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  1. To cheer you up :mrgreen:

    I read this & I like 






  2. @triplem @nohamahamoud2002 thanks , I enjoy it , I can’t wait to read your thought About AR pointing the gun at his head -2
  3. So you wouldn’t be targeted by lion -2
  4. @cenching @Sejabin I said all I have to say about bed scene now I can wait for sub with less annoyed -2
  5. This teasing Sleeping with shirt in summer , is a bad taste - specially when you got a body like lion Wearing clothes and putting their duvet over them is over the top and suffocating @Kasmic it’s supposed to be passionate night , but he had time to look for a new shirt . He not sharing his abs this drama at all @cenching @lu09 all that left for us now is shower scene, let’s hope all these clothes make them need for shower quickly white towel never let me down in drama before , so hopefully we would see him in towel around his hips very soon .
  6. What I am annoying with , he keep wearing his suit without shirt & wear shirt when he sleep
  7. We need a bed scene , a bathroom scene , a shirtless scene so he can brag that he good with everything with out any guilt
  8. @Sejabin is me or his redness reduced in this episode maybe because he didn’t get enough kiss so please stop dreaming about kissing him is not good for his health and yours @triplem I love two expression he make last episode , I will make it and show you @sushilicious I am shipping them together But love when good turn to dark side -2
  9. Your are not , speaking from someone that enjoy her fluffy moment @triplem this girl is crazy After she scare him She suddenly turn all shy & red - @Sarang21
  10. I need to see this cute Angel you are making mistakes leaving our lion Where @Sejabin today , is she busy discussing the new episode with her office -2
  11. Agree 100% @staygold I also love reading the post but not long posts in the thread , it is fascinating how the thread work & how everyone were either lurking the forum before the drama or fangirl @Lawyerh so you watching Angel now @sushilicious the voice 3 is so dark , after watching it , sometimes I don’t know what to post in the thread @ktcjdrama please when you do your recap on TSLOMS tag me I missed your recap this week , @triplem wave girl @nohamahamoud2002 any new blog today about LHW -2
  12. When you like thing symmetrical With some luck you get your second kiss * with sub he so smooth & adorable
  13. @Lawyerh I feel lonely on lion thread that why @sushilicious there a ghost in her private life , is not all sweet moment @triplem @ktcjdrama @nohamahamoud2002 Love the brother -2
  14. So far so good I am on episode 3 I love it , I am catching up , I will comeback to share my thought , but I agree with your thought on the mom , it’s gonna be heartbreaking when the daughter learn true about this woman & her dark secret I would love to tag @newyee & @chococarmela
  15. My oppa & ramen & me is love story 1 - Jang Hyuk strikes my heart with his skill I mean his acting to make clear But who would believe after years another 6feet tall Hunk strikes my heart with the same method, I still mean his acting - someone enjoy watching jugglers Tagging @gm4queen & @Lawyerh to look at my first gifs on Choi Daniel
  16. @annie1234 & @japchaebap I think , no smooches allowed when you want to drink you coffee that was him then Now her - late revenge
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