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  1. I am so happy ! This drama is really fun/funny and of course that Lee Yu Ri is in it makes a lot of difference! I really like her but I don’t follow her blindly (Hide & Seek couldn’t hold my interest ) She is so funny when she body switches to the soft spoken actress and I adore her when she is back to her feisty self! I hope both ladies will discover the Husband’s infidelity early on so that Yu Ri can join her to punish the guy big time! This drama is one of 3 TOP dramas I have seen in the last 6 months!
  2. Yes indeed this is a very good drama ! Just read some old news that Bae Donna and Son Sook Goo was rumored to be dating and they first met when she was filming Sense8 in the States. While I don’t care for his serial womanizing, I think this actor was perfectly cast. His child-man expressions make it hard for me to detest him.
  3. Oh and I wanna add that I will miss Moon Sori’s smirks. She really slayed the role. Lee Gyoo Hyun also surprised me with his acting prowess when he portrayed the two opposing personalities of the blasé imaginary brother as well as the pained childlike sibling. Great acting.
  4. What would have been an even better ending - our stoic and loyal Heart Transplant doctor getting his girl or at least got a job w our dear Mr Gu at the new company. That would have made it perfect. My fav characters have to be Mr Gu, Ms Kang and our transplant doc. Hope to see Tae In Ho our transplant doc in Forest of Secrets sequel! Love love CSW since I first saw him in Tazza. Like all his work!
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