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  1. too bad tvn is not working for me...i'll have to wait for the episode and watch later...let's hope AS and EC will survive...i have to leave...i'll be back later to read your updates and everybody thoughts about today ep ...
  2. he is so handsome...so is 1907 and AS still has his ring...wow i hope they will meet again in ep 23...they so deserve some moments together!!!just two more ep???i already miss EC and AS!
  3. so romantic i can't wait to watch today ep with subtitles...i hope they will find a way to survive and fight for Joseon
  4. thanks it seems was not a train but a restaurant...otp vs that jerk...i hope somebody will translate the preview later...
  5. seems so ...we need subtitles...i feel she is heartbroken that she needs to use EC the one she loves...i wonder why they will be together in a train ...i noticed her modern clothes...
  6. i am so sad sorry tvn is not working well...interesting preview...that jerk asking Eugene about that woman...seemed he was confronting him about her...otp together in a train...she looked so sad...will they leave together and return later to fight for JOSEON? Will Hina betray the minister ?She seemed upset ...like wanting to kill the minister /lord she is working for...something about her mom ...
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