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  1. " Humans are turning into savage monsters in this thrilling survival show from Asia." This is the description of Sweet Home from Netflix. I always thought that a survival show is a reality show, if there is such a thing. And I don't know about the webtoon but this will be the third one or so of this kind in kdrama this year. Zombies, vampires, monsters. If it had come out first, when it was suppose to, it would have been the first. What genre is this? Does this time leap too? This time leap genre seems so popular these days. December 18th isn't too far to get the answer(s).
  2. I love mysteries and revenge dramas too. I have a feeling Hae Ra will get her revenge but I'm not sure about Min Joon. It appears he has been stalking Hae Ra. She is his target for revenge. But like most dramas go, he will fall for her at some point. @agenth I did notice the book thing. He spent a lot of money to have the satisfaction of burning them. A nefarious plan of course. What did she write about? @larus, @jongski I've always loved flip phones and I'm due for a new phone and as I see in this drama, they are back and cuter. Still not sure
  3. Not positively sure but Nov 17 and 18 there is baseball going on. Korean Series: Doosan Bears vs. NC Dinos. Not sure how long those games are. They start 6:30pm korean time. This show airs 7:30pm korean time.
  4. Anytime I see Lee Chae Young, I go Oh no, she's going to trick some man into bed with a slinky silk top. Always up to no good. She is that good. But thanks to my binge watching The King of the Masked Singer, I've changed my mind. She's a beautiful talented lady. Bad quality video below. See the show, much better quality. Anyway, she said that she doesn't consider herself a good singer so she has turned to her now Trademark: The villainess in daily dramas. And that in the end her viewers get the great satisfaction when she gets punished for her evil deeds. For anyone interested, Ko Se Won(ep1
  5. This video is not private. It is from jtbc youtube. If it gets taken down again I'll assume that's the way it is. And I apologize.
  6. Netflix will be airing The Good Detective starting Sunday, November 1. Not sure if this applies to all the Netflix globally. If you never saw this drama or if you want to re-watch, here's your chance.
  7. I watched the first half of this drama but then dropped it coz I thought it was heading to some confusion. And as I can see from your comments, that's where it went. I found an article in the internet that reminds me of this story and probably most confusing crazy movies and dramas. @foreverempress
  8. I was thinking what does the new title have to do with this drama based on this novel. The only thing I came up with is that the author was born on the same year the song Hello, It's Me came out.
  9. Yeah, she looks like she's biting on something - lip, tic tak.
  10. He did and EJ was touched. Aw. It's Over! And this drama did end with repentance and voluntarily paying for their sins. I think four people are in prison.
  11. I think SJ and PJ will defend him because they know he had nothing to do about the embezzlement.
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