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  1. Because I am currently reading You Are My Glory; I am at chapter 21 where Jing Jing is wondering if Yu Tu will let her use his stuff. Is this actual couples’ behavior? Using other people’s phone? Because wasn’t there a post where Vengo said Reba always used his phone to play games and send weird stuff to friends? They must be super close because he gave her his phone’s password.
  2. Here’s an idea. Based on the first excerpt with a new servant character and the fact that Dong Hua is confused about his blood relation, what if the story is about Gun Gun travelling to the past to learn about his father. Because of his failed exam, he wants to double check everything.
  3. In that case...I am picturing an elderly red fox with greying fur, still as small as a baby fox. That is my imagining her when she is as old as her grandpa.
  4. So despite the fact that Feng Jiu is a mother fox who has been pregnant and nursed her kit, she still looks like a baby fox? from what you are saying, does that mean she is really just an adult fox who looks like a baby fox?
  5. How has Dong Hua not recognized his wife? He spent a whole night watching her sleep as a cute fox before turning Xiao Yan into a carrot
  6. Thank you @UnluckyWhiteCat this is actually quite confusing. Dong Hua met Gun Gun at the end of the pillow book. Why so surprised now?
  7. Excerpts have been released! https://www.instagram.com/p/CKLy7ivFEJU/?igshid=u1aafnlf140o anyone know the summary. Google translate is not good for this.
  8. ???how does that help Dong Hua tolerate Qingti? Qingti may not have anymore romantic feelings towards Feng Jiu, but they still have a natural close friendship. Their bond over wine...
  9. I actually posted a birthday wish on his weibo via message. did you know that some fans actually wished him happy birthday on a huge building screen? I was amazed. Seriously how did they do that?
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