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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, I find Bai Lu's acting talent way much better than Ju Jingyi's. Also, if there's kissing scenes, Bai Lu is way much better at reciprocating a kiss. Although I liked Blooms of Ruyi Pavilion and the chemistry between Ju Jingyi and Zhang Zhehan, their kissing scenes still needs lots of work. Every time they kissed, their eyes were half open and lips didn't move much.
  2. OMG ... Zheng Zhuang being like a wooden statue in the kissing scenes held me back from really outright loving Love 020. I would have enjoyed it more if she would at least been an eager participant in the kissing scenes. Yang Yang really did all the work in those scenes. They should and are professionals. If they cannot be so, then I don't know why they accept these projects that has kissing/intimate scenes.
  3. Loving the OTP so much right now. Professor Jiang is now starting to care for the YS a bit more than what they originally contracted to do. As much as he would like to keep the relationship strictly a contract marriage, it's becoming clear that as each day passes, YS is slowly but surely becoming someone important in his life. He worries about her, and is now getting jealous of the attention Lawyer Meng is showing towards her. His rival during his school days is now becoming his love rival since Lawyer Meng has announced to him that he will compete for YS affections even though Pro
  4. Ughh...can't stand SA's holier than thou attitude. Listen woman, none of the stuff you have belongs to you!!! SK has point blank told you HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU, HE'S IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE! How dense can you be to continue to cling onto him! He was never your's to begin with, and yet she acts like BH stole him from her. You stole her life plus she & SK were each other's first crush. Please writer-nim, stop letting SA get away with things! Let her experience failure over and over again with whatever plans she keeps having.
  5. Oh wow, his resume is huge and he's done so much dubbing for so many lead actors. He's the voice in a lot of the dramas I've watched too. No wonder his voice sounds so familiar.
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