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  1. Cut to VP dressing up in her room. She rushed her mom to get ready as well, then she took a camera like what paparazzi would use. Turned out they're heading to DJ's speech as President. VP is acting all loud like a true fan when DJ was giving his speech. Mom clapped rather reluctantly while Dom so happy. Dom and DJ then walked out and talked a bit. After Dom left, VP and mother turned up around the corner. VP proudly present her boyfriend, the president. Mother is still a bit hostile, but she gave it to DJ for becoming a president. DJ got a flower from Sec.Lee, congratulating him. Cut to her visiting Driver in the prison. They have some talk. Our four leads are gathered at VP's office. They're ready to eat. GH is giving out chopsticks because her nature as secretary. Dom protested, so he took over, DJ is not happy, and took over, VP is not happy because DJ is the president, so VP is the one handing out the chopsticks. Then VP took out a cake, but no knife, she realized her secretaries all not in, so GH said she will go out and get it, again Dom protested saying he'll go, DJ protested, saying he'll go, and in the end, VP was the one who go out, hahahaaa.... but she purposely bumped into GH and her red cardigan is burnt.
  2. VP is trying on a wedding dress, with NH there as the judge. She is worried about being too sexy. NH saw the various wedding dresses and moved on to pick one up for her sister. VP is appalled and said, do you know how much that is? It's by Vera Wang. Somehow NH argued her way though and VP threw in a pair of shoes on top of letting her have the dress... haha... Mother is angry at Dom because he didn't get married to VP, then gave up the presidency too. Dom said some stuff. He looks sad here. At GH's home. She is trying the wedding dress, and siblings are giving their assessment. When GH heard that it's from VP, she screamed and asked her to bring it back. Just then, Dom walked in, in full white suit. GH is awkward, and NH called Dom brother-in-law. Then Oppa said let's take a picture. Dom helped the three of them to take picture. After that, he asked NH to take a picture of him and GH... NH happily said, okay bro-in-law. Later on, GH is out of the dress already and getting ready for bed. Dom walked in and asked about the dress, is she thinking of marriage. She yelled no, it's all JNH's idea. Dom said so you're not thinking of marrying me? GH was awkward and went under the blanket. Dom wished her goodnight, then walked out. Oppa was waiting outside. He sat and they talked. Suddenly Oppa is crying, and Dom said something. They have some talk where Oppa mentioned their mother. Sorry, not catching too much of the conversation.
  3. Dom feeding GH with porridge. They're both enjoying it. GH asked Dom how did Uncle decide to have negotiation, it's not like he's that kind of person. Dom said, later, after you've eaten. Just then, Uncle walked in and he updated Dom on what he's done. GH heard the reason and got upset at Dom. He still coaxed her to eat, but she refused and stormed out to go after the Uncle who was at the lift lobby. GH demanded to the Uncle that Dom is not giving up the presidency. Uncle just answered her smugly and went into the lift. GH is giving all her reasoning to Dom, why he did that? Dom told her that he's thought about all those of course (I think) Next day, one of Uncle's minion is rushing to tell him something, but he just dismissed it smugly saying that he's taken care of Dom. That guy told him yes, but another candidate has appeared. Cue to Dom and DJ walking in. Flashback to Dom and DJ talking at the tailor. Dom handed DJ a document, and he stated all his reasoning for nominating DJ as president. Back to present, Dom is talking cute to the directors, teasing them, parroted by DJ, so cute these two... GH in Dom's office tidying his desk. Dom walked in and GH greeted him reluctantly. Dom asked what happened to her mood? GH still sad about it. Dom comforted her that DJ will do well. He then turned her around to see the moss balls, they're floating halfway. Dom asked for a pat on his head because he did well taking care of the sick moss ball. She didn't really want to, but he insisted. Cute moments.
  4. "If I opened my eyes at that moment, would I have seen your face? But I didn't want to open my eyes at that moment. Because the lips I've longed for, and the person I've wanted was you after all. And I could know it was you without seeing you."
