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  1. @tncloy1819 LOL. that was my first thought too...Their agency probably want to keep personal separate. someone may want to correct me but I think Binjin, at their leve as A-listers, would be the first confirmed dating couple to do endorsements together.
  2. That was my whole point; You just explained it more clearly than I did. That's not what I meant at all. I apologize if it was conveyed that way, that was not my intention. You're right, there's no malice or disrespect.
  3. I personally think it's a different place, just coincident that they are rectangular. HB background is gray and YJ's is beige. Also, HB's looks like it doesn't go all the way up (colorful above). As fans, we are excited to see that they may possibly be in the same space but at they same time we should also understand that they are individuals. We should not always associate every little things between then. I must say though it is fun to analyze but we should R-E-S-P-E-C-T them individually
  4. I'm satisfied with how LEO and PJW story. I'm glad it didn't take LEO long to figure out she wanted PJW too. PJW was clever giving him that necklace with out a note *squeeel* I was also a bit disappointrd Geon and Sun Young didn't get back together. As for KJ and RI...I think that was expected. I have a feeling there's a season two and their story continues. If that happens hope PJW and LEO will make some appearances too. I guess we'll see what's in store for EP17. Overall this drama was satisfying, non typical Korean drama. I love it!
  5. I couldn't wait til I got home to watch the episode so tried to sneak it in at work I'm sooo relieved they finally had a genuine heart to heart talk. I'm LEO initiated that kiss. Can't wait til Tuesday again!
  6. I can't wait for Friday! Hopefully LEO will finally reveals her true feeling about PJW. I'm beginning to be a tad bit frustrated with her lol. I still love this drama though
  7. With the confirmation, kmedia, fans now associate everything BinJin. That can be burdensome to both parties. This is why korean celebrities keeps relationship to themselves. Anyway, I wanted to share this article/blog I read SYJ. And my reaction afeter reading it is....Holy COW! (no pun intended) she really worked nonstop since her debut. No wonder why her nickname is "Cow Ye Jin". I'm glad she's really taking this time to rest. She deserves it. https://mydramalist.com/article/an-ultimate-fan-guide-to-son-ye-jin-011016071
  8. Thank you! I tried the first link but it wouldn't let me add it to cart. I saw HyunBin confirmed to he attending APAN. Anyone know if SYJ is attending as well? As many already expressed, I am not expecting a lovey-dovey binjin (if both attends). What I actually look forward to those small crumbs like Baeksang lol
  9. Has anyone purchased or tried to purchase the APAN award streaming? I really want to watch it...even it it means staying up all night lol.
  10. I have rewatched all their CLOY interviews and BTS multiple times since the confirmation as well. Every scene/interviews does have a whole new meaning now too. Im also more giddy while watching them. I've also decided to rewatched CLOY (for the nth time) and that too provides a whole new meaning. I think this is only my second time responding but has been lurking EVERYDAY, and multiple time a day lol. I'm just as ecstatic as everyone about their relationship. I hope it lasts and eventually leads to marriage. I really hope they're relationship will mirror that of Rain a
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