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  1. I suppose this drama would divide the fandom , mostly because everyone has personal preferences/expectations. As for me, for example, it has many pros and cons. The story itself is very fresh; cinematography,costumes, action scenes - top-top))). Dilraba is doing a terrific job, I totally agree with the opinions that her acting skills improved a lot during the last time. I read she at some point was going to refuse the role after reading some comments she was too "modern-looking" for a historical drama. Glad she changed her mind! I'm very sirprised practically no one is praising
  2. After watching 24 episodes I should say it's getting better and better. Hope we will By the way, Long Aoyi's dance during the banket somehow gave me the vibe of Mei's dance (from the House of flying daggers)
  3. Yes, and then they'll show you main lead's kissing and wedding scenes right in the opening  . This always drives me crazy .
  4. That's great to hear. Unfortunately here we have what we have. Anyway, thanks for the information!
  5. Well, as I haven't read the novel I really do not know the particular plot details, but from the trailer they presented I've got more "elder brother - younger sister / lost twins" kind of expectation.
  6. Yes, I've heard about the matter. However, I actually thought it would be obligatory only for new upcoming dramas, not for the series that are already in production/started/ended filming. In case of Renascence the situation is indeed very sad, because with all the quality and amount of work the production team and the actors did, we have no opportunity to enjoy it in full.
  7. Emm, I know all the stones will fly in my direction, but despite the plot and the quality of the drama look amazing, after watching the trailer I get absolutely no chemistry between the leads so far(((. Hope more material is coming (trailers, teasers, ect.) which would proof me wrong.
  8. Finally the trailer is here, and I should say the drama looks perfect so far. I must confess I know absolutely nothing about the Novoland universe , but would definitely watch Pearl Eclipse. The leads look amazing together, a perfect example of a "casting match" . In my opinion, both FL and ML actors have a unique skill to look soft and strong at the same time, and their on-screen chemistry is above the roof. Also very glad to find out that Huang Jun Jie is here
  9. Well, if I am not mistaken, they announced that they started filming at the end of March, 2019, but there was practically no info/updates, so I really started to worry if it was still in work. Thankfully, I was mistaken . Wow, could you please share? I would love to see it. I actually do not speak Chinese, but whatever))))
  10. I was looking forward to watch this drama as soon as it was announced! Unfortunately they've kept a low profile without any updates, so I began to loose hope, but in the end it it here, hurray!!! Very thrilled to watch Lai Yi as a ML, he absolutely deserves it
  11. Despite the awful editing and cut, I want to mention the amazing job Chen Zhe Yuan has done. He was able to show a lot of different emotions his character goes through along the way, without, for example, over-exaggerated face expressions and goggle-eyed looks . I will definitely look back and watch his previous dramas. In my opinion, this drama is the second drama I watched this year, that could have been a success, if not messed up like that (the first was Love in Between). I wonder why it has been cut in half in the first place? Does anyone know?
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