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  1. Ughh...can't stand SA's holier than thou attitude. Listen woman, none of the stuff you have belongs to you!!! SK has point blank told you HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU, HE'S IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE! How dense can you be to continue to cling onto him! He was never your's to begin with, and yet she acts like BH stole him from her. You stole her life plus she & SK were each other's first crush. Please writer-nim, stop letting SA get away with things! Let her experience failure over and over again with whatever plans she keeps having.
  2. I can only wish the writer will include a scene of Zhi You bluntly talking down her and humiliating her cousin.
  3. In her utmost delusional fantasy will Zhi You actually pay a tad bit interest in her. His cold demeanor will have her scamping off the first minute. He got no time for her!!! I'm waiting for the scene that her cousin will try any attempt to seduce or flirt with Zhi You. Lets see how fast she will be scrambling for the exit as Zhi You gives her a piece of his blunt honesty as what kind of trash she is.
  4. I know right ... they're not even decent human beings. It's supposedly a "family dinner" but they don't have any common decency nor empathy for YR. How do you go about having her over for dinner and yet and have food for her. Didn't even bother with it. There was no guilty feelings that she didn't have anything to eat. What irks me even more is I'm sure her Uncle knows that is wife & daughter has mistreated YR. Yet, he does and says nothing...he's so weak!!!! I would love for ZY to really give them a piece of his mind because we know how brutally honest and blunt he is. But I have a feeling that even if he was brutally honest with them, they wouldn't even care and would just verbally attack him or make life more miserable for YR (cause after all their excuse is that they are family). YR's conniving aunt only cares about her & her daughter. Their goal in moving to a bigger city where YR currently lives is to try to "live off" and "use" YR as well as hook up her daughter to a rich boyfriend. What is she smoking?! With her daughter's attitude and personality, does she really think that she would be able to find herself a rich guy. Now, let's say she does, will that rich guy stay with her long enough to marry once he sees through her snotty and selfish ways! If the cousin thinks Li Zhi will be interested in her, she's gonna get some serious wake up call soon. If front of them, he's shown that he *likes" YR. Even when her cousin was trying to 'humble' YR as to why Gao Ming broke up with her, LZ butted in and told them that basically GM's loss is his gain (paraphrasing). Doesn't that say something to them that LZ is interested in YR?!!!!! He's only currently interested in finding out if it's YR or the cousin who's the little girl he saved 5 years ago (although the timeline should be longer as that truly was little YR -- no way in 5 years she grew up so much!). Does the cousin really think LZ is that stupid? Eventually her lies will be exposed big time! Plus, LZ has already started to develop feelings for YR (even though his original plan was to take her away from ZY). Bet he didn't plan on developing feelings for her, which is why when he first found out that the little girl could be YR, he was so emotional. I do feel bad for him as YR only sees him as a friend. She would like for him and ZY to make amends and become friends again. Not only do I want YR to stand up for herself, I so hope her Uncle will just once truly stand up for his niece. She has to be related to them on her Uncle's side cause her aunt has shown no love for her at all which tells me that either of her parents were not her sibling.
  5. After watching episodes 17 & 18, I had disliked Yi Ren's aunt & cousin before, but now truly disliked them 1000x. They are lower than dirt. They are both calculating, selfish, greedy people. I mean Yi Ren is really family. Her parents died, yet they treat her like a slave or ATM at the moment. Based on the previews, seems like Boss Fang will be make a visit to their house for dinner and I hope with his blunt and honest self will put both of them in their place for taking advantage of Yi Ren. But what I really hope happens is for Yi Ren to stand up for herself in front of them and not let them walk all over her. I mean, yes she's grateful that they raised her after her parents died, but in actually they didn't do much. She practically raised herself. Her cousin took everything from her (even when her uncle wanted to provide things for Yi Ren). Her aunt basically treated her like a servant to do this and that. How is it Yi Ren's responsibility to look and pay for an apartment for them to live?!!! Ugh...they irk me nonetheless.
  6. Is this almost like the Chinese version of the Korean drama Dae Jang Geum?
  7. I posted this elsewhere, but I may be in the minority. However, the actor portraying JH and the actress portraying ED have great chemistry. Even when they have scenes just arguing or yelling at each other, that tension is palpable. They should be cast as the leading OTP in another drama together.
  8. Dang, that stalking lawyer richard simmons!!! She had no right to look at SA's phone nor go through his photos!!! Who is she to him? She's not his wife nor his girlfriend! I hope SA lays into her big time for invasion of privacy. She needs to wake up and smell the burnt coffee cause dude's not interested in you at all!!! He's made his intention known! Plus, who are you to question why he has a photo of his dad & GO on their honeymoon! It's none of your business!!! You are not his family!!! SA, please don't disappoint me and put her in her place!!! I'm liking that SA knows and will help his dad in making his brothers "grow up" and respect him and not the money they'll be getting from him. I also hope GO will help knock some sense of responsibility into SA's younger brother is currently a lazy bum! But the most worthless character really goes to GO's stepsister! Of all the characters in daily dramas, she really is worthless and useless.
  9. I don't trust the writer(s). We all didn't want the lousy & lazy sister in "Want a Taste," yet she ended up with the female leads brother.
  10. Oh wow, his resume is huge and he's done so much dubbing for so many lead actors. He's the voice in a lot of the dramas I've watched too. No wonder his voice sounds so familiar.
  11. The only silver lining to this is that the end is here. Thank goodness it ends tomorrow!!!! Oh yay!!!!
  12. Just watched the latest 2 eps, and I'm liking this drama. Really like the chemistry between FL & ML. He's already confessed to liking her. I also think his sister is starting to really like FL too. Wonder if she'll help them get together. His sister just needs a mother figure in her life as her brother is just too busy. If FL gets to be with her brother, she gets a sister/mother figure in her life.
  13. Still liking the drama. Please don't fail me now. I do like the father/daughter vibe going with YB & KO. If she agrees to be his "pretend" wife to teach his selfish and lazy good for nothing kids (except SA) than I'm all for it. I also hope that in return YB does indeed help out KO with her current situation. Her stepsister is truly of no help!!! She's just like YB's kids...good for nothing!!! Looks like in the preview, SA will offer KO a job. They're getting to know each other more and their relationship at least is more friendly and cordial than before. Won't he be in shock in knowing she will be his dad's new wife.
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