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  1. So, that was the most un-American-looking girl they ever picked for Seo Kyung's step-daughter from "Migook." I grew up in the US, and everyone gets an American look, no matter where their parents are originally from. Not really her baby, but that she carried it for her. The other lady had IVF done, and then the doctor had the embryo placed inside So Dam's uterus. Still all very gross. from now on, we can call So Dam So Damn Stupid for being a surrogate.
  2. She talked about wanting to live forever, so yeah, very likely she is going to die soon.
  3. I watched the episode today. Why does Seo Kyung get taken in by those horrible in-laws? All she had to do was say then girl can take a bus from the airport. Or she will call the police on her sister in law if she tries to attack her for money. Or that she will divorce her ghastly husband because the dad won’t care. If Seo Kyung won’t go to Hong soon for help, or grow a spine some how, I’m dropping this show. I can’t watch this abuse.
  4. As a "concubine", or, at least as a mother of an emperor's child, she is a basically a family member, and has a right to be in royal mourning clothing.
  5. That dad is nasty. Also, I was sorry for So dam for a minute, but she got herself into this mess by not stopping the the breastfeeding when she was supposed to. It's not her baby. Any wet nurse in the world will tell you that you stop when the parent tells you to stop,
  6. I remember Jang Bori. I had to take a break, it was so torturous. I also remember the evil one in it being so dumb, that she always got caught.
  7. Okay, I think I get it now regarding So Dam: she is not Eun Byul's mother, but for some twisted reason, started breastfeeding her without the permission of the parents, and that is just creepy and gross and anyone who feels that it's okay because the mom is working etc, sorry, mom is still mom, and gets to choose who breast-feeds her baby. So Dam has to ask first. This is like a kidnapping in my mind.
  8. I am confused too. Is So Dam really the child's mother? How do her own mother and sister not know?
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