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  1. Lol it's not stockholm syndrome. I never said I didn't want him gone. His death pending death was inevitable. Merely saying the writing and the acting (more so his older brother's reaction to his death) had me emotional.
  2. So I rewatched episodes 1 & 2 to pick up all the foreshadowing with a better understanding and all I have to say is when a drama can make you feel emotional for the death of one of the bad guy this case Moo Kwang (the screen when his old brother and the Daekans saw his dead body) that is superb. I had forgotten that he was the one who shot the arrow to burn the hut hiding all the children of the Wahan Tribe when they invaded their village. With all his wrong doings I should have been glad to see him gone. But I had mixed emotions of sadness and relief cause he was also a product of his environment and what he's been shown to be accepted. This is a very well written drama and great acting. Giving me all the feelings and keep up the great work!!!
  3. Ahhh that's right, thanks!! But I thought that was only for animals cause we haven't seen her use that ability again since so it slipped my mind. Whatever happened to that horse after insulting ES?!
  4. Mind blown by the true identity of the Momo Tribe I'm really liking the drama and with more tribes/ppl being introduced I don't think this drama will end with 18 episodes. I wonder how long Tagon's reign of fear will last. I can't wait to see how Eun-seom, Tanya and Saya are going end Arthdal together (considering how Saya is and now they both like Tanya). But with Tagon as the antagonist one can only guess... Kinda sad to see that the Wahan Tribe has already bought into the materialistic things of Arthdal (and only Tanya and a child and see through it all). Really intrigued by this drama and the development of the characters. Btw when did Tanya develop the ability to read minds?!?
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