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  1. Raw 24 Fini today ...I enjoyed it ...light , fluffy with a bit of get that b...h. Subbed up to ep 14 , 15&16 automatic robot translations so i will wait for hopefully better subbing before going back to re watch the last 10 eps to get the full gist of the conversations and happenings.
  2. IMPATIENTLY WAITING ......searching different venues Just saw raw is up to 22 ....I am in paradise LOL.... When I love I love , what can I say Our girl is totally my cup of tea ...smart, resilient, and she will get that B in the next 5 episodes.
  3. ZLS has me totally in love with her acting ...like in the drama , our ML and the rest of the cast revolve around her LOL ep 9 ....Mr Ling puts sisters gift in the toilet HeHeHe Q Is her father angry Gu guy or somebody else? I did see somewhere that he says her DNA does not match his ( I am viewing drama on two sites plus raw so a bit of confusion here LOL ) and her Gu brother is not her brother but the sister is? Who is instructing that psycho waitress chick that hates GAX ? If anyone knows pls hide it under spoiler so others are not inconvenienced.
  4. Hi @omiki I am watching . I am up to 12 raw and 6 subbed . He is faking it and I think he is somehow transferring funds to her (but that would leave a trail that he is alive) or his secretary/driver and doctor friend are doing it. I know he borrowed a lot of cash from his doctor so I am sure that he is not fee loading . This is a short drama 24 eps so I am sailing along and curious how is she connected to his family / or his rival Gu family) . I love Zhao Lu Si , and this drama is a nice mild cup of tea with piece of cheese cake for me . So I will keep you company on this tread LOL .
  5. I liked Princesses in this drama and of course their Princess Consorts Phenomenal characters and a beautiful storyline that entertained me to the end. Bravo to the director, writer and the cast ...and yes I developed a soft spot for our HD LOL but I also fell in love with Taoist Sun healer/grandfather , he had such shine around him that I just wanted to soak his presence .
  6. I've been reading everyones contributions for this drama, here and on the other sites where drama is shown, and I am looking forward discovering or seeing all the favourite episodes , lines and tapestry of this drama. Thank you all for being ahead of me lol and providing me with hours of entertainment on the witty and super helpful comments.
  7. I am late to this party and only up to ep 6 . I have to say this director is fabulous ...I have not skipped a single scene or conversation (i do it with raw lol) but this drama is almost over and almost fully subbed . Very fast flowing with nice surprises, variety of characters , and likeable story . That football game at the beginning was a beautiful icing on the cake .
  8. Talking about risking your all for the love of your man ....Fu Rou - ChuMu and Lu Yingying - Yan Zifang . Both of these girls are now crying and feeling helpless when their man abandon them . Jealousy is a b..ch and even if and when they make up , Fu Rou would always have to be on her guard for the next time . How these two man do not see , and yet they are pretty good at their 'jobs' , how their actions would totally ruin these women.
  9. @pad-hari in ep 34 when Lu Yingying marries to that vicious king/prince whatever he is ...and he strikes her the next morning for not being 'chaste ' Went back to 28 when all the ladies decided to loose their chastity lol. 36/55 and Queen Han tells King Han gets to take off his clothes as soon as he came home lol...these two are my loves and what game is the pirate playing now with LYY ...hey buddy you know what her husband is like and you still approach her
  10. I am loving King Han and his wife ...miaowww what a cool cat he is
  11. Finished ep 5/16 ... Where do I sign up for my self defence class please lol ....she did so well that she gets a really good vibration kiss at the end
  12. I am waiting for subs at my end to understand what happened on the boat and the mission ...and what a way to save the FL , ML's push ups are phenomenal
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