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  1. I suspect it's the congress lady but unfortunately She is too old to be the girl. The girl at the most when meeting Bareum..probably in middle high school? but It will be cool if The congress lady is a smart psychopath who doesn't make her own hand dirty but by manipulating people surrounding victims in the name of justice. About the baby swap..Those 2 women talked about keeping eyes on both of BR & YH so when one or both of BR & YH show psychopath behavior, they promise to kill. So as some of you already think, the swap is indeed done so it will be easier for both of them
  2. It's already half of the total episodes but the writer only teased viewers with "touching hand". Does it mean this drama will not have romance part?
  3. New passenger on this drama At first, I was really sure that the series killer is BaReum but since there are 5 episodes more I become 50:50 Is there any possibility that all the murdering scenes by himself that we watched on ep 14 are just Bareum's hallucination? probably side effect from the brain operation. The reason is how can He doesn't remember the wound on his hand made by BY when he remembers that He is the one killing the Priest. Maybe all the evidences on his home were put by the government team. Second...It's mentioned several times about Detective Shin has psychopat
  4. To be honest..I feel a little bit cheated with how KJH acted & seemed tobe 'head over heels" towards SHS in his IG live. I bet anyone who joined all his live ig know what I meant. He even was so persistent to do join live with her. Suddenly ..today's new popped up nowhere and I was like " What was He doing on instagram live then? " I guess I am still on mental breakdown and will get better after several days
  5. So far I just watched 2 parts of the spin off. First one is CJ-SY first meeting and second one is about BY-YeongPyeong. CJ-SY first meeting is still connected with the main drama plot so I am quite satisfied. However.. about BY-YeongPyong story... I couldn't agree more with u that it feels like altenate universe. Let's say that the scene happened before BY became minister of war. The ridiculous thing is Hong Yeon came with not a maid clothes and can easily lifted the dumbbell. Is She even that close with them at that time? In addition, BY with his personality who already hate the K
  6. Thingking about the same thing. I haven't watched ep 19..probably it's explained there (?). If both of them went to find the queen.. probably Byeong In didn't need to sacrifice his life since I am pretty sure with their martial art skill, they can beat the masked man.
  7. This is just trivial thing that crossed to my mind...If I am not mistakenly, I read somewhere on instagram that one of the spin off will be about Suwon queen and the step brother( Kim Jwa Geum) .The fact that He is a step brother is a new knowledge for me. Is there any possibility that Kim Jwa Geum has (or maybe had) feeling for the Grand Queen Dowager just like Byeong In to So Yong? He said that He doesn't need any position and He just sincerely wants to help GQD.. Moreover.. He seems to not has any wife
  8. It's interesting to read all opinions here regarding the ending and I agree that it will be hard to achieve an ending that will be satisfying without sacrificing one of 3 characters (SY, BH, CJ) since it's already stated that the time that passed between present and joseon are same. As for me...I remember the opening cartoons that was posted on early pages.. The 2 different moons becomes one so I still believe that SY & BH are the same entity (reincarnation theory) . With this concept, maybe it will be easier for viewers to accept if in case SY will be the end games.
  9. I am really afraid that this will go like 'Life on the Mars' route. For information..the main lead on that drama( He is a cop) experienced fantasy adventure when He is on comma state and the people He met on his adventure turned out to be dead people which their profile read by him accidentally when He is working on a case. Same thing with Bong Hwan... He has really good knowledge of Korean history which he bragged on early episodes which might be the reason why his fantasy is about Joseon era. I hope I am wrong... It's just too sad
  10. Is there any possibility that the King purposefully harmed his self as a plan to prevent the soldiers from being executed or maybe to cover things as their plans have been revealed?
  11. from the meaning of opening cartoons that posted by @immorethant I am imagining that The young King might saved by the young Queen but somehow He mistaken the girl as the concubine. That will explain why He is so nice to the concubine
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