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  1. Couldn't agree anymore for the bold ones. The fan meeting will be on feb 28 and as I remembered He also did one fan meeting on the beginning of this drama. Let's say CJH needs to prepare the meeting content, if they want, they can do some combinations of shot his scenes in advanced and decrease his appearance. In the worst case, they can just film He suddenly gets headache attack, fainted and rushed to hospital to get surgery. Later they can add a scene where He is laying on the bed..in the progress of recovery. That would not be just 5 minutes and They will just need to film not more than half a day..even less. Suspicious...suspicious!!!
  2. Wow...I was so shocked when I saw CJH's post on instagram in the morning. The reason is too suspicious. My feeling is there is dispute but SBS can't do anything since the original contract signed by CJH is up to 50 episodes. Do u all remember with Goo Hyun Jung's scandal on Return Drama? It's the same director. Bu then so far from the PD's note..it seems the PD is on CWB's character side. Of course, the note is probably written by the staff.. The difference is CJH seems wants to end it on the good term so fulfilled his job until ep 50 meanwhile GHJ stop in the middle so SBS badmouth her so much. Anyway I personally will not continue anymore this drama. I just finished up until 40. The story is so depressing & make me tired. Conclusion A can become B or C later. Maybe this is what they called makjang .Plus with this shocking news..I'm done
  3. I saw on instagram comments that some LE international fans expect the last scene of yesterday episode will be continued with bed scene. How ridiculous it is... Pretty sure it will not happen since Koreans public are sensitive about this
  4. I am frustrated with the last action from WB. It's really unnecessary. Sunny already warned him that If He goes it means die. Even Yura also tried to calm him down. Like usual if it's about Dongshik, He seems to be always irrational, impatient & short of thoughts. Last time He already lost his chance to get surgery, I just hope this time He will not die. Anyway..is next week will be really the last episodes? is the extension just a rumor?
  5. Do you all remember that Ari asked SKH where was her scarf that had been borrowed by SKH on the day GED died? I might be missed it but I don't remember SKH gave the scarf back to Ari. I think the scarf will be a clue...probably it's used to kill GED or it's bloody so She needed to throw it.
  6. The problem is CJH is too tall and JNR is petite so to disguise the height difference, the girl needs high healed shoes. It's usually like that on any drama haha. Maybe they should have edited the sound instead
  7. Hi all...I want to share my 2 cents for fun 1. Since the regulation that woman can rule the country has been approved, I find it will be more hilarious if Princess Sojin is the one who acends the throne in the end. Yoon will be likely not interested for the position. As for Ari, the writer can make excuse that the princess is under age so before Ari reaches certain age, SoJin will be the one replaces her. If not, the writer can also make a twist that LH is not Ari's biological father by revealing that the DNA test has been manipulated by the Nanny. However, the title is last empress. Like all of u said, it gives strong conclusion that the monarchy system will be over after this. Except the meaning is a twist, it's actually "the last Empress for LH" Does "empress" and "queen" have the same meaning? It seems they usually use "Queen" term for the woman who rules the country and empress is used for indicating the Emperor's wife. What I mean is..If they are different, it also makes sense that the last empress is SN since the next throne is a Queen, therefore there's no Empress. 2. Just for joke, maybe the island is used to bury all the men that has given "service" to ED. She will not want these men to open their mouth someday or give her threat for money 3. I enjoy the love triangle plot but only to that extend. it's good that the writer made the LH character is more loveable but hopefully it's just for purpose that later LH deserves lighter punishment, not to the extend that LH deserves the female lead . Probably.. the special episode next week to remind netizen what crime LH has done so far 4. I worry about WB statement that He would protect SN even if it needed to sacrifice his life.
  8. So He was flustered. No wonder he wasn't smile (well..only half smile) throughout the ceremony. I thought he was having a bad mood or too tired because of the filming.
  9. Our Writer-nim needs tobe more creative for the romance part It's either hug or carrying SN.
  10. thank u @stroppyse & @booha for the translation. Oh man...Why should WB asked SN to win LH's hearts. At this rate WB will not feel jealous because He will think SN just doing her job. What if LH asks SN to serve him in the chamber later if she can seduce him? lol
  11. Seems that Sunny has a new hair style ( a little bit wavy) on upcoming episode. It makes her prettier
  12. Lee elijah just attended the ceremony. I guess she was also late because of the filming schedule. Maybe It means her character is not dead yet Anyway too bad Princess Ari doesn't win the award for the child category. It seems the winner (which already a teenager) doesn't prepare the speech or she was too nervous. Shin Dong Yup said that Ari must have prepared the speech if she won and asked her to reveal a little bit. Ari talked so well. Shin Dong Yup asked whether she is disappointed but she answered smartly talking about how she would work harder in the next year and so on that every one clapped their hands. Seems that even in reality, this little girl is so smart
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