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  1. Okay this just happens to be me with some weird questions that I wanted to bring up in my last post but sadly/fortunately they slipped my mind back then. So here they go. Does Universal Oppa get his ring back. The scene where he goes to the hotel room where Giraffe is waiting for him again (after he asks her for help with proposal party). She puts on the ring meant for Eun Joo and tries to convince him that she is the one and has always been there etc… They have a scuffle of sorts where she refuses to return the ring and instead helps him recover his
  2. Sorry folks getting sidetracked by other dramas so it isn’t all that easy to keep track and post as much as I like. But on a good thing you all don’t need to see me ramble on with my long posts and you get a well-deserved break. Well, in regards to the drama I don’t know if I should modify an anime sound track and say 3, 2, 1, Everybody join me in a bout of laughter at various parts in the drama itself (character stupidity included) or sigh in frustration at the mistakes these characters make including the writer etc… Sure some things are predictable as I will try and point out bu
  3. Sorry folks got distracted by trying to watch another drama aka Doctor Stranger since it was recommended to me by someone and reading a novel or two. Am still in between novels so I might be responding a bit slower. On the good news I got my first dose of vaccination lets hope that all goes well. On other news we have a Poll. Hopefully it will still be there by the time I finish this post since I seem to be missing the polls by a day or so really frustrating me to a small extent. Now on to the drama itself. First of all I want to say lets all clap at Idiot Central because they cert
  4. Oh my God they know who she is or Miss Monte Cristo confessed and admitted that she is Eun Joo. Not sure which I find cooler though come to think about it she didn’t really have much of a choice with the latter since she knew that the gig was up once again. That too because of her own sloppiness. Face Palm. Though to be honest both her not revealing herself and doing so had their advantages which I will be getting to in a bit. But first of all, I wanted to say @Lmangla thanks for even considering my request for the poll even if it wasn’t added since Giraffe struck out.
  5. Sorry in a bit of a rush as well as dead tired so won't be giving a full length post. All of you can give a huge sigh of relief already. @Lmangla LoL it happens with me a lot. I want to add in a point but one of you beats me to it mostly. So I am glad that I could help for a change. On another matter thanks for the Poll just wondering if you could add a few more questions to it as well. Not that I should tell you how to do your job mind you. I was wondering if you could add who will kill next Giraffe or Evil Mom and then add in the same options that you alre
  6. So, what is this that is happening. First, we have someone send both Giraffe and Serin notes telling them that they Know What They Did Last Summer. Oops I meant 5 years back and most of us are thinking that it must probably be Bomi. Then some watch the next episode RAW and tell us that it wasn’t her. Now I am preparing my list of likely suspects but before I can list them the episode gets subbed and we do indeed find that it was Bomi all along. LoL I guess I should still be thankful that my time was saved. Look after watching her pull that stunt, I have to agree that she was an id
  7. @LeftCoastOppa Thanks for clarification on your point regarding children dying by accident and those that were deliberately harmed. I had taken it as a general assumption on kids dying as a whole irrespective of the cause. In that case I can’t place any example as even in Heavens Promise both deaths were accidental more or less. Perhaps when you have time you may decide to give it a shot as well. Drama was quite decent though you had to wait for the female lead to actually wake up to do something and that takes a few episodes. The other thing that I didn’t like was the ending of sorts but I wo
  8. Guess I Won't have a lot to catch up on thanks to the mishap the original thread faced. Sorry guys it seems like I must have missed some interesting discussions in the past. Now I am starting to feel bad about that. @Lmangla still I want to thankyou for the call out in this new thread. Glad to see that I wasn't forgotten. Still haven't seen the latest episode guess that it hasn't been subbed yet but it is good to know that Disco Oppa earned his freedom somehow. Been away so long that i almost forgot the nicknames given to these characters. Thanks for reminding me of them.
  9. Unfortunately, being busy is keeping me from posting as much as I like and I have had to drop most of my other dramas that I have also been watching as well. As it is am barely able to stick around for this drama. So, I want to apologize first hand if I can’t respond to all the previous posts that you all have made so far or have even read all of them as of now. Will have to get to it at some point hopefully. Now before I move on to the main post itself, I just wanted to add something. While I certainly enjoy certain scenes in this show more than others, I want to just wonder about
  10. So the show is finally over. Watched the final episode just sometime back and the ending was more or less what I expected I do have a few questions though they aren’t as important in the long run but would still like to hear what your thoughts are in regards to that. But for starters I want to congratulate everyone that was here for this wild and crazy ride. Some of you were life savers as well and equally dedicated your time and services to make this drama far more enjoyable than it actually was. Now that is out of the way lets move on to the next point.
  11. Finally we have just one more episode remaining. Will the villains finally face the justice that they deserve or will we be cheated of even that. As of now I still feel that this show suffered greatly from any major lack of character development to the end, inconsistencies to the story and character themselves as well as perhaps some unfair treatment to some of the characters as well. Will try and get into all of those things if given time. So let’s see what we have so far. I will be adding a bit more in a bit. Guests have shown up so need to attend to them. Till take
  12. So here it is people I know that we should be worried about the nurses health and all especially after hot Yura treated her and all. Hopefully Yura was atleast decent enough to tuck the nurse in her bed to fool people that she was sleeping thus allowing her to make her escape otherwise that poor nurse might end up with a trauma and all and might end up living at that hospital and all. But other than that I noticed an equally weird scene I believe in the previous episode which makes me more concerned about Yura's mental sanity. Yes we already know that she has one but this probably qualifies as
  13. Okay now while I have a lot to add I realized that a lot of it has sadly slipped my mind at the moment. So for the time being I will just add what I recall in regards to the show and some of what you viewers have added. Anyway lets get on with the show as they say. Oh well while I certainly have a whole lot more to add will do that later on. this post has not only gotten larger than I expected but it is also getting quite late over here. So good night for the time being from my end. Take care all of you and keep posting. Perhaps we might get lucky and the show ma
  14. Well folks it is official something big happened in the show that finally brings me out of my self-imposed exile and makes me post now. Been real busy till now since thanks to Corvid am stuck in my country and the country where I initially worked cut of my residency. So my current job has been hogging up all of my spare time. I even haven’t caught up to all the previous posts because of that. Sorry for that. Am still stuck on page 20 so am just going with the recent pages and all. My apologizes once again in regards to this. Anyway enough of that and let’s get on with the actual po
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