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  1. I just watched episode 9, and I don’t understand what happened with the two little girls and the well. And how was Jo Hwajin able to wander into the Queen’s house as a child, and how did the Queen as a child know of the king in the well? what was the series of events, starting with Hwajin getting teased as a fake SoYoung?
  2. So soon? Yay! There are two more seasons. Korean drama is very dramatic and this one is extra dramatic.
  3. You know who I think might survive? Yoon Hee. Although how she will escape a prison sentence is the question. And all through this last episode, I kept thinking, wow, Logan’s dad, way to go with being sketchy and mean to SeolAh. It meant basically causing no end of trouble and hurt all around. It’s like he was this big American businessman, but had no idea how wills work, and in the meantime, just threw away someone who was loyal and affectionate that he could easily have settled into a good job, marriage and a small trust fund, all of which would have been nothing much in exchange
  4. @lilcrash I watched on one of the sites we can’t name because KOCOWA is slow today, but I’ll check tomorrow when they get up to speed. However, I find it a little weird that bio mom and Sr would have same hair and outfit on and have the same phone call. After all, SR missed her flight bc of the kids supposedly going to their dad’s torture room. I do like your theory though! It would keep SR alive.
  5. So, @lilcrash, do you think sometimes the biological mother would sub in for SR since she had memories of being with the twins, even though SR was supposed to have lived with them since they were babies?
  6. This chairman is so self-centered. He thinks his daughter is just jealous, when we know from flashbacks she is furious at how he treated her and her dying mother: like they were just there to serve him, stealing the mother's business that the mother built up, defrauding people to get dirty money to steal stocks from the mother and now trying to do the same from the daughter, and saying the daughter will just let any husband run the business instead of doing it herself, which is just another excuse for his lousy sexism. His jealousy comment is just more toxic male verbal abuse stoking more fe
  7. I'm in the middle of 11 and Cha Yi Heon is looking more and more like a gold digger. I can't say I respect her at all.
  8. Ep 10 was badly edited and frankly made very little sense. And I didn’t see how one chairman could change the whole company structure without getting board approval and then regulatory approval first. RickRoll'D?
  9. I only caught a bit of the beginning of the episode since it's only partially subbed on viki: how will the hero lawyer explain being such a Richard Simmons to Haera?
  10. Because another drama I follow only had one episode and since it’s Christmas week, I thought this one might try to do the same. It would get it back to even numbers each week, too. @Secretz no way Rona would get more mature.
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