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  1. 210613 NCTsmtown Twitter Update Today I hosted Inkigayo with marine look which have a fresh feeling!! Tomorrow would be a 100th day since I did Inkigayo (became the MC) In the future too, please look forward to it and tune in to (Inkigayo) too next week hehe Translated by captainuwu
  2. 마지막 브이로그 이제 안녕 Hello에서 Goodbye야 안무 연습 + 마지막 음악방송 / 안녕! 조이 (Hello! JOY) #4
  3. June Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings 5. BLACKPINK — 1,998,593
  4. 210612 DOYOUNG (#NCTzen4thAnniversary Message) “Y/N Happy Birthday @.@ You’re still a baby hh It’d have been nice if I could have seen your faces in person and be together with you on a day like this ㅠㅠ Thank you for always being with us These days, my desire to see you grows bigger and bigger & because Czennies’ birthday has arrived, I miss you even more. hh Y/N is very precious to me, so Y/N should also cherish yourself too & spend each day feeling good and happy. hhh Once again, I’m always thankful hh” 210612 Doyoung’s Lysn Pos
  5. EXO 엑소 'Don't fight the feeling' MV Behind The Scenes
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