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  1. Sometimes what you wish for in your heart is what you get. The lawyer enjoyed his new little family but not the wife. And he longed for his ex wife. As I see in the preview - now the three are together. Him, his son, and his ex wife. It's not official - they're just lovingly playing house.
  2. It looks like even though there's a warning posted, there's still the mudslinging going on - even among those who should know better. Topic change: can't wait for next weeks episodes. What's going to happen to Ga-bin who thinks she's got it made. 40's wife said she's not the person she used to be. Husband thought because of her saint like attitude, he was going to have an easy ride with no bumps on his way to marry the younger than him actress. The daughter finds out in the preview and soon Seo Ban will find out. This is more exciting then .... well you know.
  3. age is just a number: photo at age #20 nice photo at age#30- scattered grey hairs photo at age #50 - menopause photo at age #67 - Bi focal specks, white hair, sore knees and joints, failing heart, wisdom @booksonbooks looks so much like my own @brooksmom . My apologies to @airgelaal
  4. @airgelaalI didn't post the following: I think everyone is also forgetting there was a point, before the husband cheated, that both he and the wife were going to ask each other for a divorce. The wife wrote him a text message and was about to send it, when she got a phone call from her parents saying someone had cancer and they were coming to visit. @hsmz I didn't post the following: shouldn't he think about them first before trying to get another child with Nam Ga Bin."(joccu said this) and I just gave my two cents to his comment. If I misund
  5. @joccusaid: "i have no words for 50 husband. he already has two children. shouldn't he think about them first before trying to get another child with Nam Ga Bin." Did he skip sex education class too! That I remember in sex education class they make you carry around a doll crying baby for a week. This love nest all must have happened during the lockdowns when stores were in short supply of toilet paper and condoms.
  6. @Ameera Ali reality check post The dad's telling it like it is, is probably more painful than getting beat by his gold clubs.
  7. Can I comment without seeing ep3, yes I can. Dong-mi has no shame. One hour later update: sneaked a view of ep4 preview. Ga bin is mean. She is shameful too.
  8. I haven't seen the ep subbed, all I can say is that at last she was happy. And I guessed as much with the mother in law.
  9. This drama ends on the same day as Monte Cristo. The new dramas are The Second Husband: writer Seo Hyun Joo of Pink Lipstick Uhm Hyun Kyung A Man in a Veil Lee Chang Yup Liver or Die Oh Seung Ah Bad Love Han Ki Woong Mother of Mine The other drama is Red Shoes: writer Park Ki Hyun Choi Myung Gil of Gracious Revenge So Yi Hyun of Who are You Park Yoon Jae of Unknown Women Jung Yoo Min of Unasked Family Shin Jung Yoon of Brilliant Heritage Source: My dramalist
  10. I am lost. What does buck mean? I've looked it up here and there. Are you a young person? I am going to a my granddaughter's high school graduation today. I may ask around there for an answer. The slang may be a generation gap thing. In the 90's when a young person would say, that is sick, my jaw dropped to found out it means brilliant.
  11. @CarolynH I don't hate her too but of all the mistress she is the most refined, educated, wise of the three. Raised upper class family, education, and 40ish. She could have gotten a single young man to comfort her but then he would have been clingy. Instead she took a chance with a married one. When she crossed that line, she didn't mean it to be for keeps. Things got complicated when she got pregnant. She hit pay dirt. A miracle! Keep the baby and dump the man. Now her feelings for the guy have changed? Keep the baby and keep the man. Sounds like a plan now. But there's the wife. Who happens
  12. The biological dad is the chairman's right hand man. One night she showed up drunk at the chairman's house. The right hand man drove her home, put her to bed and helped himself to her.
  13. @wildcherry a for your post and a for "And somehow between the 3 wives, I feel the sound engineer has a thing on the 50s wife, while his half brother has a crush at the 30s wife ."
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