but I was more focused on the story than their romance so can't comment over there. Memorist they never end up together nor were they going there so i fell that it is hard to comment. did enjoy them so i guess i will go with Option 1 since that is the closest to that. Tell me What you saw the story was more important than any romance so in that front I guess option 3? anyway those would have been my picks if they were selected.
  14. WoW just when you thought that characters can’t get any meaner and vindictive we are proven how wrong we can be. I don’t think that any other show can even come close to the dynamic duo of evil over here. Unless someone else can suggest another show. What are your thoughts regarding this? Let’s get into this and see if you agree with my observations. While I have more to add will leave my post here for the time being and get back to some responses that I have left for the next post. Till then take care all of you and keep posting.
  15. @Lmangla I know that the poll in concluded but I wonder if The King The Eternal Monarch would fit in this poll as well. or did you not add that since it is still ongoing. It would probably come under category 2 if I am not mistaken. what do the other poll takers here thing about it. anyway even though I couldn't take part in it did like some of the choices from what I have watched. Till next time you all.
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