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  1. This was a great love story!!!Thanks for updates...was great reading all the posts...Group hug!!!
  2. i hope EUNHA will come in the room and he will get his memories back
  3. i know...i feel so sad...his daughter asking about her dad...why he is not home...
  4. poor ...i hope that she will smille again after he remembers...
  5. so he does not remember his wife and child?Lost 14 years???
  6. so is his sister trial and he is witness...is not his trial...
  7. so sad what's wrong with him?Thanks for the photos and recaps...let's hope will end well...
  8. 1.i hope for a happy end...i think we all do!!! 2.50% will finally get to be together 50% will part ways ...i think she needs to heal first...i'm a romantic so i voted for them to be together... 3.no way...
  9. i like this prediction the most ...is what they deserve ...
  10. thanks for updates my friends...i hope he will not go in prison for many years...he deserves to be happy...i'm glad he is alive!!!
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