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  1. Season 2 is not a continuation of Season 1. I think everyone loved season 1 except the part that Boss Ling faked and lied to Xia Lin that she had leukemia. Everyone (the audience) was up in arms about that. That is very cruel to do to someone. Xia Lin really thought she was going to die. Everyone loved the couple but that glaring plot hole didn't pacify the audience. The drama was a sleeper hit, so the producers decided to do Season 2 but as a rewrite instead of continuing the story. Season 1 ended with a happy ending for everyone. This time, they changed up the characters a bit and just re-wrote a bit. Boss Ling is still hiding a secret and manipulated Xia Lin to marry him again. Once she finds out, she's going to be pissed again. But I think at the very least, it's not a life or death situation.
  2. Shim Ji Ho was great and showed his comedic side in the daily from several years ago, "Shut Up Family." He was also a good guy and acting skills were top notch in the melo daily "You Are a Gift." His crying skills were crazy!
  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Boss & Me" ... plus the novel itself was just as good!!!
  4. May I ask where did you read the translation as I would also like to read it too?
  5. Not feeling the FL, but love Toby Li. I'm hoping he gets the girl this time.
  6. It was subbed at the time (which is how I was able to watch it), but I don't know if the links to those episodes even works now. The daily is from 2013. I gave up on it midway when the drama "jumped the shark." The ML & FL had some chemistry, and then came The scriptwriter wrote crazy and nonsense plots/scenarios. Only tuned in for the last episode and read that MBC had to rewrite it. She wrote another drama for MBC (can't remember the name) which was also makjang crazy, and MBC had to cut ties with her because she went bonkers with the script. She eventually issued a statement that she was retiring. Once Seo Ha-Joon (JS in this daily) was introduced and it seemed as if he was becoming the ML, I immediately tuned out as I didn't see any chemistry between he & Jeon So-Min. For more info about the controversy, see link below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Aurora_(TV_series)
  7. The actor portraying JS is the perfect example of appearing midway in a daily drama and ending up with the FL. He appeared in the daily drama called "Princess Aurora" with Jeon So-Min (her debut drama as lead). The daily was unbelievable makjong and went off the rails. MBC ended up re-writing/re-editing the ending cause the scriptwriter went bonkers with a nonsensical ending. The ML was Oh Chang-Seok (he was in the daily "A Place in the Sun" that finished airing a few months ago). He was paired up with JSM, but midway, the actor portraying JS was introduced into the drama and ended up becoming the ML. JSM's family was one-by-one written out. She was the youngest and only daughter of a rich family. The family went broke and the writer wrote out her brothers one-by-one either having them move abroad for work or killing their characters off. I read someone's comments that the actors were not happy with the writing and had a discussion with the scriptwriter (who was famous for her wacked out and makjong scripts). She just wrote them out instead. Once OCS was replaced as the ML, they also killed his character. The entire daily was so weird and horrible.
  8. I thought so too. So are they rebooting season 1 instead of picking up from where they left off in season 1? At the very least, Pretty Man 2 dedicated the first few episodes of season 2 as a rehash of season 1, but afterwards, it just continued on from where they last left off.
  9. Perhaps SR introduces JH as her fiance instead of bodyguard because he's staying/living with her.
  10. @campanula Don't you just love continuity problems that plague almost all k-dramas and other dramas all over the world. Like the character is married, they'll wear wedding rings in several scenes, then nothing in other scenes, then all of sudden on the other hand. Or they start one scene is a certain outfit, and seem to magically change into a different outfit in the next scene.
  11. I realize that I am mostly annoyed watching daily dramas as opposed to night time/weekend dramas. I still get annoyed with certain characters there too, but daily dramas just take the cake of me complaining each and every time. Of course daily dramas being so long is the main crux of it. Majority of these dramas should be only 20-30 episodes. With them averaging +120 episodes, about 90-100 episodes are fillers!!!! It's complete nonsense, illogical and drags. Sometimes they're antics are so crazy that I wonder if SK citizens are actually depicted correctly. IMO, it makes it seem that SK as a country is so behind the times culturally. For example, I've mentioned before that one of the many pet peeves of mine in watching dramas is the relentless unrequited one-side love/crush. Trash brat has been turned down/outright rejected by CD so many times, yet she keeps pushing and pushing to get him. Her solution is to break CD & YW up, so that CD will turn to her. Does this really happen in real-life? She's the CEO's daughter, does her father not stop her or do something. She's literally lowering (as she's a rich heir) and throwing herself at CD. Another pet peeve is the parents making decisions on whom you should marry or not marry. I understand that family life is really big in SK, but you only have one life to live and it's your's to live it, not your parents. They're not the ones that will be living your with your spouse...you are. So at the very least, you should have a say on whom you will spend the rest of your life with. Another one, which is a major bone to pick on. They literally write the villains with having no morals or conscience. They have no problems getting rid of the opposition be it with dirty tricks or even killing them. They're like 'oh hey, ABC is in my way of getting the guy I like, let me run over her and either maim her. If she dies, then oh yay, party time! The guy's all mine!!!' They literally do not feel guilty for taking a life. Then, of course, many daily dramas use some *cough* less talented *cough* actors/actresses for lead or secondary roles who display one generic emotions when angry (eyes wide open, screaming at the top of their lungs, acting crazy when one should be acting angry, etc). I understand they're probably cheaper to hire due to budget, but ... le sigh. Lee Yu-Ri used to act in a lot of daily dramas. She's upgraded to night time/weekend dramas for the past several years now. She even won a daesang too! She's very good. She honed her craft doing daily dramas. I've seen many actors/actresses upgrade themselves as well. But, the days when I actually like a whole daily drama without any headbanging frustrations over a character or FFing scenes are long gone. They just don't make them like they used to anymore.
  12. YW & her daughter should just moved back home to her dad & sister. She's single now. Why would it be a problem if she starts dating again. Her husband died...should she be single for the rest of her life? She's still young too. Besides the trash brat that I can't stand, I also can't stand the sister-in-law. Ughh...this drama has so many characters which I dislike.
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