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  1. WOW!!! I am waiting for subs, but after viewing the first ep, I had to check out the posts here. Only the first episode and it already smacks of mystery/tragedy and suspense from the first scene heightened with great cinematography. I love the use of black and white, and shadows to enhance the suspense together with the dark rainy weather evoking a gloomy mood. I also appreciate that they have mostly veteran actors. An intense first episode opener for the drama. I can't wait for the next episode.
  2. Can't wait for the next episode. In the preview there is a young woman stepping down the stairway, Yohan's face looked surprised, almost shocked and a smug look of satisfaction on Sun Ah's face, smiling and raising her shoulders, as if saying "got yah". Who is the woman and what does Sun Ah know that Yohan did not? This is what I have been waiting for, psychological warfare between Cha, Yohan and Sun Ah
  3. @Kvothe IKR, she has no story that contributes to the drama. This is getting soooo good!! Yohan and Sung Ah look sooo sexy trying to bully/threaten each other. Yohan has the upperhand though because he is saner and more emotionally balanced than Sun Ah who has unrequited fatal attraction for Yohan which makes her vulnerable but maybe more desperate and dangerous. Between Cha and Sung Ah, who to bet on? Cha is more experienced and politically connected and is the Minister of Justice Department. Sun Ah is now the head of the foundation and also has her p
  4. I like the unfolding or revelation of the changes in Yohan and Sun Ah and the difference between their mental and emotional growth, 2 people from different backgrounds who suffered child abuse yet grew up taking positions of influential power. The first insight for Yohan was in the episode where he imagined himself as the child being flogged by his father and his brother Isaac stopping his father. But at that moment like a flash, he had a deep psychological inspiration and changed the scene. He saw himself, as an adult holding the flogging hand of his father and saying, “stop it,
  5. Well said. Yohan is a masterful manipulator, starting from grade school where he had his whole class fight against each other. Now, he is doing it in a grand scale and seems to be enjoying it.
  6. I am at the 3rd episode. It is amazing how Seon Jae developed this self-awareness and sensitivity at his age compared to Hye won who is a smart businesswoman and talented musician but seems to neglect the call of her soul. At the conversation with Seon Jae in the bathroom after Seon Jae cleaned the mouse glue off her feet, Seon Jae said very sincerely that they were fated to meet, that he was meant to find her and become his teacher. Hye Won looked at him disbelievingly and asked if Seon Jae was not mentally cringing while saying what was in his heart. Seon Jae protested saying he was sincere.
  7. Somehow a world of vigilantes and unscrupuluos politicians with everyone for their own benefit and for themselves would make a society deteriorate, would it not? People will be walking around blowing up other people whom they do not like or disagree with. Both sides of the fence are encouraging people to do so. Violence is erupting because everyone thinks the other has done them wrong thru gossip in the internet or the television broadcasts. The judicial system is constructed to be independent of the other branches of government and public pressure as possible but the officials such as Ministe
  8. Watching Secret Love Affair. I am glad it is still in VIKI.
  9. Me too. Poor Judge Min, after all his mentoring he loses his student, his hope to fight for an independent judicial system. Joseon now has lawless vigilantes led by Yohan vs lawless politicians led by a crazed, obsessed Sun Ah who takes Jin Joo on her side. A wing-ding president who is a cheat, begs for donations for his fraudulent projects, yells fake news of reports about him, gives fake and unreasonable answers to reporters during a presser, is zenophobic, blames the "foreigners" for the unrest of the country, hmmmmmm .... does this sound familiar ehhhh??? I still hope that Gaon is wor
  10. Yohan also has a responsibility and the right as the owner of the house to throw Gaon out of his house but he has not, and has been letting Gaon roam as he pleases. Yohan gets info about what is going on in his house thru Mr. Butler. If Yohan the master of the house stayed mum about Gaon's space invasion including bedrooms and office, then he has given inferred permission for Gaon to stay and act as he wants. The question is why??? Yep, and Yohan who has kept to himself, distrusts people and only see them as tools for his games, has opened up in many ways towards Gaon. He even
  11. well hopefully Gemma would not stick around for such pain and really have her own store. It will take time and so much competition but if got the ambition and the will, she can do it even if she has to sell in the streets first. There are many designers of wearables who started from rags to riches. If gangster grandma made it and her competition were tough mobsters, her life alone could fill a drama daily, so why could Gemma not start from scratch while she has the support and go that route for her revenge? Maybe more makjangeeee... if she goes to mama's company. There is some consolation in J
  12. ohhhhhh, that is a good one, Hye-kyung sleeps with baldy, she pretty much will do anything as in abandoning her children, sleeping and marrying the man who killed her first husband, not surprising if she sleeps with baldy just to out baldy and take his position as assembly leader and killer hubby finds out and does the noose treatment Hye-kyung looks good in black, she should wear black all the time, fits her black widow spider venomous aura Hyun Seok protesting the marriage, goes to work at the girl's mother's company and becomes touchy feely with her... ok....
  13. I know right? Why could she not have worked in a competing company or started her own shoe store? She learned from both her ex-mom and dad since young how to make shoes and with her talent and grandma's money plus playboy's marketing and photography they could be a self-starter, did they have to go to the enemy's camp? HK and her family are thieves, murderers and horrible people. Uuuggghhhh!!!!
  14. I have been lurking but finally decided to join in. The playboy seems uncaring, spoiled and only cares about partying and hooking up with women of alike disposition. He has everything he needs and wants provided for him except for what he is really looking for and that is emotional support. Was grandma too busy making money to support them that she may not have time for family bonding and as Mr. Playboy says, just dictated what she wanted for her grandchildren as in making the older brother go into the restaurant business instead of what he wanted to be, a professor? He looks and acts stuffy o
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