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  1. I don’t know if new mum will live or die that is up in the air for now. Can go either way for me. But I think Mr.Wang will come through with the receipts that new mom has dementia and that it progressed acutely. That will be the only way that GH can save new mum and her business and get revenge. She needs to flip around what evil gang did. Now we know that the chairman is a bad person. I want HJ to throw him out. Wait till he finds out about what he did to new mum.
  2. This maybe a filler episode but it’s telling. I think EJ will have to make a choice very hard one soon. She came back home to being EJ. But will she remain EJ? Most of them want her back as EJ. But it’s not really that easy to do. Can’t just flip a switch. She either stay EJ and basically forget her revenge and let them win or be GH and get revenge. Can’t have her cake and eat it too. Once she chooses she can’t go back.
  3. I still think HJ/EJ will marry at the end. I don’t think SH/EJ can be together it’s too messy. Hoon is the wedge between them. Also EJ father’s death is also a wedge. He hasn’t even been told that. He would feel too guilty over that. The discussion SH and HR had some valid points. Hoon one day will grow up and he will find out he is a son of a murder. Also if SH and EJ were to get back together he will find out his dad married the woman who killed/hurt his mom and one day he will go down the path EJ went and the cycle would repeat itself. HJ/EJ understand each other better tha
  4. I believe that they have extend it by one extra episode. I have seen pics on Instagram from the actors of the script. I thought of something really wild what if EJ was really GH? What if the pictures of GH are false. I think it was kind of fast that she was found.
  5. My poor Disco oppa I just want him to be happy! He’s a good boy. See I said he wasn’t trying to be a bad person.
  6. I still have belief in Disco oppa. HR greatest fear is SH finds out about GH and what she did to EJ and her child. So the farther away from GH the better and she can’t use Hoon. Also she knows where SH is and he can’t instantly run to GH. He has to make sure to severe the ties completely. No chance for mistakes. Miss M has been stumbling in her revenge for a while especially when it involves SH. Whatever to get her to focus again. He has to make him believe that he betrayed him to get the ball rolling. To satisfy both revenges. HR will not let her breathe if her and SH still near each
  7. Today episode is wow! HJ is and still my favorite character. He is using his brain. Let me explain. . GH/EJ he knows her identity and her revenge. He basically told her if you don’t do as I say I will ruin revenge your by turning HR and SR in. That way she won’t get the justice/revenge she wants. @LeftCoastOppa Disco oppa did not betray SH. He is basically trying to save his life. When he was in the car with HR his face said it all. He just witnessed crazy and he saw this is not going to end well what so ever. He thought divorce will be enough but HR put a stop to that t
  8. The conversation between new mom and chairman was very I think new mum was in a way giving him one more chance or way out. To see if he was control by HR’s mom or if he was truly a bad man. If she should focus on her revenge on both or stick with her original plan of HR’s mom. As we can see the chairman failed miserably. Makes me wonder what HJ’s mom saw in the chairman. But that’s water under the bridge. Will GH ruin new mum’s master plan? I don’t think so. New mum been waiting a long time she had no time for failure. Now chairman and SH have one thing or two thing
  9. I think I figure it It has been thrown around that HR is not the chairman’s daughter. What if that was/is true. I think that HR is stepmom’s dead husband kid. Hear me out on this one. Clue number one the sonogram picture. Didn’t she find out she pregnant when all this stuff went down with stepmom’s husband. Second clue when she went on for the kill she said “It was taking to long” for her to die. She was protecting her baby. So here is my theory. I think HR’s mom slept with stepmom’s husband. I was thinking to myself why is she so angry at HR’s mom. I mean super angry besides the company
  10. @chococarmela I think the only way she will become truly vengeful is if something happen to her mom and brother. I mean nothing truly devastating has happened in this drama post EJ’s attempted murder except if you count grandma having a stroke. Something truly big needs to happen to get things juicy. Did they extend the drama and that’s is why it’s taking so long?
  11. The real Miss M is new stepmom. She is so cold she is freezing. I think the show should have been about her. Also she gets the plot moving forward without her it would take GH forever to get revenge. I’m still a HJ/GH shipper. I think the next batch of episodes will show who she is leaning towards. HJ is thinking mostly revenge now and GH is a bonus. But he might be mad at her for keeping secrets from him. I hope they will be together. If they get married it’s no turning back.
  12. HR figuring it out. Let’s see about HJ/GH. HJ/GH here is my theory. They still marry but there is a race. Since HR figure it out there is a matter of time before SH. Now he can find out before or after the wedding. I say after. So he can be bitter and try to take GH/EJ and fail. I still think he will betray HJ. I don’t think that HJ is going to give up on GH. He truly loves her. His father told him if he truly loves her fight for her. I think he will even when he finds out the truth. Then it will be GH’s decision. But if I was a betting person. If she does marry HJ there is no way
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