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  1. @jelly, yes. I agree. Not every director is going to tailor make the schedule for him. I like this project and your thoughts on it, @sanghyuk @jelly, good point! Hello, @cheeserat. Welcome to Kim Seon-Ho thread @rocher22 I love this photo, and the other one of him dressed in black - detective 2 - that you posted. @petra, exactly! @jelly, I agree. Also, Kim Seon Ho was pretty methodical in advancing his career. He does not strike me as one to make rush decisions, and yet there is certa
  2. Kim So Yeon Talks About Husband Lee Sang Woo’s Reaction To Her Kiss Scenes In “The Penthouse” + Story Of How Their Dating News Broke On the latest episode of MBC’s “How Do You Play?”, “The Penthouse” star Kim So Yeon shared stories about her husband Lee Sang Woo! During the January 9 broadcast of the variety show, Kim So Yeon made a special guest appearance to chat and play games with Yoo Jae Suk, Defconn, and Kim Jong Min. After the three stars praised Kim So Yeon’s critically-acclaimed and award-winning performance in the hit SBS drama “The Penthouse,” the conversation
  3. @Floral Lee, I hope they both accept. I love their pairing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. I am so thrilled for him. What a great beginning for 2021 for him Park Hae Jin Opens Up About Pressure Of Winning His 1st Daesang Park Hae Jin has shared his thoughts on winning his very first Daesang (Grand Prize)! On December 30, Park Hae Jin took home the Daesang at the 2020 MBC Drama Awards for his starring role in “Kkondae Intern.” After his win, the actor sat down for an interview with Ilgan Sports to talk about what it was like to receive the first Daesang of his 14-year career. Repeatedly emphasizing his disbelief that he had won the awards, Park Hae Jin hu
  5. Yes! @rocher22, ah.. it is only 6PM Where I am at.. Happy New Year ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` "They look like siblings," netizens impressed with the superior visuals of YoonA and Kim Seon Ho Girls' Generation's YoonA and actor Kim Seon Ho, along with TV personality Jang Sung Kyu, were cast as the MCs for this year's '2020 MBC Daejejeon (Song Festival)' as they adorned the stage with their exceptional visuals. '2020 MBC Song Festival' aired on December 31st in which many fans were able to see YoonA's stunning beauty with Kim Seon Ho's exceptional handsomeness. The two MCs
  6. Thank you for the post, @agenth. I so agree with you. I am ecstatic that he won this prize. Indeed -very well deserved.
  7. @ixxdhx81 Thank you for the article. He is open-minded and smart! I hope so too... It will probably happen if he picks the right project. @ixxdhx81 so very true. He knows how to appreciate. Thank you, @rocher22 @levine1244, oh, that is so awesome! I am so happy for him. He is on a roll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kim Seon-Ho Calls ‘Start Up’ A Gift For Letting Him Meet His Character Kim Seon-ho acquired many new fans while playing Han Ji-pyeong in 'Start Up.' Salt Entertainment The storyline of St
  8. @levine1244, yes. Here is one of the announcements at the time. Kim Seon Ho Signs Exclusive Contract With Park Shin Hye’s Agency ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kim Ji Won and Shin Min Ah Are Both Rumored to Be Kim Seon Ho's Next Leading Lady Which actress would you want our good boy to pair up with for his next K-drama after "Start-Up"? IMAGE Lovestruck in the City/Netflix, Start-Up/TVN, Tomorrow with You/TVN It would be an understatement to say that Kim Seon Ho's star shone bright in the tvN K-drama Start-Up. He was such a real game-changer that so many fans were rallying for the
  9. Jo Bo Ah, Lee Sang Yeob, And Do Kyung Wan To MC 2020 KBS Drama Awards The hosts have been announced for the 2020 KBS Drama Awards! Previously, it was reported that Jo Bo Ah was in talks to be one of the hosts of the ceremony. On December 22, KBS stated that Jo Bo Ah, Lee Sang Yeob, and Do Kyung Wan will be the MCs for the 2020 KBS Drama Awards. All three hosts have appeared in KBS variety shows and/or dramas before. Do Kyung Wan is rapidly gaining popularity with his impressive hosting skills in the programs “The Return of Superman” and “Fun-Staurant.” Jo Bo Ah received
  10. Ji Jin Hee In Talks For New Drama Based On Japanese Mystery Novel Ji Jin Hee might be making his return to the small screen! On December 21, DongA.com reported that there was an upcoming Korean drama adaptation of Norizuki Rintaro’s novel “The Tragedy of One” (“Ichi no Higeki” in Japanese). “The Tragedy of One” is a mystery novel about a tragedy that occurs between two families when the detective main character ends up being the third party who provides an alibi to the police’s strongest suspect. The working title for the Korean drama adaptation is “Birth of a Tragedy.” T
  11. @jelly, thank you. Very cute scenes indeed. Thank you for walking me down memory lane. I agree, @jelly. I also think it is a great honor to be offered a role with Shin Min-Ah as a leading lady, and shows how highly the producers think of him too. It was a sweet old fashioned movie. I loved it mostly for Kim Joo-Hyeok. oh, interesting. Thank you @jelly. Yes, Thank you for the reminder of Kim Go-Eun's both Drama. oh, How I would love her to be a leading lady with Mr. Dimples... @levine1244, ah yes.. Good point.
  12. @ixxdhx81 thank you. Here is an updated article. Update: Shin Min Ah And Kim Seon Ho In Talks To Lead Drama Remake Of Rom-Com Film Updated December 21 KST: Shin Min Ah may be meeting Kim Seon Ho in a new drama! Following the report earlier in the day about Kim Seon Ho being cast in a drama remake of the film “Mr. Hong,” it has now been reported that Shin Min Ah will be playing the female lead. Her agency AM Entertainment commented, “Shin Min Ah is positively reviewing the new drama ‘Mr. Hong’ (working title).” Shin Min Ah was offered the role of dentist
  13. One of the main reasons I loved it so much is because it all looked natural. It did not seem contrived. @jelly, ah that explains it. Thank you for clarifying. @ixxdhx81, I was just reading about that. In fact, what I read stated it was confirmed, but maybe it was the translation. I loved the original movie. Kim Ju-Hyeok's are big shoes to fill; If anyone can do it - it is our beloved Mr. Dimples. Just please get him a fabulous leading lady. @ixxdhx81, I think Shin Ha-Eun is a newbie writer. The main writer of "The Crowned Clown" was Kim S
  14. @ixxdhx81 thank you. Sad. We can try to request it from Viki. https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034633713-Request-a-TV-Show-or-Movie @jelly,Very cute, thank you. I read somewhere that a video of his kiss scene was put on YT and generated lots of responses.. This must be the one... which Drama please? Thank you, @jelly. I looked the writer up on Hancinema, and they are not showing anything else with her. We are already at the end of the year. Any Drama he may choose, will be for next year. @ixxdhx81 I do not know about
  15. Press Conference Photos and Highlight Video Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Drama Special - Traces of Love" "Drama Special - Traces of Love" (2020) Directed by Yoo Yeong-eun-I Written by Jung Hyun-I Network: KBS With Lee Yoo-young, Lee Sang-yeob, Hong In, Park Mi-hyeon, Lee Seo-hwan, Jung Chae-yi,... 1 episode - Thu 22:40 Part of the "Drama Special" series Synopsis My ex-boyfriend and ex-ex-boyfriend are gathered in one office! A drama about real romance, tracing the emotions remaining between their relationships. Broadcast starting date in Ko
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