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  1. @Clemzstar To answer your question ... Anyway, I enjoyed this drama, marathoned it in a few days. The pace was good - a few dull moments when Bo Wang went hot and cold with Xinger, but overall, a good drama for me in 2020. Fan of Xiao Zhan now
  2. @madmad min yeah, I also thought it would drag out a bit before they finally find the real culprit but it’s nice in a way that the story would move on at a quick pace. The way it was explained was that ... It’s horrible how Lang Zai was misled to believe that Xing Er had given the golden bell to her Brother to lure him. No wonder he was so hurt and now so bitter ...
  3. The wording on the screen said “10+ years later ...” so I am guessing they were teenagers in episode 1. You can also see it in Xing Er’s child-like hairstyle and higher pitched voice. Then after Lang Zai got adopted by the Emperor and became Bo Wang, “8 years passed” according to the screen wording, so they will be in their early 20s when they meet again. Indeed, Lang Zai has this adoring look when he looks at Xing Er. I just watched up to Ep. 3 so haven’t seen their reunion yet. Looking forward to see how his ‘look’ will change in his Bo Wang persona. Not familiar with this actor
  4. I’m enjoying this and watching on YouTube but the uploads are really slow, only 4 episodes a week, so I watch some other drama in between and the momentum gets lost. I do not even realise that new episodes are available the following week, and where I stopped i must say I really hate the second Sister - ugly both inside and outside. Wonder if she is also hated in real life for this drama (sorry to be so mean, but to her credit, she must be doing a really good job in her role )
  5. Princess consorts are all addressed as Wang Fei. She may be Ce Fei In terms of hierarchy, but should still be addressed as Wang Fei by those lower in rank than her. And yes, Su Wang said he will try and find opportunity to ‘promote’ her in the future. This is sometimes possible if the Ce Wang Fei gives birth to a boy.
  6. Well, normally they will have to ‘descend’ to mortal realm to experience their trial. Yes, it is possible to ‘die’ or not survive their trial, for example, Dong Hua Di Jun lost 90% of his powers because his trial was not ‘properly’ experienced ( you may recall that he died prematurely from a broken heart so he did not experience the sufferings of old age which was part of his trial). It was mentioned in passing that some weaker immortals disintegrated into nothingness when they failed their trials. I’m not sure who decides the type of trial - I vaguely recall that there is some immortal who i
  7. The reason why Xiang Yu lost the battle against Liu Bang is popularly attributed to Xiang Yu’s love for his beloved consort, Yu Ji. The story goes that Liu Bang had Yu Ji captured, and lured Xiang Yu to Gai Xia to rescue her. It was at the battle of Gai Xia that Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu. Liu Bang is known as a kind and wise leader who listened to his advisors whereas Xiang Yu is known to be a great warrior but was arrogant and cruel. There were 2 times this reference was brought up. First, by the Mother of Lu Jin, then GSN, but I think the contexts were different.
  8. It’s nice to see that people are still watching this very enjoyable drama. Well, it’s been more than two years since I watched this. Let me see if I can recall. There are several types of “trials” or sufferings that they may have to go through, eg. sickness, disability, death of a loved one, etc. BQ’s trial was to suffer from her love for someone, thus it is called a ‘love trial’. So the idea is that if you survive the ‘trial’, you will emerge stronger and more powerful, and achieve a higher ‘level’ of your cultivation. Hope that helps! Enjoy the rest of the drama
  9. Episode 5 is so funny. It’s like Mulan. Very enjoyable drama, so hard to wait for new episodes ...
  10. Again, CP was trying to protect his loved ones(, and he had already lost many). If he led the army back to attack Chang Zhou, then his Cousin would be executed for treason and the Gu family name will forever be tarnished, and entire extended Gu family also executed, including Gu’s newly born son. So CP took the blame for treason and claimed that it was under his order that the Gu army rebelled. In this way, Gu will not be the instigator, and the family can be saved. To minimise loss of death from the armies fighting, CP reworded the imperial edict to say that he will never be reinstated as CP
  11. @ChibiLy I love the clothes, too, especially the gorgeous qipaos worn by Miss S. the Western clothes worn by Taozi and the little girl are beautiful, too. I thought that maybe the forensic doctor might end up with Miss S’s doctor Friend, but oh well, their paths didn’t cross haha. @Table122000 it’s good that it was picked up by HBO. They have a big viewership base, so more people will be able to watch this enjoyable drama. The period setting and fashion will certainly appeal to people who are interested in Shanghai during that time period. It’s such a glamorous period and so fun!
  12. I am enjoying this drama. It’s not too complicated, and the misunderstandings and challenges are easily resolved without unnecessary drama. Love how the little green bird helps FW - it makes the funniest comments. Some parts are rather silly, like the fist fight between the two male leads but it’s ok, we all understand now on up to Ep. 12 on YouTube. I’m so tempted to skip ahead but decided to enjoy it slowly when the episodes are released on YT.
  13. Likely to be LX In Ep. 7, I was so touched to see Dad Ling come back in the middle of a work day to support Dad Lee because he was worried that he won’t be able to handle ZQ’s Father who had come to claim him. And he purposely introduced Dad Ling as a policeman, to imply that he had the law on his side and would not be intimidated. And how Dad Ling refused to leave even though he was supposed to be “just the neighbour” and “not related to ZQ”. The closeness of this family unit really adds a new dimension to the definition of the word “family”. Very heart-warming drama, and very nat
  14. I’ve only seen Ep. 1 but from what I can gather, she’s the Daughter of some Astrologer or Diviner. After her Father passed away, the Emperor adopted her, so yes, the Prince is not her real Brother. And he does seem overly concerned about her from the wedding scene in Ep. 1. The Emperor doesn’t seem the fatherly sort, as can be seen from the assassination scene - he was not concerned about her injuries, but just wanted to know who the assassin was. He thought it was an assassination attempt on him instead. And he is suspicious of our General who has just returned from a victorious war and is re
  15. She was in a coma ever since the time she was injured by the poisonous dart. She turns into an animal on the zodiac calendar according to the hour which corresponds with the animal whenever she interferes with her dream predictions. And the the reason that she doesn’t sleep in the night is because she is trying to avoid seeing predictions in her dreams. This skill of dreaming of the future came about because the spirit of some rock entered her when she was young. The story is interesting, with new added elements not seen before in other C-dramas. A big plus is of cours
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