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  1. Where are all the Zhao Lu Si fans? I had expected this topic page to be flooded with her fans. Anyway, I just watched 2 episodes and my question is this - does Ling Yue really have amnesia? Or he’s faking it? If he is, then I find it very unreasonable of him because it’s obvious the girl is poor and can’t afford his demands. Like the ridiculously expensive insect killer ...
  2. I’m at Episode 4 and I think I’m in the minority when I say that I am still reminded of Xuan Nu whenever I see Liu Ying. Can’t seem to get her evil Xuan Nu look off my mind Let’s see if this impression goes away after more episodes. I like Little Green Bird though - very adorable. I look forward to her scenes with her Master (the one in the black outfit). Not enamoured with Yu Chi’s hair - off white, kinda ash grey. I much prefer Dong Hua Di Jun’s silky white hair
  3. Don’t think he is the chief of Six Gates - the actual chief is supposed to be older. Just finished Ep. 5. Looks like our Little Goldfish has claustrophobia? Must be something happened to him when he was young? Also interesting thing is, he has photographic memory - he could draw the inn manager even though he had only seen him once. So cute of him to peel off the grape skin then pass it to Chu Chu for her to eat while they were discussing the case, like an automatic and natural thing to do I can’t help but laugh whenever the old eunuch is shown in his bedroo
  4. I’ve watched 2 episodes. I don’t know the female lead, but I like the male lead who was the boy from Cheng Hua 14th year. He looks a bit young to play the character, Zhan Yan, here. Is he supposed to be the famous Zhan Zhao from Bao Qing Tian? The story of the Duan Mu having some kind of disability to feel emotions reminds me of Jin Mi in Ashes of Love. The interaction of diety and mortals makes an interesting story. I don’t like the sound - sometimes loud, sometimes soft. Can’t hear the speech properly.
  5. Yes, when she was kneeling in front of XLY’s mother, she admitted that she poisoned Yuan Niang with the intention to kill her (毒害). So far, Qin Yi Niang has not been shown plotting or talking to anyone about harming anyone, not even during her private conversations with her maid. Maybe our suspicions may be unfounded? After watching so many dramas, I think we know drama plots so well that we tend to ‘overthink’? But of course, it could well turn out otherwise later in the drama. We’ll see ...
  6. Master Ou had been helping SYN to find her mother’s killer, and found two ‘witnesses’. The first was the man who did the autopsy. He claimed that the death was due to an arrow wound, and not knife stab wound but had him write the report as stab wound. The second clue was from a hunter who lived in the woods. He claimed that he saw XLY shoot the arrow at SYN’s mother and conveniently had the arrow which he had picked up after the incident. Based on the ‘evidence’ from these two witnesses, and XLY’s drunken words where he said it was his fault, she concluded that XLY was the one who killed her m
  7. In addition to the mystery of her mother’s death, there is another mysterious death - that of Shiyi Niang’s Sister. Before she died, Yuan Niang told Shiyi Niang to be careful - “the Xu household may look peaceful, but there is danger lurking ...”. She revealed that her illness came about for no apparent reason, and after it was discovered, there was already no cure for it. The killer must be someone in the Xu household. The old lady paving the way for her Niece? The second Wife who wants to pave way for her own Son? Or the childless third Wife who had a miscarriage and can no longer give birth
  8. Doesn’t look like they have consummated their marriage yet. It’s ‘painful’ to see LF try so hard. I mean, as a woman, I feel sad for her in her unrequited love but of course, as a viewer, I’m all for Eleven. Did anyone notice that LF sang out of tune in Ep 9? Her singing was clearly not in tune with the music. I wonder if it is intentional to show how hard she tries to catch XLY’s attention. And the way XLY was touching the strings, did it look like he was pitying the poor strings which had been ‘massacred’ by LF? It’s hard to decipher his feelings during his interactions with his wives.
  9. Wow, it sure took a long time, and finally in episode 40, the Crown Prince discovers that Liu Li is female This has become a typical ‘fight for the throne’ drama with the Fourteenth Prince scheming to have the Crown Prince deposed.
  10. The scriptwriters clearly exaggerated her importance and power in the Palace. There’s no way Head of Sewing Department can run an investigation and give orders to the guards. I laughed out loud when I saw her riding a horse ... it’s not possible for a normal woman in Tang Dynasty to know how to ride a horse. Qing Dynasty maybe possible because the Manchurians were good horse riders and brought up as such from young. Anyway, just close one eye and enjoy the story of Liu Li and Pei Xing Jian. The pace picks up in Episode 15 and 16 with the Crown Prince getting involved. Looks like the Crown Prin
  11. It was not XQ’s plan. XQ already passed out from the poison that was on the blade that slashed him. It was General Hu who decided to take his place. General Hu asked his sister to exchange his clothes with XQ, then disfigure him so that people will not recognise him. He then removed the sword from his own chest which caused his immediate death. His sister, Hu Yao, placed XQ’s sword near General Hu’s body, so that people would immediately assume the dead body was XQ’s. on a separate note, I so very hate Zheng Mo Mo. How could she be so evil as to harm an innocent newborn baby. She wou
  12. I was so impressed with the dancing scene. The actress can really dance!! The head bobbing move is certainly not as easy as it seems. Now the male lead has fallen in love with her for sure. I like how the script writer included the explanation on how Liu Li and her mother and uncle look foreign. And it ties in with the Tang Dynasty period being an open society in terms of trade and culture. The market place had people from different races which is typical of the capital city of Chang An on the silk route.
  13. @UnniSarah there seems to be different versions of episodes floating around so I’m not sure where your Episode 4 ended. But I suppose you saw until the part she went back to her house and bumped into her Father outside the house. He Liu Li has shed her stupidity in the later episodes, so it’s quite enjoyable to watch now. Hang in there!
  14. Just watched 2 episodes - little Liu Li is so cute! Her acting is good - totally believable whether laughing or crying. Looking forward to seeing her grow up as an actress in China. Concubine Wu (Wu Cairen) will be the future Wu Ze Tian, the famous female Emperor during the Tang Dynasty. It will be interesting to see her manoeuvre the dangerous minefield of the inner imperial palace. I’m guessing that Liu Li will help her, and vice versa.
  15. Oh, so that wicked woman will give birth to a son? When the Royal Physician took her pulse, he said that the foetus was weak and she should rest more. I was secretly hoping (sorry to be so evil, but you all know where my loyalty lies ) that she would miscarry as karma for being so smug when she heard that A Wu had a miscarriage
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