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  1. That’s the spirit. Look on the bright side of things. For example, you can binge watch drama marathons and indulge in fast food take out. Wishing you well! meanwhile I just watched the clip where Dong Hua tosses Feng Jiu onto the snow stakes. Isn’t it funny how they both yawn and stretch as they leave their rooms? I don’t think anyone has ever witnessed Dong Hua doing something so....normal before. I definitely can’t see Dong Hua yawning and stretching his arms around Jiheng. Possibly Zhihe though...
  2. While I doubt concubine Chu Wan actually loved Xuan Ren, I must admit she sounded truly disappointed that he didn’t really care about her just before she goes off to jail. In that accusation, it sounds like she sees him as more than a means to get the jade.
  3. Something to note down. Dong Hua kept his little fox’s ointment for so long. And only decided to use it for Feng Jiu, even using more than necessary for skin care. another point where you can see how Dong Hua cares for her.
  4. In other words, Dong Hua just didn’t want to use his authority to get the jade even though it’s the easier way. Instead he choose the roundabout method where Lian Song does all the work.
  5. Remember when Lian Song tried to bribe Dong Hua with rare ceramics. Dong Hua came up with the idea that Lian Song pretend to be allergic so his enemy will send him tons of fine ceramic. Why did Lian Song seem so shocked by the plan?
  6. If that’s the case, she really has no authority over Feng Jiu, except the latter decided to be a maid... hmm, come to think of it, how did Feng Jiu intend to pay off her debt as a maid? I know she became one partly hoping Dong Hua would notice her, but I can’t see how she could repay her debt as a maid.
  7. I am praying for you and your folks. meanwhile...currently thinking about Zhihe and Zhiyue. i know Zhiyue is like a new character meant to be Zhihe in eternal love, but how on earth did she get a job working for Dong Hua on heaven when she isn’t even associated to him? I’m trying to compare the two princesses. similarities: 1)both were household staff manager 2) both made Feng Jiu miserable 3) both tried to kill Feng Jiu (Zhihe with her hairpin and Zhiyue by throwing her into a pit with a Monster. Seriously these celestial ladies are crazy!) 4) both protested ostentatiously whenever they thought Dong Hua was in a romance (Zhihe pretended to be the bride and covered her escape, and broke into Taichen Palace to get drunk until Chonglin called her ugly; Zhiyue kept breaking priceless artefacts so she could get banished to the mortal realm with Dong Hua) 5) both cried in front of Dong Hua when facing the consequences of their wrongdoing (though we never did see Zhiyue punished for throwing Feng Jiu into a pit.) differences: 1) Zhihe was Dong Hua’s foster sister whereas Zhiyue could claim no association at all 2) Zhiyue actually tried to be involved with a Dong Hua’s mortal trial. It is unknown if Zhihe would have done the same because she was currently banished at the time.
  8. Just did a quick check through of the CD set to make sure they will run. the English subtitles are big but readable. sadly there are no bonus or deleted scenes to see. i can finally watch the whole series in full....right after I finish watching the “hot girl” Chinese show starring 迪丽热巴.
  9. Great news for ELOD fans in Singapore! They are now selling the drama CDs at Poh Kim dvd stores. bad news: it costs about $100 for the whole thing. good news: there is 30% discount for members right now and it has English subtitles.
  10. I use Facebook for updates. Though Liu Yifei does have her own instagram, she rarely updates it. i love seeing childish Dong Hua. So cute how he tugs in Feng Jiu’s hand or sleeve. i can’t see Dong Hua showing this in front of JH or ZH though. His role to them is a Brother or teacher... I can’t see him putting on that childish face and asking them to stay and cook for him, because he doesn’t really like them being around. The whole point of the cold front is so they would get the hint and stop obsessing over him.
  11. Hello. I’m torn between getting Weibo so I can follow my fav Chinese celebrities since obviously they don’t have Facebook or Twitter (that I can find at least), but does Weibo even have an English version? also; does anyone know the official Weibo accounts of Dilireba and Gao Wei Guang? And Tang Qi’s account? She’s posting Lotus Step there right?
  12. Hmm...I wonder if he realized it was meant as a parting gift when Chonglin reported its absence. also, since Tangqi was involved in the drama script, he probably received it in the book too, i guess