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  1. Cao chingus I am just starting with this drama and up to ep 12/ 68 . I will try to read up on all 6 page comments before contributing my two cents lol..... but oh boy that Empress is ugly and her little whelp of cp is what you get with forced lovemaking i guess . So far only the general earned his bread and butter, so his life and Awus are really worlds apart and for him to be married to her , no matter how it came about, is so phenomenally 1 in million chances . What is a poor guy to do with a princess in an army barracks and open range. I saw the preview of the next episode with two rid
  2. Hi @pad-hari i had to wait for subs and now i need to catch up ...LOL , will do so as soon as i can ...you take care of our FX for me
  3. I think you @pad-hariand I are ready to pull hair with script writers . I did not mind him trying to break off with DY lol mind you i agree with his strategy and his reasons are actually very valid ...director and writer made her look like an insipid doll these past few episodes.
  4. 20/43 I think the motto 'never trust the emperor' or politician should apply about now . Feng Xi is cool , rich or poor this guy has class.
  5. So Mr Wen is not her biological father it seems , her mom called him Master? What a concept, to meet yourself from the past . I like how FX is ready and willing to adopt the little girl if she is DY's daughter and yet her 'own father' seems like a stranger . I wonder what she needed that memory for but I love how jealous he got hehe .
  6. @pad-hari I went back to ep 14 to see if i am able to understand ...because translations are not always clear to me ...He said to FX in the jail that he was prepared to die when he spoke against emperor/ emperors orders ? and he did break their 'law' as listed by FX ...so it seems that if he did not die but rot in jail his whole family would be demoted and encounter 'strife' ...with his life he is saving his family. This situation is you are damned if you do , and you are damned if you don't . FX choose to help this man save his family . Again not too many of us would choose that solution , b
  7. ep 13/43 under my belt ...I think I am a fickle woman, I came for Dong Yue but falling in love with Feng Xi First kiss ... I melted . Dong Yue is really playing hot and cold with our main man here ...she plays his flute so beautifully and yet she says that she is not in love ...sure sure baby. ep 14/43 I feel that Dong Yue owes an apology to Feng Xi for his sister's traitorous maid ..
  8. Thank you @pad-hari and @madmad min sometimes I need other perspectives when it comes to ancient dramas and i did come across in c drama love post Summary: The Chinese drama is adapted from the novel “Yu Zhao Ci”. It tells the story of half immortal Dong Yue who has a lotus body and Feng Xi, a powerful minister who has no choice but to go through the entanglement of love and hatred for three generations to prevent the war. I went back to rewatch the episodes and pick up clues as you said...the flute can't be damaged or it will be perilous to DY's current life ...and Feng Xi's acti
  9. @pad-hari what is SML syndrome LOL or better not to know since "I Like" this drama its good for me sometimes not to read some comments....its a matter of choice and sincere enjoyment . I would have never paired ML and FL and yet in this drama to me they work like a charm, I would have never said that i would watch ML with excitement and yet here I am eagerly waiting for my next batch of episodes . It is that dialogue between ML and FL , the individuality of the characters , good directing and writing , whatever it is , it is something that triggers me , gets me hooked and like them , i am a
  10. This drama has some amazing one liners that crack me up ....ep 6 @ 11 min....."The one who should see it has not seen it yet "
  11. He did a beautiful job decorating her room ep 12 and all on his own ...he is in love
  12. Whatever ending the drama gods choose I am ok...I just finished ep 12 and It's their journey that has me intrigued... remember she is 'immortal' and what is his story with the flute ....so I am looking forward to see the creativity/ imagination that this this drama dishes out ....and @pad-hari thank you for keeping me company on this one LOL I like
  13. up to 12 .... our ML is quite unique I am enjoying how the story unfolds .He is the youngest Minister , brother to the Emperors' no 1# concubine , good strategist , logical and yet he has the beautiful and mighty angel of justice to keep him on the straight and narrow lol and He is the only one who can hear her flute ....and she seem to be the only one that he is sharing his flute music with LOL according to the house gossip
  14. My viewing site posted 49 Ep Raw ...and 7 eng subbed ....I know what I am doing this weekend Auuuu
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