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  1. It’s just sad that Yuan Zhen has to suffer for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s almost worse then Su Su because she was undergoing her trial.
  2. Currently watching episode 32, and I have to say, YH’s actions really disappoint me here more than in the book. in the book, he didn’t know Su Su was framed or whatever. And I am guessing he didn’t know whether to believe in Yuan Zhen’s innocence. but here, when Yuan Zhen is being framed, YH did not defend an innocent man because of a soul gathering lamp (dude, she gave that lamp to be your consort, you don’t owe her anymore) and because SJ is currently wearing BQ’s eyes (ah yes, let your wife’s tormentor continue wearing her eyes…) jerk!
  3. Huh. What was the difference between the dismissal of the maids? personally I think Ye Hua was too lenient. Miao Qing may have saved his son but she also tried to kill BQ!
  4. Watching ep 30 of EL. By now it is just obvious that whoever wants to be a maid to a great lord obviously has a crush on the latter. Miao Qing, Feng Jiu and Jiheng. ironically Feng Jiu never got Dong Hua’s attention when she was a maid. and despite how Miao Qing and Jiheng say they will be happy just to serve, obviously they want more. yikes!
  5. Is it me or is Dong Hua a lot weaker in EL than ELOD. they certainly gave him a power upgrade. I also find it kind of funny that even though Qingqiu is so carefree, Bai Yi is so strict
  6. It’s ok I really hope the ghost clan can reincarnate. I feel so sorry for the maids and shaman, having been mistreated by the cruel Xuan Nu and the uncaring Li Jing
  7. An obvious tell that a celestial princess is evil. They dare to kill an animal in public. Zhihe drowned an innocent butterfly. Su Jin ordered her maid to kil FJ the red fox. Kneeling is too light a punishment! And these are the princesses of heaven!
  8. In other words…the criminals are allowed to enjoy the results of their victories for a long time while the victims suffer for a long time. what kind of justice system is that? Actually something about SJ reminds me of JH. when Ye Hua decided to take on SS’s lightning punishment, SJ clearly didn’t like that, but she can’t exactly protest can she? When JH plotted to get rid of her competition, and DH sacrificed power/health for FJ’s sake, she didn’t really protest either. For girls who claim to love their crush the most, they don’t really show it beyond obsession.
  9. Yeah. But was the wealth and power really necessary for them to have if they would be miserable either way? Not to mention the heavenly lord hasn’t received his due karma yet. The guy has been sitting the lap of luxury while Ye Hua does his job. He certainly doesn’t look unhappy. Where is his karma or misery?
  10. Why is it that in EL that it takes so long for karma to punish the villains? Su Jin and Xuan Nu certainly enjoyed luxury and status for too long
  11. Regarding the love rivals...Xuan Nu, Su Jin, Zhihe and Jiheng, only the latter ever loved someone before the main lead. Jiheng loved Minsu because they were always together... is it possible that Jiheng liked Dong Hua because he was her only visitor? It is weird. She befriends her bodyguard as a princess and is willing to face punishment for love. But when she is demoted and exiled, she shuns the biyiniaos and only wants the first emperor. probably hoping to be promoted or something
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