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  1. The tigress of the financial world (granny) needs to wake up soon and join the tigress of Hong Kong in her revenge of Geum Eun Hwa. Now that they both have an enemy in common it would be fun to watch them in more scenes together. Appreciated how the writer went about cleaning up the aftermath of Bo Mi's romper room style revenge. Having Wook Do admit that he was the one who sent out the letter was a good twist.
  2. The predators have become Miss M preys in the past 2 episodes. Really liking how she's going to use the money to pay back the vendors that were cheated. As SR criminal acts are piling up, she won't be coming out jail until she's old and toothless. She's going to be doing time for HR's crimes unless she's smarten up and double cross her. Uni Oppa needs a rescue. He is so ineffectual at getting Hoon back that Miss M might have to take action. Wonder for what reason is Miss M going to be Disco Oppa official girlfriend. Really thought she was done using him and I took her
  3. When embarking on revenge, know your enemies' capabilities. What have Miss M been doing during the years of planning in taking down these snakes? The knowledge of 2 things would have help prevent putting Hoon in the cross-hair. 1. Hara killed to have SH. 2. The existence of Hoon is a commodity HR exploits since conception to tie SH to her. This could be a writer fake out and Miss M using this opportunity to rescue Hoon from the kidnapper and is keeping him safe and also her payback to HR when she realize the kidnapper don't have him. The reactions from the
  4. The multiple sham atonement and remorse of Yura's parents is truly disgusting. The writer redemption of this duo is laughable when they still act surprise and skeptical when told about Yura's crimes. Yura, Lady Joo and Koo will be going to jail but why no punishment for the Hans. They are culpable for the many evil things Yura did since lying to marry TP along with the Han dad and Mr. Koo chasing down SH and causing her amnesia and losing YJ. That"s why I would have preferred YM (Han's son) instead of SJ getting run over by Yura. This is the karma the Hans deserved. Killing SJ didn't have muc
  5. Unless the writer will now put YJ in charge of the police and judicial system, these villains should get their punishment. This may be putting too much faith that the writer will not wimp out on the revenge plot since its taking 70+ episodes for TP to finally use that savant brain of his.
  6. BCW needs to get out of LX and away from her bio family, SA and NR. They are all selfish and deceitful people. Hoping this stupid contract story line resolves soon and JH and BCW are reunited. The best revenge on that family is for JH and BCW back together and happy. This show is best when everyone is back together at the villa minus NR. Not a fan of how they have the actor that play SA brother deliver his lines. He sounds nervous and it's distracting in every scene he's in.
  7. I guess SJ mom never heard the saying think before you act. Yura will be moving back in 10 minutes after Lady Joo finished her dance.
  8. @ktcjdramaThank you for the answer. The English sub has it as honey. The scene was when the chairman was running out toward the end of the episode and Lady joo was chasing him calling him honey and then she got hit by a car and he turn around and held her and said "honey, Are you okay honey?" He also called her that a couple more times right before the credits according to the sub. It was just weird to hear him call her honey that many times in the span of 30 seconds. Especially when he was so disgusted with her in a scene prior to the accident. Wife makes more sense. @UnniSarahThank you fo
  9. So SJ knows about Yura taking all of TP and his mom money and used the info to get her to stamp the divorce paper for about 10 minutes. Koo blocked SJ freedom from Yura big time by giving Yura access to his car and the info on the black box. He also stopped SJ from entering the police station to turn him mom in. Since SJ can't have his murderess mom join the lonely heart's club, he did a u turn and recalled the divorce. Now he's stuck living with two murderesses (mom and wife) for the foreseeable future. Too bad SJ didn't bring bug spray along with the fruit basket to visit his f
  10. I'm just hoping the writer will use SJ as a mean for bringing retribution to the Hans because there doesn't seem to be anyone else that will do it. I rather see him dealing with the Yura issues instead of helping his mom. It looks like the in laws meet and greet in the preview will be entertaining. The look on the greedy Mom Han face is priceless. Here in front of her is a rich son in law and instead of her typical fawning around money, shes looks frighten. There also seems to be an effort by the writer to try to redeem her but I'm hoping SJ house visit will put a halt to that. This write
  11. Who knew a free phone for Yura may give SJ his freedom from her. Too easy! At last, the shaming of the Hans has begun at the hands of SJ if today and in the preview indicate. Hope SJ slow torture this shameless lying family. I will be disappointed if bad karma don't hit them for their misdeeds and being closed mouthed about Yura and her lurid past. I think they were keeping Yura secrets since what they own (house and business) was obtained unlawfully by money from TP and his mom. Next preview has SJ mom calling Yura "A dirty wench". An apt description for her. If YJ i
  12. Otoke YJ? YR just put the brakes on your grand seduction plan with the fake/real baby news.
  13. @Mocharel totally agree about YJ and TP. The writer is giving us evil vs the stupid instead of good vs evil storyline. I’m having a hard time imagining anyone will be given the ability to take on YR. Like you said stupid is contagious.
  14. YJ all brawn and no brains route took a u turn. YR slapped happy herself and TP wasting my time waiting for that non start revenge plan. Thank you to all who posted in this drama forum. Started watching the drama for the revenge plot and dropped it. I started reading the postings to keep up with the storyline and found it so much more entertaining than the drama. Now I watch this drama off and on with the ffw remote button. Thank you again for making this drama more bearable to watch as we’re waiting for Yura’s truck of doom to show up.
  15. YJ finally got to do one thing well! She can win against YR in a hair pulling fight. Going forward, she should just use physical strength on YR and give us something to cheer for from the character. Now that MW bio dad has join the men who’s been fooled by YR avenger club, please plan smartly. Stop giving YR info about your next revenge moves or times and locations of your meet ups. Be aware, she has a personal goon on speed dial that makes house calls. The DL staff meeting was a big facepalm moment. They all agree hiring a recent grieving mother as a parttimer to work on a new mini c
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