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  1. Hmmmmm ... perhaps you're onto something ... +2
  2. Care to explain that? It would be exceedingly difficult for that to be true because ... A ) New Mom was still alive BEFORE he got stabbed, and ... B ) As of the end of the latest episode Uni Oppa doesn't know she's dead. LMFAO - Sure! Can't believe you're still trying to blame the man for New Moms death, but Okay I'm curious to see just how many others are going for the Gold in this particular round of Mental Gymnastics
  3. ... well thats certainly convenient Here ... let me fix this for you ... SH Ga-Heun heard his voice. He She had gone to the hospital to visit an injured Bo-Mi, an employee of her mothers company. Look at him hobnobbing with his ex wife. While holding her at knife point, he also admitted to Hoons kidnapping. I can identify him from his voice, that's what he SHE should have told the police. NWD is a hoodlum, Ga-Heun is an upstanding citizen and member of the executive team at Jewang Group. And AGAIN - Eun-Jo doesn't get a pass because she's out seek
  4. Thank you - I'll never refuse wine Made it to another weekend - thanks to you guys for reminding me about Jollibee - its actually in the next town over but was well worth the trip ... soooooooooo good! Thats what I hear, but I've never ordered anything but the spaghetti +2
  5. Ok you Eun-Jo defender/apologist .... Really? His testimony alone would've put Mr Na away? - "a masked man stabbed me on the roof, and I know it was him" - something like that? Sorry, your mopey hissy girl could've done the same - "a masked man abducted me in the parking garage, and tried to bury me alive, and I know it was him" - Of course the clever Mr Na will have used the tried and true defense that has saved men the world over, whenever caught in a compromising position ... So, simple testimony aside, how about witnesses ... last I checked E
  6. JOLLIBEE!!! - Oh its Spaghetti for dinner tonight! Good Afternoon All - +2
  7. ... and the winner is .... DF Oppa's Dad! In a win by default, he's the last to STILL not know Ga-Heun is Eun-Jo. Topknot Mom coming in a close second. Okay- with todays ending we are certainly through the looking glass now ... - Bo-Mi & Uni Oppa are gunning for revenge for Eun-Jo now - The movie director basically described this entire drama to Ha-Ra in a disturbing life imitates art moment - Se-Rin is acting incredibly salty for someone who doesn't know DDM Queen is Eun-Jo ... and has all the evidence of your crimes ... which you gave her
  8. What? .... "Thanks SH"? Okay all you selective outragers, lets review shall we .... 1 - Eun-Jo/Ms M knew it was Na Wook Do who tried to bury her alive .... but didn't report him 2 - Eun-Jo/Ms M knew it was Na Wook Do who assaulted Bo-Mi .... but didn't report him 3 - Eun-Jo/Ms M knew it was Na Wook Do who kidnapped Hoon .... but didn't report him 4 - MOST IMPORTANT - Eun-Jo/Ms M knew it was Na Wook Do who stabbed Uni Oppa BEFORE he even got out of surgery .... but STILL didn't report him ... but now you want
  9. Sorry @Lmangla, but that scene shows no such thing - How is he miraculously supposed to understand the depths of her pain, when he is just now hearing how her father died? Its not a failing on Uni Oppa's part that he didn't somehow intuitively know that her father had been murdered, by that measure NO ONE is suited to be with her, and don't even think about trying to prop up DF Oppa, he's no better as he merely got lucky to be standing just around the right corner when Eun-Jo spilled the news herself - You want to rip on the man for being a merely tepid Male Lead, fine. But you can't fault hi
  10. So after watching the latest episode, just a few things ... - Where did Ha-Ra and Se-Rin get cups of coffee so quickly? They were still playing stare down with Uni Oppa long after Eun-Jo got drug out of the meeting. - Goofy, giddy, Se-Rin is going to double cross EvilStepMom, and betray Mr Na, all in order to save DF Oppa - Ain't love grand? Its so absolutely stupid its positively brilliant. - DF Oppa's dad is evil after all, guess he's doomed. - I think New Mom is going to die - Its the only way to wrap up revenge in 12 episodes. Eun-Jo is no
  11. So with 13 episodes to go, anybody else thinks its time for at least a little backstory on Mr Wang? And just how did Ha-Ra take New Mom, and overpower the human swiss-army-knife anyway? And speaking of Ha-Ra, she's just now figuring out Eun-Jo is behind the script? The writers losing it, Ha-Ra already acknowledged to Eun-Jo at their meeting right after the reveal phone call, that Eun-Jo got her with the Bridal Shower scene ... what? did she suddenly forget that? ... lame lame lame
  12. I still don't know if I trust his police partners - but he's about to catch the head bad guy thanks to his gf. Which brings up a very good question ... who is that in his apartment? Whoever she is, I don't think gf has anything to worry about, he's more than in love with her already
  13. Start-Up? Yeah, that I can understand +2
  14. Yes... that Suzy ... is there another one i don't know about? +2
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