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  1. I think the one who helped SSR and OYH is the maid. The maid can change her mind so easily just like how she hated SSR at first but then she decided to help SSR and GDH from JDT. Or probably all of them (LL, OYH, SSR, twins biological mother, the maid and Sec Jo) are in this together? Yes, she didn't hesitate at all when she said that she didn't know him. So there's a possibility that Lee Ji Ah plays two different characters in this drama. Well, I think I am in love and hate relationship with this drama. I love Temptation of Wife. I love most of this writer dram
  2. Hi everyone! I've been following this topic for a while but I never left any comment before. I want to say something about this drama. I've watched most of this writer drama. Based on many of her previous drama, I can guarantee that both SSR and OYJ are still alive. It's a makjang drama so there will be many unexpected plot twist.
  3. I want more background story of Ahn Jeong Ha too. I think we didn't see and probably will not see Ahn Jeong Ha family. This drama is too focus on Sa Hye Jun family story. I won't complain about the family story because it's a common issue in real life but still I need a justice for Ahn Jeong Ha too. Well, I watch this drama for her. No offense for another actors and actresses in this drama.
  4. As the one who started this topic, I'm sorry that I didn't join this discussion so often. But I read the comments that you left. Thank you everyone who join this discussion. I will try to join more often in the future. Thank you and sorry.
  5. Thank you very much for your help. I can change my signature now. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I'm new in this topic. I hope you all welcome me to join this discussion. I want to share my opinion about the love line. I don't think we need a love line in this drama. I like that Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom having mom and son relationship. It will be weird to create the love line between now after everything. The problem already too complicated without the love line. If the writer really want to make a love line, I think JG and his best friend will be the best choice or maybe TY and Min Hyuk.
  7. The Rating is really amazing. I never thought that it will get this high rating in the first episode.
  8. I really like Park So Dam make-up and hairstyle in this drama. It makes her more beautiful.
  9. Hi chingu!  What happened why the the thread of Record of Youth moderator change?


    1. DreamCatcher2011


      I also don't know anything about it. I'm quite surprised that it has been change too

  10. tvn Drama Record of Youth Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Release Date: September 7th, 2020 - Runtime: Mon & Tue @ 21:00 KST Director: Ahn Gil Ho (Memories of Alhambra, Secret Forest) Writer: Ha Myung Hee (Doctors, Temperature of Love) Plot: Youth Record follows the lives of young people in the world of modeling. Sa Hye-Joon (Park Bo Gum) is smart and handsome. He is a nice guy and a popular model, but what he really wants is to become
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