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  1. @40somethingahjumma the legend of jade sword is an old drama? Tks!
  2. yep The best part was when Jiang yu Lang died! He was most annoying— his acting I thought was really bad - cloying and Super painful to watch.
  3. I'd love to see him in another Gu Long adaptation down the track. I would like to see him as the duke of Mt Deer
  4. Me too! I like CZY very much now! I am kinda disappointed though— why they cut so many episodes?! As a result, I went ‘huh’ and ‘what’ these least few episodes and the editing does seem rather abrupt - like murongjiu suddenly gain her old memories back but forget the spider boy but suddenly remembered and came running for her man. What happened to her adoration for XYE. I must say that the drama’s casting is v welldone starting w CZY! Pairing him off with the actress who plays SuYing was perfect! Esp in terms of their youthful looks and impish personalities. TieXinLan the actress is too mature for XYE and it’s not a wonder she ends up falling for HWQ when they were in so many dire situations together and how often he rescued her. I would have liked v much to see more developments and interactions of the other girls who fell for XYE and how it was wrapped up. I am also surprised it’s quiet in here too except for a few old Faithfuls. oh and I want to Add that there are so many good looking people in this drama — Xiao Mimi, DuQiaoQiao, and evening the zodiac villianess(never got her name) are so attractive! I can’t wait to see what new drama Chen Zhe Yuan will star in yet- I hope it’s a 仙侠drama!
  5. Reading a blog on the drama - netizens are disappointed and criticising that the drama was abruptly cut short (by 9 episodes no less) and as a result, important details left out which they felt was a pity especially for character development. They are hoping the full version will be made available online.
  6. Really enjoying the show solely for XYE - the actor expressed the character very well. The show is entertaining enough although I would fast forward whenever Jiang Yu Lang’s annoying villain comes on. Ratings are very good and I hope Chen Zhe Yuan’s stardom will fly through the roof after this drama. Looking forward to his next drama already.
  7. Squeal * love the bromance in the latest episode! This show has been really entertaining even if some scenes were rather ‘duh’ and superfluous. The villains are really Super annoying and one can’t wait for them to meet their end.
  8. Is it considered a spoiler if I tell u who ends up w who? Ha. I won’t spoil your surprise. Most people would know given how famous GuLong’s novel is n how many reproductions there has been already. Sadly Su Ying still has not appeared up to episode 20- it’s killing me!
  9. Stay on for a while? Can be kinda slow in the beginning but for me the story picked up once Xiao Yuer meets Jiang YiLang and he finally learns decent Kung fu. Of course I am still wanting for his love interest to show up! I wish she would appear already!!
  10. Totally on the same page as u! I picked it up not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. CZY playing the role of Xiao yu Er is perfect! I googled both actors and was shocked that the Hua Wu Que actor had an awful scandal! Surprised he still landed this role- how can he even be popular? Sorry to his fans, but I just don’t like his looks nor his acting. And now that I hv read about his scandal, he’s a total turnoff now.
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