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  1. @Megan, Aranya's brother isn't the one who is really in charge. He doesn't know it but he's simply Qinghua's pawn; she would not allow him to investigate anything. He's a person with a good heart thinkng his kingdom is in danger, not believing Qinghua would endanger and kill her own people just to get the result she wants. The "enemy" is not far and they are pressed for time. Qinghua planned this really well I'd say. She knew this otherwise idle prince is longing to make a name for himself and protect his people. His strength in this case became a weakness Quinhua could use.
  2. That smile... so so dangerous. A smile only FJ and BGG can actually enjoy without fear... others should run for the hills! Vengo did such an amazing job! So much was in the eyes, the smile... just briliant. Re-watching many scenes I start to notice and appreciate it more and more. They know.. we know... he knows...
  3. @MayanEcho I believe I did. It's one of my favorite scenes! I can't help but laugh out loud everytime I watch that scene- the look on poor SMY's face Thanks for the link! I didn't know there was this much meaning behind it.
  4. @Bai Gun Gun Funny, I had similar thoughts! I also think Mo Yuan and Shao Wan are most likely to have twins, a boy and a girl. (I'd love to see a girl in KunLun )
  5. The first episode was slow and I thought of dropping it. Currently on Ep 4 and things are looking to become more interesting due to the ambiguity of the ML.
  6. It's no wonder Shen Ye lost out to Di Jun. "So what if Destiny says we're fated, and so what if it says we're not? I've never feared Destiny, and I certainly don't need its charity." As with DJ and FJ, there were many misunderstanding between Aranya and Shen Ye prior to her death. I always wondered if they would have just talked instead of assumed...... perhaps things would have been different? Su Moye did what any decent person would do... We can also ask why did Shen Ye choose to leave her there? Yes, she was relatively safe there. But still, she was looked down upon
  7. Good point! But how would she then have protected Shen Ye? Wouldn't it have changed to much? And wouldn't it affect Junou's pregnancy? In any case, I can't really "blame" Su Moye, I think he didn't know it would lead to FJ being this injured.
  8. But was it not the plan to follow in Aranya's steps as much as possible, in order to leave the dream? I don't think Su Moye let her do it purely for selfish reasons and he didn't know the full extent of FJ's injuries at that time.
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