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  1. Seo Hyun had better not end up in jail. If there is one thing I hate 8n drama is how they out competent women in jail. @qynn the reason for the amnesia would be to avoid testifying against someone.
  2. What is with not telling people they have family members? That’s crucial information.
  3. @Thong Thin The ladies schemed to show Ji Yong was an immoral man who brought his mistress into the same house as his wife to raise his son. That way, Hi Soo can get custody of the son she raised. The fact is, the birth mom had no chance against the rich family after leaving the child there at 18 months, and, without proving Ji Yong's bad character, Hi Soo as stepmom would have been pushed aside. So, now Hi Soo is established as the mom, and Ji Yong as the bad dad. And Hi Soo can leave him, and the birth mom will probably get to see her son under some custody sharing arrangement in
  4. It’s really bugging me that they all get to a new house, and no one wants a wash!
  5. So, that police scene as the cop lays out how makjang the plot has been was absolutely hilarious. He goes, naaah, no way you could have done all that. Edit after finishing: okay that was weird. But when is it not?
  6. @RobinM Emo Infatutuated Rich Kid is exactly right. I was dying for him to give her the letter for safe keeping. Crikey, these two episodes were GOOD! and that preview: is Gaessi jealous of the Princess? Why does she always want the Ongju dead?
  7. Why did BW give Evil Man two days to bring his mom and sister? That’s too long. He said himself that evil people plot a lot.
  8. Watching episode 9, and Gaesi is the true queen on the chessboard. omo, another beautiful OST at 40 minutes in. But it’s drowned out by them all laughing. @Lmangla can I bother you to dig this one out as well, please?
  9. Not that I’m complaining, but why are we getting two episodes at once on Mondays?
  10. @partyon I think the redemption arc is for the tutor, especially since Ha Joon wants her in his life, and she has been honest now Hi Soo, and both first and second madams were letting her into the compound.
  11. Everything made sense in episode 8 except the tutor’s scenes. She is not rational. Either she is working with Hi Soo or she is not. What was that last dining room scene anyway? So Dynasty. Otherwise, I liked this weekend’s episodes. Not great about the miscarriage, but it makes Hi Soo free of Ji Young. And I suspect that Soo Hyun is the chairman now.
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