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  1. Episode 10 - - Dan-Ah leaves Yeong-Hwa at the school, clearly she's upset - yep, she's hooked _ Mi-Joo's imaginary confession scenarios were a riot! I love in the last one how May steps in and drys Seon-Gyeom's tears while critiquing her confessions - one of the best scenes this episode. - Mi-Joo & Seon-Gyeom finally confess! Credit goes to Seon-Gyeom - Mi-Joo was just along for the ride. - Post confession hand holding ... or not. I gotta tell you guys, I was almost screaming at the monitor when we got that whole agonizing walk where clear
  2. Episode 9 - its official ... I like the second leads better now I've loved Dan-Ahs character from the start - especially her banter with Mi Joo - but after yet ANOTHER episode of watching the main leads unable to get out of their own way, I found myself more concerned about the blow out between Dan-Ah and Yeong-Hwa From the preview it looks like the Mains will FINALLY get closer next episode, while hopefully Dan will figure out that she crossed the line. Its obvious Dan is slowly finding feelings for Yeong-Hwa, and the blow out was driven by her annoyance wi
  3. If anyone is still out there following this thread, I have a question concerning the end of CLOY - Over the Christmas holiday I binge watched CLOY again and got into a discussion about how long YSR & RJH waited for each other, before finally re-uniting in Switzerland. ( I'm referring to the piano recital, and picnic ending ) The only points I could pull out of the last episode make it that it had to be at least be 4-5+ years - the scene immediately following the para-gliding reunion, is Dan's Mother talking with the fortune teller which states that Dan
  4. Getting to this a little late, but in the Suspense/Mystery category I would've added "The Game Towards Zero" ... I liked it. @partyon & @Lmangla thanks for another great poll.
  5. As many of you have already noted, the FL is a bit dry. Perhaps however, that is intentional. Currently the Private Eye is outshining in her almost every facet - Maybe she teaches the FL the tricks of the trade, and soon she transforms into a true film noir femme fatale The story is okay, and I'm loving the Private Eye so I'll keep watching
  6. "...I feel like I could have written a better ending...." Actually you did - I honestly thought that this was going to happen right after the Christmas Party - Juns Mom shows up and tells Ra-ra he's very ill - Ra-ra rushes to his side, scolds him one last time for lying to her, and then we get a montage of Ra-ra helping Jun recover, in a simple reverse of how Jun cared for Ra-ra in the beginning. Near the end, after he has fully recovered, we get to see Ra-ras proposal and roll credits.... Works for me
  7. When I wrote this several hours ago, I never envisioned a final episode like that. Yes, Jun survived, and they ended the drama together, but this drama is nowhere near the top of my favorites after a final episode like that. 15 wonderful episodes and then THAT for an ending??? Sorry, writer-nim you flat out ruined it all.
  8. I'm right there with you - I've enjoyed each and every episode, right up til that preview. If he survives and they end the drama together then this drama goes right up near the top of my favorites - If the writer is actually heartless enough, and foolish enough to kill Jun off then I'm gonna tuck this drama in at the bottom of the list right underneath VAGABOND - ( actually VAGABOND jumps up near the top of the list if they ever give us a season 2 ) The next few hours, waiting for the last episode, are going to be excruciating ...
  9. Just finished Episode 14 ... what a mess. I was peeking at this thread at work, hoping for hints at a happier ending than the preview alluded to, but no. After seeing the preview for the next episode, Ra-ra will obviously find out about Jun saving La-la land and start putting the pieces together on what really happened, and it looks like she will go after him - but that break up - flat out cruel, and entirely unnecessary. Like alot of you here have already posted, the writers seem to have forgotten this is a Rom-Com not a Melo. I don't like ridiculous dark
  10. Just finished Ep 13 ... Juju is back! - pats on the back all around guys - we called that one didn't we The beach/piano scenes were just beutiful all around - nuff said. The Tuff Guy - Ha-Young & Seung-gi were the scene stealers today Ha-Young & Seung-gi are finally getting closer ... almost there I'm calling it here and now - Jun is Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol - not sure why just yet, but the look on his face when Ra-ra told him she thought it was Mr Kim, was a look of mild panic, as if she got one step closer than he eve
  11. This is exactly what I'm worried about - I would hope Lee Soo would've learned from his parents, and hopefully he stays true to his newfound commitment to WY - He turned her down several times so if she gets another one-off, I'm okay with that so long as its done by the end of next episode - I hate when dramas try to push characters back together suddenly in the last episode I have a sneaky suspicion Lee Soo's photo exhibition is going to be all about WY ... hopefully that puts them back together for good.
  12. A bit clunky at the start but it ended well - nice epilogue Its hinting at a substantial backstory with Yang Hye-Ji's character and the FL - I hope she doesn't turn out to be a villain in this drama. I loved her in "When the Weather is Fine"
  13. .... well this hits alittle too close to home
  14. I know how you feel - both of the break ups in this episode were totally unnecessary 1st couple - time and distance can be a test but Woo-Yeon still shouldn't have broken up with Lee Soo - He had asked her to go before he left, and after agreeing to go she backed out. Even with the strain, how do you go right to break up? Hell she didn't even once ask him to come back early - I don't like it, and from the previews of ep 15 it looks like she's not doing anything to bridge the gap. 2nd couple - an episode ago I was worried about these two, now I hope Hyun-Jae never goes
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