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  1. Kim Hye Yoon's cute BTS video. Didn't know she was with SidusHQ, they usually upload their actors' BTS vids a whole lot.
  2. @Jillia I loved that moment jealous Haru is the best thing ever and love how Do Hwa quickly caught up with the mood change and tries to wiggle out of the situation.
  3. It's the first time I saw him and before this drama I knew nothing about him. At first I didn't even know that he's a member of a k-pop group and just thought he's an actor. Anyway, while he has simply captivated me with his beauty, I enjoy his acting quite a lot. He has such expressive eyes and he's perfect as Haru. Can't imagine anyone else playing Haru. I think Rowoon is doing a great job with his acting, whoever casted him hit a jackpot. Actually, the whole cast is very solid, I love them all.
  4. The cinematography is lighting is so wonderful in this drama. The team on set must be really good. I really appreciate the director who knows how to capture simple moments in such a beautiful way. The photographer are also doing a magnificent job. All the BTs pictures released are so great. These shots are so dreamy I love it. Everything about this drama is so aesthetically pleasing
  5. I loved that scene too. How Dan Oh always has her eyes on Haru when the stage ends and how Haru is always looking for her. I also enjoyed how Baek Kyung wasn't a jerk after the match and actually seemed nice by wrapping Haru's tennis racket with tape and offering to play tennis with him. If Baek Kyung is ever able to move past his anger issues he could be a nice guy. After seeing his emotional breakdown in the last episode when Dan oh ended up in the hospital and how traumatic him mom's death was for him, I hope that in the end Baek Kyung will work together with our team to hep change Dan Oh's fate so that she doesn't die. No matter who she likes and how she behaves in from of Baek Kyung, I think he won't just sit and watch when Dan Oh's life is at stake for real this time.
  6. I dunno, the first two episodes were kinda slow and had choppy editing but then it picked up. @LavelyShai I'm enjoying it too, the chemistry is great and I like the funny bits too. I guess it's not everyones cup of tea.
  7. @Jillia I don't think it happened yet This one was in the long trailer with some other scenes not shown yet.
  8. Funny, how K-netizens are playfully calling Haru a fox for being so flirty with Dan Oh BTW, they also mentioned that character with long hair might be Jin and the other one - Haru. Jin is holding a sword and pointing it towards Haru, hence the scar on his hand?
  9. What the hell, Haru? If he didn't look so clueless I'd say he's totally teasing her. What is this? He looks so unaffected compared to poor Dan Oh.
  10. On the other hand isn't that a positive thing? I mean, they managed to change the story quite drastically. So it is possible. They just need to keep trying until they get it right.
  11. @leeminhosny I was ready for the angst but still... I guess Haru will return with his memories lost and /or his self-awareness lost.
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