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  1. [TRANS] 190729 BAZAAR MEN Interview with WayV
  2. <おしえてJAPAN!> Memories#19✏️ 休憩中の居眠り2 #NCT #NCT127 #TAEYONG
  3. SuperM Behind : TAEYONG|Album Photoshoot
  4. Yuta: everyone, did you see rapunzel? there's a dog in my house and she's really cute. but I call her a witch. she's so smart, really! i sometimes think she's a human. she only comes when there's food, other than that she ignores me. really pretty~ Yuta: i’m no longer in diet. I have put some weight on my cheeks recently compared to before. In Regular & Cherry Bomb era a lot of ppl saying to me “eat more”. But now they said I’m totally perfect
  5. 190918 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update Translated by yikes_nct - SM_NCT “Everyone, hello It’s been so so long so I’ll post a photo from the MV set kkkkk it’s been 2 months oh man k Also, I had a good chuseok, everyone rested well too, right? kkkkk -Lele” Translated by huangsichengs - SM_NCT “Hello, everyone! Autumn is coming so be careful not to catch a cold~ -Pure boy” Translated by huangsichengs - SM_NCT “Czennieee I miss you!!! hehe I wanted to show to czennie, so I prepared (this) hehehe Fullsun” Translated by huangsichengs - SM_NCT “Everyone~~ heh heh it’s been a while^^ did you all have a good Chuseok?? Chuseok is over so this photo is for all of you struggling!! Finally showing it keke everyone fighting!! -Jen” Translated by yikes_nct - SM_NCT “Czennies~ are you doing well? Nana misses you very much! You spent chuseok with your families well, right? And eating a lot of delicious stuff?? You have to eat a lot of delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner am am~ right~ of course our czennies have to eat well!! Nana is concerned about czennies wellbeing and I miss you all so I upload this and a picture~ dreamies is now working hard providing healing to Hyungs and Nunas, and dreams to the little ones so while going here and there we’ll meet czennies! So I want to emphasize!! Don’t get sick! Since the temperature is changing, decrease your AC temperature and don’t forget to lay the hot mat!! Ah, I nag a lot but it’s out of worries! I’ll promise to eat well until the day I meet you! Ppyong PS : Then Nana will edit the dreamies photos no” Translated by captainuwu
  6. [INFO] 190917 — LISA donated 100,000฿ (±3,300$) for the flood victims in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
  7. [INFO] 190917 — LISA donated 100,000฿ (±3,300$) for the flood victims in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
  8. 190918 [ARTICLE] Korean Superstar Kai of EXO is Gucci's new Global Ambassador "Often referred to as 'Gucci's muse by fans, there could never be a more perfect face for Gucci 2019'
  9. 190917 欧亚菲温泉水世界 Weibo Update with RENJUN & CHENLE
  10. fan: cats or dogs? yuta: cats! hmm cats… GASP RAPU-CHAN he suddenly remembered he has a dog
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