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  1. Hmm, seems Young Man is manning up! As for Shady Mom, she has been a real dummy all these years. Everyone knows you have to invest in property or get your own foothold as a police commissioner like her "orabeoni" did to retire properly. She just relied on Jenny and then on getting a rich son-in-law and didn't even take up MS as a rich adopted son. I am rather amazed at ES and DJ just thinking that MS should answer their questions. They're not the police or Korea's version of the FBI, so why should he? Pretty arrogant of them. And ES was quite hostile with MS. All he had to do was ask nicely, but he was being an richard simmons. Or maybe the actor can't act?
  2. These last two episodes were really funny. And you know what? I get everyone wants KI for MS, but I rather like the EJ-MS pairing too. We know he likes ditzy.
  3. @Cassandra E. Bett Please tell Woo Hyuk he is the breakout star of this show! His character, Man Soo, has stolen every scene. In the last episode, it was the show established him as the hero.
  4. @Cassandra E. Bett Thank you so much for that! He seems a really nice guy. Is Son Woo Hyuk his real name or his stage name? Does he have a girlfriend? How do you know him? @msmy Thank you again for the updates! I will probably have to watch tomorrow.
  5. Hmm, for a minute there, I thought ES and MS were going to be friends, but it seems from the preview that ES is simply pretending to get information on Lucky from MS.
  6. Boo, no subs! Okay, will come back later then. @Lmangla You're right, MS sees Shady Mom exactly how she is, and can read her like a trashy magazine.
  7. @msmy I was surprised at EJ being keen on MS. I thought she was all set on the Junkyard Heir, Sherlock.
  8. Has anyone seen a raw? What happened? Is DS gloating a lot, or did SW put her down?
  9. Maybe because MS came on a bit strong with his chumminess with Shady, Jenny reacted by pulling away. Plus, she had her brain wiped so she became dumb. (Although, I have not found Ms. Ji and Songah that smart either, artistically talented maybe, but not sharp.) And then again, I find some of my mother's friend's very annoying and don't care what their favorite things are, and my brain wasn't wiped, I think... But while she was engaged to him, she was forced to face up to how nice he was to her, and how he helped her meet her friends and did as she wanted to do.
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