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  1. Figures, this happens just when the relationship between Lee Kwan-Sik and Han Ye-Seul starts to pull me in. Well, hopefully everyone is healthy and it returns soon.
  2. I really want to like this drama, mainly because of Go WonHee, but they are really making it hard. Episode 3 was really just the oldest and youngest daughters being horrible, the father being foolishly noble and the middle sister being a pushover. On top of that the police are completely incompetent. I'll watch a little longer because I don't think any of the elders are actually guilty of the murders and I like them a little, along with Han Ye-Seul. But if they don't give me anything to get attached to soon I'll have to give it up. There must be some reason shows lik
  3. The oldest sister is awful and the youngest isn't great but I do like how youngest came to the middle's assistance when she found out about her fiance's cheating. So far I like the middle sister and HYS and I'm interested in learning more about the aunt. Did she have an affair with HYS' dad?
  4. But the mistress deserves her own karma. She decides the way to get over her own heartbreak is by the a 50s woman's husband? And 30s mistress decides the way to convince the husband to stay married is by having sex with him? If the mistresses aren't as bad as the husbands they are very close...
  5. Not much new to add after watching ep 15. The husbands and mistresses are truly awful people start to finish. They know what they are doing and just don't care about who it impacts. Hae Ryung seems to have been turned into some evil creation in order to somehow justify her husband's affair. Back in the first few episodes they had a few scenes showing that she really cared for her husband and in the scene where her husband had the pregnancy dream they showed that she was NOT sleeping on his arm and she didn't have a meltdown over that. I'll watch ep 16 to see how they
  6. I enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to learning more about the characters in episode 2. I am a big fan of Go WonHee but so far I am interested in everyone who's been introduced. I haven't found a weekend drama that has kept my interest from start to finish so hopefully this will be the one for me.
  7. You aren't the only, I definitely agree with you. I also wish there had been a little more romance between JJ and HY. My minor complaints are with the overall structure. I think it would have worked better as one season with 12 episodes. Some of the side plots didn't interest me given how much time they took (particularly GulMi, I think she is the most annoying character I've seen!) I also expected more of a repudiation of the entire concept of Love Alarm at the end. So I enjoyed it but didn't think it was amazing.
  8. I don't blame Na In Woo but I didn't like ep 7/8 and I didn't think he was OnDal. Hopefully things will get back on track in ep 9.
  9. Wasn't the last scene before the flashbacks the one with the 3 mistresses and the 40s husband on the plane? My guess is the flashbacks will end in ep 15 and we'll come back to that but no idea if that will somehow lead to discoveries.
  10. The 40s wife has an at least moderately successful career (all of the wives do,) so I wonder if they are just focusing on that aspect of the mother/daughter relationship to show how clueless the wife is about her husband and to set up her shock when she finds out the truth.
  11. First, I have to ask if Koreans really don't understand how colds and flus work. I mean, with COVID you'd think they'd understand you don't catch them from getting cold or working too hard.... 30s husband is such a lying selfish jerk. He is getting exactly what he asked for from his wife but instead of letting her know he is changing he pursues another women. And the woman is almost as bad, she has to know what she is doing is inappropriate. I will admit that the 30s wife is pretty selfish (although she does try to see her husband occassionally.) 40s husband and mist
  12. I gave up on this after ep 5. I can't stand young Hani and Yu Hyeon and don't have enough sympathy for older Hani to care about her redemption over that of her sister and Ji Eun (the ones who were actually hurt by Hani's selfishness.) If I'm wrong and they do give Ha-Young and Ji-Eun positive storylines I might start it up again.
  13. I like 30s something wife a LOT more than any of the husbands or mistresses. If I had any faith left in the writer I'd think she is pointing out that the 30s marriage is almost the opposite of the parents to show how unfairly society treats women. To be honest if wasn't for the 40s husband I'd say 30s husband is one of the most hateful characters I've seen on a Kdrama. In the first scene it was established that the wife made the decisions and he was ok with it. Then he told her that he never wanted her to change and that he would keep her forever young by always making her happ
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