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  1. check viki and/or youku for subs. "YoYo English Channel" on youtube will also sub this drama upon release.
  2. I voted Ko Moon Young - It's okay not to be okay, because I was overall impressed by the drama. I loved the trio and would have voted for all 3 of them! I am missing Bai Feng Jiu from C drama Eternal love of dream, She's sweet, able, courageous and loyal to the ones she loves. She not a "typical" princess and sure as heck not a weakling.
  3. It's funny how both Shao Wan and Bai Qian's first impression of Mo Yuan was that he is effeminate. Even though Bai Qian had very childish expectations and Shao Wan thinks all beautiful men are effeminate... it did effect my view of him. I wonder if that'll change when reading Lotus Step.
  4. That mustache and goatee really looks good on him imo. In the drama I loved the hair down look right after his return. It sure looked much better on him than Ye Hua!
  5. I imagine there's facination as well as irritation that stem from being forced out of their comfort zones. I wonder what Mo Yuan was like most because of his super calm image. What lies beneath I wonder...
  6. Seems it's no longer a rumor. Youku has posted it will be aired tomorrow Viki will also air this drama.
  7. That would be perfect! Seeing as both TMOPB and ELOD did VERY well, I'm sure a drama is not far fetched; be it 2 seasons or a cropped version of 50+ eps.
  8. True it was announced a while back. I think we'll hear something official soon.
  9. Perhaps it's because we are so used to see DH in purple. It's even in his full title/name. Mine too! Though I hope, if they preprise their roles that is (I believe LS will be dramatised eventually), to see him with his hair down and rocking that headband. I see, thanks for the info. I loved that overall look on her! I agree it shows she had grown emotionally, which was manifested well by her dress and hairstyle that complimented her demeanor. The scene was a bit of a let down though, just like in ELOD
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