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  1. EJ should go back! But as you said, she turned things back to her advantage - I was impressed, I would simply have said this man’s an idiot or waited out the tantrum but with him caring less for me - and won. Okay, everyone, why have I suddenly got dark mode?
  2. Is anyone else finding EJ getting outed for liking SJ first a tedious storyline? I felt like she has a point, nothing happened, and she actually defended her husband very well in refusing to discuss him with SJ. But SK is such a pissant, Urgh. She should just leave. Go back to London.
  3. @0ly40 I gave you a twerk, even though I’ve no idea what that means. But I thought, it’s probably good.
  4. Random points from me. 1, OPJ has really nice clothes, casual or smart ones, or even her sweats. 2, those track kids never change their bodies, no matter how much they exercise. 3, EJ has that funny villain music, but why does it linger when when SK is talking his filial son nonsense to SJ? It’s just nonsense, and goofball music would make more sense. 4. Why does the OPJ family think that they will never have to compromise?
  5. Okay, OT, but why is Soompi telling us our reputation and post count whatever these soompi points are?
  6. So, the finale was fun. I thought it was a it confusing at the end, but I guess Also, what does Joonsu call the ninja halmeoni in Korean, as in the actual words?
  7. EJ is not smart. She may be cunning, and she certainly has weird body language acting that way, all hunched over, sniggering-like, but she is not smart. If she was, then she would know not to play silly games like she just did. Then again, when she planted money twice before, it worked out for her, so perhaps she thought this would work too. I'm amused about tomorrow when SJ will get caught in his lies as a lodger by Docter-nim.
  8. @UnniSarah I must have a lot on my mind, because I did not pick that up! okay, for everyone else, does anyone find the chairman handsome? Because I’m not seeing it. as for the furniture shop scene, both school principal and younger sis were rude. Who mutters about people like that? And that is crap customer service. If that girl can’t take one customer being a bit arrogant, how is she going to handle it when she runs a restaurant and people start throwing things, or refusing food or other bad behavior? Younger sis is too arrogant herself.
  9. Finally watched 21 and 22 and it took me so long to find this thread that I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. Anyway, people kept asking who Anastasia was. I wonder if she will end up related to Joon Soo? And who owns the cute little doggo?
  10. @yamiyugi Just regarding that doctor’s apartment, it’s still there. Tae soo stayed in it when he was deported from Canada because he was scared of his mom. thanks for once again giving such an insightful analysis.
  11. Came to say SJ just undermined himself. Still, he was very arrogant, looking down on the family’s life, and he can’t treat others as he did in that house. He should have paid for the accommodations he asked for.
  12. @Lmangla are you in the us? SK is not like the US where teachers are treated like second-class citizens. There, it’s an honorable profession with good living wages and a decent pension. You get a lot of respect and can make a really good living.