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  1. Going to check it out after a few more episodes airs so that I can watch a bit to see if I like it.
  2. @dramaninja Drama is good? Should I invest my time on it? I read the summary and it reminds me of Happy Sister. It took the main female lead too long to leave her cheating and no good husband. Plus, it took forever for her to hook up with the young male lead. I'm glad that it had a happy ending, but I couldn't stand the evil b***ch of her ex's current wife.
  3. Glad SJ & SY had a happy ending, and we get to see a little Sokcho!! However, I dislike that there were no heavy punishments for some characters. Ms. Hong (aside from the beat down she got in prison) really deserves no mercy. Then Chairman's son-in-law really should have been kicked to the curb, SY's father & his mistress-wife also should been kicked out a long time ago (in fact, they should have been written out of the show halfway into the drama like the original 2nd female lead). They also had no character development for SD. After episodes of argument, somehow near the end, SK & husband is lovey dovey. None of it makes sense. Plus, SH has been traveling during the 4-yr time jump, yet Sokcho knows who he is?!!!! At least the dramas over. Hope to see everyone in another thread (most probably either praising or complaining about another daily drama). Have a great day everyone!!
  4. I have a question regarding Hong Jong Hyun. Is he filming "Absolute Boyfriend" (their press con was today) at the same time as he's filming this drama?
  5. Ms. Hong is truly one of the most despicable character in a daily I have watched (and I watched more than I should because they all frustrate me all the time). She has NO conscience whatsoever. She is playing with SJ's life. He & his family are placing SJ's life in her hands by blinding trusting her (which is their fault for trusting her). She not only takes the Chairman's money (embezzle is the word I'm looking for) to buy up the stocks to become majority shareholder, but does not care that SJ is dying. Then to delay or buy time for her own greed, she pretends to SJ & his family that there is treatment (can't believe his family doesn't investigate or check the treatment/medicine with his doctor or have a 2nd opinion) when there is none. The fact that she thought of using Vitamin in an IV fluid as treatment is truly horrible. She is pretending to give him, his family and SY fake hope that there is treatment. That is really cruel. I also can't believe as rich as SJ's family is, that they didn't go to another doctor or two to check his diagnosis. Plus, they should not entrust everything towards Ms. Hong. If they lose their company to her, then it's no one's fault but their own for listening/trusting her. We're coming down the home stretch now (with about 20+ episodes to go). Ms. Hong needs to be brought down quick & fast. I don't want one mercy shown to her. DO NOT REDEEM HER YOU HEAR ME WRITER-NIM!!!!! She deserves no redemption at all. She should not be shown mercy at all. She needs to grovel into the ground with NO FORGIVENESS WHATSOEVER!!!! She also needs to lose her previous SH. SH needs to disown her or something, or at least be instrumental in taking down the monster of a mom she is. His mom is beyond greedy. She's playing with someone's life on the line. I also hope her team is punished severely as well. They go along the scheme of playing with SJ's life. It's one thing to scheme to break up your boss son's life, but it's another to come up with schemes to embezzle and pretend to give a dying person fake treatment. They all should be accomplices to Ms. Hong's crimes!!!! How could they not have said something!!!! The stations knows they have international viewers. Did they think these type of characters are reality?!!! To have characters that think offhandedly that killing someone (like brushing a stranded hair off one's face) is passable. It's a crime in almost ALL countries!!! But they still have characters with not conscience. I don't know what these writers are thinking of.
  6. My wish for a happy ending for SY & SJ is starting to dim. I'm going to be so pissed off if the writer kills off SJ like with just a few episodes left. I do not want SH & SY together. She deserves someone better like SJ. Why couldn't it be someone else with an incurable disease. SH does not deserve her. He's selfish as well, and he does not encourage or has SY's best interest. For SJ, he actually puts SY as his first priority. He makes sure she's okay, that she's always happy/smiling, and that makes him happy. He also challenges SY so that she can think/choose for herself. He does not make decisions for her that affects her life nor choose for her. He stands by and supports her every decision. He's there when she needs support or just a helping hand. He does it unselfishly and unconditionally. I also hope to high heaven that the hospital or Ms. Hong somehow had his diagnosis manipulated/wrong and it's not incurable as they say. Or that a miracle cure happens, cause gosh dammit, I WANT A HAPPY ENDING FOR THE OTP!!!!
  7. Does anyone know the name of the song & singer for the ending theme song? I know the original song (夜來香) was a Chinese song by Teresa Teng (鄧麗君). Seems like they sort of remade it with Korean lyrics.
  8. Me too. Well, they've been making me angry for a while now, but the stupidity of SH is just too much. I want Hong to be taken down so bad. No mercy! Also SY's deadbeat father and mistress is just too much. Why can't SY throw them out of the house? Isn't it her mom's? The nerve of the the mistress. No shame nor pride at all whatsoever! Ugh...
  9. I think Ms. Hong told SJ's dad that SJ is ill and may be dying cause it seems his father and sister is allowing SJ to be with SY since she makes him happy. It's like they're going to let SJ be happy for his final days. I'm hoping that it's either a misdiagnosis or it isn't that incurable. Cause, gee whiz, it's only EP 73 and we got like 47 episodes to go. Writer-nim would just kill his character off before we get to the ending, only to have SY end up back with SH. That better not be the ending!!!!!!
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