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  1. Well it's not the leads that bother me, it's more of I love FL, but her as the empress bothers me.. I think it's because as of right now I don't like the empress and she just sits wrong with me. Like I want to just smack her. LoL So she is doing a good job because I love her as Qu Tan'er, and can't stand her as empress. LOL
  2. I'm loving this show because I love the series, and the ML and FL... but this season is bothering me for some reason. Not really sure why, I mean I am still loving it, but something is just...missing?
  3. Yeah I have been watching it I am up to ep 23, but I will have to rewatch it to understand it better.
  4. Good Morning / Evening @sadthe1st 472
  5. I started watching this last night, I only watched 2 eps so far, but I plan on watching more this evening. So happy that I found it subbed somewhere.
  6. @partyonLife in Texas isn't too bad, I have my hubby home sick today from work. 462
  7. Good morning all my lovelies. 470
  8. @sadthe1st My favorite food would have to be spaghetti, I don't know why but I love that stuff..along with anything cucumber. Cucumbers are my favorite snack because I don't like junk food.. 484
  9. oh my goodness, all that food looks amazing. Now I am hungry. LOL 480
  10. Ahhh I really need to get caught up. So excited to see this with subs.
  11. @Ninky Thank you for that info. Yes I get how that could be a good ending for a game because as a player our ultimate want is to defeat the boss. I am just hoping that the drama will take a more romantic happy ending, but if not well ohwell. I have played many rpg games too. *love them*
  12. That's awesome. Happy Birthday to me... my birthday is June 16th.... along with Liang Jie. So this makes me so so happy.
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