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  1. Okay - episodes 44 & 45 (watched 46 but still awaiting subs) We start off with CJH threatening TI again ... no surprise there - I'm just gonna call these little scenes CJH "smirk-fests" Looks like MH has decided to try her hand with stalking, this should be fun ... Did you guys catch that full on GRIN EC was sporting when ED tucked him in .... what was that kid dreaming about? Someday ED will get a home security system that requires visitors be buzzed in ... it just wont be in this episode. MH breaking in with style - its one thing to force your way into someones home, its on a whole other level when you have your driver announce your arrival - I just love MH MH & ED - I was gonna call this engagement a draw, both were spitting venom at each other but in the end ED gets the edge - When MH wound up for the big strike, ED never even flinched. That girl has ice in her veins ... super chill. Somewhere in the kdramaverse, the universal SLAPCOUNTER is crying ... denied again! A dimly lit Office - TI alone with SJ - SJ looking sexy good, TI .... well looking like TI - ..." I can save you " ... SJ says in that dominating husky voice of hers ..."KNEEL"... At that exact moment, I was full on ready to abandon TI-ED and ship SJ-TI .... but NO! Robot boy engages his safety protocols, and nothing - Oh the wasted opportunities! - It would've been glorious! We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to insert a few minutes of interested parties fretting over HWs nonexistent pregnancy How about those 9 mile wide lapels on MHs business suit - WOW! HJH is into hard sell mode - He's offering ED houses now? Okay, out of all the minions MH has at her disposal, she chooses to call the deputy chief of surgery (HW) for the menial task of corralling ED - Never mind she was just about to go into surgery - Never mind that the other doctors purple scubs looked better than HWs blue ones - this is just so ridiculous a request that even HW just has to say NO right? - WRONG! HW is on the way over ... Meanwhile ED tries to use the JEDI mind trick on SJ - ED: You loved TI SJ: I loved TI ED: You cant let this happen to him SJ: I cant let this happen ... Unfortunately for our intrepid heroine, MH is a SITH lord .... SJ: Mother please stop, this cannot continue... MH: Snap out of it you weak minded fool! Insert another CJH smirk-fest here - Why,why,why will no one smack the glasses off CJHs face? I just want to see it once... Wardrobe Power Theory - Do you all remember a few episodes back when HW was dressing alot better and was pumped full of swagger (HW&ED roof top face off for example) - Now look at her ... weak wardrobe and shes back to competing with "DimSum" for most annoying Going Up? or Elevator Misdirection? - ED is mentally torturing HW in the elevator when the elevator stops and the doors open to reveal a waiting Chairman Han - ED drags HW out and tells Chairman Han ...I have something to tell you ... Chairman Han says tell me later, but instead of getting on the elevator he was waiting for, he turns and walks away ... WHAT? Insert another gloating CJH smirk-fest here - So after CJH tries to off the Chairman with an induced heart attack, ED takes our stricken Chairman home - And how about that look ED gives MH & HW when the chairman brushes off his wifes hands and tells ED to follow him ... Okay - I'm gonna yell here so close your ears or decrease your font size as necessary .... WOULD SOMEBODY/ANYBODY PLEASE JUST TELL CHAIRMAN HAN THE FRICKEN TRUTH???!!! OMG! They told HJH everything (except about his Mom) why have ED defer to TI, and then have TI kneel to apologize, AND NOT TELL HIM EVERYTHING - HJH is still trying to get me to like him - after CJH drops the TI recording bomb, HJH is fuming but immediately asks for the UNEDITED version .... he is dumb, but not so dumb How about that ED mic drop on MH & HW? She walks in the room solely to tell MH she shouldn't have messed with TI, then turns to HW (DimSum wannabe) and says ... you know what comes next .... ED for the win HJH hits TI ... I mean its not like TI was just standing there and let him do it ..... Oh wait ED is looking a little panicky when she can't get TI on the phone ..... hmmmmm CJH talks Chairman Han into another heart attack, and starts another smirk-fest, meanwhile in rushes MH, I think this is the first time she has looked genuinely concerned for the Chairman, or maybe she just wasn't planning on killing him this soon .... TI - Noble-Virile-Ever Brooding-Robot powers - ACTIVATE! It looks like TI has had enough and its Robot Rampage time! That picture flipping, menacing lean down, you better listen scene was epic .... but just wait ... theres more .... MH Board-Walk - What does it say when MH is working a business suit that looks better than all the men on the board? Did I mention I love MH SJ was looking sharp too! Looks like HJH has CJHs number ....finally! @yukiyukiku Agreed - ED was dressing so well right up until we got ratty top with yellow/black polka dot skirt - EWWWWW - what has been seen, cannot be un-seen. I think my eyes are sprained! How about that Klutz/ABBA Harpie victory dance? Thanks @UnniSarah for the capture! Hospital Chairman may be a goof, but Wow! How do you live after looking your wife in the eye and telling her she's ignorant but gave birth to a brilliant son? Thing like that usually trigger small nuclear explosions .... that mans living a charmed life Time for Epic scenes Part II - Even with his set back TI is STILL one step ahead of the competition - LOVED that elevator door opening scene ... eyes slowly coming up ... even with the gloating, a quiet TI means someone is going to jail, and hes there just to ride down with you and watch it happen ... telling CJH his dad won't be lonely was just icing on the cake! Thanks @UnniSarah for capturing the moment again! Uh... I think it happened in Gracious Revenge 3 times ... of course .... she called the truck of doom right? ..... right? ............ ....... @Lmangla we should turn "DimSum" into an eating game ... every time she cowers on screen, you have to take a bite of Dim Sum! I'm In LCO
