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  1. I love how they keep using the cast from Extraordinary You for cameos I also hope SJ gets a decent ending. It's been hard watching him pine after someone who wasn't even aware of his feelings after 3 years. I just hope we don't get a GoT ending because the sources material isn't complete yet and they give us some nonsensical closing.
  2. I just finished watching ep 3 and despite this drama's cheesy tropes and cringey moments, I'm loving every moment lol. It's lightheart and great way to end this interesting year we've all had. Only prior drama I've seen MGY in was Tempted and I really like her in this totally opposite role!
  3. So with that ending LY remains a fox... Why is he pretending to be a human during the daytime for JA? I was wondering how he was able to just walk into the the granny's workplace if he was just a human. This was a good drama but the ending has got ppl confused AF lol
  4. Aww thank you Nodame!! I highly recommend you watch those if you get a chance. (Dong Yi was popular when it was airing. NTOTG was kinda over looked cause it was a long weekend drama but the acting of the two leads made the story line so good! The forum on here was awesome. If you don't mind Taiwanese dramas I would recommend ISWAK as well.) And yes yes this looks awesome, I'm just waiting for Viki to complete the subs.
  5. This drama looks hilarious!! Can't wait for subs be completed so I can enjoy watching it properly.
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