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  1. I'm really enjoying this one, hope it maintains its pace and its plot.
  2. If you want something lighter try Good Partner. Just started Fortuneteller Ataru and enjoying it.
  3. LOVING this sweet series - Miracles (Bokura wa Kiseki de Dekite Iru)
  4. Wow, I just hate dramas like this!!! It was so excellent from beginning to end that it is hard to accept all of the other drivel that is out there! It is true I ask a lot of a drama but the one thing that is of utmost important to me is that a character stays true to what they are and I'm not talking about growing - which is great - but when a writer takes a character and completely changes and makes them do things totally out of character, it is the death knell for me and that drama. This one was superbly written and never veered from its path. Oh if only there were more like this one! Bravo to everyone involved in terrific production. More PLEASE!
  5. Isn't it reasonable to see children from lower economic families being the victims in this drama? These are the very children who often are taken away from such parents, often for good reasons but also at times for ridiculous reasons and put into foster care and then often disappear into human trafficking for everything from sex to organs? At least that is what statistics show worldwide.
  6. This is why I often look for the dramas that have a low number of post pages, since that usually indicates a very well written production that takes some smarts to watch and appreciate.
  7. Looks like at least one of my guesses was right. The little girl she is 'seeing' is definitely herself, suppressing memories.
  8. Nothing but guesses at the moment but I'll be surprised if at least some aren't correct. When she speaks of the 'fury' within her I'm thinking she is going to begin remembering childhood abuse that she has suppressed. Also, something to do with sister's state???? I'm thinking this is all about organized child abuse/trafficking that sadly is all too real in this world. I believe the doctor who killed the woman convicted of killing her son was ordered to do so, that this had nothing to do about his 'outrage' but was more about a sinister group having things on him to control him. I'm also guessing that the female detective has deeper knowledge of such things, probably why she became a detective??? The husband is simply a selfish narcissistic sleaze bucket and he and his girl friend are two of a kind who deserve each other. Anyway, we'll see if my guesses are right, but for sure this is a very dark reflection of a world that truly exists so buckle your seat belts it is going to be a rough ride, but probably very well done.
  9. Looks interesting, I'm going to give it a try. Good to see lead actress back on the screen.
  10. This has been such a terrific drama, it is a shame it has only this many pages of comments. Extremely well written, directed and acted, maybe these days people just don't understand excellence?
  11. I just messaged you, thanks much for the offer. This is the reply I got from dramafever today - "Thank you for writing in.These episodes will be released at a later date. We're sorry about that!Thank you for your patience!" In other words, who knows when they'll be showing them. Makes me wonder if there is some kind of big copyright issue crackdown?
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