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  1. I must say, KJ sure has some weird dreams...like why the hell are those bodies aligned in a heart shape with DKW in the center? KJ, what are you thinking? On a more serious note, doesn't this guy remind you of someone? If I didn't know better, I would've thought that it's Mo Tae Gu. The vibe is the same, but his side profile/his shadow looks like agent Jin, I'm shocked who is this guy?
  2. This thread will go down in history as the thread where people collectively went crazy in a span of an hour or two. No, but seriously, I've progressed a lot, in the first season I was like 'Go Kwon Joo, kick their a**es!', in the second one I was like "Nooo, KW! Are you good? Are you bad? Noooo~~!" and now I'm like "Oh BJS appeared, trying to kill KW...-Just do it, man. Wire Shun appeared... -Just do it man. Kousuke resurfaces in the preview of ep6...-Oh common, Kou.Su.Ke. How long do I have to wait? Just do it, man, go dark!" I just hope that my boss won't find me in this thread. He's already suspecting something, can't have him know what happened here. God dammit, I'm gonna sell my soul to watch THAT
  3. Too late, dear. I'm afraid you've seen too much, we can't just let you go you know the deal, what happens in this thread stays in this thread and all that jazz. We'll just convert you into one of us. Doctor @sushilicious, get us some of those shady tranquillizers, please.
  4. I know right! Ever since the first season, Voice has been serving us lots of bad guy hotness. Who can withstand it? If I don't behave, I think this cuteness will exorcise me...and you...and everyone even Mo Tae Gu Nooooo! What if those aren't tranquillizers?! They might be shady, remember how it all ended for KW in season2
  5. I love it too. I've been kinda bored by the good guys, so Voice is bringing some new dynamic. I think you'll need to restrain me tomorrow. If KW kills someone in ep.6 all hell will break loose. The dark side better prepare those damn cookies they always promise.
  6. Well, since we've already established this thread's psychos how 'bout an idea that fits with the mood: we cut them up and everyone one of us gets a piece? P.S. What has this thread done to me?
  7. Lol, there's too many of them already plus you need to count some of us too... our bloodthirsty nature awakened
  8. I know right, what have you two done? How will I live with this? The more I watch the more I'm getting pissed off that KW doesn't go to the dark side. I was sitting there watching the latest episode and thinking that I want to see Kousuke already, come on, director, bring it on. Gosh, the dude is such a tease for two full seasons, I can't even! I feel so torn right now, on the one hand, I'm so curious about Kousuke but on the other hand, I want more of that tsundere KW from season 2, so that skinship made me squeal like an idiot. I feel like at the end of this season we'll all develop multiple personalities if this goes on.
  9. @meon I don't trust him too but then again until KW completely goes to the dark side I'll like him
  10. This one's specifically for you, it's no kiss though, but at least something to feed your shipper's heart some skinship
  11. Oh, I definitely think that BJS is Kousuke's biggest fanboy ever, hence why he waited for him to resurface. But what I still don't get is when did BJS first hear about/ meet Kousuke, that he even knows such details about Kousuke's childhood. I doubt it was available to the public so BJS must've known him personally or knows someone who was at the crime scene when MH was murdered. I'm so confused
  12. Oh, dang... that mask that KW is wearing in those new stills is BJS's mask that he wore in season 2. I wonder if it has some meaning behind it. Does it signify that KW will take BJS's place or something? In this clip, you can clearly see the mask.
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