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  1. I don't know who is more evil in character between the 2 "sons" Cha Sung Jae and Choi Ho Sik. Cha Sung Jae killed Hwang Tae Soo together with his mother then took over the dead person's identity, and live as Hwang Tae Soo. Sung Jae stole $80 billion won from the company he represents and put it in a paper company under the name of Hwang Tae Soo, ensuring that the only person who can touch the money in the paper company is "Hwang Tae Su" who is actually Cha Sung Jae. And according to Moon Young's conversation with the detective, the "dead" Sung Jae would leave a life insurance and lots of money named to his wife MY therefore making his wife the suspect of his "death" and sent to prison. MY should be doing her very best to get that SOB of a husband and mother in law sent to prison for murder. On the other hand Choi Ho Sik accused his father Choi Mo Won of having an affair with a younger woman and got his father booted out of his position as CEO. He now is the CEO of Geumsin Development and he got Sung Jae as the lawyer who stole 80 billion. But the last episode, it could tip the balance for worse child to CHS, or maybe not, they just as evil as the other.
  2. Whom I would like to get her due is grandmother. She still thinks she is not wrong to help her son kill another human being because she does not want her son to get caught scamming. She needs to get imprisoned together with her son.
  3. they are a good team. Moon Young should take her daughter and herself away as far as possible from that monster of a mother in law, and husband and weak father in law, all for greed. How can they sleep???. That poor daughter will be unimaginably traumatized. I hope she had copies of that video of hubby and MIL killing Tae Su.
  4. JA gets away with 30 years of hating an innocent woman and blaming her for leaving her children and husband, she becomes the hero at the end. Still, I love the ending, when the lights came on, grandpa and auntie sitting together, Garam's dad and big sis holding hands ... caught.... and all of them at the entry of the theater waiting for an ambulance, baby on the way.
  5. Garam's mom now says that Min Guk is not Garam's dad. Well, that sham shameless guy who claims he is the father of Garam does not really know what being a father means. He maybe the sperm donor, just that, but he is not the father, ever.
  6. Now, everyone realized that SW is not the biological son of Jung Ae, therefore ES and SW are not blood related and no restrictions on their love relations going forward, JA and all the parents have given their blessings. Now we move on to HY and ES, their wedding plans are back on track and maybe we do see a wedding unless the parents will keep fighting over where they are going to live and with home?? and how about EA and Min Kook?
  7. I don't understand why they kept the identity of the Gidaeryong. Since "he", the Gidaeryong was sent to Ching by orders of the Ching emperor to play baduk, that could have been the end of the Gidaeryong character in Joseon. Instead of the character of KMW returning as the Gidaeryong to Joseon, what could have been done was to come back as HS together with her father, since it was already said that the Ching dynasty was in the verge of internal struggle with Prince Rui and some other Ching Prince vying for the position of "Emperor". The king could have brought back the father of Hee Soo and sent someone else to take his position as the Joseon Envoy. Therefore, HS would have been free to be herself and her father give his blessing to marry the king.
  8. I know right. I mean now that Sung Woo knows that Jung Ae was not his birth mother but died of an illness, would SW not be curious about his birth mother and her relatives? Why did Ki Seok seem to have completely left them out of his life?
  9. Seems mama Jung Ae got a drinking problem. She is a boozer. 2 bottles of wine in one sitting?? Just because her son whom she just reconciled with got a girlfriend whom is now pregnant? On the other hand, Mama Chung Yang and Daddy Dong Goo realized that Sun Woo is not Jung Ae's son. Sun Woo told them his age is 34 or 35 and Jung Ae left Dong Goo and kids 30 years ago and had not met her 2nd husband, therefore Sun Woo would have been 4 or 5 years at that time. Sun Woo is the only one who has not realized it yet. Eun Sung on the other hand should be able to calculate and question knowing the age of Sun Woo and the time Jung Ae separated from her father. Oh boy, I could see Jung Ae consuming more bottles of alcohol....
  10. Mong Woo has to `die`. Hee Soo can` t stay in a man disguised forever. It is time for lady Kang to appear. I wish we`ll have another heroine but we are stuck with Hee soo. I am waiting the end of this drama to move on. I agree, MW has to die for Hee Soo to rise. The question from all the people who used to know her and her father would be, where have you been all these time? Why did you pop up just now?
  11. The scene that touched me most was the young Prince after the king made him the CP. He went to the ill queen to bow and said, "now I can really call you mother". The sick queen was relieved and said now she can rest and died just as the Prince seemed so happy to tell the Queen that she was officially his mother. I cried to see the young CP crying his heart out. The child actor was so good. It was supposed to be a day of family celebration for the young prince. I was yelling at the screen, can someone hug the young CP?
  12. I think the king was testing her. The young prince whom the king wanted to be CP, may have made Hee Soo think or see the king differently or at least consider looking deeper into her father's political destruction and death . During her conversation with the young prince she asked if the prince was not afraid of the king, the young prince said that he was afraid of the king when the king gets angry because he did something wrong that was harmful to the king but most of the time, he trusted that the king will protect him, even when he heard the palace maids gossip that the king will one day harm. The prince said that his uncle loves him and will protect him and even the uncle who was secretly plotting against the king. The king so far has demonstrated his love for his nephew, allowing him to learn Baduk, making time to play with him and even making him the CP. If this romance of Heeso and the king were to be saved it is about time that Hee Soo gets a brain and see what the young prince sees in the king, that her enemy is not the king but the people who wants to harm the king. It is about time that she uses the strategies of the Baduk player in her thinking and her actions. She needs to verify her father's history, who his political enemies were, who and why his father got killed.
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