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  1. Up to ep 33 ....besides supporting our great main characters and the entire drama, this drama is the one that i give my to the Best Girlfriend of 2019 - Tan Xiao Jung. Throughout the previous episodes i fell in love with her sense of humour , her logic as well as unbiased and total support for her girlfriends ..she is equally sassy , comfortable and natural with both Qu Manting and XX , and one versatile individual .
  2. Hehehe .....ep 23 ...You have me, how can you be attracted to other men? GYZ is not giving up lol
  3. Woooo hooo ..my site gave me additional 15 ep subbed today ......auuuuuuu my housework . Reading some comments, GYZ is great in my books....not only did he button back XX's shirt after her merry night of drinking , he also heroically suffered having her lie down on top of him , on his own bed LOL. But , what really put me in his camp was his conscious withholding of the whole night scenario from XX thereby lessening her embarrassment and anxiety at this stage - i am not saying he is not feeling gleeful about it ...just that at this stage it helped XX not to deal with additional burden and a hangover too.....and i am still laughing at his public shower creativity and appreciation of his love
  4. Just started watching this drama (up to 15) and i am very glad. I find characters original and so far i like them very much. GYZ and XX are funny in their relationship and unique, but so are their friends The more i see of the little superstar , the more i admire her too as well as the bartending girlfriend, she is such a beautiful honest and perceptive individual , i love her Ep 14 at around 21 minutes had me in stitches... GYZ is indeed priceless and the pure joy on his face when he gets to see XX's legs in the shower Hehehe
  5. First time for me to watch this type of drama....and enter the world of e sports . Thanks King's Avatar you were an enjoyable revelation
  6. He he since we are back with my favourite man LOL .... did BQ's /Su Su's pregnancy stretch even longer in the heavens ( due to the 1 day in heaven - 1 year on mortal world ration that we heard ) or did 9 months of loneliness feel like eternity to her . I read the book, but i don't remember getting the answer or maybe i missed it)
  7. I've been left hanging with ep 13 due to subs and and and 54 episodes later i feel a bit peeeved at myself and subbing IMMORTAL gods for not making it more meaningful and pleasurable for me to enjoy this drama. Hopefully i will have time and patience to watch this drama when it gets fully subbed...but the part of having a soompi party with friends over a drama is part of my drama enjoyment ...
  8. I am stalled at ep 12 due to sub, but did God of War recognize Ling Xi as the baby he ' sacrificed" him self or is that coming up in the later episodes ?
  9. Thank you all ...just saw that movie trailer...so they have been in love before LOL destiny
  10. Shower kisses What episode is this ....or is "movie" some other movie?
  11. @Alice_in_a_rabbithole definitely we do not wish for him to be like his junior running after the physician...and based on his caring of her after and giving her his last pill certainly shows that there is caring...i guess i wanted to see just a bit more of it and since JC is being portrayed like that i will wait for that recognized emotion to emerge more visibly for me to see LOL also just watched ep 11.... too many mortal traits in these gods...agreed with god of thunder here regarding the yuan clan , and as i mentioned above , if they are portraying the unjust mortal traits/ choices, then they are not gods but blown up immortal trolls.
  12. Finished ep 10 with sporadic subs...If Yuan clan is not decimated same way as the one in the previous episode , i will question the God of Wars and the Highest Gods suitability to answer to all the realms equally....and and he did not show one ounce of shock , surprise or concern that Lingxi's poor feathers got plucked by the vortex ...i know that he bent down and started sending healing energies when the young medical goddess told him who she has , but as a "God" he should have known immediately and kind of rushed a bit more eagerly Ha, i hope he really falls in love with her and next time runs more diligently or is he still 'frozen' through and through.
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