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  1. wow what a episode!!!So Tagon has a spy woman in Ago Tribe that informed him about the new hero of Ago TRIBE and his enemy...so Tagon is ready for war he wants to conquer EAST...but the AGO tribe that has a new leader...there must be a second season
  2. i finally watched ep 14 on Netflix...Great episode...i really like ES more and more...he will be a great leader...i pitty Tagon ...he killed so many already...even his mother people and his friend...
  3. interesting...i can't wait to begin...all i hope they will not ruin the story...i so hated GOT end!!!
  4. i finally watched ep 16 with subtitles...an open end is better than a sad end...great story !!!
  5. Thanks for updates my friends...happy they met again ...new life a happy one ...
  6. just got my answer thanks...can we hope for a second season?
  7. what is happening ?he is still waiting for the owner?
  8. i'm crying they should be the owners...they did a great job
  9. winter is here!!!still waiting for the owner?
  10. what is she doing in the room?is she ruining their moment?
  11. Just sleeping???in each other arms i hope...very close
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