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  1. 6th ep. Haha I can never forget 6th ep where they revealed Ikjun and songhwa had a crush on each other and ikjun still has residual feelings for her when he went to get her biopsy results. Sighh.
  2. Nope @partyon It's just too hard this time. I couldn't find it. Sigh. LMAO
  3. hi there!!!! I would like to hear more about the recent developments, i'll not mock, i swear. -2
  4. Hahahaha garden flower!!!! Such a entertainment. @Sleepy Owl I'm pretty sure that even the writer of the show didn't know about the love triangle, but some highly intellectual fans was able to spot a love triangle. I'm really amazed that they are still sticking to the ship months after S1 ended. They are hoping for something to happen in S2. Lol. BTW let's not forget the epic dirty garden ship...
  5. Start up thread is a mess....but its fun to see a shipwar break in front of our eyes. Last time it happened was in hospital playlist. -2
  6. Thanks for such a fun event @Lmangla and @partyon. I like that the clues are not unbelievably hard like the previous years. But at the same time its not that easy too, you guys have found the correct balance. LOL I'm craving for some nice chocolate cake at the moment. LOL
  7. I should've guessed that he is single when you said he is a general surgeon. Lmao. -2
  8. Wow I need to meet this cousin of yours. Hahaha. -2
  9. Alright, this is seriously giving me Reply 1988 deja vu. Everyone rooting for a guy who behaves like the Male lead and fail to see who the female lead actually has feelings for. Atleast in Reply series, they keep the female lead's feelings as a mystery until the last few eps, but in this show it has been clear from the very beginning that she has fallen for Dosan. Suzy is not a great actor, I agree, but imo, she did a good job in this drama, never once she had acted like she even has an ounce of attraction towards Ji pyeong. I get that all the Jipyeong fans wanted to see him happy because he h
  10. Ikr?!?! When I turn 40, all I need is to hang out with my friends whom I have known for all my life. How many people get such a opportunity to be with the same gang of friends they went to college with? Very rare we keep in touch with our school/college friends. The camaraderie between the friends is what made my heart so soft and its also why I still talk about this show greatly everywhere. -2
  11. Finally someone who agrees with me in this thread!!! Yes my friend, not only JJS and JMD, we also have the multitalented YYS in this show!!!! His honey like voice is so mesmerizing!!!!
  12. Ohhh Cmon!!! All the songs in HP were good. The first band performance where the girl sings poorly is just for a comic effect....I can't believe I'm explaining this. Ok I get that shin lee's sense of humor is not for everyone. Meh. But how can anyone not enjoy a performance like this?
  13. I have watched both only midway thru before I dropped it. I would say instead of giving it to KSH, they should've given it to Seo Ye Ji. She was the scene stealer. If its between KSH and LJK, imo LJK deserves the daesang. -2
  14. I have no idea what you are talking about. You loved that show and you are going to watch S2 with us. -2
  15. What is the situation there @Lmangla? Is it very bad? -2
  16. @partyon Proof that pineapple head has abs It looks like 4 packs. LOL. But still something is there. He is just a baby, give him sometime, he will become the hottest guy out there. @cenching Love is sweet was absolutely great. I started seeing Luo Yun Xi with a newfound love and respect after that drama. HEHEHE. -2
  17. @cenching Are you watching The wolf? -2
  18. Whatever, we don't have to do it again just for me. @partyon you know I really don't care about the numbers. It was just a fun suggestion. I don't even come here that often these days. You guys continue the game as you like. I'll pop in when I have time. @partyon @Lmangla yesterday the forum was down for a while and I kinda got panicked. Lol. Where can I contact you guys if this happens again? Do you guys have twitter or anything else? Slack? -2
  19. LETS RESET @partyon!!!!!! -5. LOL
  20. Done voting!!! Thank you so much for setting up the poll @Lmangla I know I can always count on you.
  21. @partyon @Lmangla I'm thinking that we could do a poll in startup thread in view of all the shipping wars I see in the internet. LOL. Team Ji pyeong vs Team Dosan. I want to know who really has increased support.....
  22. Nice question. That would be an ideal ending if she doesn't end up with either of them. LOL. I hate the time jump trope, we have been begging the writer to give some character development for Dosan, but seems like she will just patch everything up with a time jump. Sighh. -2
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