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  1. In the mistress and barf step mom WWW3 I can’t believe the wife is good referee ( bother to answer her phone) The lover is bad referee ( by ignoring her bleeding) # @UnniSarah This will be his life in next years
  2. @hsmz I want all wife to find good men , but sadly we are shortage on amazing men In This drama , brother got amazing body but bad character
  3. did you know , you aren’t his first love or last Self absorb mistress after boom Wife expression : My last concern is how bad she treat you
  4. THE BARF STEP MOM VS WANNABE DIL Round 1 I will kill you Baby I am scared what a headache
  5. you will think drama of his barf wife is enough to entertaining him & keep him in home but No he out to enjoy a cake with a younger women # writer what next him in bed with younger women lol
  6. She didn’t tell her friend first she tell him first
  7. It will be problem, if your neighbour isn’t woman , this ghost got a type to motivate him to get naked @twinkle_little_star +2
  8. @confusedheart326 thanks , one episode why Netflix why , we need more episodes of barfing drama ( someone addicted ) +2
  9. we need a strong, experience PANTS GRIM REAPER Task : The Grim Reaper : hell no # he not going anywhere
  10. Yay barfing day , @sadthe1st ,@twinkle_little_star , @Thong Thin @partyon , @joccu , @Min2206 @4evrkdrama @agenth@confusedheart326 @Calli @gm4queen @hsmz @Lmangla @larus@MayanEcho @Wuzetian @LeftCoastOppa @Sleepy Owl +2
  11. @Sleepy Owl , @LeftCoastOppa are lucky @partyon men beach volleyball they may get excited and take shirt off if we lucky, let’s keep eye on it
  12. Yes agree our favourite event in Olympic is abs my twin oops mean swimming +2
  13. Tonga already won gold for his abs in my eye +2
  14. @sadthe1st , @joccu they guy most not own a shirt for any Olympic +2
  15. @sadthe1st Who knew wrestling is so fun @twinkle_little_star Ik jun should make us his social media friend too +2
  16. @partyon@sadthe1st all kissing fro winter garden all aloha couple get is little hand touch # losing my patience
  17. She need to get used to it by now everyone love the guy ** best eye rolling winks @twinkle_little_star
  18. @sadthe1st , @partyon best part of episode Ik jun true the real true # the guy is smooth lair, 100% believed his lie
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