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  1. @valentina72 Omg has it been that long?! Good to see you! I’ve been on and off of soompi forums as well @lebeaucouple Well said! I really want SH and Seojun to be good friends again! Even though SJ is taking his anger out on SH, we can see that SH still cares for SJ and thinks of him as a friend. Tbh I think he is just longing for his friend back.. Also this Korean drama is an embodiment of cheesiness! So many cheesy scenes, I paused the drama so many times for EACH episode because of how cheesy some scenes were haha.. I still really love this drama though
  2. Jumping on the thread for this drama a bit late as we have 6 episodes left, but I gotta voice my opinions for the drama so far! I was a semi-silent reader of this thread (meaning I’d be on and off) First off, I agree with you guys about the whole #TeamSeoJoon and #TeamSuho debate being pointless and useless.. At this point I just want to see character development happen and the main leads Second, people saying Suho being possessive and stuff is starting to upset me too. Like seriously, Suho hasn’t really done something so bad that he should be called being possessive. A
  3. I’m late to the party but I love that KMJ played the piano at the SBS drama awards also happy that Eun Bin and KMJ got best couple award, they deserve it
  4. It has been awhile since I visited this forums, but I just watched the recent video that SBS Catch released and i gotta say, I'm super tempted to get the Bluray DVD now! I want to see that Epilogue...!
  5. Anyone else wondering why Yong Dong Jin is the only one where his communications get messed up? I wonder if he has some kind of connection with that zombie/monster...?
  6. @annamchoi omg that parallel scene posted by SBS on Instagram is beautiful! I’m. Not. Crying. I watched the BTS when it premiered on YouTube and omg! PEB and KMJ are so adorable! Perfect. Chemistry! I love the part where PEB has her eyes closed and is sleepy with KMJ watching her. Then PEB loses her balance because she almost fell asleep and KMJ was startled! I love how he immediately tried to grab her Another part that was cute when KMJ was messing around with PEB and said “1, 2, 3” and PEB started to do her greeting and bowed, but KMJ just stood still KMJ
  7. Ughh all those deleted scenes want me to get the blu-ray! I wonder if it’s worth the $240 for the Blu-Ray disk though.. I’ve never gotten one of them before. Also the making for SA’s violin recital, omgg! PEB and KMJ are so 멋있어 or cool for playing together Honestly kudos to them for acting AND actually playing the instrument too! I know many times there would be someone else playing most of the times but it’s so nice to see them play the instrument. Their chemistry too, no joke! I see their skin ship and PEB sitting on the same chair as KMJ I still can’t believe this dram
  8. I love the fact that despite SA and JY going through a breakup, they are still honest/open with each other and true about their feelings. I think we did see at least this between the two of them, although they didn’t fully speak of their troubles. 1. For example, when they finally speak to each other after separating and met at the funeral for JK’s grandma, SA tells JY that she changed her piece to Brahms and she is going to quit playing the violin to end her one-sided love. 2. Later on we see JY tell SA that he loves her and wants to tell her this and not regret it, bu
  9. @larus thank you for sharing the article about KMJ’s interview! I love his thoughts and what he said @Jillia I love the photos of JY in the Brahms CD so I’m glad that SBS released official stills I’m so sad that this drama is over... I still need to watch episode 16 with subs so I’m not done with this drama yet! Plus I need to do a rewatch of the whole drama Maybe skipping all the parts with Prof. sister and prof. lee hehe... @tenten0227 I’m really wondering the same thing too... I really like this drama and want to support but $200 is just too much for me
  10. Hello there! Okay I saw the preview for this drama and thought it was super interesting. (plus Jang Dong Yoon is the main lead), but didn’t decide on watching the drama while it’s ongoing. (also because a drama I was watching just finished yesterday and I haven’t had time to get over that yet..) But I watched the first episode out of curiosity today and was immediately hooked....so I HAD to watch the 2nd episode as well Now I will be watching this drama while it’s ongoing because it’s just SO interesting! and spooky I admit.. My goodness, the tension and suspense gets t
  11. @Jillia @celebrianna Seriously kudos to Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin in that scene!!! I love how we see JY having his hopes up when the first knock but he’s like, “no I shouldn’t expect anything”. Then the second knock, he’s like, “sigh who is it now”. When JY sees that it’s SA, he looks shocked and surprised... Then when SA said “friends”, JY put his head down and looked disappointed and sad. You know, that whole scene was acted well between the two of them! I actually really liked KMJ’s acting in the opening scene of episode 16 as well! The way JY was explaining how he wasn’t hap
  12. Can we just talk about all of the parallelism we got in today’s episode?!? 1. JY telling SA that he loves her (JY also telling her that he was never happy while playing the piano but was happy with SA) but SA asking for some time and for JY to wait for her because of all the pain/hurt she’s gone through <—> SA saying “I like you” to JY but JY asking SA for some time 2. JY and SA walking along the wall.. Their hand brushes against each other and JY wants to hold SA’s hand, but the situation and atmosphere is more awkward <—> JY and SA first walking together a
  13. I really love the performance between JY, HH and JK as a trio for JK’s grandma. The way they perform with each other and how the cello, violin and piano are all in sync and compliment each other They’ve been through a lot as friends and I like how the drama despicted them as Schumann, Clara and Brahms... Now I don’t know much about Schumann, Clara and Brahms besides what the drama said about them but I would say that they (our trio) honestly represent them (Schumann, Clara and Brahms)! I like how the drama ended in the note that the three of them are doing a piano trio
  14. @Jillia thank you for the information about the song! I was really curious what piece it was and the significant about it. I did notice it has lyrics because in the scene that JY is playing, we can see the paper with the piece lyrics on the piano (while he was practicing the song). I tried reading the lyrics but I had no luck understand haha.. Also to talk about the significance of JY putting the ring on SA’s right hand, it’s as @rozelan said and it’s because violinst or string instrument players put the ring on the opposite hand so it doesn’t get in the way of their playing. HH me
  15. Also notice how when JY finishes playing his last song at the performance, he didn’t sigh or anything I know someone said here that they noticed JY sighs after he plays the piano and that’s because he isn’t satisfied or happy with his performance? I want to think that after he played that last piece by Schumann, he genuinely and truly played that piece out of his heart and was satisfied
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