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  1. My picks were: 2010: King of Baking, 2013: Secret Love, 2014: Misaeng, 2015: Healer. Can't believe I was so into King of Baking back in the day. Kinda embarrassing Secret Love was so makjang but soooo very good, my dirty pleasure, made me fall in love with Ji Sung. Misaeng was irreplaceable for obvious reasons. Then there was Healer - fluff and action nothin' more nothin' less. I always loved fluff and action... and abs... and hotties The other more recent big-budget dramas were so-so for me.
  2. Wow, SIW's secretary is a piece of work. I didn't expect her to side with him after she saw how he killed his father and found out that he's the serial killer. She didn't just side with him, she became an accomplice in murder by helping him while he was going to kill BK. I hope she goes to jail as well. Low key thought she'd be one of SIW's last victims after she watched that video but to think that she did what she did was pretty shocking.
  3. Hmm, i thought that it was either a cute (as in a nickname) or instead a more formal way to call a wife, 'cuz 마누라 = wife, so it's a kind of an abbreviation of 마 from 마누라 and 님 being the super polite suffix. Buuut I'm no expert.
  4. Just watched episode 5 and I can't believe that I actually heard a Russian song in a K-drama The one they played during the police raid in the gambling house. But it was actually a very sad song about soldiers that died during WW2 while fighting the nazis. The melody was fitting the scene but the lyrics kinda threw me off since I know the language
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