  5. You're so right!! I just watched half episode, and wow, the voice-over made it so much more meaningful, not just for that moment, but for the entire drama. One take away from this drama is also that everything boils down to the sincerity of the person you encounter. Sure there is a little deception at the beginning, but all the while GH is always sincere towards Dom, and that's what matters to him because he could feel her sincere heart when it comes to him. I believe this can also be applied in our real lives. Some people may seem to deceive us, to disappoint us, but I think we need to look at the heart. Whether it was done in malice or out of sincerity. They might have done something wrong against us, but sometimes it's not because they meant to do so, but just that they don't know how else is better. I once told a friend that at times, I might have spoken to her in a harsh tone, but please understand that I don't mean to raise my voice at her. It could be because I was feeling upset about other things and just got out like that because she happened to be there. At the end of the day, she needs to understand that my heart is only for the best interest of our friendship (a work partner ~ we have a little disagreement about the way we do things).
  6. I’m gonna miss these two goofballs so much.... and I haven’t got the time to watch last night’s episode with subs... Btw, my girl is having her finals tomorrow. I am actually not too sure if I can livestream or not tonight
  7. Some of us are watching Perfume. I forgot whether you're in the thread or not... I don't remember any fun rom-com somewhere near future, not sure how Hotel Luna will go... not ready to say goodbye to this cute drama. And I have work to finish so cannot wallow in withdrawal too after tomorrow... I used to just rewatch and rewatch for dramas that are difficult to let go, but really can't afford to do that this week...
  8. I am now suddely feeling so sad that we only have one more episode left.... What am I going to do for fun come next Monday-Tuesday?? Another point too ~ they always let the lips touch first, pause, then, start the kissing, with pauses still of course, to savor the lips, oops, I mean the moment... First kiss was like that too
  9. I will bring hors d'oeuvre then.... Been rewatching the scene outside the guest house too... They're just too cute these two. And the kiss... This PD is good and of course no need to mention KYK and JKJ's chemistry too Not disappointing at all
  10. Vangsweetie!! How sweet of you to drop by... Are you all caught up with this drama? I can't believe we'll get to see a wedding!! Thank you PD-nim!! So do you guys think Dom could see faces later on? It seems like he's gonna be trapped in the lift... Will it jerk and somehow he fell and hit his head?
  11. Dom talking to Uncle, asking him to go negotiate and end the protest. Uncle not budging though. DJ is meeting VP's mother outside of a building. Mother is trying to intimidate DJ, I think, but DJ is handling everything calmly, until she screamed. Dom at home and Mother cooked him the food he wanted. He wondered what's that for. Mother explained something, which got him thinking and he got rather sad. Mother is confused, isn't it what he always wanted. Dom just got teary and apologized... Sorry, not understanding what's going on. But Dom returned to his room, looked at the medicine, thought about GH coughing and conversation with Uncle, then he got determined. He made a call and asked it's me, where are you? Cut to Dom and DJ in a suit store, Dom apologized to DJ, DJ also apologized to him, then they got into some bickering. Dom got DJ a suit and he said he will need it later. Dom said if he got fired from the company, DJ will have to take over (I think)... Cut to Dom with Uncle tearing up a document, I think he is withdrawing from the president candidacy. Uncle a bit happy that he will be running alone. Dom went to the tent and asked GH what she wants to eat. She hesitated to answer, but Dom got the sign out of her, and said they can go eat now. He told the others as well, that things are settled, there will be negotiation with Uncle, so no need to continue. Sec.Lee got a call and confirmed what Dom said. GH is so happy because everyone can be back to work and she can be his secretary again, but Dom just smiled awkwardly. He opened his arm and they hugged tightly, earning jaw drops from the three musketeers, lol... ~ end of episode. No preview.
