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  1. Major disappointment! Loved it so much until they started with the nonsense trope that I could predict everything coming and then that really rotten final episode. You wasted hours of my life for that ending?????
  2. People don't realize all that this drama is revealing. Whoever wrote this script is definitely 'awakened' to what is happening in the world. If you don't know what I am talking about look up MK Ultra or read about Operation Paperclip in the US after WWII. What Captain Do is trying to reveal is not what happened back in the day but what continues to this day, all over the world. I'm sure it will be revealed he and the doctor Jaimie are brother and sister. Can't wait for next episode
  3. Really enjoying this one, the chemistry between leads is terrific. Love how funny it is, leading lady has a real gift for comedy.
  4. I was REALLY looking forward to this second season since I LOVED the first. Just watched it again and blown away by how excellent it was. Realizing it is very hard to live up to such a season I still hoped the second would be a lot better than it turned out to be. It was confusing (proven by how often they did recaps to try and remind people of all the long and boring conversations that took place?) And so many things just didnt make much sense. Hanjo?? Really?? they could have dropped it all together or used some other corrupt corporate company to move the plot along.
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