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  1. i think might be more than one person too i have the same feeling...all i hope is HS and her sister in law will be free from that familly.... yes is weird but i still wish for them a happy life...
  2. I also think the King told Bawoo to protect princess Hwa In no matter what...ep 17 will be very interesting...Yi Yicheom is not DY father...his aunt seems to be his mother...who is his real father?This familly has so many secrets,Kim Ja-jeom will be the next Yi Yicheom!!!i HAVE THE FEELING HE WILL BE WORSE THAN YI YICHEOM
  3. I WONDER WHAT YEAR IS RIGHT NOW? Kim Ja-jeom launched a coup that resulted in the dethroning our princess father...he was sent into exile Yi Yicheom was killed, and followed suddenly by the Westerners replacing the Greater Northerners as the ruling political faction. The Westerners brought Injo to the palace and crowned him as the new KING in 1623...will see that happening here?BW grandfather was Westerner but BW does not seem to like and trust them ...i have the feeling king likes him...i do hope otp will get married ...
  4. "I love that person. Truly, I love that person a lot." funny...but i'm glad she was punished ep 17 preview-seems otp will be in danger again...evil father in law plots ...seems will be a letter signed by nobles...could be the prove needed to ruin that familly...also did i hear well?our princess asked her father to let her marry BW?
  5. Our princess is a really a great character. She wasn't mad when she was mistreated by BW ex, but when Court Lady Jo got mistreated, she's mad. When that horrible woman was dragged out by Bawoo, she thought he shouldn't because they should think of Chadol....And she didn't run when that evil man came to kill her...she opened the house door and faced him...The best part was when HE SAID HE LOVES HER in front of his mother
  6. TODAY EP was great our hero is back home!!!Told his mom who she is and he said he loves her...his mother didn't like the idea first ...her beeing the king daughter...but in the end seems she approves with otp beeing a couple...the last scene was awesome our princess confronted her evil father in law...BW ex told that evil man the princess is alive...the only good thing is he ordered her (BW wife)to be killed
  7. so happy he is back!!!i hope he will divorce his ex soon!!!he deserves to be with a woman that loves him!!!i dislike his mother more and more...she is a noble how can she not realize how fake that woman is?
  8. i hope she is not...she cheated on him and left their home...is she still married with him?
  9. So the child mom returned home...what is our princess position in BW house?CONCUBINE?MAID?What a mess !I hope that woman will be soon out or somebody will kill her!!!
  10. thanks for calling me...i voted!!!ex-wife idea is A VERY BAD IDEA!!!I hope she will get killed soon!!! i agree
  11. The last scene with the 3 ladies was great...i'm glad they are working together ... i agree!!! i belived was that psychopath mom but seems she is the old man sister and Mija friend?So she is a nun...
  12. that was a bad idea!!!he wanted them both!!!for him ,the son was just an excuse...what a jerk!!!
  13. me too...great idea...what will happen now that the old man woke up and Hisoo will have to face a trial for her son custody?
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