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  1. It’s so refreshing to read your reviews as a newbie, @syntyche . Although KT was my least favorite LMH character (i didn’t see any growth and prefer LMH in mature roles, esp. action dramas), I think I’ve rewatched Heirs at least 5x! LOL. He didn’t work on LOTBS until 3 years later so the long wait had me rewatching all his dramas, esp The Heirs bec it was his latest one that time. The 2 hour films (GB and BH) just don’t satisfy me... I need 20 hours of our bbboy.! And now, I couldn’t count how many time I’ve rewatched LOTBS. Hopefully, he does a new drama soon... preferably 24 episodes like Faith.
  2. Gumawo fellow Minoz ! Wow, 17 days to go and counting. I cant' believe the 2 year-service of our bb boy is almost done. Thanks to all of you Soomzies who have been keeping this board alive. Hopefully all other Minoz come back soon and join in the fun. Am so looking forward to LMH's next project -- hopefully we hear some news from MYM soon. Will be praying he does a drama so we get to see him for at least 20 hours on the screen. Much love to all !
  3. Thank you for sharing. Is there a way for US Minoz to get a hold of these beautiful Lee Min Ho calendars? I dont think the fansites allow international shipping..
  4. Annyeong soomzies ! check this out... http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/09/to-all-the-flower-boys-ive-loved-before/ "On the other hand, Lee Min-ho did become 90 percent of the reason for my obsession with Boys Over Flowers when it aired as this fresh face brimming with all this potential talent, which gave him a golden sheen that lasted for years afterward. It felt like we were all discovering a star together, and that was exciting."
  5. Because we miss our boy so much, here's a throw back photo of LMH for Fila 20140714.
  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is the drama that brought me to kdrama addiction and also made me into a LMH fan. It is still my no. 1 favorite drama.
  7. I think LMH has round eyes with double eye-lid -- one of my fave features of his. He has very expressive eyes and he uses them effectively when emoting in his dramas/ films.
  8. Happy 12th Anniversary to our dear Lee Min Ho-ssi. Happy 1 year anniversary in his MS... one year to go! And in just a week, he gained 100k followersin his IG account.. amazing!!
  9. I agree 100%. I fell for LMH as City Hunter. I couldn't get enough of his hotness and cuteness in this drama, that i kept rewatching the whole drama. He makes me giggle each time he does his adorable face... like this part when he was talking to himself when Nana suddenly showed up. I even go back and replay the cute parts right after watching it ... LOL.
  10. @CarolynH I found these videos of LMH in Happy Camp show, with English SUBs:
  11. More videos from Ice -- I don't think this one was posted before. Loving his hairstyle here.
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