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  1. So Jung Hye In is the one in Graceful Family? Oh I really like her character in there. I am so happy that she will play as a lead in here. She deserves to be lead with her acting capability
  2. then who is the youngest son's father? Sorry, I haven't watched the latest episode yet so I don't know.
  3. It will be a really big twist if Grandfather is her father. But what if her parents are Grandfather and Ms. Han???
  4. I would like to talk about it but I am afraid that it will be just her imagination.
  5. I've watched so many korean dramas, probably more than one hundred dramas. So from my experience as Kdrama veteran, I think the unexpected one Wan Soo is the killer (option 2). There are already so many twists in drama so the killer os SH mom will be an unexpected one.
  6. In Just Between Lovers, she was not a cheerful girl since she had a childhood trauma. But I guess she will be really cheerful in here. I hope that it will be a light romcom since I just finished a heavy story drama like HDL and Dr John. Now I watch another ongoing drama, Graceful Family, a heavy story drama too.
  7. I know Jang Hyuk never disappointed me. He's just awesome and cool. And he will be perfect as Lee Bang Won
  8. According to this arcticle, Cho Seung Woo will join Season 2. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/609/0000164929
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