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  1. @dzareth I haven't looked at it yet, but I am guessing Less than Evil/Bad Detective is not related to Beyond Evil except for Shin Ha Kyun.
  2. First, a shout out to @2good2btru regarding karma. The karma you get is like being in hell on earth. I add the following as it relates to this drama regarding growing out of love. Let me tell you a story: Bert, Alicia, and the little pink house Bert and Alicia were childhood sweethearts. When Bert was 30, Alicia got pregnant. They got married and bought a little pink house. Bert and Alicia make good money, especially Bert. They had kids, a grandma moved in. The grandma died, the kids moved out. The grandkids come to visit them in their house. Bert is now 63. Bert,
  3. Producer morsels: @dzareth I don't think the producer is happy. He looked very lonely in his bed. @At the dawn The producer seems to think the musical actress is God's gift to man.
  4. @samzi85 said: "Its already been made official that there is a season 2" site your source. A link. Or is it an insider info. That I remember people have seen it on Dramalist. I'm just curious coz I want to see the cast members - if some new ones have been added.
  5. 50's wife looks fine to me taking out the trash. The little outfit she is wearing underneath that coat looks like something anyone would wear to an office job. The coat - it's cold outside. I don't see that many people if any putting on their bling and wearing their stilettos to take out the trash.
  6. I've watched ep4 two times, haven't seen it. I'll try one more time. Thanks. I meant to give you a thanks trophy but accidently hit a heart.
  7. @Lfd I'm guessing, it's her miracle baby. Maybe her ex is impotent but didn't know it. And the ex's new wife is having children by another man but saying they are his. We'll see soon in the next few episodes.
  8. @yamiyugi Big difference or missing aspects here is that this is a kmelodrama not a great novel. I'm watching the 1975 movie version. I feel ya regarding trying to stay awake while trying to analyze a drama.( Not that this drama needs analyzing.) Very difficult, especially at 2am unless that's when you wake up and are raring to go. Last night, I wanted to stay up late at night to re-watch 4 episodes of the mystery/crime drama, Beyond Evil/Monster. It was just too much for my frontal brain, so I just dozed off. But I will tune in to watch episode 6? of Montecristo early in am.
  9. Can someone help me. At where in ep4 does it get revealed that Taec is the villian.
  10. I actually like him. I can stand next to you all and throw cup cakes at him.
  11. @jayakris said: ".........The kind of things that you say do happen and universities are probably not bad environments for affairs, but I guess people in different jobs at universities have different "rates" of affairs. Maybe not that high with nerdy engineering professors like me who sit in their offices/labs and get out mostly only to go to lecture halls, who are also rarely much in big team work except with their own students. In my 30 years here, I have only personally known of one faculty colleague (fairly young then, as this was a long time ago) who had some sort of something going o
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