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  1. Oooooo just saw ep 18 .. did not expect this ...poor young priest this writer and director are making us bi polar, one minute we are laughing like lunatics and then the next waaaaaa . ...and next week is finale ...this kind of went fast for me .
  2. I went to bed last night laughing because i was going to add my 3 out of 100 best / favourite scenes in this drama ..everyone in this drama is doing a stellar job so picking 3 is not an easy job as people might think LOL .... ...but what flashed front of my eyes was TADAAAA #1) ep 1 @3 when the guy was getting his legs waxed...every woman knows how painful this can be LOL .....and #2 i don't have to mention my true appreciation of KNG in every scene , but i think i even fell in love with him as Kim Nam Girl ..he looked so beautiful and realistic , i honestly did not expect that and fully appreciated hair flip and man spreading in his mini ..and #3 goes to our fighting hip hop girl....her fighting and pain tolerance LOL are as good as our KNG .
  3. I felt very good punching the scar face but i felt even better when that a$$hole of the boss got swindled by the scarface Ha ha and did you guys see Hwang's expression @12 min when the ex boss lady came out...it was like "what the hell happened to you LOL " or something like " so this is what you really look like " Soelsahwa
  4. Its ok - its good quality as long as we can see the scar face got beaten .. Oh just saw the preview ...our gutsy hip hop girl got so beaten up
  5. Ok i let the first ep go with no comments ...but the 2nd one should have been more authentic , more focused and and............. let see ...@ 5 min when i saw the white scarf in church, i automatically saw Honey from the Fiery Priest ....so dear writer AND/ OR dear director no cooppy catty please, ...@27 the spinster hair bun and the table cloth /potato sack suit ...ha no wonder he fired her . I don't know the male lead , but i always liked Park Min Young...especially when she shows her beautiful organic smile and the life she brings to her characters. I am little bit "unaccustomed" in relating to this type of character that she is playing , and so much obsession i have noticed from recent sanLook scandals of the idols , so i have to see what social norms this drama will introduce to us unfamiliar with that type of the world.
  6. I am up to 10/40 because of the subs . I wonder is she now officially his longest serving assistant ?
  7. Why couldn't our Tsunami call up NIS and ask them to fix their rouge agents , NIS owes it to him ?
  8. Go to Argentina ...no way ... KNG remember don't ever follow stupid orders from anyone ...last time you did that it almost cost you your soul
  9. I am cool if our gorgeous KNG looses his current job...such a man should be appreciated wholeheartedly and the Goddess knows that ...let the young priest be celibate and keep the job. And all the siStars in this drama are totally in divine partnership 50/50 i love that . The fox is back LOL to kick some a$$ .
  10. Thank you Legal High, as @TRaNz mentioned above the full serious legal issues were quite interesting and dirty social norms / swamps satisfactorily cleaned up for now .... unfortunately the pyramid way or 1% dictatorship all over the world breeds the parasites in society and they can pollute everything from top on down .
  11. When i see hip hop girl fighting she looks such a kick a88 real. I think we all cheered for SS this episode
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