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  1. Do you guys feel that SB and EB's mom is the lady thay DH'd dad is obsessed over from when he was younger? Also really don't care for YJ. Her character is just ahhh! Especially after what she did to DH in episode 6 and then try to pin her relationship issues on SB. Like lady/child (she acts like a spoiled brat) grow the heck up. Grow a back bone against your parents or give DH up, stop stringing him along. 2 years has been long enough of using a person when you know deep down your relationship won't have a future in your world. Gosh I'm still mad thinking about what she did in the last episode. DH also needs to wake up! I understand he's a romantic at heart but what you allow is what will continue.
  2. Idk if anyone has posted this already, I've been away for a few days and need to play catch up on the pages https://www.instagram.com/p/CCQiQJYpkUc/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. I just finished ep 4 and I started to ugly crying when Kang-Tar finishes reading Moon-Young's book. Does he regret his words to her and did he realize that she's probably the only one in the world who really understands him? Foreshadowing thought, when he does start to like MY, will he have to make another sacrifice for his brother because Sang-Tae has a huge crush on her? Like others have already said about Joo-ri seeming two face and desperate. After 4 episodes, I've concluded I don't really care for her either. I get that she likes KT but every time she's nosy towards him, I want to tell her character to shut up and show her true nature. I hope this drama is big in Korea! The plot is great so far and forces the viewer to have a deeper understanding of the characters behind the facade they show to the world. I love how psychoanalysis is used to interpret fairy tales. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is great. Plus eye awesome eye candy Can't wait for the next episode!!!
  4. "What genre would this be? I'm on my toes right now. This is a thriller." That's some awesome editing, SBS should have used that as the promo!
  5. Looking forward to this drama!! I've a KSH fan since Dream High and the two leads look so good together
  6. Just finished watching the premiere. This is cute and light. Perfect for the summertime. Quick question, so does SB like DH from that first meeting when they ran into each other? Cause why did she show up at his store all dolled up like she had been planning things for a while?! And she gave up a free beef dinner for him!
  7. I had the same reactions watching the final episode!! **I said goodbye already but I'm having withdrawal issues and all the fanfic I've been reading on the internet isn't helping**
  8. Hero is set to be released summer 2020, no specific date yet (Covid19 might change that). I think Memories of the Sword is on Viki now
  9. https://annyeongoppa.com/2020/05/16/watch-heres-a-compilation-of-kim-go-eun-singing/ Her voice https://www.elle.com.sg/2020/06/10/kim-go-eun-career-personal-interview-celebrity/ @MissSuperCyan welcome aboard!!
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