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  1. Home of summer is it good , me I take break from daily drama , I agree perfume is good , I didn’t expect it to be , I like actor in evil roles. -2
  2. I will not give up dreaming to see him taking advantage of her I notice next episode like good angel Dan would ask her Even when she say no he stays outside her door * Dan I put my trust on you
  3. @triplem of course , I make them for you , @ktcjdrama -2
  4. @Lawyerh , @ktcjdrama & @triplem @Sejabin she can’t resist this lips -2
  5. She have him from first time she saw him , so the writer ignored them in the final but we didn’t see her take him to some room to take advantage of him , but she was happy he probably done it to quite her . but we say goodbye to her saying awesome -2
  6. Last episode was quite good , it’s make me happy , it was good to see he wasn’t worried , that he may not be able to see faces, then start seeing faces again , the first thing want to see is her face , then they start eating each other faces . How ironically it start with face problems & end with face eating , happiness all around . for me personally this drama was the kind of drama want me to do this every morning -2
  7. As we talking about romance , more of it wasn't this scene good the moment he kiss her hand & the light turn off , for second I was screaming why @xroglam he was going to take advantage of her make me happy but this horrible guy ruined it
  8. @immorethant , @Lawyerh For second I was worried about this scene , she need to learn to drive He was like oh no not the enemy
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