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  1. Hmmm Viki trailer says that the drama is going to premiere in the fall, so it looks like it will air in September? I'm so excitedd for this drama, can september come any faster
  2. I saw the poster of Jisung and Jinyoung together and OMG!! @jongski another Beyond Evil pairing?!? YES PLEASEE Thank you for all the updates everyone I'm so excited for this drama! My favorite actor in this drama (Ji Sung) and another one of my favorite idol/younger actors too. Ji Sung is really good at picking his works so I bet he won't disappoint with this drama
  3. I finished Episode 16 and wow I'm surprised that Ji Ah's ability disappeared but she managed to get it back. Love the ending scene where all of them are working in Daebaek Real Estate and all ask the client about the place haha. Of course Ji Ah comes in and asks the final question, did anyone die. Also man I was hoping for SOME romance in the last episode but we didn't get any. Maybe the two of them only love each other as friends and not romantically. NAHHH!! Oh In Beom has got to have a crush on Ji Ah!! We shall just imagine that the two of them become lovers later on
  4. I find it super interesting that this is going to be on Disney Plus... Didn't think that they would take any content that isn't disney..
  5. I saw that some people are sad and heartbroken because Myeong Hee and Hee Tae didn't live happily ever after, even I was sad at first, but the goal of the drama wasn't to sugarcoat everything and show that the couple lived through Gwangju Uprising and ended up together. It was to portray what victims actually faced during the Gwangju Uprising and what people now feel after experiencing 5.18... Someone even told me that till this day, people haven't found bodies of their families because the military men would dump them somewhere and hide them. I'm glad that the drama stick with it's roots till
  6. I’m so sad that the drama finished! I felt like it could go on for another 4 episodes with the momentum it had. Sell Your Haunted House / Daebaek Real Estate was such a solid drama from the beginning and the end! I only watched the clips for Episode 16. Looks like we’ll get a special episode for the drama tomorrow!
  7. Hi @nrllee if R94 relates with the couple in some way then discussion about R94 is fine. The reason why I posted in the thread is because I notice that there was conversation specifically talking about the couple in R94 (I know that the actor is in that drama too but specifically talking about the couple from R94 doesn't relate to Flower garden) and even talks about the actress in R94. I will also say that discussion about other actors, actresses, and characters in the drama is a thin line unless it directly relates to the couple... (Honestly it can be hard to gauge at times) As lo
  8. Hi there, I just want to give a friendly reminder that this is a specifically a FlowerGarden (Ahn JeongWon ♥️ Chae SongHwa) thread so any discussion or conversation should be about the couple (I notice some discussion about R94). As per Soompi rules for the shipper paradise forum: 4. Do not engage in off-topic conversations. If you'd like to discuss / post off-topic conversations (i.e. chit-chats / greetings / discussions about irrelevant couples), do so through personal message or where else more appropriate. Posts that don't abide by this rule may be subject to
  9. Guys, I spoke to someone who’s family was involved with the Gwangju Uprising and if we thought everything that happened in the drama was brutal, it was WAY MORE brutal than what is shown.. I thought it was pretty bad in the drama but it was much worse..
  10. @rolisrntex Yeah if it was Hee Tae, I feel like the man might look a little bit older? @qynn Oh so if Myung Soo is 12 years old, he would be 53 then. I think it’s more plausible that the man is Myung Soo now
  11. Why do people think it's okay to leave the other person alone and they'll handle the situation? Like Dad, stay with Myung Soo and protect him!!! Aside from that, we are on our final week of Youth of May and it sure has been a ride. Myung Hee's dad gave Hee Tae the stopwatch we saw in Episode 1. I have a feeling that it might be Myung Soo that we saw in Episode 1. Someone said that it might not be him because he looks old, but say Myung Soo is like 8 years old right now (I actually don't know how old he is)... This takes place in 1980 so in 2021, Myung Soo would be like 49 years ol
  12. Omg I hope this movie gets released on Viki or something soon! (Unless it already is)
  13. Okay, finished watching episode 10 and wow... Guns being fired on innocent citizens and even the doctors and nurses. This episode didn't hide anything at all. The citizens taking arms by robbing armory is the next step in the uprising and I know that really happened as well. This whole situation is really....messed up (the only word I can think of). I can't believe that this actually happened in the 1980's in Korea. I actually didn't really know too much about the Gwangju Uprising before this drama (only heard of it) so this drama is an eye-opener for me. As for the las
  14. Im just waiting for a big romantic moment between Ji Ah and In Beom to happen! We know In Beom likes Ji Ah already~~ The two care about each other so much
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