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  1. JSY - Doctor Stranger LSH - I think it was scholar who walks the night not really sure tho JKY - I thought Born Again was my first drama with him because he was the only one from the main cast that I didn't know but turns out he was in It's okay, it's love
  2. It's kinda bullsht considering she chose JB over SH Well I guess we can just pretend that she had brain damage after getting hit over the head and came back to her senses later on lmao. That would be the only sensible reason.
  3. Thank god they have the same view lol. At the beginning I was defending the show that they weren't actually romanticizing JB since we had scenes like SH telling SB that she can turn her tracker off if she wants in comparison to JB installing a tracker on her phone without her knowing so I thought they wanted to show a parallel on which way is right. We also had Haeun tell Jichul that killing is wrong no matter what and that the person he killed for wouldn't feel happy about that but then they make Sabin APOLOGIZE to him because he did it for her like HUH??? That's why I'm saying that Haeun was gone lmao, you can't tell me that she would ever apologize to him nor fall for him. She was right to curse him. The audacity that they used Haeuns memories returning for her to confirm her feelings for JB was ridiculous because it should have had the exact opposite effect.
  4. Yeah but he is his reincarnation so it doesn't sit well with me but like I said since this is his next life I could have at least accepted it if his character wasn't the way he was. I'm pretty sure he was already dead at that time, didn't Sabin say it was the stab wound that killed him. And if you indeed want to get technical then he would still be the fault for his death because he stabbed him. Yeah but this was under a different circumstance, JB was a murder suspect and all evidence lead to him, yeah it wasn't right that he aimed for the head but it looked like he was going to hurt Sabin. If JB indeed died then yeah I guess they are even in causing each others death and hindering to be with the woman they love lol. It's not just about shipping though, there was a certain point where it just made it impossible for it to make sense that she'll choose JB and that SB and SH weren't going to happen. Why give them such a tragic end in their first lifes just for them not to be able to be together onces again, it's highly unsatisfying storywise. Falling in love with your stalker that tried to have your lover killed isn't romantic. Lol. Yeah like I don't even get why she was suddenly confused whether her feelings were love, her attitude towards him was pretty much the same as before. Vows of eternal love are treated as a joke in this drama, I just have to laugh at her telling him that and then dropping him at the first mistake he makes which he just did to protect her. Sabin should have gotten a brain transplant instead, Haeun literally only was there for a few minutes and then opted out one she realized how effed up Sabin is, that wasn't my Haeun they showed in the end.
  5. A part of me still had hope for SH and SB too, it literally turned from be being 99% sure they will be together in the end to 1% hope of it maybe happening because my brain couldn't comprehend that they would waste everything they built up. Waiting for the finale was so nerve wracking I literally had a nightmare where they showed JB and SB getting married LMAO. A couple weeks ago I couldn't wait for the next episodes and now I'm just glad it's over.
  6. After Jichul killing Hyungbin infront of Haeuns eyes it wouldn't have been statisfying to me anyways but I might have been able to stomach it if he didn't stalk her in this life too and didn't try to get Soohyuk killed.
  7. We deserve some therapy paid by the network and writer lmao. This drama drained the life out of me. The filter knows what's up lmao.
  8. I can't bear looking at any of them at the moment without feeling frustrated. "Jungbom look! My diary where I wrote down my private personal thoughts that you used to woo me while stalking me." I laughed so hard when I saw her holding that.
  9. It is because the disappointment is too big I was sooooo invested in this drama and was defending it for such a long time because I thought that they wouldn't possibly let her end up with her stalker and the guy that murdered her fiance but hooooo boy. Just when I finally found a k-drama I was really enjoying after a long while especially with JSY and LSH playing a couple that looked like was definitely going to be endgame. I was sooo pleased and then everything went to hell and got irredeemable. The fact they had a beautiful OST, beautiful actors with two having amazing chemistry (LSH and JSY) and a story that was actually interesting and would have been great if everything was adressed and it got the right ending. The wasted potential is what annoys me the most. I really hope someone casts Seyeon and Soohyuk in a romcom or something where their chemistry is used to the fullest and not wasted.
  10. The thing is hints aren't the same as developement. I could say the whole red string theme was a hint for SB/SH too but obviously that wasn't true. Hyungbin and Haeuns love was much more developed and had much more details and themes. April 3rd, the cherry blossoms, the ring, music box, hair tying, red string, the wedding that didn't happen. Even both calling their kisses as experiments, how am I supposed to believe they were doomed? Either they shouldn't have pushed the HE/HB romance so much or the should have changed them to be the endgame couple if they really intended for her to be with JB from the beginning, they did such a poor job.
  11. And they ultimately failed to show us why, I still don't get why she is in love with him. The majority of the show she treated him like a little brother what did change that she is suddenly in love with him? I never got any romantic vibes with their scenes because Sabin wasn't into him (and the actors, while both stunning, had no chemistry).
  12. Ok but what does this say about the korean audience, does that mean they wanted JB to have the girl or did they just assume that? I mean in the end the ratings still remained pretty much the same right.
  13. Yes, I thought I could at least go back to the first episodes but seeing how much they were in love with each other just pains me even more knowing they didn't get their happy ending in the next life either. Haeun deserved a healthy heart so she could commit to her love with her mind at ease and Hyungbin deserved to finally marry the woman he loved, protected and waited for.
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