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  1. Source:https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/cCpm1Ojfzr [Exclusive]'Night Trip' starring Ha Jung-woo and Kim Nam-gil, Crank-in in Chuncheon on the 21st Reporter Mo Shin-jeong, Sports KoreaInput 2021.01.22.15:30Revision 2021. 01. 22. 17:00 Summary view Listen to your voice Translation settings Adjusting the font size View larger image Ha Jung-woo, Kim Nam-gil, and Ju Da-in (pictured from left)/Pic
  2. @jelly hahha you don't have to apologise!! Yeah it's a shame that it wasn't available on viki or dramacool at the time, but pleasently suprised that it did very well for a cable tv drama, I wonder why they didn't go on a reward vacation?? It did very well ratings wise so shouldn't it warrant for a reward vacation?? Or am I missing anything here?? Yeah I think it's a conscious decesion to not take up romantic genres and in Korean films there is very few you can call are romantic genres, some films would have romance but thats just a part of it, as opposed to your dramas where the plot is driven
  3. Source:https://theqoo.net/dyb/1168063712 Kim Nam-gil's writing and drawing are RickRoll'D RickRoll'D my style And this is the ending of nanam, who only hurts me hahahahahaha
  4. @jelly I love the in depth conversation we are having about KNG, I have been waiting for the longest time to meet someone who share the same passion as me when it comes to KNG and there are unfortunately very few international fans, though I have seen numbers have been increasing since TFP and I am so glad that he got recognition for it internationally, he has a solid korean fanbase but because I am not well versed with the language I really don't know what's going on!! I really wish we had a dedicated channel or someone who could provide us Eng subs, his older videos are really good and I wou
  5. Source: https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-watcha-play-releases-results-of-killing-eve-fantasy-casting-131479-amp.html?__twitter_impression=true HanCinema's News] Watcha Play Releases Results of 'Killing Eve' Fantasy Casting On July 11th Watcha Play released the results of its Killing Eve fantasy casting event. The BBC spy thriller starring ethnic Korean Sandra Oh in the leading role has been highly acclaimed, and while there are no current plans for a South Korean version, Watcha Play nonetheless was curious who would be the most popular pick
  6. @jelly Yeah I remember when I got into KNG, the first thing I did was INTERVIEWS, you can gauge certain kind of qualities a person posses through their interviews, and his older interviews especially the ones around QSD/BG era were GOLD, they were really fun to read, he has such a diff take on things and I love how honest he was being about and didn't give those standrad celeb answers which really makes my eye roll, I mean his idea type at the beggining was really honest while most of the other celeb always end up with its the personality/heart when we know like c'mon of course it is a great f
  7. Oh wow I have come across this interview before but reading it again really makes me think what a deep person he really is, I love love reading his interviews and I don't mind re reading most of his interviews, because it's like the more you read the more you can decipher the meaning to his answers and each reading gives you an additional point of view which helps you understand the man he is, he is an intelligent man who has his and he has a good head on one's shoulders on diff matters!! The below made an impression on me This man really has gone through alot and speaks f
  8. @jelly IA, Shipping can be fun and cute when the shippers are minding their own lane and only limit the conversation to the stars they are shipping , it gets ugly when they start involving people who have nothing to do with the ship just to validate the ship, I have seen it happen recently and it has made me averse to shipping and those shippers, so if I am interested in a ship I'll just be a silent onlooker from afar and manage expecatations since it's their profession and that's what they get paid to do , to sell their chemistry to the viewers, there is a whole diff world after lights camera
  9. Source:https://m-ohmynews-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/m.ohmynews.com/NWS_Web/Mobile/amp.aspx?CNTN_CD=A0002389672 Tae-ri Kim, tears in the finished version of <1987>... "Don't turn away because it's dark" [inter:view] What would Kim Tae-ri think, the modifier of'Cinderella Chungmuro'? Article yujiyoung (alreadyblues) edit Junsu (deckey) Enrollment|2017.12.30 11:22Modified|2018.01.04 11:24 After acting, the actors who saw the'finished product' of <1987> for the first time cried. Among the actors who cried was Tae-ri Kim. Was there a sp
  10. @jelly IA. Yeah they do contain some information about the them, it's rather interesting, for me shipping threads can be a bit too much because some of them can't take an opinion and force theirs onto you, this seems rather peaceful!! I was actually late to the party and watched LUTYN on Netflix 2 years back, I really wish it was on Netflix at the time however I see alot of his newer fans praise the drama and some even stanning KNG because of the drama!! The film has been delayed due to covid and I don't think they are able to attract investors and it looks like it's fate is hangin
  11. Source:http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/eng/news/kofic_news.jsp?blbdComCd=601007&seq=1798&mode=VIEW KOFIC Launches Korean Actors 200 Campaign Jan 18, 2021 Selection and international promotion of 200 actors that best represent Korean cinema The Korean Film Council (KOFIC, presided by KIM Young-jin) is stepping forward to promote Korean actors on the global stage. This new campaign, which will be run under the name of Korean Actors 200, is a methodical project that will consist in selecting
  12. @jelly Glad your liking the back and forth, and might I say exchange of information Oh wow the shipping thread is pretty long , will have to go through it in my free time, seems like they were a pretty hot and popular couple at the time, didn't actually expect that it was popular amongst international fans, I'm pleasently suprised!! I remember there were diff modes here on the forum, can't seem to find them anymore Yeah shipping threads litreally cross the individual actors thread in case of content, I shouldn't be suprised either...yeah I was actually quite scared
  13. @jelly Wow, I really am learning quite a few things about KNG which I haven't come accross before, Thank you so much!! I thought I was boring you out,I am glad your enjoying this as much as I am Yeah unfortunately they are either closed or inactive if they aren't internationally THERE, actors who are internationally famous for their dramas have the thread going and thriving for years,I was quite disappointed with the amount of content on this thread when I first found out about this forum as opposed to some of his peers even though they were inactive at the time, hell some of his dr
  14. @jelly Likewise, the thread has been dead for quite some time with the occasional updating of news/info about his whereabouts, schedules, upcoming project! Hopefully with his upcoming projects realesing this year (drama included ) we will have more users being active and joining the thread! I am aware that Seo Hyun Jin is a really good actress but I don't know much about her both professionally or how she is like off cam, just that she was in a GG back in the day called M.I.L.K, however I do know shs has quite a number of awards to her credit so I will be glad if KNG can partner wi
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