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Found 6 results

  1. Poll: MY ULTIMATE Unnie/Noona Chingus, sometime ago we had the Ultimate Oppa polls, but dramas are not all about Oppas, they also require the female leads, a.k.a Unnies or Noonas (in my case) We all have a certain group of actresses, whose dramas we wait for, and always watch. There are several actresses who we actually admire not only for their acting skills or dramas, but also for who they are in RL. Some also could be the ones who we secretly ship with our favorite Oppa, because why not? For me, one of them is Jang Nara, So, we are ba
  2. EVENT: 50 Things You Learn From a Korean Drama (2021 edition) Back in 2006 a Soompi Forum member posted a list of 50 things she had learnt from k-dramas. As we Event Organizers were reading through the list, we came to the conclusion, that several of the items on the list are STILL true today. But since many things had also changed, we thought that it would be fun to put together a 2021 edition. How are we going to decide what the 2021 edition list should contain? Easy. We brainstorm, and we vote which k-drama tropes happen in k-dramas in 2
  3. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE - "Tweak my oppa!" picture Our lovely members have worked hard and we now have a selection of photos that you can vote for. cr. @Sleepy Owl "Princes taking Christmas Celebration Too seriously (and St. Patrick's Day too maybe)" VOTING RULES (PLEASE READ): 1) You can vote for 2 pictures in each category - your vote is anonymous 2) Please vote for the pictures that you truly feel deserve to win (the most impressive/funniest/emotional/etc.) We are giving prizes to the members who put a lot effort int
  4. Quick Poll: STRONG FEMALE LEADS IN DRAMAS Monday March 8th is International Women's Day. Inspired by that and by a lovely PM from @kismet22 , we Event Organizers decided to put together a poll to celebrate strong female leads. Now we know that there are tons of sensational female leads in k-dramas, c-dramas, TW-dramas, etc. but due to this being a Quick Poll we had to narrow down the choices to 20. As usual, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us which women you feel inspired by! Below is a list of the female characters i
  5. Poll: MY ULTIMATE OPPA Part 2 - Ahjussi Edition Due to popular demand, we bring you more oppas. In our previous Ultimate Oppa event, we got feedback that people wanted more ahjussis in the next poll. And Keanu Reeves. We heard you loud and clear. Ahjussis, Super Ahjussis, Grandpa Oppas and Keanu Reeves it is ! We decided to leave out all the ahjussis from the last poll, and give you 60 new ahjussis and grandpa oppas to admire. Below a list and pictures of them: Ahjussi Oppas (age: 37-46) Won Bin (43) The Man Fro
  6. Soompi Forum Awards: Best and Worst of the Rest - 2020 (Poll #3) Chingus, welcome to our third and final poll of 2020 dramas! This poll covers the dramas and topics we couldn't fit into the previous polls. In this poll we have three questions: 1) Which was the best C-drama of 2020? 2) Which was the most disappointing k-drama or k-drama ending of 2020? 3) By popular demand, who showcased the nicest abs in a k-drama in 2020? To make it easier to vote for the abs, we have collected pictures of them here We decided to i
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