  12. Late at night and Dom in his room trying to call GH, but no answer. He wondered if she is still there. So he went to find her and true enough everyone is still there handing out flyers. Dom asked whether she has eaten. GH explained a bit, then Dom took down his jacket and put it on GH. Next morning, GH reached her desk and Dom opened his office door. She is shocked he is there already. He asked her to go inside. She walked slowly in, and Dom has prepared some food for her, it smells so good. He happily wanted to feed her, saying no one is looking now, but GH is refusing it. Dom got a bit angry and saying that he didn't like it that she is not eating, then he quickly smiled and tried to feed her again, but GH is determined not to eat. She promised him that she will be healthy so as not to make him worry. It's day 3 now, and they're getting weak. Some thugs came by to tear down the tent, and one of them started to be rough with GH, but Dom came by to interrupt and asked them to leave, saying that he will take care of the issue, so they're not needed anymore even though the Uncle sent them. Dom looked back and saw GH coughing. Cut to Dom with doc, he is asking for medicine for someone who hasn't eaten for 3 days. Dom whined and walked out, Doc is confused.
  13. Next morning, in front of the office building, a tent for protesting is set up with all secretaries there. GH is skipping happily towards work, then she got a message from Dom to invite her for dinner later after work. She then saw the tent and went there to ask what's going on. They just looked at her. At the rooftop, Dom looked at the text reply from GH that she is okay for dinner later. Driver came by, when he introduced himself, Dom backed a bit, but Driver told him that he wanted to apologize. They sat down, he showed Dom his knee with wounds from surgery, and he explained a bit. Dom knew he used to be Uncle's driver. Police came, Driver said he called them. He wanted to surrender himself but he wanted to apologize to Dom first. He bowed down deep to Dom and then taken away by the police. Dom just watched. GH was yelling at the other secretaries about why and what's going on, and Dom happened to walk near, so Sec. Lee went to him, and apologized as well, explaining about what happened to DJ's mother and Driver Eum. Dom is looking distubed. Cut to him sitting in front of the aquarium, GH came in, Dom asked her did she want him to forgive Sec.Lee? He said he didn't want to, he kinda blaming them for what happened to him not being able to see faces now. GH gave him her understanding about him feeling wronged and hating the other people, and went to hug him a bit, he just quiet but started to tear up. GH then went to the tent and apologized to them for earlier. I think they understood that she is now a permanent employee? and they're envious of her because she need not worry about being fired. Then GH got a call from Dom about dinner. They urged her to just go for it. So GH and Dom seated for dinner, but GH is thinking about the other secretaries she is not enjoying her meal. Dom asked why is she not enjoying the dinner. GH explained to him about worrying the other secretaries. Dom asked her to go ahead. I think they're going on hunger strike? GH then ran to join them.
  14. Cue the four of them eating together. Some conversation going on... I think Oppa is a bit bullying Dom, hahaha.... because GH kept reminding Dom not to do that and whatever. They all ended up drinking, so cut to them standing in front of a guest house because no one can drive the car back to Seoul. VP and DJ, playing a roulette by VP with various things written on top of it. VP is like a little child so happy about it, she even asked what kind of car DJ wants, DJ said he just rely on his legs to go places. He then got a call from Sec.Lee, when VP heard him called "noona" she tried to listen in. DJ then went to resting room, saying to her that it's not going to be easy. Three musketeers also came by, and claiming their determination to fight back. Cut to Dom and GH, all four of them sleeping together in a row. GH and Dom the furthest end. Dom cannot sleep, so he got up and used his long leg to nudge GH's leg. He cannot sleep and asked GH how... GH sleepily said sorry... He sat up and looked at the three of them, smiling, then he took a walk out the guest house. Outside, he made a call to his mother, who is pouring water for herself. She asked where he is why calling at this time. Dom apologized about something. Mother also said something to apologize also. Dom asked her to still prepare the dish he requested, and he also tell her that in the future let's go the beach as family, along with Uncle too. Mom could hear the the sound of the waves. GH came out to join Dom. They talked about some stuff, and Dom finally told her that he could see her face before when his BP was up. Dom is explaining hesitantly, a bit unsure about it. GH is asking how to make his BP increase, and cue to some cute shy-shy moments. They tried holding hands, GH asked how is it? but Dom said he still can't see her face yet, so he scooted over, and he opened his arms wide for a hug, GH shyly went into his embrace and they hugged. GH asked how now? Dom said, strange, I still can't see your face. GH jumped away and said then what must be done? Then she suggested using his fingers to touch her lips, then Dom scooted away, teasing her that he only wants to hug her, what is she thinking... GH got a bit angry, Dom smiled and he turned her face, then he kissed her!!! Kyaaaaa, a close-up kiss chingu-deul!!! No siblings allowed please.... Narration by Dom, which of course I didn't catch, hahaha ~ end of first part.
