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  1. Tomorrow is the last episode My theory about the detective was right he is the grandson. What if CYN is Mr.Jangs daughter. I know that's a long shot. But maybe she escape the killer. I mean I don't think he forgot where he buried her if he killed her. Also I still think CYN is still alive. I don't know but maybe that was not her in the suitcase. Maybe there was a switch at the last minute or something. Also someone has to be found i don't care if its the mama dog at this point. But the wait is driving me crazy.
  2. I have a new theory! Forget the other one. SJH is the grandson of the chairwoman! What got me thinking is the necklace he gifted to CYN. He said his mom gave it to him when he was young. That necklace even though small looks hella expensive. I know she was a director of the orphanage. But, I don't think they make that kind of money. Why would she gift a necklace to a child? Why was so against him marrying CYN? I haven't thought why yet? The car plate number could by the car plate that took CYN that beom soo remembers. If SJH ships sinks I am shipping CYN and Thomas they ha
  3. I have some theories: 1. CYN is alive and the chairwoman's granddaughter. She might be in a deep coma. 2. I believe that maybe LJA is HJH's daughter Maybe LJA is also dead. Only reason I think so is the older cop didn't acknowledge her presence in Episode 5 when he arrested the man who conned HJH and at the meal afterwards. 3. The fire at the orphanage was a cover up for something bigger and those 3 businessmen are bad people. 4.SJH's mom is on the cover up or paid to be quiet. It could explain why she was so dead set on CYN not marrying her son. 5. I believe GS's m
  4. I really like this drama. OCN has been putting out some nice dramas. Part of me hopes that Seo Eun soo character is not dead. That she is in limbo and she can be reunited with her fiancee. I really like her. She needs to be in more dramas.
  5. HJH is not bad person. I like his character. I want him to be happy too.
  6. HJH is not a bad guy. He loves ED so much. ED just needs to give him a chance. Maybe towards the end there will be love and babies!
  7. @LeftCoastOppa Yes! I was giddy! I need gifs of the wedding. Please anyone? I think marrying add a dose of drama to the story line. Not marrying for love is more interesting at times and then watching them fall in love can be rewarding. Also watching mostly ED and HJH maneuver around this hot mess cray-cray family ups the entertainment value alone. Lol! Her battle wits with MH will be entertaining. TI/SJ are more suited for each other. When they were together they had crackling chemistry. I hope they marry because basically he is the only one who can make her chill. Plus there's
  8. The best revenge is serve cold! ED is serving the popsicles. Think about if she married TI it would be kind of boring revenge. Her with HJH its on. 1. Not only is EC being raised by ED he is going to part of the chairman's family. So CJH will be tourted by the fact his is not only being raised by his family(people he hates). He can't even acknowledge him. So he will see EC constantly! 2.MH and SJ are the only people who don't know EC is CJH son. So they will be hating on him for no reason. Once they find out the guilt will be strong. They will feel salty. 3. The Choi's a
  9. It's going down! ED look so pretty! They really looked like a family! I know it will be rocky but I will be patient! GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Even though their marriage is unregistered they are still married it is called A “de-facto marriage” is a marriage that is not officially acknowledged under the law, but it is in fact recognized as a marriage and therefore offered certain protections by the law. Easily speaking, a “de-facto” marriage is an “unofficial” marriage. Even if it isn’t official, you still have some obligations and also some rights. The important thing you should
  10. @Lmangla I know they have been teasing for like ever but its like they took a big step forward. I think she might actually do it this time.
  11. I just watched the sub version of the latest episode.I just gotta say this. ED marrying HJH is the best thing going down. Better than slice bread.
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