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  1. @ZafiroI have seen that article before. I was trending right after she said it — back when she was on that relationship show with all the foreigner panelists. Is it trending because IU is in a serious relationship now? Hmmmm? Clearly it is recent since it mentioned the new Gong Yoo/Song Hye colab in the teaser line. Yes!!I got to rewatch TYH all over again (for I don’t know — the tenth time? I’ve rewatched certain episodes many many times, tho). Episodes 7-8 where they are just starting their relationship are definitely high on my list. I also love Episode 11 and Episode 14. But I just love that entire series. I live Goblin, too—but I have to be in the right mood to watch it, because it’s just so sad on so many levels, whereas TYH (except for episode 13) is just pure happiness. I know I’ve said this many times on this Forum, but I do think all signs point to this year where we get an announcement that they got married two years ago, or that they got married last weekend. Like the article says, she would only want her closest friends (who wouldn’t betray her with leaking photos), so maybe they already are? And LDW was simply testing the waters as to how his fans would react to the news when he had his last fan meet. One can only hope!
  2. I'm SOOO happy to report that (US based) Raku-Viki has relicensed Touch Your Heart! I binge watched 7 episodes last night. I had forgotten how much fun the show is and how happy it makes me. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  3. @Ceinwynie! Welcome to our little community! I came a little late to this Forum also (years after TYH aired). I think the original contributors have long fallen off and only us true and faithful still remain (just kidding!). Go back a few hundred pages and enjoy some of the insights and/or past postings. There's a lot of good information in these pages. Keep your fingers crossed that we have some good news forthcoming this year!
  4. @Almondcroissant long time no post! This site has been very quiet (I've been keeping myself occupied by following the Junho-Yoona ship online). Missed those posts on Instagram, but my work has been keeping me very busy and off social media for the most part (I haven't been able to watch a K-Drama in over a month!). Those Insta posts are very direct, aren't they? So awesome. Maybe with Seho getting married, LDW has finally decided that it's time for him to settle down, as well. We can all keep hoping! Thanks for keeping the flame alive!
  5. @Zafiro so I actually did buy the DVD set from Amazon awhile ago—-buts it’s like a black market edition with actual ads! The translation is weird, too. But, again, it’s better than nothing. I think I’m going to break down and subscribe to ExpressVPN so I can watch whatever I want. There are many shows that I would like to watch, but can’t because of licensing. Who else’s finds it interesting that in Wookie’s last two roles (TONT 1938 and the shopping mall killer—you can’t count Single in Seoul which was shot years ago) there are no romantic scenes? @Lunitaaa don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. I never believed the Suzy story in the first place and I wouldn’t believe it now.
  6. I'm so bummed you guys! I went to go watch Touch Your Heart on Raku Viki and I guess their US license ran out and it's no longer available. I also noticed that it was taken off of Netflix (US). TYH has always been my go to show to watch when I want a laugh. If anyone else resides in the US and subscribes (or even if you don't subscribe) to Raku Viki, please take a moment and make a special request to add the title back! If they get enough requests, they'll add it back (I hope)!
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