  2. Heading into the 4th (7th&8th) episode and its just getting better - Love the pacing and the overall light and fun feel to it. Even the introduction of the exes was fun, because you already know there's no chance of a reconciliation - they're just here to cause trouble. I really thought Do Hee was gonna get his name at the end ... looks like we're still waiting
  3. Uh excuse me? ... I didn't start the conversation of HJH dying to which I replied in part ... Further - you started the speculation that if HJH died it would shorten the show .... To which I simply responded... So for the sake of clarity - Despite his obvious feelings for ED, and regardless of his sincerity, I do not see HJH and ED ending the drama as anything more than friends. While HJH is not a favorite character of mine, I am not in any way wishing for or promoting his demise LCO
  4. Fair points - but I would offer that the conflict between TI & HJH is essentially one sided HJH to TI TI has promised Chairman Han to protect HJH and I am confident he will honor that commitment - So while I'm sure it annoys the hell out of TI that HJH is after ED, if anything happens it will be driven by ED or HJHs actions not TIs Slim to None is the chance SJ has of wooing TI back - Yes, TI would help her if she was in dire straits, but there would be no overnight stays in the hospital with SJ, nor would he buy her a pair of ugly shoes - Now if she resists the pull of MH and the darkside, and she can stop herself from becoming psychotic then maybe just maybe there's a chance ... I'll give it 2% ... and thats generous
  5. I doubt one more body would shorten the series even if it was HJH's - I'm actually surprised no one else has turned up dead yet. I'm sure that if ED were to leave him at the alter that he'd blow by just about anybody standing on the porch, but after 3 or 4 episodes the reality that TI & EDs smoldering love will not be denied will begin to sink in ..... and THAT is when the little jailbird will pounce - With an incredible financing offer, on an accu pressure bed from HJHs moms store - for which ..... HM will be giving a lengthy, private, at home, demonstration
  6. First off - I didn't love @shana0127's story .... I liked it. Now if she had secretly switched out ED and put HM under the veil - THEN I would've loved it - Or if she had had HM sitting outside in a car with the engine running ready to help ED make her escape - THEN I would've loved it .... alas, she didn't do either of those things so I only like it Whoa! - I'm not even a fan of the guy but I've got enough faith in him not to off himself over being left at the alter - Would he be upset? Of course ..... Would he be suicidal? ..... a resounding NO. Hell, Baby face in Gracious Revenge, got dodged at the alter and the same woman tried to kill him and the fool never stopped smiling. I'd like to give HJH a bit more credit than that. Have you seen even one shred of warmth between these two? I don't see any love growing between them. MH seems to love no one but her daughter and herself, and I think in the end that will be her undoing - a plan of MH's will go wrong and she'll end up hurting her own daughter
  7. Sadly, I was holding out hope that Luna would double cross LR and help LG/JTE .... Now that she has poisoned LG, about the only thing left to do is watch JTE rip her to pieces ..... what a waste
  8. Agreed- Agreed - .... wow, we just agreed twice in a row .... okay we're on a roll here so lets talk about HMs redemption arc and future nuptials with our boy HJH
  9. Overall I agree but I differ on one point - MH MH will suffer a set back but it will be CJH that's humiliated - MH almost never acts directly she always employs her minions - so while all the players will know it was a move by MH, its going to be CJH or some other henchmen that loses face ...... and I'm fine with that
  10. I don't think its about re-kindling attraction, I think its about getting them to admit/express it. ED is clearly thinking about TI alot, and its usually in a good way - she even thinks about him when she is with HJH which says alot - the more difficult part is TI. When Chairman Han questioned him if there was any other reason he was doing this, TI didn't say no, he just side-stepped and said it was something he alone would deal with ( hes doing it because of ED ) now fast-forward a bit and ED asks him the same question ... he doesn't hesitate a sec, he just says no - clearly TI has feelings for ED I think what will happen is TI will slowly become more agitated seeing ED always with HJH, he wont say anything and he wont act out at HJH but ED knows TI well enough that she will start to realize something is bothering him alot - Once ED figures out that its her thats making TI act oddly, I think she toys with him for alitlle bit to see if she can get him to act but when he doesn't ED will finally get annoyed and at some point she'll just grab him and kiss him So while TI's caring is subtle, I think its going to be ED who will break the ice and make the first move .... we'll see
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