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  1. If anybody wants to try Shim Yi Young's (HJ) new drama, it will start first week of June. "My Perfect Life." She plays the same o same o character but gets to dress up a little for her role.
  2. It's going to take a while to get this drama subbed. As of right now it's at 0%. While most dramas have 7-15 English-Korean subbers. This drama at this moment, according to viki website only has one. Hopefully, they'll get more subbers. I myself don't like spoilers. It takes away the fun of watching it. I watched it first before the spoilers so it didn't effect me; it only confirmed what I thought.
  3. I can understand what these mothers are going thru. Today is mother's day here and as usual only two of my four kids remembers me. The ones with the big important jobs are no where to be found. It's a good thing I had four. haha. I took a lot of time replying to but then I didn't want to get into a debate so I erased it. But now I see that @celebrianna and @foreverempress have been playing volleyball here regarding this issue. I have to say that I agree with both posters. But in my case, I just don't like GJ. And I don't think he's any prize either. It took a lot for NaHee to finally give up and ask for a divorce. He gave her the attitude of, No see, No hear, No say. And I don't want to have a child with you anymore because it's too stressful on me.(why not talk it out) He resented her. And she became angry when he resented her. When she was tired from work, he purposely didn't give her a ride home. He made sure the elevator door closed on her. He purposely didn't tell her about meetings. When she was sick in bed with a fever, he didn't even check on her to see why she hadn't gotten out of bed or showed up to work. What is going on in his mind to do these things to somebody he is suppose to love dearly. These things are beyond bickering and nagging. People have stayed in long marriages with a nagger in the house. One just tunes it out. So, at this point in time, I wish NaHee would tell Gyu Jin to take a hike forever and not look back. But she didn't do that, instead they were cordial in their goodbyes, wished each other well, and shook hands. Bravo! I'm not sure if I like the new doctor either. He would catch her on the rebound. To each his own opinion, I still like this drama and is my weekend drama. By the look of the preview for next week, looks like NaHee is moving on and GJ is starting to look back.
  4. I didn't see much of Beautiful Life Beautiful Love, did the couple lose a child or miscarriage? It seems that the marriage breaks apart when this happens; VIP and I have a lover for example.
  5. @yamiyugi You outdid yourself doing the detailed plus some recap. Being dallies as they are, my eyes were going crossed reading the details. Now I'm sure I didn't miss anything although I do zip thru the EJ/PJ scenes. Thank you for posting. Although I don't watch Dangerous Promise EJ reminds me of the second lead in that drama, HW. I gave Dangerous Promise 6 ep but I don't like to watch dramas where my medulla oblongata goes out of whack.(water boy reference). I was going crazy looking at those botox lips. The fl was the homewrecker in The Promise. Don't let me get started with The World of Husband and Wife. I would be hating the cheaters. Off topic? Back to this drama. I'm really hoping SJ will drop his doormat personality when he drops the nerd glasses later on. He looks savvy at that point. They pick a good cast of meanies and goons for this drama. SH looks and behaves like a big baby bad guy. His right hand man looks more shrewd than he does. Maybe that's why he's his right hand man.
  6. Who is that lady with fl. Is she just a lady that likes to help her out as she gave away her kid when she was young? I just restarted seeing brilliant heritage since at first it was slow. This lady Ms. Kim is also in that drama almost playing the same part. Both of this dramas have started to pick up and both have cute dogs. The other dogs name is Jin Joon I think. This drama has more suffering; the other one is more of a comedy. I hope more people post their thoughts about this drama as I can see that people are viewing this thread. What do they called it - under the radar? By the way, did you notice suk hwan pick his nose ep5 around 4:10? They really want us to feel disgust for this guy. @kiefshi1056 said: I hope writernim will focus on PJ and SJ life not with the secondary character and the villains like what they did to Happy Sister , Wanna Taste. As long as there's no JB from Wanna Taste, I'm ok.
  7. Here is the link to this drama which came out today https://www.viki.com/tv/37129c-fix-you
  8. @tulip06I think the husband gets killed soon. My guess. I tried to edit to show where I got this idea from but it just came up as a new post for me. See the post after this one where I quote @dramaninja
  9. Those glasses on the main lead makes it look like his nose is fake too. If you know what I mean. Fake glasses with fake nose. Does anyone know what the color lines mean on the relationship chart. Blue is for related by marriage? Red/pink love. Grey ? @tulip06The writer for this drama also wrote My son in law's woman; the actor who played JS in wanna taste played the lead. The writer for My daughter is a daughter in law is Lee Geun Young. Writer also wrote I'm a mother too. I got this information from Asian wiki and Dramalist Per relationship chart is the fl mother in law related to ml?
  10. @tulip06 found it on Viki and Kocowa. Kocowa is only in usa. https://www.viki.com/tv/37130c-mom-has-an-affair. Not sure when viki is 100% subbed. Kocowa sooner but like I said it's only in usa. Update. Viki - episode1 100% subbed
  11. Haven't posted in a week. Lost my pep. I've seen all episodes except for ep120. I guess that's when JS's dad moved back in with his son. I have not seen the last two episodes subbed. But here are my comments 'bout wanna taste. JS is made of steel. To be hit by a car, do a triple flip in the air, land on the ground, blood on the ground, and came out with only a few scratches after a stay in the hospital. And DG lifted JSs' head at the scene of the accident. Maybe he did that on purpose to maybe injure him more. And then they show up in what appears to be a two month old baby after a one year leap. I'm doing my math. The three people that put the most energy into the characters in this drama were Yuran, Ok Boon, and JS DG and HJ put a lot of believable energy in their acting when they were fighting with each other. I'm guessing they didn't need words from their script to do this.I didn't see the chemistry when they were being lovey dovey. Maybe their real spouses were nearby or they were afraid of the virus. Boring. But the scenery was great. Spring. I know the actress is good, I don't know about DG. I'll have to look at his other dramas to see how he clicks with his fl. Makeup: They put a whole lot of foundation on JS; wrong color and not blended. Same for his dad in one of the last two episodes. I think HJ got the same makeup person on a couple of episodes. DG probably refused makeup or didn't need it. If you watched on a smart phone or 7 in tablet, you can hardly notice it. If it's on a 40 inch smart tv or bigger, it gets scary cause you notice everything. I do believe most people were paired up correctly. DG and HJ, they are the mellow type. JS and JR are a match too, showy, party type. JB went from wearing her Kill Bill yellow suit, to expensive mini dress/skirts, to raiding Ok Boons closet. So, the above is what's been on my mind. If you're still around to comment, what's yours?
  12. My first kdrama was on Hulu when they used to show a lot of kdramas; then they dropped kdramas so I cancelled Hulu. My first drama was The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012). After that I was hooked. To me, it's a classic but it came out after your poll criteria. I love oldies but a lot of them are not being shown anymore. Or they're down as not available in your region.
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