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  1. BTS of the final episodes it's so nice to see the cast laughing together. SBS are really the biggest Goeun Doki shippers lol and Lee Jehoon really seems to want a second season, he keeps mentioning it whenever he can.
  2. The girl in the church is the sister of the guy that the one twin murdered and whose body they dissolved. Yes. True tbh I was hoping Goeun would somehow manage to save herself since she didn't have that many opponents but after all she isn't a fighter and neither are the other members and hey we did get a hug out of it lol. It was nice seeing her take initiative though in trying to help Maria escape while she herself stayed and blocked the door and when she hit the guy with her helmet. But yeah you would want the rest of the team to be a bit moe capable seeing how they
  3. I think I can say now that I really don't appreciate the change of writer it's like the whole narrative changed, yeah we get it revenge is not the best option but the point was that those people they helped were people who were failed by the law but somehow they make it look like the team was in the absolute wrong and are getting punished for it. I didn't like how they made Maria and Goeun go through that again (tho I appreciate the hug between Dogi and Goeun lol). Idk this episode left me kinda unsatisfied. For a moment I thought they really killed Jineon and I was so mad but seei
  4. Yeah I don't know how I feel about Maria and Goeun having to face their abusers/traumas again. I think it was this episode where you could REALLY feel the tone shift and I'm not sure what to think of it. Seeing how quickly Hana took back her revenge request I still stand by my point that her working together with the taxi team should have been handled differently. Seeing Mr Wang with his wife and his kids at the end of the hidden track broke my heart ;(
  5. OST part 5 Run Away by Simon Domic OST part 6 Moon Light by Sanha
  6. I don't think we can really judge that since he doesn't even get to finish the show.
  7. I just didn't like the immediate change towards the taxi team, one episode ago she was up in Dogi's face saying how they are no different from those criminals and was going after them without showing any understanding. That's why imo a slow progress of her siding with them would've been better which could have been tied in with her own frustration of being limited by the law and then use Mr Wangs death as the final straw, that would've been a more smooth transition.
  8. I don't think that's the case but it could've been very well her plan to get more information on them which is why I also think that the team accepted her case too easily considering just not long ago she was investigating them.
  9. I feel like she changed her views too quickly condemning them one episode and then taking their services so easily the very next. I think it would've been better if she slowly changed her mind over the course of the show and maybe ended up working with them seeing how much more efficient they are and out of furstration by how limited she is by the law and her superiors. I also feel like they didn't do a good job of showing her relationship with Mr Wang which in turn didn't make her loss that emotional to me, makes me wonder if this had anything to do with the writers disagreement.
  10. I love her, she is an entertaining villain and the actress has so much charisma. I laughed along with her lol.
  11. I'm really curious as to what those disagreements were that it lead him to resign, from an interview with the pd I thought they were pretty sure where the story was heading because he was saying the show will end but it probably was about something happening inbetween. Did anyone feel major differences between the first episodes 1-10 and 11&12? Yeah. I completely understand why they added her character but idk if it was necessary to make her the female lead seeing how little impact she had for the majority of the show and the screentime she had, it's kinda hard to justify he
  12. I think this was the best episode for Hana so far, I've never really enjoyed her character much before that. It was nice seeing them work together and I liked how she apologized to Dogi about what she said. I loved when she smashed the laptop in that jerks face. Haha I actually thought we had some nice crumbs this episode seeing them a lot next to each other and with the scene where Goeun jumped out of the Van because she was worried for him. I'm curious as to how the rest of the episodes will play out, we have 4 of them left I wonder if all of them are going to deal
  13. I'm still so happy about their win so well deserved, I literally just watched the award show for them. I was hoping for the daesang but Yoo Jaesuk is literally the only person I'm fine with getting it instead so all is good. Hopefully it will finally be added to netflix soon so I can start my rewatch and do my friends a favor by forcing them to watch this masterpiece lol.
  14. Man I actualy liked Mr Wang....why does Hana never provide protection to the people she sends to dig up information to her, she knows those are dangerous people she shouldn't wait until they are in actual danger asking for help and why send Mr Wang there alone that was so stupid, he died of incompetence. At least her character is finally having some impact in making the taxi team second guess their ways and motives, though I disagree when she said they are no different from those other criminals they despise.
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