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  1. What I recall is the bracelet fell off during a fight and it was brought to Lu Yuan after that. LY soaked it in a bowl of poison then asked Le Qing’s Uncle to either sneak it back to the Shen Mansion, or pass it to Le Qing to perhaps ‘accidentally find it’ somewhere. When Mrs Shen put it back on Li Ge’s wrist, she commented that Li Ge was careless and did not know she had lost her belongings ... something like that. I think the poison didn’t work immediately, maybe took a few days for the poison to seep through the skin. Le Qing reacted that way probably because her Uncle must have told her about it.
  2. Btw I like the actress that plays Mrs Shen - she’s got a gentle aura, yet shows her strong side when her family is faced with a crisis. She plays that character well, and her facial expressions are good.
  3. I’m enjoying this one, almost halfway through. Never seen the two leads before but they have good chemistry and comedic facial expressions and timing - many funny moments. Definitely not to be taken seriously. I like that the actors are using their original voices, and their diction is very good and clear. Also, I like the way the second female lead is written, which is a refreshing change from the usual scheming second FL. Watch this if you like a light hearted rom com while waiting for new episodes of another drama.
  4. A Nu was asked by their Master to let herself be caught in Li Ge’s place in case the assasination did not succeed. It is unknown at this point in time what the Master’s motive is and to whom he has pledged his allegiance to. I suspect that I feel bad for 6th Prince - he seems like a genuinely nice guy but looks like he will turn bad later ...
  5. Finally! A drama where Yun Xi will get the girl? Felt so bad for him in Ashes and Love 2 Lives. He looks so carefree and smiley in this drama. Hope the drama doesn’t dwell too much on the tragic parts too much. I want Yun Xi and Yu Kee to have a light and happy drama for once and not cry all the time
  6. This drama can be renamed “The tale of the banana, orange and Apple” Utterly fun and enjoyable, and not to be taken seriously of course. It’s sweet to watch Han Shuo falling in love with Qian Qian.
  7. The drama makes so much more sense now that I have read the epilogue. Thank you @Adidaem They should have included those scenes of conversation with Meishan about the painting and the song.
  8. I was so impressed with the actor who plays Wu Yun - he can really shoot! I mean, he is not acting like a good archer - he IS A GOOD ARCHER! You can see it in the way he pulls the bow. I got goose bumps when he hit the bomb - the build up to that scene was beautifully executed. He doesn’t have leading man good looks, but his acting is always on point. I hope that he will continue to get more roles and good roles after this drama.
  9. This is a meaningful drama. I admire the writer for including diversity in the drama by introducing an autistic person. It was helpful to increase knowledge of viewers by having Dr Pei explain the characteristics, and that austistic people are not stupid, and may even possess certain talents. It was also good to include knowledge about PTSD and the fact that some soldiers suffer from it. SZ copes by cooking for the people he loves. When he fell out with TF and found no reason to cook anymore, his symptoms worsened. That’s why his friendship with TF is so important.
  10. @Adidaem When I first started watching this drama, Jiu Yun reminded me of Yin Xue (Snow) from Lie Huo Ru Ge (The Flame Daughter) - a celestial being loving, indulgent, pampering, protective of the female lead. Try that if you like the similar style.
  11. The first two episodes are engaging, so far. I like the Republican era film sets and the permed hairstyles of females in that era. It’s nice to hear the Shanghainese dialect being spoken. The two male leads are doing alright. Not sure about the female lead yet. We’ll see. I watched this drama on YouTube, so you can easily access it if you are interested in investigative Detective dramas
  12. Xuan Zhu was injured, so QC reminded ZC about how when he was blind, XZ looked after him, so it is only right that this time, he should take care of her in return. So he brought her back to recuperate. Along the way, XZ was feeling cold, so ZC sold his hairpin, as he had no money, to buy warm clothing for her. ZC’s Father was the prime minister of Li Guo (Li Country). He betrayed his country and helped Tian Yuan Guo to defeat Li Guo. ZC was not aware of his father’s plans before hand. They are now subjects of Tian Yuan Guo, so the Crown Prince knows them.
  13. Yes, it seems so. Thursday and Friday - two episodes each. Last week was episode 1 to 10, and this week was episode 11 to 14. Feels like too few, right?
  14. ”Is she really a princess? Aren’t princesses supposed to be light and dainty? Why is she so heavy? I feel like throwing her away ...” Er Meng is so funny ... lol
  15. No wonder I thought Qing Qing’s face looked strange, and was wondering why the servants all thought she was so beautiful (even QC’s ‘husband’ was a fan!) haha ... that explains it. I find it strange that Xiao Bai is a mirror. I thought only living things could do good deeds and cultivate thousands of years to become deities? Don’t really understand this world. But anyway, Xiao Bai is cute.