  15. Dom pulled out the chair for GH to sit. She said no need to do that is fine, but Dom smilingly motioned her to sit. And he introduced the wine and pour it for her. He sat down, then GH started reintroducing herself, name, parents, what they do, siblings, and work, including her great boss. Dom followed suit, just saying his name and that he is the crazy guy in love with her. He proposed a toast, what for GH asked. For the first meeting of DMI and JGH, cheers!! In the office, an official notice is posted about the termination of secretaries, sending our three musketeers into panic. They went into the resting room and found it's messed up. Sec.Lee following Uncle, talking about the things going on. At this time, Uncle is on the upper wind, he left her stunned by his door. GH is getting ready at home, with a little PPL of the face care device. What is that thing? She is in happy mood and Oppa called him, she answered sing-song tune, and said she is going to the office. Just then, Dom came, wearing rather casually. GH introduced him to the siblings, saying they're going to work, but Dom said, am I dressed for work? We're not going to office, we're going on a date. Siblings shocked, you're dating your boss?! GH is questioning what about work? Dom said he is the boss, so they can go to work later. GH said it's their first date, she wants to dress up. So Dom said he will wait outside by the car. Cue GH dressed in the earlier still of them at the beach... Yay, beach date!! Dom then asked something about going to a concert.... GH opened the back door and asked Dom to enter the car, but he closed it and opened the front door to let her in instead. Then Oppa and NH came by, talking about what a nice car, then they kind of sarcastically roped them into giving them a ride. Cue to all four in the car, siblings singing loudly at the back that GH yelled at them. Dom asked where they want to go, they said to the beach. Dom an GH a bit protesting. But Dom said never mind, we can go for our date later. They also whispered about dumping them later for their date. Then they arrived at the beach. Cue Dom running after Oppa, GH stopped him and said it's time to ditch them, they tried to run away but GH left her shoe, and Dom picked it up, GH about to take it from him, but he bent down instead, let her hand rest on him and put her shoe on for her. Reflection from ep.1....
  16. Thanks for the recommendation. Will put it on my watch list! You and I been watching some heavy dramas together so I know for sure you will appreciate Misaeng Just that there are still some people who needs to see romance in any dramas they watch 956
  17. What I read on the internet is that for Japanese version, the one working in supermarket got caught stealing a lipstick in the supermarket by the other woman. And she used her to help create alibi for her own afternoon affairs (every weekday at 3 pm). In doing so, the other one got into having affairs as well. But there is a major difference in that the first woman having affair is with an unmarried man, whereas in Korean version is with a married man. There will be a different kind of emotions involved.
  18. I think following up on Uncle's decision, they're all fired and protesting outside the office for justice. Not on strike... Gosh, I hope this won't take up too much of our precious screen time...
  19. OST 10 - with English translation. The lyrics so matching with the drama scenes. @Ameera Ali It’s Monday here. But still 14 hours to go before air time
  20. Yes, he is really good... but he is such a shy guy in RL, you won't believe it... Misaeng is still on my to-watch list. I've heard many great reviews about it, saying how real it is reflecting the corporate world for the workers. But I'm guessing some might find it too dry though if they can't relate to office world. You can watch his thriller movie "Forgotten", which reminds me I should recommend to @sushilicious and @cenching too... but I'm only halfway through it, haven't finished it yet, haha, it was just too tense and scary at the time when I was watching. Need to find a proper time to finish it (no spoiler please, for those who have watched). KHN was really good in that one too. Trailer below: 936
  21. So happy to see more and more people watching this drama... Welcome to chingu @Lawyerh and @nohamahamoud2002 Let's spray ourselves ambrosial with Perfume!
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