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  1. When they were in the park, I liked that first move of YS' dance. It was somehow sensual, and our dear angel didnt know where to look. KW had his love story. He should let Dan and YS have theirs.
  2. I would like for there to be some love scenes between Eunseom and Tanya. But, I dont know if it will be so. Tagon and Taeha said hello like war friends, not like lovers.
  3. Wow...that was a smart plan to trap SN, and Eunseom looked so powerful on the screen. When he reached the group, he only shot at Yangcha, and that way he could ride away safely. I kinda like his innocence, and how everyone already sees him as a warrior.
  4. An exciting drama. Tanya is a brave girl. She doesnt look scared, even though she surely is. She is even watching all those new things she is seeing with curiosity. Same as Eunseom, who adjusts to any situation pretty fast. Him and Kanmoreu are an invincible team. Maybe they loose some battles, but not the war.
  5. What should any man do first when he sees another man hanging around his girlfriend. Learn how to drive, but a bit better than our angel. I like how YS hugged Dan tightly while they were leaving the park.
  6. Ta Mi, girl, that was really embarrassing. ''He is handsome''... But, so true.
  7. Such beautiful scenes between CM and SY. He smiles more and more. I like it.
  8. That was a really beautiful kiss. I like that it happened on a bed, and how the camera slowly moved away. The whole scene was warm and cozy.
  9. I dont know if its just me, but Dan looked so handsome while cleaning the yard in the rain. I understood that Dan wanted to give that bouquet to YS, like how she would get flowers when dancing on the stage. Nice.
  10. I dont know what scenes I like better, when Dan is fun, or when he silently watches YS dance in that beautiful black dress. Or the way he covered YS with wings, calmly like a true protector.
  11. The breakup scene was weird. I think they would both be more interested if they were making a shopping list. Maybe JI should have been a bit more clearer.
  12. A tip from this episode that can be useful for every girl. Sometimes you should forget your wallet at home. I liked both episodes.
  13. All the actors are amazing. But, YSY is too good of an actor, not to be the main lead. Even in the short scenes between YH and JI , there is chemistry on the screen. **** I like this mind fight between YH and lord Hwang.
  14. Fukuda is become more and more interesting. I like the scenes between him and Miki. He even laughed. And then a completely different facial expression when he was watching YJ and BW from the car. Looks like nothing can move a man like another man, being around the girl he likes. And thats how Fukuda decided he needs a new suit.
  15. Yes, they look so good together. HJM looks so beautiful in that simple white dress. Like from the movie "Roman holiday".
  16. I like how YJ is always calm and careful. Even when walking with Fukuda, and even when holding a gun in that hallway where WB fought those gangsters. Although to me it seems that in the moment she saw WB, she was more shaken than usual.
  17. Nothing will be the same for sure. Fukuda is already starting to doubt YJ, and now there is WB there too. It seems to me that in this drama everyone is following everyone. I guess because its war time.
  18. Yes, I like Fukuda too. It would be nice, if him and that singer had a chance to be together. Although, what if marriage happens between Fukuda and YJ. General Hiroshi already has everything planned.
  19. Its clear that YJ and WB are attracted to eachother, no matter the circumstances. Everything is happening naturally, and fits the whole story. Fukuda is a good person, and thats the only way YJ thinks of him.
  20. The kiss would be sexy, if they were already in a relationship. But, MR accepted that, so its okay. Such a beautiful scene when MR touched TJs hand, and when they walked the street hand in hand, after. Besides, that the only other thing I liked was that MR changed her nail polish.
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