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  1. Yes... She asked him to please remove the device and get treatment...
  2. I didn’t watch all of today’s episode, but I had to come on here to rant about SIW... At first I didn’t hate him nor like him, but now I just despise him! Especially after watching last episode First he tells the Director to investigate LSY and gets Choi on the job, then he refuses to give Team Leader Yang’s team the rest area just because of LSY, and he tries to take Choi’s job by telling the security guy to apologize to the customer -rolls my eyes- Seriously when is dude going to stop? I was so angry at him last episode that I wanted to curse him out.. I don’t understand why he feels like this. At first I thought he just felt bad for LSY because he blames himself for the accident - also I thought at the night of LSY’s accident, SIW was actually drawing the guys away from LSY instead of having them get rid of LSY. I still think this, but I honestly cannot understand SIW right now.. Based on some of the comments about today’s episode, I can imagine he must’ve done some despicable things in the recent episode? I really had to rant about him because he is just so annoying and I really cannot understand him for his actions... He’s obviously trying to cause the worst for LSY, but my question is WHY??? I don’t like that he overheard Yang and Choi’s conversation in the shop too, after LSY got hurt... Othen note, I gotta say that aside from our main leads, my favorite character is Team Leader Lee. Sure he seems all grumpy and hard on the outside, but I feel like deep down he’s a good person. I love his actions so far throughout the drama, even though it’s just moments where he’s smiling at HYR.. Also Choi is starting to grow on me as well. Of course we. Don’t like how insistent he is about LSY showing his arm and leg, but still, I feel like deep down he’s good too.. im sorry for the long message, I just had to come nd rant a bit.. On a brighter and happier note, I gotta say, I cracked up when Jang and TL Yang saw LSY and he had lipstick on his face!! I was laughing so hard haha!! I love how TL Yang had a face as a mother and she really cares about LSY.. As for Jang, he was just speechless at what SY had to do haha!!! I love that the two of them care about him though. When SY came up to them, they were more worried about him going around with the prosthetic arm and leg (when it wasn’t working properly?? I think.. I didn’t watch the whole episodes) I am really curious about their backstory and how each of them met SY!! I hope the drama reveals that to us.. Anyways I’ll cut my message now since it’s getting really long..
  3. Hello! I decided to break out of being a silent lurker (and finally come out of the shadows of being inactive on Soompi for a year) and participate in this thread hehe. I actually saw the poster on Viki's main page the week the first 4 episodes came out and I thought the poster was absolutely stunning and beautiful!! I tried so hard not to get into this drama but I ended up starting episode 1 the week the drama aired... Immediately fell for the drama and I was really curious what SY's secret was! We are finally getting SOME answers to all the questions we have, but you gotta bet that I have alot more questions to ask about this drama... I haven't watched episode 11 and 12 subbed yet, but I did watch it raw. I can't wait until YR starts to like SY back, hehe. I'm just waiting for that moment to happen! I also can't believe that SY outright admitted that he likes YR! I mean we have seen some hints about SY liking YR, but I didn't expect him to straight out say "Yes," when YR asked him if he likes her... Though it does seem like SY met YR's father and her father was the owner of the shop? I think that's what some people on here mentioned... I'm looking forward to learning more about our lead characters past, especially with SIW. I don't dislike SIW at the moment but I also don't like him - I don't like how he used YR to show her SY's personal information that mentions his disability. I'm just curious about him and what's up with him... Anyways, I look forward to the next episode and learning more about all of our characters!
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