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  1. lol nice touch or Stockholm syndrome only satisfying touch was this , bad didn’t see their romance developed 🤣
  2. oppa enjoyed onion in different way twin +2
  3. Twin me doing rewatching like oppa rehearsal fishing kiss +2
  4. I will twin , I be watching all 3 drama lovely runner , frankly speaking & I wouldn’t mind watching oppa drama crazy love again +2
  5. I can’t believe I watch 132 episodes , to still see Noel run to touch his hand 😂
  6. miss you my twin I am dramaless what you suggesting twin & @4evrkdrama * hey everyone, I hope all of you doing great
  7. @rocher22 oppa be like , is your lost girl if you go with him , who next +2
  8. I didn’t complete it , I watch here and there some episodes with my husband , he like it @kingpin let’s hope he didn’t keep this hair style in his new drama +2
  9. Oh gosh , I realise last time I watch him in drama , was one spring night +2
  10. sorry I thought is confirmed, I read it on kdramaupdate in Tiktok +2
  11. Yes , he never do wrong in Mystery Thriller *gif from death game * +2
  12. Wow , I didn’t know about that , would FL find new choices, run with Oppa instead of the two brother +2
  13. @larus , @partyon @rocat they get cancelled, we don’t have to see them in new drama together but I can’t lie, love their replacement in the new drama delusion +2
  14. He want exchange her with A younger version , no other than her daughter, want her to stay with him ( he delusional )
  15. Wait That Us after we lose plenty kick in football too *us Uk we make number in Eurovision , not to win
  16. The people are savage @partyon @larus , @sweetroad it’s better to avoid the first line in the stage , when France sing , or will be wet from all his spit +2
  17. It’s Funny @partyon how they making meme on how 2023 contest make him dance like this 914
  18. they blur that , leave Spain do this @sweetroad I wasn’t fan too 😂
  19. Don’t give them more idea , human chicken was enough +2
  20. with electricity bill higher than ever , Italy be like Why use hairdryer , when clothes line is free 😁 +2
  21. it’s make sense , it’s a thing to have cow these day #free milk for vote
  22. What cliffhanger it was .. I may say goodbye to my favourite team , ( the actor team )from top to bottom 😭 892
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