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  1. Hmm I don’t like the lead actress - she’s very irritating at the moment and as some of you have mentioned, her acting reminds me of Honey Lee in fiery priest. Will watch just coz it’s SJK for now and give it a chance but wished they didn’t let him get fleeced so pathetically so early on when he was portrayed as so savvy dealing w the Italians. For now, there are some plus points- having some great supporting cast. Yoo Jae Myung playing the lawyer dad and also that amazing dancer Kim Seol Jin from Dancing 9 Season 2! Hope the drama will shine coz I am rooting for th
  2. I agree w the Korean fans that there is a couple of rather silly incidents eg the one of park shin hye sitting calmly on top of the train and no one noticed her?? They never showed how she got away and I rolled my eyes at this particular scene. Nonetheless the main plot is different enough from the usual k dramas and to be honest, I am really watching it coz it’s CSW helming it! Haha he’s my bias!
  3. It’s so nice to see our fav CSW play a character so different from the Stranger and Life characters. And I love it even more that Tae In Ho is playing his trusty aide in this drama - wonder if these two actors are also close in real life. I am puzzled- can anyone tell me why PSH character went to look for CSW when her dad told her specifically not to? Just too strange for her to go against what her dad told her to. Looking forward to the next episode!
  4. What a finish! It was satisfying! But..... what would have made it better would have been 1)Kang managing to talk to SM and both of them outwitting Hanjo and that Kang didn’t need to resign. BUT ... this will take another two episodes haha 2)Would have been nice to see that ex-Judge working for Hanjo to trap Kang, received his comeuppance! GRRRRRRR... can’t stand the guy! oh well, given that we didn’t get to hear Seo’s answer to the investigator and that Hanjo is still getting away means hopefully we will have season 3 soon. The undoing of HA
  5. Wahaha so I was right that no way KSH is bad given so little screen time but sad that it’s WTH is the baddie after all coz I do like the actor but the character he plays here is deeply flawed. Conceited, ambitious and callous. He doesn’t care if his ‘inactions’ jeopardise others and justifies himself. KSH acted as his conscience but didn’t do enough. But WTH’s ‘crime’ (if we can call it that), it seems so trivial- hiding the death of an ex colleague doesn’t seem so grave? There was no murder involved or was there? Rem the comment that ChoiBit made about the dashcam being turned off? Why
  6. Another thing nagging me : how in the world did the boy knocked Seo out in the first place??!! Is that plausible? Seo is so much taller!
  7. Now that it’s coming to an end, I find myself wishing for more of CSW dramas as well as more from the same writer! Anyone knows if season 3 is in the cards? While I am enjoying the drama very much, I can’t help but feel there were just too many red herrings! Now that we know who orchestrated the drowning case, I am kinda disappointed the obnoxious Chaebol couple won’t be indicted for any nefarious part! And the cop’s suicide ‘Cheapened’ his death when otherwise he was the best of them all- willing to stand up for injustice. What about Yoon Se Ah’s mentally afflicted father and broth
  8. I don’t really understand why Woo wants to cover up the dead prosecutor’s death... just coz he was an old mentor who was good to Woo, you wouldn’t cover up just coz you want to protect his reputation? Plus he was murdered so why won’t you seek justice for him and let his murderer run loose? And it’s more baffling why ChoiBit would even help to bury the truth too?!! What’s going on? I hate to say this but I must admit I am not happy that the show is throwing too many ridiculous red herrings- the suicide of the poor depressed policeman(one big turnabout circle there!!!!!), the bully bo
  9. Gosh I didn’t know it was on different days! I thought it was the same night! Tks!
  10. U know u r obsessed w the drama when u wake up in the middle of the night with this nagging thought: why haven’t the police traced the call that was made to Seo by his chief to play valet to his drinking buddies?!! So there is a baddie prosecutor chief somewhere!?? Who can this be- who is this chief?! Why hasn’t he stepped forward?!!! Argghhhhhhh I so need to get more sleep
  11. The waiting for next weekend episodes is going to kill me slowly I can’t help but think that the mystery person who posted the online comment is a red herring and it’s that nasty young boy who beat up his schoolmate. I am very much surprised that no one seem to know that Shi Mok is emotionless because of the brain surgery he did? I thought it was revealed in season 1 and yet Woo is unaware too? Thought as superior he would know. Lee knew right in season 1? Who else knew? So the brain attack ShiMok had was just random - and it was triggered by the comment that he shd be ou
  12. Wah episode 7 really kept me on the edge of my couch!! I hope the writer is not throwing red herring at us! I will be mad if it’s that nasty bully kid who kidnapped him. Chief prosecutor Woo is flawed but I don’t think he’s corrupt. (Haha I am so prejudiced coz I really like this actor). After all, he recognise ShiMok’s competence that he took him on his team. And SM has always been blunt w Woo and yet, Woo does not show any prejudice against our SM. I hope that it will be revealed by tonight’s episode what he said to ChoiBit that made her stopped in her tracks about carryi
  13. Wahaha what’s w stranger 1 & 2 fixation On lips?! When LYJ smeared her lips, I thought her right hand guy would think the news guy had forced kissed her. But he didn’t even bat an eyelid but shielded her from view in the lift. Am curious who is lawyer Ryu? I don’t Rem him at all - has he appeared yet other than in the conversations? As for Shimok’s boss, u know I wondered if what he did was really a a bad thing for selling stocks before the crisis started. I mean, I would see all my stocks if I knew it’s going to drop!! It’s only natural. Would I be a martyr if one k
  14. @chickfactor your qn about her comment ‘there is one more’ . SMSes were coming in but I take it that the Sms she really hoping yo receive is from the newspaper chaebol. She really needed him to swing vote in her favour since he holed 7% of company shares . So she was waiting for his sms to confirm he is supporting her. That’s the Sms she needed.
  15. Omg! This is so funny! Thanks so much @nrllee for explaining to me! Oh dear I actually adore Rock Astley! Lol so love his music n yes that’s how old I am.
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