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  1. Oh, thanks for the clarification, I don't speak Chinese so I only take it from someone in the thread. Still, I hope it's about their relationship and not about a third person, so things can move faster
  2. Why would ML want to talk to QH alone? If she has no motive I doubt she would talk to him at all with his personality. I can only think about 2 options here, wants to talk about his wife(I doubt it) or maybe she is trying to help GTY clarifying the rumors about MN. With the other trailer with him asking her why don't you take me seriously maybe he told her he will take care of everything and she went behind his back to help him or something similar. Pure speculation xD
  3. The principal problem with Dr. He is not the cousin, is his soft-hearted nature, and that's what ML tells grandma when she thinks of the future years with him in the marriage. That soft heart will show soon or later being with the cousin or other things. GTY is obviously manipulating to his own benefit but at the end of the day he is only showing the truth about Dr.He, same way ML told GTY about Manniang, and even if GTY didn't have feelings for ML and didn't want to marry her I think is good for ML to know better Dr.He before marriage so she can decide.
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