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  1. I agree. Has he always been this evil? It can't be just because of YJ "contaminating" his mind with money. His evilness like inherent already. Not to mention the mother too... The whole family is just a mess!
  2. I agree. It's good she refuses to be under YJ's control because she will not stop manipulating them. Even after an apology, she still want to make MY suffer. I didn't think Bom is adopted because SJ would not care about her so much otherwise. Yes he did at one point abandon her by faking his death, but he still cares about her. Ep.10 preview is so exciting. Can't wait. But some stuff is starting to bother me in ep.9. First of all, how did the young YJ managed to survive when she couldn't find her dad? How did the adult YJ found MY's father? Then also, how could MY ask Bom to wait outside the house while she went in to check who was inside the house. I wouldn't leave the kid alone outside. The least I would do is put her in the car and lock the car maybe? That's not a good idea too though. Anyway, I would've also told Bom to stay away from Cookie Teacher. No need to tell her details, but just that she is not a person to be around, to trust.
  3. Yes he has 😃 Have you forgotten Gaus Electronics? I was happy to see him being the lead there. But I agree with you, he needs to be in more lead roles!
  4. It is her, right? She gave back the briefcase to SJ in the car. It wasn't stolen, SJ planned for the documents to be taken to safety by another person. He is smart for always having a back-up plan and maneuvering his way. I wonder who the man who helped with the initial switch of briefcase though. He is without moral. He needed Chairman to be alive so he could carry out his plan countering the chairman's son and Yeon Joo.
  5. End of ep.7 showing Moon Young having the upper hand against Ha Yeon Joo, but we still have 5 more episodes to go... Can't be that soon. And we're introduced to one of the sons played by yet another senior actor. So there are more intrigues? I'm so tempted to say that ending at ep.8 might be better, but sure, bring it on. Just don't make the drama become draggy please...
  6. O wow... Plot escalated a lot. Am at the start of ep 7 now. Did you guys see Sun Jae slapped Moon Young back when she hit him with the golf club? And gaslighting her that it's all her fault for not letting things be as it is. Some people might drop the drama because of this latest reveal, but I'm more intrigued to see what's gonna happen to those two. Great acting from all the leads! I really like seeing Lee Chung Ah playing antagonist for once.
  7. I've been super busy lately that I'm only watching one drama now... can you believe that... Is this worth losing some sleep to watch?
  8. Apparently it wasn't working... I had forgotten to come back here until you summoned me JK These past few days had been unexpectedly busy... Will try give it a shot tomorrow. Same here! I started paying attention to him after The Heirs.
  9. What?! You are forcing me to rewatch these dramas to find the truth!? I should just peek at some answers here... LOL... JK... Seriously, my memory is failing me. Will try my best but I think I'm gonna miss a lot... lol... Be back soon, after I take some ginkgo first
  10. I think the drive is built in together with the monitor. Like Apple, or maybe it is Apple with a sticker on I believe I'm heading towards a severe SLS... And yeah, with him having such backstory, made me wish he had a chance to "become true light", like the fake Nam Soon getting a second chance. Although somehow I feel that she might die later at the hands of Si-oh. This definitely helps a bit with the SLS... otherwise, I might have gone over the other side, LOL...
  11. I am with you for all these choices... Just realised that I don't watch as many dramas/movies with vampires. I guess I prefer grim reaper/zombies more... But I want to check out Heartbeat.
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