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  1. Wowwww is this dancing part of an episode ...did i miss it same as the striptease in front of the hospital or is this the after party for the crew ?
  2. Is it possible to learn to ride a motorcycle that fast. When i was trying in my teenage years , the part when we had to be able to lift up the bike if we ever ended on the ground prevented me from even dreaming of riding that size ...wow ZF when did you have time to do the practicing and over here we need a licence so i am not sure if the same applies there. Just envious LOL
  3. There were dramas that i did not "like" an actress / actor and after few episodes i had to make a decision to stay and support or bow and leave . I have learned that it is not fair to the ones following a drama for me to throw stones, and same applies when i follow a drama and somebody is really throwing dirt and stones, i feel they are not respecting the rest of us who are enjoying it. If we change characters, actors, story line, mothers, fathers , then it would not be Love Designer but something else of which there are plenty to go around. So no matter what the rating is , "I" like this drama .
  4. Is this from the famous and official date and she is late for it LOL auuuuu
  5. I think mama was reading on line news and gossip with all the movie stars so she wants to protect her sweet ZF lol from the type of man SL seems to be ..maybe there is class involved ; however, our ZF has more savvy than mama knows ...her straight faced prank on SL with her camisole was 100% effective and totally original design lol ....on a side note we have 7 more days before end of this drama ..i am on subbed ep 26 today .
  6. This was posted on another sites that i am read only ....her name is BT and i think she did a great job with this summary .... Happiness is fleeting in romance! Song Lin's fault this time for berating ZF about being so nice. He was mad about ZF and her ex and her not consulting him about what she did in the previous ep but for real Song Lin...it's not like you were back as a couple so you have no right to dictate what she should have done. Sigh...he always forgets that ZF has a mind of her own and the more you come across as bossy, the more conflicts you will have. Most woman don't like to be told what to do. So now they are on the outs again. QQ ended her relationship with Yulin because now she is heeding her mom's advice to be serious and get married. And since Yulin is younger than QQ, QQ doesn't think Yulin is the right person for her. I wasn't really broken up about this. I think he did everything he could to make her happy and it was always never enough. I didn't even shed a tear when she broke up with him for the umpteenth time. I really believe he deserves someone better. Remember Pei Pei? The one that ZF's ex was cheating with? Now she's become one of QQ & ZF's besties. She has her eyes on ZF's college friend, Chen, who is in love with ZF. If's funny how he can't wait to be with ZF but gives the cold shoulder to PP. I wouldn't mind seeing PP with Song Lin's subordinate Chen Chen I just wanted to add that i think SL forgets totally that ZF is not his sister but a mature and very responsible woman
  7. @angelangie no worries LOL ... they will get there . I am up to ep 22 and i like the break up after the break up ... also it is showing to me different type of parenting, friendship, and sibling relationship . Weather i agree with something or not , it is part of this drama and with the lines like " i just found a dog" who growled that he is going to "bite her" i am looking forward to more of their shenanigans when everyone is against them .
  8. I am enjoying our couples dance around their budding romance and their authenticity in designing their love , but waiting for the eps to come on , now that is another matter I liked that scene in the last episode , post break up and SL trying to get close again... so something else came to my mind today ... QQ and ZY's romance . QQ , a born princess whose parents never allowed her to sleep on a pea and ZY.... i honestly can't see how they can design their everlasting love commitment. They are worlds apart and right now they are playing like children , with ZF being her only friend it seems and ZY begging for crumbs . Maybe they will grow into what we see with ZF's parents . ..oh well i won't have to wait too long for my answer...it will come over the next 15 days . ep 21 raw and 22 just uploaded ...still no 19 ...but ep 21 camera was weird ...not sure what is going on until subs come out , but at least our main leads are in constant contact
  9. Thanks @angelangie i think our international eps are a bit behind as well as sort of misplaced...ie 16 is being replayed as 18 , so not sure what happened to 18 and 19 ....i know that somebody posted somewhere that the server is being worked on, so i will just have to wait to see the post "that was quick romance" lol
  10. I definitely assumed that they did the deed , and true SL could have shown a bigger smile the next morning ...we see that the girlfriend got lucky and when she asked ZF if she accepted SL i kind of went in that direction full turbo . OK show deities we want clear answer here please.
  11. Wow i am lucky, i am totally accepting this drama and what is being served ...maybe its not 100% but it has my interest and i have not had that for the past 4 months of dramas, so lucky me LOL I gained two more subbed eps 13 & 14 and i was pleasantly surprised and heart jumping for the bridge kiss (i did kind of want to shield the best school friend and find him a good girlfriend too). ....and then the hotel room ....wow both of them work fast (they are more alike then i realized) , i feel it , i like it , i do it LOL ....i just did not think that they are BOTH that ready for the lala land since they kind of kept denying to others their interest . and @angelangie prediction that there is a $..t storm coming due to their impulsiveness ....but in my opinion i think it was definitely worth the drive to the village and rush back to the city . Ah to be young again and amore
  12. In my part of the world ep 12 is subbed and @ 24 min i got to see the famous line " she is my girlfriend , i need to protect her " ... oh my
  13. After watching the trailer on you tube i am not sure which episodes i am looking forward to more , the one when mama walks in while he is kissing her or the one when mama catches her chit chatting from the balcony.... I am really enjoying this drama